Are Mission Photos Off Limits?

Just asking since David’s Twitter recently posted this pic from back in the Glad Christmas Tiding days:


When we could be getting current photos (thanks for posting, Ali!) while he’s on a mission:


Hope this isn’t off limits! But we’re starving for new David info! 😛


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  1. You’re asking the wrong person if Mission pictures are off limits…I personally would love if someone followed him around 24/7 and sent back videos and pictures! Im so over this “archive stuff” I appreciate the effort but…

  2. You will find LOTS of mission pictures of David at The David Chronicles.

    • I stopped going to that thread because it takes so long to load, but I really appreciate JR having them all in one place.

  3. I’m with you Candy love the effort from Kari, but unless you give us some new music from the volt, yes, it is getting a little tiresome…besides, I think we all have seen that picture.
    To me also this whole censorship about the mission is getting tiresome.

  4. I have no profound opinions on the great picture debate but I just wanted to say that comparing those pics above and below…he’s looking good! Even with the shorter hair — which I’m not a big fan of when it’s super short — he looks very nice in that picture.

    I guess the idea of him (or his account) not posting mission pics is to keep a separation between his career and his religion, which has been known to be of controversial debate. I can see the point in that to a certain degree but I don’t see where the occasional pic would be like he’s trying to influence all his fans to join the LDS church based on their love of him personally. I mean, he sent in a pic last December with the birthday book. I thought that was great. In the meantime I’ll just keep on looking at the random mission pics that pop up here and there and I’ll smile and say, Dang it’s nice to see ya David! to each new one 🙂

    • Shanny in Australia

      I was thinking the same thing about the picture comparison Ali. Kind of think he has his hair on the short side at the moment but when I look at the two pictures – I like the one with the short hair best.

  5. Your so right Hg when you said we are starving for new David info.

  6. Ha, the top picture looks like his hair got “Shop vacced” and that is from somoeone that loves his hair!!

    • lol, yeah, love his hair too, but I agree with you.
      That mish picture is a good one, his hair needs just a little more length and a little roughing up, lol.

  7. I never did warm up to the Bob’s Big Boy hair (as seen in the top pic).

    • Oh man – now I’ll see Bob the Big Boy every time I look at a picture of David with his hair spiked!

      In the past I was reminded of that little fellow in the movie, Jerry Maguire.

      Wonder who did his hair when he was on Idol? It always looked great.

  8. I’m sure David’s team isn’t going to post current pics unless he sends them. But that isn’t censorship. Censorship is telling someone what they can/cannot share. As far as I know, Kari has kept intentionally neutral/vague on that. I’m okay with not getting daily news–I understood 2 years and my calendar says we still have a while to wait.

    Gladys, is that a premonition, prediction, wishful thinking, or insider info?

  9. Since we’re so hungry for new photos, there is a new one I haven’t seen before on the mission photo page, about halfway down, directly above the words “The Passover” (it’s translated on my computer). He’s eating a sandwich.

  10. Actually I really would want music, don’t get me wrong, always like looking at David, he is after all a great looking man, but I love his voice, so I’m hungry for music.
    Oh well, Kari did say it was throw back Thursday, so that was a throw back picture. I really understand Kari not posting mission photo unless it was ok’d by David, but photos that are available, I really don’t see a problem about viewing them. Example the mission photo above, I don’t see the harm at all.
    One thing that David has is fans that have very different opinions about the whole mission thing.
    I just can’t wait until this whole mission thing is over and we have David the singing artist to spazz about.

  11. I would have to agree that even though it is nice to see David in his mission pics I would rather hear new music. Only a little over 6 months to go before his return so I hope David and his team now have a plan in place for his music career. Then as a fan I hope I like the plan. lol. Hard to know at this point what is going to happen with no communication with fans for what will be 2 years.

    • I’m with you Marie, hope there is a plan in place for his music career and that I like that’s for sure. David still had a good fan base when he left, but as you said, no communication is hard for a fan to keep the interest. I know that it’s been said that they will come back when he returns, but with new great singers available to fans, it’s not going to be easy for David to shall we say romance his fans back to buying his music. After all that’s the important thing, people being curious about how he looks is one thing, but they have to be interested enough to buy his music.
      David had the whole package going and he could of been a teen heartthrob, but of course we know that he held back, of course, never really embraced the idea, not that he should of, but I really wish he had been a little more flexible. I know water under the bridge, move on, lol. What I’m getting at is if he had that stronger career going, I think it would be easier to get back to the swing of things.
      Now he has to sell himself almost as a new artist, now that could work for him or not, time will tell.

  12. Off topic, since Hg, mentioned Harriet Tubman the president is in my town of Auburn ,NY. to visit the home of Harriet Tubman today. Very exciting!

  13. I remember The Midknight special show. I used to love it. Thanks for posting this vid. Always was a big Linda Ronstadt fan. Hope she is OK.

  14. What a shame, a horrible disease.

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