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So, yesterday, David’s mother Lupe moved on with her life and tied the knot! Congratulations, Lupe! 🙂

I wonder what David would think? He’s so self-protected, you would never know his thoughts, as he never revealed his feelings about his parents divorce or even how he would feel about either moving on to start a new family.

Anyway, David’s a grown man now, living his own life, so, let’s hope he’s in a good place about his parents (just as they had to accept his own decision about going on a mission).

In other Social Media News:

While I was sleeping, HARRIET TUBMAN (one of my favorite black female heroes in history) trended on Twitter overnight FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS! Since some folks have no idea how to create comedy while honoring her legacy, I’ll just leave here a parody video that I think does her justice:


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  1. Thank you Hg for another great post. Liked the video, don’t know much about Harriet Tubman, so thank you for bringing her to my attention.

    As far as David goes in regards to his parent’s divorce, I’m sure that he would of like for their marriage to have worked out, especially because from what he has said, he had a great family life, so maybe not a lot of fighting between his parent, at least in front of the kids. Not coming from a divorced parent, I can just imagine how hard it is. As you said David is an adult now and probably just wants his parents to be happy. As far as the mission decision goes, I’m pretty sure that Lupe was extremely happy that he went, I’m thinking that she is the bigger influence for David of the two parents. Of course, that’s is just my guess, have no idea.

  2. I thought it was interesting how difficult it was for Ryan Seacrest to get David to say where he was living, in the interview after the divorce. My guess is that he wants to portray an ideal family, the same way he wants to always set a good example–both for religious reasons.

    • Lol on “Black Moses Barbie”! Was that Oprah’s voice?

    • That always has bothered me about David, portraying the ideal family and always having to set such a good example, not that’s bad, but sometimes I find that people that always want to be so good, are sometimes not really that happy in the inside. You can’t have that cry in your voice without experiencing some personal sadness.

      • I don’t think David has ever called anything about himself ideal or perfect, his family included. What he has been very vocal about his love of family and his love of being able to spend time with them. They don’t have to be ideal for him to love them. I am sure that there have been personal struggles with his family but he chooses to keep them just that — personal. Whether that’s because he doesn’t want to talk about it himself or if it’s in deference to not exposing his family members’ private lives to the public, either way it’s understandable. I don’t think there’s anyone who is familiar with David who thinks his family life is completely drama-free. I mean, the massage parlor incident was splashed all over the media. And even back on Idol the favorite thing for entertainment news to report on that season was his Evil Dad. I can see why David chooses to keep his family drama private as much as possible. Him not talking about drama doesn’t equal saying that his family is perfect.

      • Ali, agree I’m not saying his family is perfect and yes, not airing your dirty laundry is a good idea. I see your point. Yes, he hasn’t said that his family is perfect, that would be silly. I still sense a turmoil going on. Perfect has always been connected to David and from what I’ve read from mission blogs, he is a perfect missionary. David never wanting to disappoint is also kind of telling, but again, jmo.

      • A little while back, a poster was blaming David’s apparent underlying sadness on being hurt by the fans. I think most of us strongly disagreed with that idea, but I think some of us do, rightly or wrongly, feel that there is something “tragic” about him that sometimes comes out in his music. We love to try to analyze him, and I agree with cq about the “cry in his voice”.

        Coming up with random theories about why he does or says things, such as stuttering and stumbling in the interview, rather that simply admit the divorce, is just what we sometimes do. I stand by my theory that he may have done so because of a cultural reluctance to admit to having a broken family while preaching family togetherness. It’s exaggerating my point to say I think he calls his family perfect.

      • cc – I was responding directly to cq’s sentence that starts “That always has bothered me about David, portraying the ideal family…” so if you find I was exaggerating your point then I think you’re mistaken about what I was responding to — although your response to the post was ita.

        I have no problem with fans having their own theories about why David behaves the way he does. As such, I was expressing my opinion that he does not present his family as ideal (or perfect, which I was using as a synonym). I don’t think that coming from a broken family should mean that you shouldn’t talk about family togetherness. In fact, I think it might make someone even more of a proponent of it. It did me.

      • Ali, I do respect your opinion, but I still have mine, right or wrong it’s just my opinion, not fact.

      • Yup cq, that’s what I was trying to get across in my last post. That I was sharing my opinion just like you guys were. Sorry if I was confusing in expressing that. In the long run, we’re all just here spinning our wheels til some dude graces us with his presence again 😉

      • Shanny in Australia

        Cc halo, that was me that said that about the fans contributing to david’s sadness. And yes, everybody did get upset about it.
        I think what happens a lot of the time on fansites is that people see something they don’t like and then they are so incensed about it, they fail to read the rest of the comment/s accurately and then misunderstand. I think that’s what happened and why I felt it was futile to say anything more at the time.

        I said at the time that I felt the first half of david’s album Begin. was about his sadness…and I vehemently stand by that…..and ironically enough people have alluded to sadness in those songs but still don’t want to call them sad….I could write up a whole argument for it, quoting multiple lyrics, things david has said about the album and in interviews etc, but it’s not practical or necessary really.
        However, if people want to interpret them differently, that’s fine too. They can have their opinion and I’ll have mine.

        What I do want to point out, now that the furor over my original comments has settled down a bit, is that I never said the fans were the sole purpose of the sadness I can hear in those songs. I said they were a ‘part’ of it. I may have said a big part and I’ll give people that but how much a part of his sadness is debateable, probably even in david’s mind from one day to the next. What I was mostly trying to say was that David’s career has been pushed and pulled and criticized and analysed to the enth degree. And here’s the point I want to reiterate to try and clear up the misunderstaning – it hasn’t by any means come from just the fans, it has come from Idol, from Jive, from WEG, no doubt from people he personally knows, from bloggers and random tweeters, and yes…it has most definitely come from the fans themselves. We are by no means, the only ones who have pushed and pulled on David but we can’t deny that we aren’t the most constant and vocal element in all that ‘opinion chatter’. I am a part of this fandom, I have and do offer my opinions, I include myself. Fans aren’t evil because they have opinions….but haven’t we all felt at some time in our lives the exhaustion that comes from not being able to please everyone all the time? Combine that with being a celebrity who people will naturally judge, and no wonder david feels sadness. That’s all I was trying to say at the time. I hope I got my message across a little clearer this time.

        For me, that means I want to be more sensitive to him in what I say online and how I say it. But each to his own.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Btw, there is no doubt david knows ‘pain’. It shows in his performances. It shows in the advice he gives. He might not have experienced falling in love but he has experienced deep emotions for sure! (And i’m saying in his life in general, not anything to do with the fans or fame or the industry etc)
        Even in COS, he speaks of a significant sad event in his life – when he had vocal paralysis after the high of Star Search – and he doesn’t go into how deeply he was pained and use lots of descriptive words etc to describe that experience – but anyone truly listening to what he was saying and putting themselves in his shoes can see how it was probably quite a traumatic experience in his young life. He was suddenly having an identity crisis, doubting his worth, his future prospects. He may have experienced some depression. And that’s just one event.
        David knows sadness for sure. I don’t think he pretends otherwise. I think he just keeps trying to look for that silver lining and tries his darndest to do the right thing all the time.

      • David is a singing artist and without fans he will not have a music career, bad, good, fans that don’t agree with what he is doing, fans that are shall we say, have off colored comments, all are ok if they buy his music and support his projects, jmo.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Cq, it goes with the territory for sure! Being a fan of david has made me realise there is NO WAY I would ever want to be famous! Sheesh! I’m more inclined to run, screaming from the idea. lol
        But just because it goes with the territory, doesn’t mean it it is easy. And for me, as a fan, it means I want to be selective in what I say and how I say it. I may not even always get that right, sometimes I get overly chatty lol.

        Not talking about good fans or bad fans. Just talking about facts and how I choose to approach it. I guess I would hope people would be thoughtful in how they express their opinions too but I can only encourage and suggest. Not here to control anyone.

      • Lol, Ali.

        I was just responding to HG’s observations above, about David’s total silence about the divorce. I agree that having divorce in your family can make one a strong proponent of family stability–it did for my husband of 35 years and counting. But David doesn’t address it at all. Why is he sooo silent about it even if it makes an awkward moment in a Seacrest interview? Just a guess based on observation of similar religious behavior in my experience, and his own emphasis on always being a good example.

        David’s tweet this morning about happiness was interesting. The author was an LDS leader who suffered lifelong depression, which makes me ponder the difference between one’s words and the reality of life.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Cc halo, I remember david once saying how when you’re in the spotlight sometimes you have to smile when you really want to cry.
        Have you ever done the same? Ever told someone you were good, when they asked how you were and really you just felt awful and miserable. Don’t we all put on a face from time to time?
        And yet, people love david for his realness. He may put on a happy face at times but there is still a realness there we can all see.
        Plus, lets not forget we’ve watched him since he was 16yo. Life will shape and mould him as he grows. There are plenty of fake fully grown people out there!
        And….when I think about it….and the people i’ve known who always have a smile and never seem to feel stressed or overwhelmed or burdened….i don’t think they’re bad people at all, just people who have for whatever reasons, learnt to keep that smiling face on more often than others.
        It reminds me of a quote I once heard….if you think someone’s got the perfect life, ypu obviously don’t know them well enough.
        Lol…so true! 🙂

      • I left the reply box open so long while I was busy elsewhere, that I missed a lot of comments!

        I appreciate the expanded explanation of your point, Shanny. I’m not totally on board with it, as I think he’s pretty tough when it comes to fans, and knows not to read forums. I haven’t analyzed BEGIN like you have, so I just see it as having empathy for the hurting people in the world. I remember him saying that the purpose of having struggles in your life was so you can help others with the same problems, so I do see the album as a reflection of that idea.

      • I’m glad that you are not judging Shanny, but encouraging and suggesting how we should comment does gives feeling of I’m right you’re wrong. I do respect your views. I know you are a great fan that only wants the best for David’s career and believe or not so do I.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Cc, yep he has definitely said that!
        Thanks for accepting my explanation. 🙂

        Cq, *smiles for you*

    • I don’t think he was trying to portray anything, much less an ideal family. He was being honest, that at that time, he really spent most of his time on the road, Ryan kept asking why he didnt live on his own or with other young guys and he explained he was on the road most of the time, but when he got some time off,, he wanted to spend it with his family..particularly his siblings.

      • and Ryan never asked him about the divorce to my knowledge.

      • Shanny in Australia

        That interview was probably before my time and I don’t recall ever seeing it….but I do remember Ryan asking him on idol, how often he shaved. What 16yo young man wants to tell the world…’Oh, I haven’t got enough facial hair yet, so I don’t shave’. Seems like an insensitive question from Ryan, maybe designed to embarrass david and emphasis how young he was. So, if it’s true that he then asked david why he wasn’t living independently when he was still a young man, that Ryan was staying true to form – trying to ridicule david. If that was the case, I bet david felt it and it coloured his willingness to say ‘oh I still live with my folks.’

      • I’m too lazy right now to find the interview, but I should because David is so adorable in it, with a little bit of attractive stubble, and Ryan was really cute to him also. I think Ryan was asking where he lived, and David’s stumbling caused Ryan to pursue it a little more. David really tried to avoid being specific. It was also one of the things that made me so surprised about his mission, because he went on and on about being there for his siblings, and it seemed such a switch to be leaving for two years straight.

      • I always thought that was an interesting interview David did with Ryan. It bothered me that David thought he always had to constantly defend his dad. Right after he won AI he did that in the today show interview as did David Cook. David should not think that he needs to do that anymore. I get that is his dad and he loves him and that AI made him out to not be so nice “but” as a music manager his father was never qualified nor had the connections to manage his career. David should just have been able to focus on his music career on interviews not his dad/manager at the time.

      • I mean after AI. David did not win but should have won AI. lol.

      • I think that the whole dad fiasco is behind and he might not be asked about the incident in interviews (hoping there is interviews, lots and lots of them, that would mean his career is where it should be) in the future, but if he is asked, with new maturity he will handle it just fine. Not that he didn’t handle it just great with this interview.
        Even though David has been performing pretty much his whole life, it wasn’t until he actually was on AI and after, that he was exposed to a world that he had been shelter from. Sense I’ve been following David, I have come to realize that Utah (in general, not everyone) is kind of sheltered from the rest of US and the world. I’m thinking that missionaries that come from Utah might be shocked as to how the rest of the world thinks and acts when they are outside of that bubble. For David, he got that lesson with AI and with his career and dealing with all kinds of different people. I think it was really good for him. With this mission, it was something that he had to do to move on, but he went with a more mature point of view than maybe younger and sheltered missionaries, jmo.

  3. Just saw Aston Kucher’s speech at the Teen Choice Awards on youtube.
    Man, never thought I would say this, but I really thought it was great and inspirational:

    He started by revealing his first name, Chris, Aston is his middle name (started going by Aston when started acting) so he wanted to share three things for success…would bring the video over, but don’t know how, lol.

    1/opportunity looks like hard work…worked a lot of different jobs and was always lucky to have a job. Never quit a job until you have another one.

    2/sexy (couldn’t wait for him to explain this one,lol)
    sexy is being really smart, thoughtful and generous, everything else is just crap.

    3/living life. everything around you was done by people no smarter then anyone of you.
    build a life, don’t live one.

  4. I thought that was a good speech by Ashton too.

  5. link to facebook photos; note, it only includes a few photos that were public and where the individuals knew they were being photographed. hope this works. i will remove the pics by tomorrow morn.

    • Thank you desertrat, she looks so young and of course beautiful, her husband is not bad looking, but sure looks a lot older than her, I’m sure it’s just the picture, anyway, wish them a long happy life together. The two younger sisters are all grown up and looking so beautiful too.

    • Thanks. You’re way more computer savvy than I. There was one more I especially liked from another person’s photos–it had Lupe with her sisters in the red dresses.

    • Thanks so much, desertrat. Lupe looked beautiful as I knew she would. Nice looking groom. Good for Lupe. David’s sisters are so pretty.

  6. thanks.. aww she is beautiful and her husband looks like a nice guy. congratulations all around!
    wow his sisters and gorgeous too!!

  7. Re. Harriet Tubman, I saw the video and couldn’t believe Russell Simmons found it to be the funniest thing ever. Oh well, he’s paying for it now.

    Pic of D w/Russell (far right)

  8. potluck8google

    Harriert Tubman settled in the town I live in and there was a tribute to her last week. Brud Holland’s son was the main speaker. Harriet and Brud, two outstanding people.

  9. Harriet Tubman was a TRUE heroine. These days I think the concept of hero has been watered down. Everyone’s parents or a fave entertainment personality as a hero, really? I don’t think so. To me, it takes a stand-out person to be a hero, someone who took risks and helped many.

  10. 3 more pics added here — thanks cchalo.

  11. Nice new pics. Lupe and her sisters are so beaufiul. Lupe looks so happy.

  12. Jennette McCurdy must have been reading this thread her comments are so appropriate for this discussion and what a lot of people have been trying to say about fans, sadness, forgetting David is a real person with feelings. She speaks the truth.

    “When you’re the object of everyone’s affection, make no mistake about it, you are an object. People don’t have any interest in loving you for you. Their love for you is for who they think you are. They have ideas on how you should live your personal life (family, friends, relationships), on how you should steer your professional life (roles, projects, politics), and on who you should become. And if you stray from that vision, their vision, with say your own ideas and goals and dreams of who you are and who you wish to become, they will let you know, usually by casting you out and treating you cruelly.

    Once you become a celebrity, you are no longer a person, but an archetype.”

    • That entire article is a great read. I get the impression she could use a break from it all.

    • WOW, she seems like she needs a break or even just walk away from it all. The problem is that it won’t change, people have and still do see celebrity differently than what they actually are, that is not going to change, they want to have them be that perfect person that they envision, it’s a hard business and only the very few are able to keep that perspective and balance. The tough part is that without the fans that they feel is creating the problem are needed for them to have a career, so if that’s not going to work for you, find something else to make a living that doesn’t require fans.

  13. That was a very well written and thoughtful article by Jennette. The entertainment/music industry is a tough business as you need the fans and the PR to have a career yet there is a lot that goes along with it.

  14. Just read all the comments following Jennette’s article. You can see where she might need a break.

    • maybe she should go on a mission lol

      • Well, she is LDS I think, but I think she wouldn’t have the kind of freedom from the media like David is experiencing, she is way more mainstream popular. The more I think about it, there was no way that David would be left alone on this mission if he was a big major star, so I’m glad that he decided to wait into he returns to become a big major star, lol.

  15. had to stop following her a while back on twitter.. sounded like she was stressed out with what was going on with her career.

    such a pretty young lady, fabulous voice, not to mention pretty talented in other ways.
    she kind of reminds me of Lucille Ball some and wish her all the best.

  16. cq ha you know David might decide to not ever be a huge star.

    • well how dare him not want what I want, lol

      • lololololol cq. you just made me laugh out loud in real life ❤

      • LOL! Yes, how dare he!

        Regarding Jennette, as the saying goes, why would you want cake if you don’t want to eat it too? Jennette made a point to admit how on the one hand she liked & enjoyed the perks as well as the adulation & attention which comes with her celebrity & even stressing if it seemed her popularity was not where it should be at any given time. I’m amazed when celebrities complain about how their lives are not their own & how they can’t go about like “normal people”, but these same celebrities would have a breakdown if they were never recognized as “Stars”. The recognition & the limelight is what makes them successful, not to mention wealthy, To be fair, I don’t know or care much about Miss McCurdy. At least she was honest about her “Jekyll & Hyde” emotions about her celebrity life.

        Congratulations to David’s mom. The first thing I thought when I read about her marriage was that she would no longer be financially dependent on David. It should free him to take his time to make the right decisions about his career when he returns. Hre won’t feel the need to do something not in his best interest just for the money. I feel his mom getting married results in a big responsibilty being lifted from his shoulders. IMO, of course.

  17. I re-watched the David/Ryan Seacrest interview I posted, and it finally occurred to me, he was stressing about not being there for his siblings precisely because he was planning to go away for two years. Duh. He didn’t expect to have a career that would take him away from his family so much for the four years prior to his mission in addition to being totally gone for two more.

    • That always bothered me why in the world would he have to have that burden. Not that caring for his siblings is a burden, but to feel stressed just isn’t right. It’s almost like his father has completely given up his role and now David is the ‘man of the house’. It’s one thing to take on that role when both parent are both gone, totally understandable, but both parent are healthy capable people that should be in charge of their children, jmo.
      I do want to voice some things, but I won’t.

      • I would not worry about his father completely given up his role – I saw random photos during this past year where Jeff was one of the coaches for the younger sisters’sports team. Also, I imagine that since David is 7 or 8 years older than his sisters, he has been caring for them just like all much older siblings do since they were babies and that builds a strong connection. He will someday make a great dad, I bet.

      • collegemom, yes, I too have brothers that are much older than me and yes, so happy that they care for me just like anyone of my other siblings, but what I was saying is that it seems like he took that care to another level, again, not that is bad at all, but just seemed like he took on a parent role instead of a real caring older brother. Btw, he does have an even older sibling that is there for the younger ones. I’m very happy and touched that he cares so much for his family, but just hate when he feel guilty for not being with them.
        Glad to see that Jeff is still a big part of his children’s life.

      • It sounded like a lot of David’s concern for his siblings involved the pressures of having a famous brother. I don’t know that we can assume anything about Jeff’s involvement. David said in the interview, “My dad’s my dad…” Sounds like a normal dad relationship to me.

      • That does sound logical cchalo, pressures of having a famous brother and maybe wanting to keep a close connection will show them that he is there for them. He’s a good brother and will always have his family’s back. Still hate the stress factor, lol.

  18. a lurker 2 I would hope that none of David’s family members would be financially dependent on him when he returns. It is always seemed to me that David was extremely close to his mom and would do anything for her. I think it is great news that she found someone to marry and be happy with.

  19. Kind of off topic but I just saw an amazing movie tonight. “The Butler” was a very thought provoking and truthful movie with excellent performances. Forrest Whitaker was just great in the movie. I thought the movie was engaging and entertaining. HG, I hope that you go see the movie and write a review on it. I would like to read your impression of the movie.

    • lol, i just saw it too; now i’m googling info on the real butler to learn more about his life. during my drive home i was thinking that i hope hg writes about it.

  20. That is funny, desertrat. I am checking into things that were in the movie too.

  21. My daughter and I were planning to see The Butler today!

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