Sunday Carol Series: Los Pastores a Belen

Another exquisite performance with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir:


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  1. I was lucky to be able to witness him sing this song live with some very dear friends that I met at his concerts. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  2. An exquisite performance indeed! I remember my disappointment at not being being able to get a ticket hear D sing live with the MTC. Time heals, lol.

  3. Loving this Sunday series…what a fun joyous glad that some fans got to hear him life. I’m wondering if David’s concert was one the more popular ones for MTC.

  4. Last night I watched Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniv. special taped back in 2001. It was filled with stars …Whitney Houston, Nsync, Beyonce/Destiny’s Child, Marc Anthony, Luther Vandross, Usher, etc.

    Here’s the performance w/Nsync. It was obvious JT was going to be the breakout star. To me, his band mates just never seemed to have the same level of energy as JT.

  5. Great video. I am sorry I missed this. Should have checked all my cable channels more. lol. I think JT has a very strong work ethic just like MJ did. It shows in their performances. I read somewhere that MJ was still taking vocal lessons even when he was a superstar. MJ was also always practicing those dance moves when he was younger.

  6. Ah, thanks for posting this HG! Los Pastores a Belen is one of my faves. His voice is like a bright, shiny penny here. If that even makes sense lol.

    Tbh I love pretty much every performance David did with MoTab. I have struggled back and forth in my head with wanting him to have a chance to do that again and then realizing that things are usually not the same and I shouldn’t live in the past. But what magic was created with that collaboration!

    I’ll be completely honest and say that I’m not a huge fan of MoTab music (nothing specifically against MoTab at all — just that huge choirs often become this “wall of sound” for me, which I really don’t enjoy) but I love the arrangements of the songs David did with them and I love the quality of the production and the excellence of the venue. It really elevated David to where the outside forces matched the individual quality of his voice.

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