Sunday Carol Series: Silent Night

It’s amazing how quickly summer flew by, and now autumn is on its way. And before you know it, Christmas will be right around the corner! So, why not start celebrating the season early, especially when we’ve got the Voice to brighten up the seasons? 🙂

Starting this Sunday and continuing through the many Sundays between now and the week of Christmas, I’m going to start a Sunday series highlighting different Christmas carols that David has sung.

Today, I’m in the mood for David’s exquisite take on “Silent Night” with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  Enjoy! 🙂


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  1. Thanks Hg, David’s performance is just EXQUISITE!

  2. Since David left we have been wondering what David will do when he returns. For me part of the fun of being a David fan is the speculation. I guess I like mysteries. None of us really know what musical direction David will go when he is back in the U.S. David has had success doing Christmas music with CFTH and his two Christmas tours. I believe he could and should continue with doing more Christmas music and Christtmas tours. I hope he does a Christmas tour in 2014 and puts out a new Christmas song this year.

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Christmas is just more Christmas with David providing the music. I hope to attend many more of his Christmas concerts. Other music and other concerts, too, please, but I guess I’d hope that he’d also always include the Christmas stuff.

    Thanks, HG.

  5. Great idea Hg…nice way to get us starving fans through until Christmas. I’m hoping that after December that the wait will be easier, but I’m not betting that will be the case.
    I know that a lot of fans feel that him putting out new music before he gets back is useless, but I think it would help his fans if we had some sort of song (Christmas song would be nice, but would love anything, other than a religious hymn, I feel Christmas songs are in a different category) released before his return…just to carry us through until then.

  6. Christmas Carol Sundays are a great idea! If D does offer a Christmas tour in 2014, I hope he considers reinterpreting some of the songs in different genres, eg, Latin jazz.

  7. Loving this idea, HG! I love his Christmas from the Heart cd and I listen to Ave Maria in my car all year round when I need a serious David-voice fix. I wish they would put this cd on the counters in dept. stores, etc. and Target, Walmart, etc. because if it was right out there people in the Christmas mood would really buy it. People know what that voice is and at Christmas they want that beautiful sound!

  8. Great idea hg. I give you major credit for being so creative on keeping this site going while David is away. I agree with you desertrat in regards to the use of different genres for David. Congrats to Bruno Mars for being selected to perform at the halftime at the Super Bowl next year. Bruno deserves it.

  9. Yes, like Marie said I too give you major credit for being so creative on keeping this site going…it really helps to get those home fires burning.

    Kind of off topic: I was just thinking today as to how David (mostly this whole mission thing) has strengthen my thoughts on organize religion and even made me research things that I wouldn’t of thought of doing to come to that stronger conviction. Even before I ever knew David, I had already stepped away from organize religion, but really didn’t give it much thoughts as to why. I have to thank him for opening my eyes even more. For some strange reason I think that David would be happy for me.

  10. Off topic, just finished watching the US Open. Serena and Victoria both played with incredible fortitude. What a tennis match!

  11. There really are no words to adequately describe Davids version of Silent Night…something magical, spiritual happens. Just stunning!!

  12. good morning to all, I was just surfing the fan sites and got a message from FOD site that I could no longer access it the way I have been doing it and that I would get should get an email from them regarding how I could access in the future. Wonder if anyone else got the same message and if you did get an email for the Mods.

  13. I am so looking forward to David’s Christmas songs. Unrelated to this post , but does anyone know if Fans of David is down?

  14. I thank you too Ali for letting us know about fod.

  15. “What makes this venture interesting is that the company will have four divisions; artist management, music publishing, television production and live event branding, and digital branding.”

    Quick, someone sent Mr. Azoff some clips from Nandito Ako! 😀 Who knows what the possibilities could be for D.

    • I’m with you desertrat so interesting. It just seems that is exactly what David would need to get his career going again…maybe that is in the works already being that David has worked with Azoff. I don’t want to get my hope up, but it’s something to get excited about in regards to David’s career for a long, long time..just going to enjoy it while I can.

  16. Do you think this may have been in the making before David left and he may have been in talks with Azoff?

  17. After googling the Azoff company and thinking about it some more, I don’t think it would be a good idea for D to be affiliated with them. The company seems to be more interested in control and making money as opposed to making good music.

    Also, I see potential conflicts of interest by being managed by the same company that controls your image, your music and the venues that you perform in. There’s no room for negotiate. I can imagine if you disagree with one faction of the company, then you might as well leave because they all report to the same person.

    • Dang I was hoping that good feeling would last longer, lol. Right now I’m thinking David needs a huge boast to his career, so maybe giving a little wouldn’t be bad..David just can’t have it all, if he wants to have success in the business…he can have a singing career and be in control, but it’ll be a small one in which he will be struggling like thousands of other do to make a living, call me a crazy fan, I just don’t want that for David and I also think that his talent is way to good to be a “lounge singer” With everyone company that you sign up to work for, you have to compromise..

      • David really should have a plan in place for his music career at this point as he is due to return in 6 months. If he does not have a plan it makes me wonder and makes no sense to me at all. I still do not understand how families can financially afford these missions. I mean they don’t get loans or scholarships for this do they so I don’t see how families can afford it. Just a common sense question and the sacrifice part does not work for me as an answer but then again it does not have to. lol.

      • It does seem a bit puzzling to me too. I’m sure that some families go into debt over missions for there children and then they need more money for college, of course, that’s their choice. It seems to me that because missions are primarily for recruitment for the church and from what I understand, it’s a multi billion dollar enterprise, they should fork out some of the money for these missions. I totally understand about giving to others in a humanitarian way, this problem just seems a little self serving the way I look at it…but to members it’s give them a new level of prestige in the church, from what I’ve read, so it’s worth the sacrifice. I think that in David’s case maybe he has been saving for this for years, but the thing is that it also seems that he has been providing for his family also. One thing I’m sure of is that he will need money to live when he returns, so maybe he does have some sort of money making plan in place. We shall see in the very near future.

  18. Cq, You and I agreeing and hoping David talked to Azoff before he left,, but after reading Desertrats post it is hard what to think what is good and what is bad. I am just not going to worry about it anymore, what will be will be. I am going to trust David.

    • Exactly, I do need to give it up. I will always believe that there needs to be some sort of compromise when it comes to a successful music career and no you don’t need to sell your soul to the devil to do it…I understand that David comes from an extreme conservative play, but I just hope he loosen up a bit and realize that some not as conservative things aren’t all that evil.

  19. Dang so slow everywhere in Archie land. So glad this site is active, but with nothing to talk about, understandably it’s very slow. Hoping that FOD will be up and running again soon, they have something new everyday, even if it’s going down memory lane, still fun to visit.

  20. Yes it is very quiet in Davidland. I miss David. At least there is only around six months left. I’m back to reading some good books.

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