In Studio with David

I should pay more attention to see if there is a correlation between my having a David Dream and new release happening in Archuland.

Posted today on David’s Twitter in time for BEGIN.’s one-year anniversary (thanks for the link and reminder, Ali!)


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  1. Lovely! But how dare they pull down that black shade on him just as I was getting into the song.

  2. Why cannot they capture this on record? Is there a technical reason? Anyone know? Or do the people he works with simply want to showcase their arrangements more than his voice?

    • was wondering that too.. think his producers should back off from the knobs!

    • i like bestor but i do believe his collaborations w/D tend to feature his arrangements more so than D’s vocals. one exception — patapan.

  3. I know Peter. I don’t get that either.

  4. *starts chant* LIVE ALBUM, LIVE ALBUM, LIVE ALBUM

  5. Can’t stop listening, WOW, he just needs a production team that knows how to bring that emotion and passion in his albums. I listen to Begin a lot, but I tend to agree with Desertrat, the arrangement were featured more than David’s vocals, but still very glad that Begin was made. Yes, Grmmyj, live album would be divine.

  6. This is my favorite song from Begin. I can hear that wail in his voice even on the recorded version. Wow, I am sobbing.

  7. potluck8google


  8. Hearing this makes me SO READY for his return.

    Joining the LIVE ALBUM chant.

  9. Peter-I had the exact same thought…why cant they capture the raw emotion, the surreal quality of his voice in studio. That gave me chills!! Many times his recordings the production overshadows his vocal quaity.

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