David Dream Sequence #37


Last night I had a dream about David.

So, I dream that I’m meeting up with David one evening. When he greets me at a street corner, he immediately grabs my hand as we proceed towards a church where he’s participating in a concert. I’m quite thrilled as we’re walking in the streets, hand in hand, as if we’re a couple! 🙂

Inside, he sits me in a certain pew close to the front as he then goes backstage to get ready for his performance.  It’s not a solo performance though, as he’s part of a choral group.  But I’m thrilled, either way, that he has given me special seating to check him out in this concert.

When he comes out on stage with the rest of the choir and prepares to sing, a noisy argument breaks out in the audience.  I see that it involves two rival characters from a soap that I occasionally watch.  They’re so disruptive that I try to go over and break it up (seeing as I know these two and how they operate, I thought I could try and “reason” with them to behave themselves at a church concert). But they ignore me and continue with their commotion.  I look back toward the stage, and David gestures for me to come to the stage and join him, so I did.

I’m not a performer, but it doesn’t seem to matter as I sit next to him in the chorale section.  The choir isn’t performing at the moment since a preacher comes out on stage and proceeds to call the audience to attention (which eventually stops the commotion).  While he preaches a sermon, David pulls me in close to him, his arm around my chair.  I look up at him, and next thing I know, he’s moving in to kiss me! We’re on stage! And in church! During a “sermon”! I pull my face away in embarrassment, so he instead plants the kiss on my cheek! I’m still embarrassed.  I tell him that I’m going back to the seat he picked out for me in the audience so I try to furtively move off stage as I hear him chuckling behind me.

After the church service (I don’t remember the choir singing at all!) David comes and gets me, and once again, we’re outside in the streets at night, walking hand in hand. At some point, David pauses from our walk to pull me in closer, and as he embraces me, he whispers in my ear: “Your place or mine?”


Who is this highly confident, swagger-walking, eager-to-display-public-affection guy, and what’s he doing with me? And is this really the David Archuleta I know?!

I look into his sparkling eyes and smiling face, and my heart immediately starts fluttering, that kind of flutter you get when the guy you’re dating makes every indication that he’s ready to take the relationship to the next level while you’re still hesitant about going in the same direction.

Except … why would I be hesitant with David Archuleta?

As I mull over his “invitation” … that’s when I woke up!

Can you believe it, dear readers? Thirty-seven David Dreams, and still he and I have yet to consummate our relationship.

What is my subconscious waiting for?

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  1. Wow, what a dream, that is to funny. It’s so fascinating what the subconscious will come up with.
    Very entertaining thank you.

  2. wwoooo no comment on that one

  3. Hmmmm. Maybe your subconscious is waiting for him to be done with the mission before you take things to the next level? Which could be interpreted literally or in looking at his career. That’s what popped into my head while reading this anyway — dreams are so personal though that idk how anyone could say for sure what someone else’s dream means.

    I’ve never had a dream with David in it. Well, I think I had a dream once where I was going to a David concert but he wasn’t really a main character lol. I’m jealous of your ability to have David hang out in your dreams so often! 😉

  4. I’ve actually been re-reading some of my earlier David Dream sequences, and I’ve noticed that a recurring theme always seems to be some kind of conflict/battle/fight taking place in the midst of my encounters with David. So obviously, I’m feeling some kind of way when I’m dreaming and he pops up.

    Anyway, I’m thinking the venue (church, choir, preacher) is also significant. I’m having this feeling that David is being somehow “inappropriate” or “out of character.” After all, he’s doing all kinds of flirtation in a church setting before he lays out his seduction plan while out on the street.

    This seems totally related to his mission thing and conversations we’ve been having about whether or not David will get back into pop music or focus only on making sacred music (which I just don’t see him doing at all – no matter how religious he remains in his private life).

  5. wow what a dream..
    kind of agree with Ali and HG thinking it might related to all the discussions the fans have had lately about his mission and career.
    not sure I recall ever having a dream about David and if I ever do.. I do NOT want that one!

  6. Well, I cannot imagine even in my wildest dreams, David the playuh!! lol. David the missionary?

    Hmmm? I see really mixed signals in this dream. Crazy to imagine him like that.

  7. HG- Not that you are crazy duh but what I mean is that it so not the image of David that I have in my mind. And I will stop here before I get more confused. 🙂

  8. My take on the dream: the flirtation in church is symbolic of the David we love who is both sexual/sensual in his moves and physical attributes, yet pure in his behavior. I see your stopping him from acting on his sexual invitation is more a manifestation of your own goodness as well as your belief on some level that David’s choices could hurt him, especially career-wise.

    • Wow! That’s a really interesting interpretation.

    • Sexual/sensual in his moves and physical attributes, yet pure in his behavior…what a lethal combination, lol….so dang appealing. The poor guy just can’t help it, he’s got it all…lol.

  9. Hg, you sure have interesting dreams. lol. Caro,l I think that you just nailed what the dream might mean. I agree with you.

  10. New vid of David in the studio recording Everybody Hurts, in celebration of the one year anniversary of BEGIN’s release:


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