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One of the standout things I remember about David’s finale performance of “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” on American Idol was Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard describing David “on fire.” That TV audiences couldn’t appreciate Paula Abdul’s whooping and hollering in response or Randy Jackson’s hyperbolic exclamations and even Simon Cowell’s declaration that David “knocked out” the other David in the competition probably had everything to do with not having the privilege of hearing David “live.”

In the fan blogosphere, those who were present in the Nokia audience confirmed the “David on Fire” testimonial, as one fan even waxed poetic about the sensation of hearing The Voice fill up the entire arena.  It was “indescribable,” some said, hence why one had to experience David live for oneself.  It’s one of those performances that I will always wish to have been present for.

So, it was with great envy when I would read and scroll through comment-after-comment of David’s more moneyed fans who would spend tickets and VIP $$ to follow David around the country (I remember some who even followed him across the pond when he opened for the British act, McFly!). I didn’t have the same resources or time to follow David around like that, even if witnessing The Voice Live was worth every penny and time spent.

Naturally, when David managed to travel around my neck of the woods (the first time when he came to upstate New York at Northern Lights during the Jingle Jams tour and the last time in Verona for “My Kind of Christmas”), I didn’t even hesitate.  If he was nearby, even if that meant a few hours drive, I was there!

And I can confirm like so many other Archies: Nothing Beats Hearing David Live!

The passion.  The bell-clarity.  The penetrable tones that pierce into you.  Even if you’ve never witnessed David Live, sometimes you have the rest of the audience interaction to feed off of: that unmistakable “whoop and holler” from an audience member when David belted out “mi almaaaaaa…” while singing “Contigo en la Distancia,” or the relative hush before the audience broke out into thunderous applause at the end of his electrifying and transcendental “Silent Night” during the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s “Glad Christmas Tidings” concert.

The sincerity, the generosity, and the delicate balance between vocal precision and vocal improvisation are true insights of a musical genius.

That’s what I thought of when watching that brief clip of David “in the studio” recording “Everybody Hurts,” recently released to his Twitter.  I agree with so many others that a Live Album would be a tremendous gift, but mostly, I want a production team that can capture the best qualities of “David Live” within the studio recording.

How do you do that?  I guess the same way that you capture “magic in a bottle.” Only the most gifted and crafted of musicians will know how best to “package” that magical gift that keeps on given – aka “The Voice.”

That will always be my wish in David’s continued musical growth.

In the mean time, let us hope that, among many of his post-mission plans, is one that takes him on tour! Nothing, but nothing, beats hearing David Live! 😛

What say you, Soul Davidians?


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  1. There’s nothing like seeing David Live….for sure. I had to go to the AL tour in Las Vagas to make sure he was real and he blew me away. A fan forever.

  2. I voted for Contigo, but I wouldn’t want to give up having seen David sing that Angels in Tulsa. Need an “all of the above, and more” button. 😉

  3. “The sincerity, the generosity, and the delicate balance between vocal precision and vocal improvisation are true insights of a musical genius.”

    This might be my favorite sentence describing David’s talent that I’ve ever read. So well stated, HG!

    It really is indescribable to hear him perform live. The YT videos and tv show appearances give an idea but for some reason recordings can’t really carry the full tone of his voice that you hear live. I don’t hear that same tone in the albums either — which is a big topic of discussion here. There’s just something about the way his voice sounds live.

    I would love to have been at any of the performances listed in the poll (well, except Silent Night since I was there lol and it was out-of-this-world awesome) but I picked Contigo. That continues to be one of my favorites to listen to but probably one of the big reasons I picked it is that I want to be there with the crowd, to see and feel their reactions myself. I would guess that many of them had never heard David sing before — or if they had, just a glimpse or two on Idol. What an amazing treat that must have been. I know this is weird but I get almost as excited for new people hearing David for the first time as I do to hear him myself.

  4. fabulous post!

    voted for Contigo but all would of been a good choice. there is nothing like seeing David live not to mention hearing him sing close up in a small room. after my Greensboro VIP I was hooked for life!

  5. Definitely “Contigo” that was the performance for me when I witnessed the “Boy to man” transformation that was happening. When he stood up and walked across the stage …between the swagger, the clothes, the Hair…and the vocals in Spanish…I about flatlined!!

  6. I chose Angels-Tulsa because of the way he powered up that song and left his whole self in that performance (maybe because it was the last stop on the Idol tour). I have watched that performance more than 100 times over the years and when I compare it to his 14/15year old David performance at his church camp that I found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4PUaQ005uQ when he actually powered up the song as much as he would let himself then and compare that to his amazing Tulsa performance, I would have really have liked to be there to feel the power of the voice in person. And in re-watching both videos now, it amazes me that 15-year old shy David could still take the teasing, joking crowd of ready-to-mock teenagers in the palm of his hand and have them out-of-their-seats screaming for him at the end of his Angels just as overwhelmed the Tulsa crowd 2 years later with a blast of vocal and emotional power. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rir8vWoUvWg

    • ahh that Angels.. he is so gifted. I really hope he gets all that he wishes for in life. he is one of the few that really deserve all the best.

  7. I really hard a hard time choosing between all of the songs but Angels won out. Great post and poll.

    • Most definitely DLTSGDOM. It still gives me chills when he marches across the stage.

      • oops … this wasn’t meant to be a direct challenge to your comment; I posted in the wrong area, lol.

  8. I voted for Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me. He really was on fire. I remember watching it with the speaker system on and literally had goosebumps. I think I forgot to breathe.

  9. “The sincerity, the generosity, and the delicate balance between vocal precision and vocal improvisation are true insights of a musical genius.”

    What an genius sentence HG. I think it’s interesting that you used the word insights as influencing David’s song delivery because it’s a word I associate with your writing.

    This was a hard poll! I choose Contigo, the epitome of delicate balance, but could have gone with any of the songs. Like others, I would love a live album.

  10. Yikes project is taking me away from my hobby, lol. So happy that I still can pop in and see what is going on in Archieland to decompress…well things have slowed down to a slow snails pace, but it was bound to happen. So even though I still enjoy coming to his sites I’m hoping that lively conversation come back to this site again, as well as all his other sites.

    I go from being so optimist about David’s career to there is such a small chance that he will be able to come back to any sort of career that would be big enough to be able to make a living, sigh.
    I guess with everything slowing down is what puts doubts in my mind.

    My wish as a diehard fan is to someday be able to listen to him live, but don’t know if that will ever happen, not feeling good about David’s career today, sigh.

    Just the fact that there is such a low number of hits on that fantastic snippet of EH in the studio, has me thinking that a lot of fans have moved on and don’t even have any interest to check what’s new from David’s camp, maybe if we got something NEW from his camp, that might wake up his fan base. Anyway I do love that snippet and a lot of those hits are from me, lol.

    As far as what I voted on the poll, I choose DLTSGDOM, with almost a tie with Contigo. Of course any of those I would love to hear live.

    • I understand having down days, cq — I hope yours gets better ❤

      My perspective on it all today is the fact that there are still fans going to fansites, talking about him after him being gone for almost a year and a half is actually pretty surprising to me. There was always going to be a huge rebuilding curve when he came back but honestly there are more fans who have stayed active than I thought. For the most part though, there's nothing new to discuss so why would people still hang around? I mean, there's only so many ways we can say "omg I love/hate his religion" "omg I love/hate his hair" "omg I love/hate every album he's done since 2010" 😉

      That doesn't necessarily mean they're no longer fans — just that they've checked out until he offers something new. I have friends who have done that. Friends who I went to David concerts with who aren't interested in talking about him now but would love to go see him when he returns. It seems to be a pretty natural reaction for anyone who doesn't have extreme ODD. (Which, obviously, I have lol.)

      Honestly though the biggest factor in him having a sustainable career will be what happens when he returns, not what's happening now. It will be what genre he goes into, what kind of support he has, how inventive his "team" (whoever that happens to be) is. It might seem like the next 6.5 months will seriously drag but in the grand scope of things, it's a pretty small chunk compared to what we've already been through and what is hopefully to come.

      • Yeah you are right all those subjects are off the table, yes criticized for religion talk, criticized for hair talk, criticized for body parts talk, so without any new stuff from his camp, understandable why the drought. Criticized to a point that a real diehard fan felt that she needed to give up commenting. I do agree that things can get repetitive and boring for some fans, but when other fans make comments that make fans feel like dirt, (not you btw) to me that is just as bad, if not worse than the conversation itself, jmo.
        I agree with you having an active conversation going will not help his career, only David has that power, but it sure helps me (can only speak for myself) as a diehard fan. I know I’ll probably be criticized for being a selfish fan,lol. We’ll see what unfolds for the rest of this year. I just am hoping that next year will be a fun uphill ride for David’s career.

      • I was thinking the other day that it’s ironic that whenever the topic of religion comes up, people go “Oh, I’m so sick of that topic”, yet David is immersed in it 24/7, and is hardly ever allowed to take his focus off of it. I wonder if HE gets sick of it, lol.

      • lol might as well not be a David fan.. all those parts are what makes him so special!
        yes even his gorgeous face, hair and his adorable personality.
        I just don’t listen to them.

      • Thinking about this proper/not proper comments on sites, I wonder what other artist’s site discuss. I only visit David’s sites, even though I really love other artists, I don’t have the interest to follow their career like I have for David’s. Just wondering if fans for other artist drift from the artist career and discuss other things? Is there conversation that is controversial or is it only David fans that do? Hmm, I know that probably for sure there must be some very, shall we say R rated comments regarding some real good looking male/female artists, I’m thinking away that one is a no brainer, lol. And, by no means am I implying that if that kind of conversation is ok for other artist why not David, I’m just curious.

    • more hits on his Dougie vid.. maybe more folks like the cute aspect of David then his voice?
      I choose the voice have listened many times.
      kind of think David being away, not much contact folks are disconnected at least until he comes back or about to.

      • To me his good looks are a bonus, lol, but I’m a fan of his voice first and foremost. You know something, whatever it takes for his career to take off would be ok with me because after major success everyone will known that he is the real deal and not just another handsome face.

  11. Whe he returns …one of his biggest challenges will be to prove to the non ODD fan, the casual fan that he isnt a one trick pony, or in this case a one hit wonder.

  12. Very true Candy. I agree.

  13. “Criticized to a point that a real diehard fan felt that she needed to give up commenting.”

    I think I know what you’re referring to. To me, that sort of fan base policing constitutes cyber-bullying. The individual used the web to respond in anger to something s/he saw online without thinking about the consequences of his/her actions.

    On a related matter, I think the websites may be quieter because after 5 yrs, many of us understand the consequences of speaking our minds or revealing too much of what we know. Case in point, some of D’s siblings have social media accounts and have shared general info re. their dad. However, when the question comes up “What’s he up to?”, I’ve never responded publicly for fear of saying something that could inadvertently hurt them.

    • is kind of like cyber-bullying. .

    • Why on earth would anyone put out stuff on social mega that would be hurtful to themselves. I know that kids don’t know better, but these parents need to keep a handle on them. That is just an invitation for bullying.

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