Happy Labor Day!

As we come to the end of another summer season, hoping everyone is enjoying this Labor Day!

Flashback to a few summers ago:


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  1. Following up on grammyj’s comment from the last thread, provided D doesn’t extend his mission, he will be back next Labor Day. Perhaps he will have a vlog for us detailing how appreciative he was being asked to sing at both the telethon and at the US Open. Wishful thinking …. 🙂

    • My wishful thinking is that David will be singing somewhere next Labor Day, and there will be videos of it. Obviously we ODD fans miss hearing him singing the most.

      • Even if his mission got extended, it can not be extended very long, so he no longer will be on his mission next Labor Day. What he will be doing a year from now is a big question mark.

    • HAPPY LABOR DAY to all US fans.
      Crush was the perfect song for David at that time, fit like a glove. I just hope that when he returns that he will have lots and lots of songs that fit like a glove for the more mature David.

      OMG, I don’t know if I can stand it if he decides to extend his mission (his choice of course), it’s been very hard for fans in general to wait, but especially for me (maybe others that are like me) that aren’t behind all that he is doing.

  2. My concern with David extending his mission would be that it would make me question as a fan his level of commitment to his music career. Which I already question to be honest about it. lol. You are right Grammyj- what he will be doing a year from now is a big question mark. “But” it is his life and his career so it really is on David not the fans. Happy Labor Day Everyone!

    • bah that would not be very good at all!

    • Since they lowered the age to go on a mission, they’re needing to send people home a little early to make room for all of the new younger missionaries, so I doubt he’d be staying longer, unless he’d be a special case. It’s possible, I suppose, but not likely.

  3. I tend to agree with you cc halo. I too really doubt he would be staying any longer. “But” that is just a guess due to the non communication with fans for what will be 2 years.

  4. I tend to agree with you guys also, if he’s a man of his word, which I think he is, he did say two years, so if he extended his stay it would be all kinds of wrong, imo.

    • The only reason I could see that it might be extended is so he could sing there on Easter. Easter is really late in 2014. It is not until April 20, but I really don’t think his mission will be extended. At least I hope not.

  5. “…provided D doesn’t extend his mission…”

    As everyone knows, I have no idea if he will do that. I only wrote it because I’m trying hard to keep my expectations in check. I also still try to avoid reading the “count downs” to D’s return on the various fan sites.

    • I know it’s so hard to keep expectation high and looking at it as the worst possible scenario can be the way to go. I know I question myself all the time as to why I’m hanging around when it seems like he could car less if his fans stay or go. But, then I listen to his voice and that’s all it takes.

      • Well I wouldn’t say that “he couldn’t care less if his fans stay or go” considering that he has put out more music for us in the last 2 years than any other Idol and most singers who are right here. I would say that he cares a lot and has done everything he can to show his fans short of letting them actually participate with him on his mission.

      • Collegemom,I do agree with you about the music he left, I’m very happy to have it and listen to all the albums regularly. yes, very nice of him, but lets face it because we had to buy the music, I’m sure he also might of thought that he could make some money, not that I think that was bad at all, after all it’s his job/career and he needs to make money.
        Because I’m not behind everything to do with the mission, I tend to get a bit snarky at times.

    • I so agree with keeping expectations in check.

  6. Re. Idol, I noticed that Jimmy Iovine “parted ways” with them. Also, Randy will now serve as a mentor; in other words, he “parted ways” from the judges table. I doubt Randy had a choice in this matter.

    The AI12 group just completed their tour. For the first time I don’t recall any discussion of idol tour performances. I’m not blaming the contestants — just sharing more evidence that the franchise is crawling on its last leg.

  7. I like to check my expectations as much as the next person but I also see no indication that David would extend his mission. While I’m sure he’s finding the experience in Chile very gratifying, he does have a family at home that I feel certain he’s missing in a huge way. I know that we fans like to imagine he’d be coming back just for us (a girl can dream, right?? lol) but I’m sure he will be more than ready to see his loved ones again as soon as possible.

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