Remember When…


Miley Cyrus was a bit more innocent, especially when she sang with David Archuleta?

I had to do a flashback of “remember when,” because I needed something to rinse my mind from that awful, simply atrocious performance at last night’s VMA awards show.  So, if you watched the VMAs last night, who here felt tremendous embarrassment watching Miley Cyrus?

*Raises hand.*

vmaUm… “twerkin” up against Robin Thicke?  Sticking out your tongue?  Grabbing some black woman’s behind?

Not a good look!

To think she promised to be “more shocking” than Britney Spears ever was on the VMAs.  Except she forgot the one main ingredient: to stay sexy while being shocking (which Britney never failed to do when dancing with a snake, pulling a strip tease, or locking lips with Madonna).

This here Miley looked drunk, high, and worse: She looked like a girl pretending to be a grown woman, when she clearly has more growing up to do. Oh, and Miley, stop pretending you’re lost in the hood. Get thee back to thy privileged luxurious neighborhood that I’m certain your “Hannah Montanna” money can still fund.

At least Justin Timberlake was there to show that yes, one can mature from Disney’s clutches to a sexy-keep-it-classy grown up. (Let’s hope Kari will get David an opening gig for JT’s tour).

Or do guys have it easier (oops, not always: See the other Justin [Bieber]).

As usual, these moments of pop culture make me miss David (and hope for his more successful transition from teen crush to grown man stardom).


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  1. for me the whole show stunk. / they all looked and sounded the same,no real music ,i mean real singing,

    • That show couldn’t sustain me. I tuned in for some things and tuned out the next. Maybe I’m getting old but this new music thing, I’m not feeling it!

  2. Didn’t watch, but could hardly avoid the explosion of reaction around the web to Miley’s performance. I watched just that and think she’s trying too hard to prove that she’s all grown up, and failing miserably. I didn’t watch JT or Bruno (I was almost a fan of Bruno’s for about a minute, a few weeks ago, until I actually heard the lyrics to his songs. Wish I hadn’t bought the album before listening to every song all of the way through. Buyers Remorse, for sure. LOL.)

    Adam Lambert survived his awards show debacle. I have no doubt that Miley will too. And even though she was younger and more innocent in the above photos, I still had the idea then that she was living too hard for someone so young.

  3. Miley wants to be in the same class as GaGA with shock performance. Don’t like GaGa shock performance, but one thing she has is mega talent unlike Miley. She is just a joke. I don’t blame her wanting to move on from her Hannah Montana years, but she is just lost now, although, people still buy her music, so this isn’t hurting in the pocket book so as long as she makes money for herself and all around her, she probably will continue with trash performances.

  4. I should look up Gagas performance. I feel for her. She was on top during the time when David was tryng to break out and now she seems to be trying to get back up there. (Already!)

  5. Miley is a real lesson for all the other fast-lane celeb. parents who are so caught up in the whole scene that they get sucked into that vortex of fame/money that they forget to actually parent their kids even though that means fights and “I hate you’s” and not letting them have their way. What I don’t get is how can Miley’s parents possibly rationalize this as acceptable (which they should have been thinking about 5 years ago and pulled in the reins instead of letting a 14-15 year old pretend she was in her 20’s just because she was famous and had money).
    Oh well, we know the story as it is repeated often among young stars.

  6. I enjoyed Justin’s performance — I think even more in contrast to some of the others last night. I also thought Bruno Mars did a good job. They both showed you can entertain people and entertain them WELL without trying to one-up on shock value. I was happy that Same Love won because I think we need more songs like that. The less said about Miley, the better. I guess she got the attention she’s craving.

  7. Miley got exactly what she wanted, everyone is talking about her, not going to hurt her career one little bit. If she didn’t have that shock value act, she surely wouldn’t be the topic of conversation about performance at VMAs. She even topped GaGa as the lead topic, lol.

  8. Great Post hg. I agree with all of it. Miley did get the attention what she wanted but not so sure she “gets” that her performance was a joke. People are laughing at her not with her. It really was kind of sad that she did not pull off sexy at all. That she was willing to do all this for attention with all the money and fame she already has makes no sense to me at all.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Like KH said….there has always seemed to be something there with Miley that didn’t seem to be quite right to me. Somehow she has always seemed to me like somebody who is especially insecure about herself and so she always had to be out there, centre stage, in an attempt to feel loved and good enough. Usually I think armchair explanations like that are weak and a bit status quo lol….but this new Miley does really seem to me like the biggest, most desperate, cry for attention at all costs, that I have seen for a while.

  9. Shanny-The biggest cry for help for me was when her dad stood up and gave her a Standing O after that sleezy performance. I dont think we have to look very far or very hard to see what the problem is! And then her moms said “How proud she was as to what a great performer she has become!”

  10. I’m racking my brain trying to find reasons to hold Thicke equally accountable for that performance. Miley is the one catching all the flack on twitter with these trends: #MileyAssSmallerThan and #staystrongbillyraycyrus. I wonder how she’s taking the feedback — is she laughing? depressed? content?

  11. FYI, this is what Miley retweeted from Rolling Stone:

    “Miley was the one star in the room who truly understood what the MTV Video Music Awards are all about …”

    Yep, she is proud!

    • Miley to me is obnoxious but when you are worth millions and everyone around you tells you how great you are then I guess you believe it. Her mother was in the audience cheering her on as they showed her. To me she’s not vocally a good singer. Love that Kelly Clarkson sent a tweet that said “Just saw a couple performances from the VMA’s last night. 2 words…. #pitchystrippers” lol. I wonder how happy Robin Thicke really can be with Miley when she took all the attention away from him and his song.

  12. A loud, proud twerking machine! Yep, so much to be proud of there Miley!

  13. I have another Miley perspective, maybe when she was the innocent Hannah Montana it was truly not what she wanted at all and wanted to be a media darling (for lack of a better word), so after stepping away from that good girl image she was FREE to show the world what kind of entertainer (?) she wanted to be. One very important fact about Miley, if she didn’t have hit songs, nobody would give a flying fig (lol) about her.
    Now as far as the support she got from her parents, hmm, would it been better if they had completely turned against her in front of the whole world. By them supporting their daughter regarding this what most everyone is saying was a trashing performance, is it bad parenting? I know that some/a lot would say that if she gotten good parenting all along, she probably would of been more like the character that everyone loved. Lol,

  14. If Miley was proud of that performance I wonder how she will top that one., and she will probably still be popular. How sad is that?

  15. A commentary in my newspaper is funny: “It’s a rite of pop-culture passage…the former kiddie-TV starlet’s need to create a rupture with the child she was and introduce the woman she’s become….Britney Spears did it with help from a gigantic snake, Christina Aguilera with a pair of barely there leather trousers. And last year Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens did it by appearing together in the violent, sex-soaked “Spring Breakers”. But none of these one-time teen queens made quite the splash Miley Cyrus did Sunday night…[where she] twerked herself silly amid a lurid phantasmagoria of dancing bears…And if the rendition of her summer hit…set off the usual hand-wringing about What’s Happened to Our Young People, Cyrus likely isn’t worried: Now she’s the topic of grown-up conversation…just before the release of her upcoming album……
    Miley, 1 Haterz, 0″.

    • Marketing genius, I’m thinking, lol.

      • Lol. BTW, the people in the dancing bears were each paid $1000.

      • yup all the way to the bank.

      • Man cchalo that’s nothing. I guess that these back up dancers just want to have the chance to be seen, so maybe to them it’s more about an opportunity than for the pay?!?!
        BTW cchalo, am I wrong or was you daughter going to be one of the dancers? Then again I might be way off on this one,lol.

      • Yep. They needed Little People to be in the pink bears. A lot of her friends were able to do it, but the show people decided a few days ahead, that they didn’t need L.A. folk to fly in when they could find plenty in N.Y. People were saying to her that it’s good she didn’t get involved in that mess, but she said hey, I’d be in a bear costume, who would know? Lol.

      • lol. yes who would know but her friends and family. All those wonderful back up dancers don’t have anything to be ashamed of, it the lead act that is shameful.
        If Miley’s performance came away being good, but very sexy, I think I’d be ok with it, she is 20 yrs old, not a minor and it was MVAs. It was the fact to it just didn’t come out at all sexy, but trashy and just plan bad. She is getting a lot of criticism, but she is also getting a lot of support, so figure.
        To me being in the public eye as a star or any other public arena, you are a roll model like it or not. Hannah Montana, good roll model, Miley not so much.

  16. HG.. this is off topic a bit but I think you will appreciate this article!

  17. It sure is sad that young female pop stars feel they have to be so overtly sexual to be popular and get attention. Unfortunately it often time works. Miley will undoubtedly sell lots of songs . Heck if she doesn’t she can become a porn star. Pretty sad, in my book. As far as her parents go, they should love her no matter what she does, but they don’t have to approve of it.

    Miley and David are such a contrast right now. Miley appears to want to do whatever it takes to get attention while David is out of sight from the music industry for two years. We need a happy medium!

  18. Grammyj could not agree with you more. “We need a happy medium.” Well stated.

  19. I third that “We need a happy medium”

  20. Lordy talk about polar opposites…The contrast between where David is now- a missionary in Chile spreading the gospel and Miley is twerking on a guy in a penguin suit in front of 10 million people.

  21. To say that I wouldn’t want David to be freer on stage I’d be lying, Would like him to not be afraid of his sensuality, but thank God I’m positive that he will never be a train wreck like Miley. He does totally need to re invent himself, but I know for sure, positively he will do it with class…so proud to be his fan.

  22. It’s a sad commentary on our society and anyone who cares about racism, sexism, exploitation of children, rape culture and objectification of women rather than empowerment, should be disheartened. This is the best article I’ve read about all of the issues, not just Miley trying to get ratings by shocking people.

    “When the BEST option for wielding power in our culture that a privileged, intelligent, ambitious and hardworking young woman sees is to manipulate media by purposefully turning herself from a person (subject of her own actions & thoughts) to an object (a non-human thing) of other people’s actions and thoughts it’s the culture that needs change – and that’s what we want to focus attention on. The need to change the culture to help ALL girls and young women be seen and treated as people, not objects.”

    I loved the commentary about how Robin Thicke is getting a pass in all this. She deconstructs his sexist and horrendous song about date rape that we as a society have rewarded and then suggests talking to your sons along the following lines:
    “- How would you talk to your tween/teen BOYS about older men using younger girls like sex objects and male performers being surrounded by barely-dressed female backup dancers?
    – How would your boys answer: When so many of the female performers are so scantily clad, is that self expression of sexuality or the symptom of something larger? Why were none of the men nearly naked?
    – How would your boys answer: How do you feel the representations of women last night affect your female friends and family members?
    – How would your boys answer: What expectations does our family have around how you will treat girls and women? Did what you see or heard about from the VMA’s live up to that or fall short?”

    CQ is right Miley is simply a sad train wreck but that’s besides the point. There are so many issues here but the biggest to me is when we shrug and say sex sells, we’re part of the problem. Because we are the ones who are buying.

    My opinion is that I don’t want David to be ‘freer’ when he comes back – I’m not even sure what that means. If it means being more honest with his lyrics, then absolutely, but from what I’ve seen he puts every last drop of himself into his performance and he doesn’t need to grab his crotch to be sexy. I don’t want him to take one step closer to the line of ‘sex sells so he better offer some.’ He needs to stay firmly in the camp of the real artists who don’t need to sell suggestive lyrics and performances because they have no talent.

    If he wants lol 🙂

    • Hold on how can you just assume that buy being freer that what I meant, that’s not what I meant at all. How in the world do you think that crotch grabbing is sexy?!?!?. The only person that got a pass (not from me) was Michael Jackson. To me sensuality has nothing to do with acting sexy, having sexy lyrics and being just plan trashy on stage. David’s talent is what will sell/with the right mature music, buy no means I would want him to sell out and becomes sexy for the sake of selling his music, but I do however, stand buy my feelings about him becoming freer.

  23. Meanwhile, back in Chile, David directed a choir of missionaries and sang two songs as a soloist. This was per information that Gladys received from contacts of her’s that went to the devotional. I’m always happy to hear about David singing on his mission, but I sure wish their wasn’t a ban on videotaping performances inside the Mormon church. Guess he just needs to perform outside.

    • Would love to get a video from Chile this Christmas like we did last one…another way for Archies to get more excited about his return. Not holding my breath, but still hoping we get some sort of music released to us to carry us through until our man is back.

  24. If being talked about is important, here’s a song for a new, daring David (that would also allow him to use his falsetto a lot). 🙂

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