Fall Movie Preview

My other passion besides David: MOVIES! 😛

And according to the buzz at Toronto Film Festival – which just got underway – this fall season promises to be the best line-up ever! Well, hyperbole is always expected, especially since this is also what’s known as “awards season” movie line-up.  Still, from the looks of the trailers, I’m really excited about what’s to come our way.  Here are a few movie trailers that I’m most excited about.

12 Years a Slave:

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom:


Dallas Buyers Club:


Which movie are you most hyped to see (based on the featured trailers here)? Please take my latest poll! 😛

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  1. Wow, thank you for all the wonderful trailers, it really helps to see them side by side, all such powerful movies. Based on the trailers I choose Mandala: Long Walk to Freedom, but all do seem to be worth watching.

  2. I couldn’t pick a favorite because they all look like they are going to be great. It happens so seldom any more to have that many excellent films that will be coming out soon. I want to see them all! Thanks for bringing all the trailers over, HG.

  3. I’d already wanted to see the Mandela movie but the trailer for 12 Years a Slave really has me sold. I think Meryl Streep has a movie coming out, too (not listed here) so of course I’ll see that one. I love movies too. 🙂

  4. No horribly bad pun intended up there. Funny how wording can get really tricky if you think about it.

  5. Gravity is the one I am the most curious about. That trailor for the movie is amazing. Hope the movie is as good.

  6. I enjoyed watching the trailers. I’m definitely not going to see “Prisoners”; my heart can’t take thrillers, lol. I’ve liked Idris Elba since he was on “The Wire” so I’ll probably be going to see Mandela.
    Speaking of Mandela, the movie starring Jennifer Hudson as Winnie isn’t getting favorable reviews.

  7. Re. Gaga– her video has over 45 million views yet all over the internet it’s called a flop. Also, she’s being told that Miley overshadowed her at the VMAs. I think the media’s being to hard on Gaga. Her popularity has waned and she’s not as shocking as she was 4 yrs ago but I would hardly consider her a flop.

    “What has Gaga peeved these days? Haters who say her career is over because her latest single, “Applause,” hasn’t taken off yet on the Billboard charts like some of her past hits.”


    • Gaga also had this huge public fight recently with her old BFF Perez Hilton. Apparently the 2 were very close and had a major public falling out. All on twitter of course. lol. Interesting as I believe( but could be wrong) that Perez was one of the few gossip bloggers that was fairly nice to David. At least he was when David left to go on a mission. I just do not like Gaga’s new song. Miley is just an obnxious vocally challenged entilted spoiled brat just like the Biebs is. Her boyfriend Liam should just run from her and I bet he does.

      • You got that right about Miley and Biebs, the thing is that they put out music that a huge number of people want to listen to, so there in lies the dilemma regarding David. In order to make it big (I’m not saying that you can’t have a small career) in the music industry, you have to put out music that a huge number of people like and if you happen to be a great singer (no brainer about David), it’s kind of a bonus and will get you awards, just my take.
        The big ? David’s come back….how will his career play out after (not his loyal fans) a huge number of people think his has chosen his church instead of music. All I can say is there better be a plan in place or I have very low expectations that our man will have any sort of music career other than in Utah. I know that a lot of fans would be perfectly fine with that, but not me, of course only speaking as a fan, nothing to do with what David wants, lol.

      • i read about the gaga/hilton spat. at the time, i thought she was creating the spat to promote her new album.

        re. miley, i used to like her spunk (do they use that word anymore, lol). after seeing her use black women as props for her vma twerk show, i left her bandwagon for good.

  8. Gaga has talent and she will be fine, but maybe she needs to just let her music/voice speak for its self, just leave the crazy behind and move on, just a thought. The masses have the attention span of a gnat, right now the big attention is Miley, that too will pass.

  9. I picked the Matthew McConaughey movie, “Dallas Buyers Club”. Why? Well, because I like him! He’s a versatile actor who gives everything to the character he is playing. Serious or comedy.
    It wasn’t easy to choose just one as each trailer left me wanting to see more.
    Thanks for sharing HG!

  10. Looks like some really good movies. Regarding Lady Gaga, she does have a good voice and it is too bad she had to go down the wrong road to be noticed and I wonder if the sleaze factor will become a competition between her and Miley now? God forbid!

  11. Jhudson and JSparks have key roles in the new movie, The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete. It’s a “coming of age story about two inner city youths, who are left to fend for themselves over the summer after their mothers are taken away by the authorities.”

  12. I’m bringing this photo over from Archuleta Ave Malaysia. I can’t get over how much older D looks when he’s not smiling.


  13. wow! I love that pic..
    he does look much older and even more fabulous if that is possible! thanks for bringing that over!

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