Daily Archives: September 20, 2013

Heart Falls Out

Thanks, Ali, for mentioning this (Kari posted on David’s Twitter yesterday):

David and Social Media

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No matter how popular Twitter would have become, I know I can honestly say that, had it not been for my desire to follow David Archuleta ANYWHERE, I probably wouldn’t have signed on to it.  In many ways, that’s true about Facebook too, and I’ve been regularly using those two social media sites, following and commenting on so many other aspects of culture and my various social networks.

Still,  I realize I’ve been very resistant to try on some newer social media networks, like Instagram (what’s the point of that?), Tumblr (for the life of me, I can’t figure it out or its purpose!), and Pinterest (don’t get me started on all that clutter!).

Until I realized what the real problem is: David is away and he hasn’t started an account with these.  Which got me thinking: Would I join Tumblr (the most frustrating site of them all IMHO!) if David started an account?

And I already know the answer to that question: HECK YES!!

I tell ya: David keeps me young! 😛  For that reason, he needs to hurry back home (and for God’s sake, don’t extend your Mission! GAH!!).

So, I was wondering what the rest of you Soul Davidians thought. Which of the other social media would you totally join and – therefore – immerse yourself completely in it, if David started an account when he returns? Which of the social media networks would you want him to join?