Who’s Still Around?

Remember when there were so many fan sites devoted to David Archuleta that our 24/7 O.D.D. fix could be fed?

Have you been paying attention to who’s still around (and who you deeply miss)?

Here’s my latest poll, Soul Davidians!  I’m curious to know which David fan site that used to exist do you miss off and on (which you hope will be resurrected one fine day).


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  1. I sure miss some of the fan sites that are no longer here, and I am glad that SD is still around!

    I’m still here, too. Lying low: I am waiting to see what happens when David returns (if he will be serious about launching his career again, and if he will get the right team in place this time around).

  2. Good poll Hg, thank you. Being Odd I miss them all, but am soooooooooooooooo glad that SD is still active, I love it. I do visit anyone that is active right now and am so grateful to be able to see the different types of fans David has. It have kept my interest going, to tell you the truth I might of been the Archie to loose interest if it wasn’t for the fan sites. Of course I still would think that David is a phenomenal singer, but would probably think that he had choose to not have a singing career. So for me the connection via the fan sites is what keeps me waiting.

  3. I do miss the Snarkies — I enjoyed their irreverent, don’t-take-themselves-too-seriously perspective. I think each of the fansites kind of had/have their own niche. One reason why I love SD is this is where I can go to read and offer more involved thoughts (both pro and con) on David and his career. Other sites are not really geared that way and I’m actually fine with that. But sometimes I just want to be a ridiculous fangirl that appreciates David’s tight pants 😉 I was once informed by another poster here that this was not the place for that kind of stuff. Lol. That’s ok.

    Honestly though I think it’s not just the current lack of career that has caused the attrition in fansites. One, it’s impossible to keep that many active sites over a long period of time. David actually had more sites than many artists I know of and the fact that there are still several going even while he’s on his mission is pretty impressive. Two, I think there has been a move away from traditional “fansites” in general, especially by younger fans. As with most anything, modes of delivery change. What used to be the norm is not as popular anymore. Back when I first entered the David fanbase, LiveJournal was huge and tons of fans posted over on ONTD_AI — not just about David but about many different AI people. Now LiveJournal is kind of a ghost town and not just ONTD_AI and not just because American Idol isn’t as big anymore. People have just migrated to different sites like what happened with Myspace.

    I think you see more fans grouping together on Twitter and FB now. Also Tumblr. Those types of places are where I think David will need to grow his online presence, if he wants to attract and keep involved fans. Tumblr is HUGE for fandoms and a single post can get thousand upon hundreds of thousands of reblogs if it’s interesting enough. It’s also nice because you can post something more involved than the 140 character limit that you get on Twitter or you can just post a pretty picture or gif lol. I like that duality.

    Having said all that, though, I do think there’s nothing like a traditional fansite like SD for being able to talk with other fans. I use pretty much all the interaction methods to various degrees and they all have their pluses and minuses.

    • Again I agree with Ali. I do miss Snarkies but I’m sure they will never be around again. I loved their humor, and it was fun following the original three girls as the posted about their exploits when going to David concers and their fun fangirling. I’ll never forget when they were trying to get to a David concert in Chicago during a big snowstorm, but never made it. Or the “David for President” post.

      Ali is also right about the new methods that fans use now instread of traditional fansites. Instagram is another program that artists use, and I hope David uses it when he returns. I too love the traditional fansites like this one and hope they continue. I also hope that David returns to doing video-blogs. I really miss those. I can’t wait until he returns and does a vlog with the beginning words of “Hi, it’s David here….”

  4. We need a shout-out to The David Chronicles and how great it is that JR has archived everything DA in one place.

    I loved Snarkies too, but got disillusioned when the massage parlor incident was completely ignored there. It had been my go-to-first site, but I wanted to keep things at least a little bit real, even while recognizing that the site was mostly about the fun and humor.

  5. miss Snarkies the most!!

  6. We miss them all, but we managed to stay very well informated about #DA2014.in his mission.

  7. Interesting Poll. So many David sites are now gone. I miss Snarky Archies the most. I really enjoyed that site.

  8. I really think that Ali is right about people moving away from fansites and opt for other means of keep up with artists. David is going to have a lot of catching up to do. He said that 2 yrs were not that long, but in today fast moving world, especially in the entertainment field, 2 yrs is pretty dang long.

  9. 2 yrs is a long time in the music/entertainment business. I agree.

  10. I miss all of them but I chose FanBlast; there’s something about the original look and feel of it that I desire to see again. Maybe all the remaining fan sites should have a retro day where they go back to what they looked like when they first originated.

    Re. Snarkies, boy were they funny! I used to love it when they would do picture spams of David and post funny comments under them. Also, they had me laughing out loud with their initial reaction to D’s first album cover.

    • desertrat, I agree with your comment about FanBlast, so that’s the one I chose, too. I also especially miss Snarky Archies and NotingDavid. Back to lurking. 🙂

  11. FanBlast is the first David fansite that I found, and it really gave me my ODD. Most of the writers from that site went on to FOD. I also love that David Chronicles has archived so many David videos, posts, etc. even pictures and mentions of David during his mission when most other sites have policies against it.

  12. I loved S.A. and I also loved Archuleta Avenue when Wanda had the site. Really where it all began for so many was Rickey.org with the 1000+ frenzied comment threads! My own first experience with such fan things and come to think of it my first time using ITunes and You Tube! Most of the fan friends I made on there I still keep in touch with today on FB and Twitter. (Thank you David!)

  13. Those were the good days as a fan when all the sites were active, as my entertainment instead of watching tv, I would just scan the sites and would have my entertainment for the night, lol. Also I would love to check out Bing and see that David was the most searched person for weeks, ahh, good old days, maybe 2014 will be a new start of excitement for a David Archuleta fan, crossing fingers.

  14. Snarky Archies.

  15. While I enjoyed their Snarky sense of humor, Im not sure I would say I miss them. Funny, (or perhaps bizzare) one person I miss is Rascal…the old Rascal. The before he went off the deep end Rascal. His writings were deep, through provoking. Its why I find myself gravatating to this site…HG has the same throught provoking style of writing and understands fans needs to have that go to place that generates a different depth of conversation. Ha, and like Ali I too appreciate Davids tight pants!

    • Ha, I appreciate David’s tight pants, too. I think that a lot of fans are still putting David in that super tall pedestal, especially because he went on this mission. So whenever a normal fan remark is made about his looks, omg, it’s like we’re psychos and should behave after all it’s saint David were lusting after, lol. I love that David have a huge kind heart, but come on he’s hot and I see nothing wrong with those comments.

  16. It did start with me at Rickey.org too Jen A Iowa but then he got kind of strange. I agree with you about Rascal, Candy. I bet Rascal is still out there somewhere as a fan.

  17. lol
    I miss them all.. even the American Idol sites that went all out with whatever was on their mind.

    I miss the diversity

  18. Kim-my first ever David fansite encounter was after watching AI I did a search for David and ended up on this AI Forum where a group of teenage girls were discussing his armpit hair…does he or doesnt he have any. I quickly ran for cover!! Obviously it didnt deter me, just sent me in search of something I could relate to…armpit hairs wasnt it!

  19. Ok, I have to admit that I liked that Orrly site. Did anyone else here go there?

    • lol do remember that one.. cracked me up quite a few times. gosh I sure hope some of the feisty Archies come back one.. they were funny!

  20. oops sorry.. one day.
    sure was fun back when.. hoping for all that excitement and hoopla again one day.

  21. Well, crap. Can I say crap here? I just wrote a long post and managed to user error it out of existence. The gist:

    Thank you and love to everyone who contributes their personal time, energy, and creativity to keep these sites going. It takes more than most people realize.

    Hugs to anyone who hasn’t been able to sustain the energy needed, particularly when it seems like the negative fans outnumber the positive ones, the judgmental outnumber the accepting, and the greedy outnumber the grateful. Everybody hurts sometimes.

    I too hope a ton of folks come back re-energized in 2014. Including me.

    • Thank you for your thought missbianca, but I respectfully disagree that negative fans outnumber the positive ones, the judgmental outnumber the accepting. Fans that buy David’s music are all good fan even if they don’t belief or are behind everything that David does. To label fans in that negative way is just wrong, imo.

      • I’m sorry I wasn’t clearer, cq. The word “seems” was key. When you are running a site, it is amazing how much negativity you collect–even though it is not true that negative fans outnumber the positive ones, some times it truly seems/feels that way.

      • I will also add that I was perhaps too harsh in my wording. If I had said “negative comments outnumber positive ones, judgemental comments outnumber accepting ones, and greedy request outnumber grateful thanks” it might have been less labeling.

        Everyone is way more complex than a single label. Way more!

      • I curious should all fans only say nice things about David and be behind everything his does professionally and as well has his private life to be true, good fan, Is voicing things that you aren’t completely in agreement, but still believe in him as a phenomenal singing artist, are negative fans and maybe need to stop buying his music because of that, hmmm. just wondering…..I know that at times conversation gets kind of dicey, but no one would be here waiting for him to return, imo, is a negative fan, a fan is a fan as long as he/she buys the product that David produces, which is his music.

      • I assume that question was meant for me, cq. The subject of HG’s blog today is fansites that are here and no longer here. For the record, I’ve been behind the scenes of several of David’s fan sites, some here, some gone. I know what it takes to do it and it’s hard work.

        In addition, I’ve done a lot of gifting. I blog. I create art including tee shirts and digital scrapbooks (David-themed as well as my own). I donate. I’ve been to David’s concerts around the USA. I know that I am a good fan.

        Everyone is entitled to their own respectful opinion, but sometimes it gets stressful. That’s all I’m saying. I’ve never called anyone a bad fan except for myself, on twitter, and that was tongue-in-cheek.

        Making a negative comment does not mean one is a negative or bad person.

      • missbianca, I apologize for not really addressing my comment to everyone, was just curious. Wow, you are one of the very devoted fans and I do thank God for people like you that keeps these site going and I am forever grateful for Hg because of her thought provoking posts and at times not always rainbows and unicorns, but always so respectful and wonderful.
        Once again thank you missbianca for all you do.

    • Great post missbianca. Then I laughed at the “Everybody hurts sometimes”.

    • You seem to be ignoring the fact that sometimes the most negative fans are the ones running these fansites. You also seem to be ignoring the fact that there has been an ulterior motive behind several fansites (ripping off fans, getting jobs in David’s camp, etc).

      • Nope. I’m thanking them anyway. Because it is stressful being behind a web site while having a real life too. And in my experience (please, be specific if you know otherwise) none of those negative fansite-running fans started out so negative.

        In my opinion, the most horrific thing that ever happened at a fan site was when FanBase collected significant monies for an event that never happened and never refunded it. But I do not believe that was the purpose for which the site was created as you implied. There are easier ways to make a buck.

      • FanBLAST not FanBase.

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