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A Day Late for the September 11 memorial, but alas, I’ll still post this! 🙂

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  1. Such an appropriate song for 9/11. David sings the song beautfully.

  2. I just love this video…It brings me to tears….Beautiful.

  3. Just love David’s interpretation of the EH, perfect song for 9/11. Although I do like the video, imo, it kind missed the mark as far as really giving the raw hurt. Other than the soldier story, kind of a Disney sweet version.

  4. Yes, David’s version of this song is gorgeous. I’m usually happier if I don’t worry about what is beyond my control, but I would hope that someday, all work connected to David (including videos) would be absolutely top-notch. Like his vocals.

  5. I just listened to IL Devo for he first time and found them stunning. I realize they are considered to be an operatic pop group and that they are connected to Simone Cowell, but I think that David could pull off that kind of music especially in Spanish.

  6. I had not watched this video since the day it came out; it’s calming to watch it now. My life is a little chaotic right now — David’s voice sure helps.

    • I think that David wants to do music to help people through his music. I’m sure he would be glad that his voice is calming for you in this chaotic time. His voice has helped soothe me too when I went through my health issues. That’s what music can do and that is what is important to many artists. It’s not about being famous but about making music that means something.

      • That reminds me of something David said in an interview from back when he was promoting Chords of Strength but I just saw for the first time the other day. The interviewer asked why he didn’t talk specifically about being a Mormon in his book and David said,

        I don’t like flaunting my beliefs. People know it’s a big part of my life. I don’t think it should be all flashy and showy. The book is supposed to be who I am. People want to know why (I’m) the way I am and why I’m doing these things. I’m not perfect. I’m happy to help other people be happy, that’s what life is all about.

      • I’m glad D is someone who values the meaning of music and how it can help to heal. Now, if we could just get the rest of the world to take notice …. 😉

  7. I remember when I first got COS, I sat down when I had time to just enjoy. Didn’t know what to expect, but being the way I feel about organize religion I was kind of think that maybe it would be more about that part of his life than any other. Boy was I pleasantly surprised, it was about him, his struggles his feelings about his talent and about the world around him…ok now I want to read it again, lol.

  8. Back to the Azoff announcement, I just read this and I feel better about it. So, David now has my approval to work with them. 😉

    “The mission of our new venture is to go into a business where we can better an artist’s welfare, well-being and their ability to market their products,” Azoff added. “We’re looking for artist-friendly and, as a result, fan-friendly projects. One way we’ll accomplish this is by supporting talent’s vision and committing capital, along with management consultation, in a variety of fields, to assist the artists in realizing their creative vision.”

  9. Yes it would be a good fit.

  10. Hello everyone, I think I’ve just got bitten with the david-bug these past couple weeks as my love for him has been revived again to the same intensity as back when we all had ODD. I’m pretty new here in souldavid. This wasn’t my first time coming, although I usually just read and stayed quiet in this blog. But lately, I’ve been trying to reconnect with my old archie-pals who I went to david’s shows and VIP meet and greets before. But somehow it’s been really hard to get in touch with them. It’s either they’ve fully moved on, or they intend to come back and show themselves again when david comes back. Having said that, my problem remains because I’ve been wishing to talk to someone who loves david (or still loves david) as much as I do. It wasn’t very hard to find someone to share my ODD moments during AI days and david’s first album but now, I think I’m willing to beg just to have someone talk to me about david. Been in youtube for consecutive days now, just sitting and watching old videos of him. Been listening to all his CDs in the car. Been counting days till he comes back. I have so much hope for him though. I’ve been praying for him too. Sorry for my being overly dramatic. It’s late in the night already, I’m tired, and I’m not even sure if someone will see this or if anyone would reply and talk to me, but I really miss him 😥

    • kburberry, I totally understand the way you feel. I’m glad that you are still here for David and I’m also hoping that a lot of fans come back once he returns.
      I’m all over the place when it comes to David. One minute I’m excited and my expectation are high about his career, the next am thinking how in the world is he going to get back into the swing of things and have no hope for his career.
      It really says a lot for David and the power of his voice for me to still be here. Of course I won’t lie I’m enjoying commenting and getting to know other fans through his sites, it’s become a hobby for me.
      You said you lurk mostly and read comments so you know my feelings regarding what he is doing. I’m probably one of a very few that has such strong feeling regarding that matter, but I’m here waiting in spite of it.

      • Thanks cq. I’ll always be here for David. He changed my life so much that I truly believe he was sent from above. I know that sounds cheesy but that’s how I really feel about him. I suffered depression before for like a few years and then I found him. Been doing better ever since. I’m not attributing all of the healing to him and I’m not saying that “he’s not human”, I guess all I’m trying to say is that he has been a great vessel for happiness and healing for anyone who might want to tap into his gift. Just a vessel, not a source. But it’s a big accomplishment for him because as much as I believe that all of us have the ability to affect other people positively, how many of us have really affected that much people through our gifts and talent? He may or may not be aware that he could affect so much people because of him just being him, but it’s obvious to anyone just by looking at how he lives his life that he chooses to do what’s right and just for me to witness that is very inspiring.

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