Flashback: David Live

While the majority of fans in the recent poll chose David’s Idol finale performance of “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” as the one performance they wished to have witnessed live, “Contigo en la Distancia” was a close second!

Enjoy the flashback:


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  1. potluck8google

    Contigo, positively stunning!

  2. *Sigh* That gorgeous, gorgeous tone. I remember hearing and seeing this on my TV and feeling like he’d somehow found new layers of tenderness, in the song and in me.

  3. Contigo is just stunning and I listen to the video regularly. With a current spin a song that high lights that gorgeous tone, layers of tenderness in a Spanish/English song, just WOW. Right producer, right label and of course, right management will be the key for David…he’s got the goods, with the right team, limitless opportunities for him.

  4. Sigh with all the rules being relaxed for missionaries, I just was hoping that the length of service to the church would also be relaxed, so that David could come home this year without being dishonorable, selfish fan in action, lol.

  5. Love Contigo. Awesome performance. As I have stated before I just hope David and his team now have a plan in place for his music career when he returns.

  6. Yes, and I sure do not think it is too early at this point to clue David’s fans into what the exact plan is for his music career. Whatever direction he decides to go in. Music artists plan their tours and appearances a good year in advance. Don’t they??

    • If you’re a big act, traveling to the arenas and stadiums then yes. There are only so many of those and they book far in advance. Smaller venues, not so much. It does take quite a bit of planning to coordinate dates and travel but idk… I don’t see him going on tour right after he gets home. I think there might be a few one-off shows here and in Asia but not sure about a major tour. I could be completely wrong on that though.

    • Can you imagine if clues came from his camp about 2014 plans that are made, the fans would go bonkers with happiness.

  7. I would have loved to have been in this audience too!

    Re. tour planning, I doubt he has a team in place working on his next tour. D impressed me as a last-minute-decision-making kinda guy.

    • Although it might of worked for him in the past, don’t know if it will work now. The business was tough before, but now, holy cow, you better be able to have plans and decision made in advance in order to keep from drowning in a sea unsuccessful artists.

  8. Gossip: Lupe is getting married this Wednesday evening. She’ll have bridesmaids in red dresses.

    • Great news for Lupe. Hope that there will be some pics from the wedding. Any news on what #mic has been doing for the past 2 years?

  9. If thats true, while Im happy for her, just a tad surprised Lupe would get married without David being here, especially when they are so close.

  10. Great news re. Lupe! Do you know if the ceremony will take place in Utah?

  11. wow that is fabulous.. I love red!
    aww too bad David can’t be there but maybe a pic will show up? she is so beautiful
    like her son!

  12. would imagine if a tour was to happen he would have to do a few things to make money for it? maybe Manila again?
    I will take anything I can get.. how about a livestream Utah concert .

  13. Yes, happy for Lupe, but why not wait a couple of months when David would be able to attend, he is so close to his mother, I just don’t get it.

  14. Could be lots of reasons for them to go ahead. David may have told them to go ahead with his blessing. I mean, if he gets publicity for his return, her remarriage being a done deal might keep the whole massage parlor story from re-emerging in the media. Plus they may just want their ceremony to be low-key in general. (Said by the woman who, twenty-some years ago, had a very low key wedding herself and spent the bucks instead on a Hawaiian honeymoon.)

    I’m happy for Lupe. Wishing her every happiness.

  15. I wasn’t there when my mother got remarried and we’re very close. The timing just didn’t work out and I certainly didn’t want her to postpone or try to alter everything around for me. It was a small ceremony — in a friend’s backyard. I don’t think it’s really that out of the ordinary for adult children to not be at a parent’s wedding. It’s really not the ceremony that matters so much as the life after. And I doubt David would want his family to put their lives on hold for 2 years while he’s on his mission.

    If the “gossip” is indeed correct, then I’m very happy for Lupe. It sounds like she’s been with this guy for a while, from what was posted here before. I hope it works out well for everyone!

    • I’m very sure that the Archuleta family didn’t put their lives on hold for the 2 years, that would be ridiculous to do, but we are talking about a few months, not two years. I understand that there is many factors and I do wish Lupe the best, hope she has found her kind of perfect.

  16. makes sense not to cause a stir.. hope for a pic I know she will be beautiful!!

  17. congrats to lupe! she looks beautiful and very happy and so young! hope david is happy for her as well.

  18. I wonder if David will be sending a message via Kari congratulating his mother, hmm.

  19. Lupe is beautiful and so youthful looking so it is no surprise to me that she is getting married. I can understand her getting married now rather than waiting for David’s return.

  20. I do get why Lupe is not waiting for David to return, after all it is about her and her man, not David.
    As far as if she wait to get married after David returned and it creating a circus and bad press, hmm, I really don’t think that would happen. I really have a feeling that for the mass media he is yesterday’s news. I’m thinking he needs to re invent himself when he returns so that the mass media will take notice, again, jmo.

  21. You’re probably right, CQ, but I wouldn’t be surprised by little shots taken by certain Idol bloggers who never find anything good to say about David anyway. (Shirley Halperin, I’m looking at you. And Rickey gets a side-eye too. He liked D when D brought him hits. Since then he’s been all snark.)

    • The question is does any press help his comeback. I totally would hate any negative press about David and his family, it was really so sad when that whole ‘spa’ thing happened, but let’s face it, again press does bring David to peoples minds (not talking about us diehard) bad or good. And really as sad as it is, sometimes the bad brings more attention than the good.

  22. Rickey has always been different when it comes to David. Thought at one time he was a big fan but now not so sure. It was all about the hits I think. I agree. David will never be able to win with Shirley but why should he even care anymore.

  23. Off topic, I love Jimmy Fallon the entertainer almost as much as I love David the singer. What a fabulous year he is having and deserving.

  24. From Rickey’s. I love the 1st Lady but I’m glad D’s not a part of this project, lol.

    Michelle Obama to release hip-hop album

    In hopes of combating the childhood obesity epidemic, First Lady Michelle Obama is promoting her “Let’s Move” campaign by releasing a hip-hop album in support of health and fitness. The album will feature several hip-hop notables including DMC of Run DMC, as well as Doug E. Fresh and Matisyahu. Non-hip-hop acts will also be featured, with Travis Barker, Ashanti, Jordin Sparks, Ariana Grande, Smash‘s Jeremy Jordan and American Idol Season 10 finalist Ashton Jones appearing on the album.


  25. I am wondering about the information about Lupe getting married as I have not been seen any info on that anywhere (I am not on facebook and do not follow any of them on twitter, etc.). Is their public info somewhere? I think it is great that she has found someone!

    • After much thought, here goes: This is an excerpt from a public FB post but it wasn’t meant to be posted on a public blog. For purposes of privacy and so as not to bring haters to HG’s blog, I replaced a vowel with the “@” and replaced many of the words with “……” Hope this helps.

      “n@@d h@lp w/ food & s@rv@rs for my mom’s w@dding this W@d @v@ning …… Also if anyon@ has 4 r@d dr@sses size …..”

  26. typing too fast so bad spelling results! (is there not is their)

  27. Desertrat-LOL I know Im in the minority but I kinda liked the BAB song, I still have the cd somewhere.

  28. ROTF- I would so like to hear Davids take on “We Like Vegetables.” The man and his food are never far apart! OK, not really but heck national exposure is national exposure!

  29. what fun tonight on SYTYCD, contestants paired with all stars, love dance!!! passion, sensuality, quirkiness, mega talent, hmmm, remind of someone?!?! lol.

  30. I guess tonight is the wedding. Just a thought, if David had the kind of fame say as JB, this wedding would be all over the rag magazines…with headlines, poor David not aloud to attend his mother wedding, blah, blah, blah. So for that reason and that reason along, I’m glad that he doesn’t have that kind of fame now. He can do his thing and then come back to his music career and send his career to superstar status. Yes, those smut magazines will always have untrue dirt to print, but at least it won’t involve his mission.

  31. kari just tweeted something, sounds like it could be meant for lupe! 🙂

  32. As I recall a long ago faithful SD poster Mikesd attended the Alma Awards as a “seat filler” and reported back on DA’s sublime performance of Contigo. Being there live lets you experience everything the camera men and editors don’t provide the tv audience! Does anyone recall any other fans recapping that performance after being there?

  33. I have a feeling that Lupe was already dating her new hubby before David left. That would of been great because David would already gotten to know him a bit. I’m still a little confused by the whole communication stuff. Can he email family and friends on his PD, or only on Mother’s Day to his mother only? Not that it’s really any of my business, but I would like for him to at least be able to communicate his congratulation next week. I’m a big sucker for weddings and family.

    • Missionaries can email friends and family each week on their P day. It’s just the telephone call (or Skype call) that’s limited to twice per year — Mother’s Day and Christmas.

  34. Oh, there are wedding photos on FB. She looks gorgeous. I wish I knew how to copy them here without linking to them.

  35. lol this is one day I regret not having fb!

  36. I don’t have fb either. Wish someone could figure out how to copy the wedding pics here. Happy for Lupe.

  37. I have FB but don’t follow anyone who is posting the pics. 😦

  38. I have FB too but like you KH don’t follow anyone who is posting the pics. Yes would love a look at the happy couple.

  39. I’m not friends with anyone posting the pictures either, but you can usually see people’s photos anyway, and you can click the links for people commenting on the photos. You can start here: https://www.facebook.com/LearnAboutDavidArchuletaAndHisReligionMormonsHere (can’t believe I’m posting this link, lol). Click on any of the photos there and scroll through until you see some familiar names (family names, though you will see familiar fan names also) in the comments. Then click on their name to go to their FB profile. You can sometimes click on their friends list, or if not, click on their photos and the people commenting or posting photos. Facebook stalking can get addicting, so beware.

    • Thank you cc halo. Yes, lol. that you are posting that link. Actually I do want to see Lupe, but I’m more curious to see what David’s new daddy looks like. I’m thinking if they wanted it to not be seen (I think everyone knows that if it’s posted on FB everyone can see it) it wouldn’t be posted.
      One thing that is so telling about the lack of interest is that things have slowed down to a screeching halt for David, looking kind of grim especially when he still has over a half a year to go.
      I knew that this time would be the worst. Not to optimistic today.

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