Nurturing David’s Talent

With all this talk about Azoff management putting more emphasis on nurturing artist talent (and I’ll believe that when I see the results – i.e. better music), I was wondering what you guys thought about which area David needs the most help with.

Of course, here’s the latest poll! 😛

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  1. I voted for marketing because I believe people will buy his music if they just know about it. That’s been his problem since his initial album.

  2. My pet peeve w/some of D’s releases is that the vocals don’t have the same emotion as when he sings live. Maybe that’s called vocal production? Anywho, I picked none of the above.

    From the previous thread, welcome Kburberry!

  3. I voted for all the above but if I had to pick just one I think it would be Marketing. Great Point about the lack of marketing for David since the beginning, Grammyj.

  4. Again great poll Hg. I also picked all the above, especially now after being away for two years from that industry altogether. Every artists take breaks from their music career, but for most (example JT) they are still working in the entertainment industry. Most that have breaks are working on the next album. So with that being said, David’s case is imo kind of unique, so he is going to need a lot of help to get his career going again, especially if he doesn’t have a plan in place.

  5. Marketing is important, but it would have to be creative enough to overcome the bland “ballad boy” perception from AI that most people still have. Like it or not, he’d have to work on his image–and we know he’s got the chops in his vocals and his looks to pull it off. All of the above, for sure.

    • I tend to agree with you. That is what non fans will automatically think of David and top that with you know what…he’s really handy capped when it comes to a come back music career….if he gets the right team and puts out a killer song…that is all it will take to get his career back in the fast track.

  6. Off topic, light humor for a Saturday afternoon. Jimmy Kimmel asks some kids: What is the Worst Thing You Ever Heard Your Mommy Say?

  7. by the way, is he really coming back on March next year, or is it just an assumption since he went away March last year?

    • He will be back either late March or in April. From what I’ve read male LDS missionaries stay for two years. I believe that even if a missionary asks for an extension it would only be for a few weeks. He began his mission March 28.

      • thanks for the info grammyj. I hope he doesn’t ask for an extension (hope nobody finds what I just said offensive) I’m just really missing him so much and even a day is like a month of waiting to me right now.

  8. kburberry,maybe you could ask the two grils with the crystel balls when he is commeing back,they seam to know what every bodyelse is thinking,

    • Dang, everyone is just guessing…maybe even his family doesn’t know…don’t know how all that works.
      After all this time, yes, want him home sooner than later…for me anyway, would love for it to be a month earlier, but who in the heck knows anything. I think this whole mission thing is more secretive than the CIA, lol.

    • I don’t think you need a crystal ball just a little common sense and the ability to read about mission rules to figure it out. just saying. lol.

      • lol, so right. I’m so ready for the whole mission thing to be over, can’t come soon enough. As a fan with my beliefs it’s be a huge long haul.

      • Yep, we don’t know the exact date but a male Mormon missionary serves two years. We can do the math and look at a calendar. As we have learned there are lots of rules that are to be followed for the Mormon mission. One of those rules is the length of time for the mission which is two years. He would only come home early if he had a serious illness. He would only stay longer if he asked for an extension but I don’t think the extension can be very long.

      • yes those rules are very strict. One thing that puzzles me is why everyone thinks it’s ok for that rule about coming home earlier. What I mean is why if a missionary feel that not his bag and wants to come home and continue with his life, why he bring dishonor to his family and is shunned by his/her community. From what I understand they are paying their own way. I for one think it’s nuts.

  9. I agree. It is. As is no communication with fans for 2 yrs when that is your music career. The support of fans. The good news is I no longer care as he is very talented but it is his career decisions not mine. I just enjoy the discussions on this blog to be honest.

  10. I also enjoy the discussions on this blog if it wasn’t it I probably would of long forgotten about David (wouldn’t of forgot how great he was and how I loved his voice) and moved on. The only way that I would of come back to being a fan would be if he made a success in the industry enough for me to pick up were I left off. I’m just being honest as I always am, even if it give me the label of being a bad fan because my views are not at all that popular.

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