Aging Gracefully

bench-photo-shootThat’s my greatest wish for David Archuleta and his public image, believe it or not. In fact, if I were part of his management, I’d be working feverishly on plotting his “classy grown-up comeback,” because after the public has to suffer THIS


and now THIS


… I think David could make a killing going in the complete opposite direction of “Keep it Classy!”

Question is, how can that be done? What strategy should David use to indicate he’s all grown up, without going to the extremes of sexy vulgarity?


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  1. hg, David is class and grace.. I am an older fan and I am very disturbed at what is going on in the music industry today . I am wondering if it is just curiosity or if the public are really into the likes of JB, MIley, Gaga, nudity and bad language? we need David!

  2. The extremes of Miley and Justin make me SMH. The creativity in the music world has clearly run out.

  3. Classy grown-up comeback, love it. Yes without a doubt that is the only way to go with David but the trick of course is how to do it and make him interesting enough to have people stand up and take notice. Sexy vulgarity is what seems to make mega sells right now, sad state, but I’m not as disturbed by it as some might be, that has always been the case for young music…Elves was considered very vulgar and overly sexy. True that things are much freer now, but still just saying that has always been the topic of conservation sense music became a form of expression.
    I do agree with everyone that the music industry needs a young classy act like David to show everyone that a class act can be stimulating and interesting…Phenomenal music to match his phenomenal voice and killer marketing is needed.

    • You’re forgetting a key ingredient, CQ. Elvis was TALENTED.

      To be honest, I don’t care about Miley Cyrus getting naked, or the Biebs taking off his shirt. What I care about is that neither is very good at doing what they do. They’re not simply vulgar, they’re totally UNSEXY because their lack of talent highlights how awkward they are at being sexy.

      At least Elvis could sing AND swivel his hips properly!

      Can’t Miley at least learn to TWERK properly? Seriously! Get some professional choreography, girlfriend!

    • Yes, you are so right about Elvis, I did forget that part. And yes, about JB and MC…..The one person that is doing that type of thing, but I feel is talented is GaGA.
      lol, yes I agree, MC needs dance lessons.

      • cq -i agree! gaga has mega talent (singing AND dancing) and her creativity is off the charts. she is sexy and fun without being disgusting IMO. her song Applause is my favorite right now.

  4. They come across to me as trying too hard. But, what they are doing is selling to someone, so what do I know. I do think David’s team needs to market him partly on the merits of his natural graces, though.

  5. I do think Gaga is talented , but I do think she takes it too far also. I think JB and Miley are ridiculous!

  6. I am so totally abroad David having a classy grown-up comeback. With that being said, I still hope that he will be able to step outside that conservative box and have that sugary sweet persona gone forever.
    Now I don’t mean that David can’t be David, but I do believe that he needs to somehow be comfortable in his own skin…he is a sensual/sexy guy without trying and to me that is extremely classy.

    • I Have never thought of David as having a sugary-sweet persona nor have I ever heard him described that way. In my mind he has an honest goodness that is ever-apparent and not a persona to shed. David never acts “sweet” he is simply a nice person to his core and that comes out in all he does

      • I don’t think of him that way, I was just was voicing my opinion what non fans might think of him. I’m only saying that from comments from people around me that aren’t fans and stuff I’ve read, what we fans call haters. I’ll be honest, I’m a huge fan, but at times I’ve seen it, but being the big fan that I am, I know that he is much more. I think that he just needed to mature, so hopefully come 2014 that everyone will see the wonderful David that we diehard see.

  7. HG-AMEN to Miley & The Bieb being unsexy along with being untalented! The Biebs without a shirt makes me want to hurl and I dont feel much better seeing Miley naked either! A classy guy like David in well-fitting (ok tight) pants that can actually sing “should” be what people want to see and hear. I do wonder if the whole music world hasnt gone off the deep end!

  8. I agree they are both untalented and not sexy. Smart that Liam moved on from Miley. The problem is they both have tons of money and just will do anything to get attention. Both are :Over exposed and Under talented. lol.

  9. I just read at MJ’s that David Cook embarked on a nationwide tour yesterday and debuted five new songs. That is what I hope David does when he returns. – tours and with some new songs. Heck, he doesn’t even need new songs. I’d love to hear him sing anything. It’s been since last Christmas that we’ve heard him. As I’ve repeatedly said – he needs to sing live. Live singing is where he excels.

    • Not a DC fan, but am curious regarding his fame. My question would be what kind of venues and is he signed with a label. I just don’t see him unique and he is basically a clone of so many other rockers. So with that being said, I really am thinking that David could/should do much better, but of course, jmo.

      • I am not really a Cook fan at all but I do not think that Cook is signed to a label but he does still have good professional management. Not really sure about his label situation. Whatever David decides to do with music I would have to agree I hope he goes the soulful route.

      • Cook does not have a label so he is pretty much in the same boat as David. I guess I was just pointing out that you don’t need a label to tour. You need fans to buy tickets though.

      • I am guessing that Cook is playing very small venues since he is touring alone. It will be interesting to see how the tickets sell for his performances.

  10. “What strategy should David use to indicate he’s all grown up…”

    I think Miley and Biebs are in a different league from D. I can see D returning as a young crooner who also does soulful, soft-rock. Maybe he’s the next coming of the Five for Fighting guy.

  11. This is a little bit off topic but not really (lol). I was thinking tonight about this post HG made but also about what kind of person David is. I was watching some concert videos. All this discussion on how David can fit into the pop music world now and project himself as a confident, adult artist had my brain churning. And really I kept coming back to how I hope that David never becomes what so much of this industry seems to create: cynical/cynicism. I see so many jaded, over-posing artists out there now. “You have to be just THIS cool, or just THIS hot, or just THIS naughty, or even just THIS hipster/fake earnest”.

    I see David as someone who is genuine to the core, no pretense. When he says he loves songs with a message, he means it all the way to his heart. It’s not because he’s been put in some ballad boy box or because someone told him this is your niche. It’s because he truly FEELS the message of these songs and he tries so so hard to convey that same feeling out to his audience. I watched a video of him singing Climb Every Mountain tonight. When I first heard he was singing this on tour I was like, ummmm what? That song from The Sound of Music??? Oy vey. But then you actually see it come to life in front of you. In this video, I watched his face closely, watched his body language, could see the effort in the veins on his neck. He was 1000% inside that song, projecting out what he felt in his soul. Maybe I’m projecting myself here but it was such an honest performance. I know some people think he should stay away from the treacly do-good vibe but I just feel strongly that his deep love of music is wrapped around music that does carry deeper meaning. Now that doesn’t mean I think he should chuck it all and start an inspirational music camp.

    Lol I honestly have no idea where I’m going with this comment. Just that I felt so strongly about David’s innate goodness and ridiculous talent while watching that video that I had to share it somewhere. My hope is that, no matter what form his career takes in the future, that he still finds fulfillment in sharing what he truly believes in his heart.

    Here’s the video I was watching:

  12. Well, hear, hear Ali. Great comment.

    Just as an aside to the earlier conversation, I think David is a sweet person. And I don’t think being a sweet person should be seen as in any way negative. I know it is. But what is sweetness? Being thoughtful to others? Supportive? Nice? Our society is so cynical. To me, that’s why Miley and JB put on their act. Coolness and extreme or decadent sexiness are, for whatever reason, admired by the masses. It’s as if people buy into the idea that a person who is having wild sex is somehow better or wiser or stronger or something. And if they don’t care? Even better!

    Makes no sense to me.

    • I agree doesn’t make sense never did and never will. In order to fully appreciate David’s genius talent you have to have some sort of depth yourself which I feel that most if not all of David’s diehard fans have. My thought is how does David stay true to himself and bring music and himself (as he is) to a much bigger audience that are for the most part kind of shallow.

      • Good question cq, how does David reach a wider audience? We will see what he does when he returns. He may never have the fame that he did during AI and with his initial album. Of course we ODD fans want his music to gain wide attention, but it may not happen. David has never been about the fame like Miley and Justin, but he is all about the music. I hope he will always sing publicly and record so we can hear him. That’s what is difficult about the mission – we can’t hear him now.

  13. I agree with you KH and Ali.

  14. I agree so much with what Ali said. David is in a different league, There are lots of people who want to hear good music and great vocals. I just hope and pray that he gets the kind of promotion he needs to increase his fanbase. As far as appearing too “sweet”, I think that’s because people don’t know him well enough. David is sincere,kind, determined, and has integrity. He walks his talk. That’s what I love about him.

    • That’s exactly what point I was trying to make with an earlier comment, but was not very good at it. We fans know David and love him for who he is, but people that don’t know him other than what he has been portray in the media might think of him as being a sweet person, but they might not be curious enough to get to know his music. Imo when he gets back, he needs to be seen as a classy grown up mature man that is a good guy, that’s my wish for the world to see.

  15. AMEN !!!

  16. classy, grown up mature guy who is nice!? all for that!

  17. all david needs is a little more swag/dance moves and he will be fine. he’s already 1000 times sexier than JB! whose career might be over by the time david returns if he continues in the disgusting direction he is going!

  18. I wonder if David went on DWTS, as a dancer, that maybe the general public would fall in love with him all over again, only this time as an adult. Winning that mirror ball trophy would probably do a lot of good for his career…open doors of opportunity. Lol, just my wish because I do love dance and would love to see David dance, but of course, number one for me is always him singing.

  19. yeah DWTS would be a great way for the public to reconnect with david! hope it happens! (if david wants to)

  20. My son after maybe fed up with my playing David music day in day out commented the other day:

    SON: Really Mom I don’t understand what you see/hear in David Archuleta that you never stopped playing his music & watching his videos over & over again allllmost everyday for hours… for almost 5 years now???!! It’s not just me. Even my friends, classmates do not have a single song of his on their ipods/phones. Your phone have hundredssss of his songs plus 1 or 2 songs of maybe 10 other artists. What gives?

    ME: You know why son? Because you people hear/sing/rap/dance (with) the song BUT you don’t actually LISTEN TO THE MUSIC AND THE VOICE! Think about it.

    Then he shut up


    • Your son will come around some day, lol. It is unbelievable that it’s been 5 yrs of reading fansites, posting comments, rewatching video clips, arguing, planning his career, etc.

      • D-rat, WORD. Mr. A went into a tizzy before our last family road trip and actually removed all of my cds from the cd changer in our car. After the initial withdrawl subsided I decided to see if I could survive without putting them back for a while. I started fiddling around with the satellite radio and found a Broadway show tunes channel. It’s nice. I put the cds back in yesterday! 🙂

  21. Elton John has some interesting things to say about Miley, Gaga and Michael Jackson.

    “I look at Miley Cyrus and I see a meltdown waiting to happen.”

    Re. Gaga: “When your persona begins to take over your music and becomes more important, you enter a dangerous place. Once you have people around you who don’t question you, you’re in a dangerous place.”

    Re. MJ: “I was in my dressing room in Las Vegas when they announced that Michael Jackson was playing 50 dates at the O2,” said John, 66. “I turned to my agent and said, ‘He won’t do a single one of those.’ I could tell you he was going to die.” …..“He’d been doing drugs for so long, he’d been a mess for so long ….”

  22. Interesting article. Just saw Miley’s dad Billy Rae interviewed on Piers Morgan tonight. He supports her fully. No wonder Miley is the way she is. She surounded by people telling her what a great artist and pop star she is. lol. I don’t even care about her so called dancing. Her voice to me is just so grating.

    • I also watched that interview. As HG mentioned in an earlier post, there’s not much creativity in the approach she and Biebs are taking. Based on the actions of other artists, I can almost predict what they’ll do next to grab headlines. Miley will make sure that images surface of her in an intimate relationship with another woman. Biebs will be caught somewhere with a weapon on him. Both of their actions will be deliberate so as to keep them in the news. Several years ago Bruno Mars was caught with cocaine. I always thought that story was planted to boost his popularity.

  23. You are so right desertrat. I believe their actions are very calculated. They are making tons of money. David seems to be too extreme to me the other way with no communication with fans or PR for what will be over 2 yrs. There needs to be a happy medium.

    • Yeah this whole mission thing is ridiculous to me (only to me though). I know that it seems that it’s David’s choice not to keep regular connection, but still, been reading a lot of stuff that point in a different direction (again my take on things). The only thing that I’m hoping is that when he returns that goes full board as far as getting his name out there, of course, his way which will be G.

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