Last Night on Jimmy Fallon

The summer hit, “Blurred Lines” (despite the lyrics, I would love to hear The Voice and his falsetto on this jam!)


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  1. LOVE IT!!!! What fun!!! I think Jimmy Fallon is phenomenal.
    This is an example of what I feel David should step out of his comfort zone to do. Yes, would love to hear David’s falsetto on this fabulously FUN jam.

  2. Are you reality show loons actually taking all of the credit for this?
    (see left side)

    I guess David has no fans without you! LMAO.

    • David and motab was fantastic!
      not to mention selling GCT at 2.99 was a gem of an idea and a #1 Classical Billboard Chart topper!
      Christmas In July is a very nice thing indeed.

    • Loons come in many shapes and sizes. IMO, what matters is that people continue to buy his records and go see him in concert. Income is income, regardless of what particular genre of lunacy its sources represent.

      • Got that right peter.

      • I really should just ignore this but I just can’t resist. I can only speak for myself but I am very proud to state that I became a fan of David’s by watching him on AI so I guess that makes me a “reality show loon.” LOL!!

      • Hey Marie, without reality show loons, David would be a very different place, I mean money wise and career wise. Like Peter said all that matters is that they buy his records, go to his concerts and support all his projects. Proud to be a loon too, lol.

      • Exactly cq

    • Yep, like it or not, many of David’s fans discovered him through watching AI. David knows he owes his music career to AI, singing “Imagine” and to his hit “Crush”. He will need us reality show loon fans to continue his career when he returns. He will need all the fans he can get.

      • David does need all the fans he can get. Unless like Peter mentioned he has a semi-religious career in Utah. I can take a guess that the vast majority of fans would not think that was a good move for him-career wise or financially. I know I don’t support that. But again it is up to David and his team what he does.

      • I’m just hoping that all his existing fans become interested again and that he gains a whole lot of new fans.
        One thing that I’m kind of curious about is if he already was popular in Utah (Mormon community) before AI, after all he had already gone on Star Search? The reason I ask this question (asking Utahan) is because of the comments about him having a only a religious career in Utah, could he really earn enough money with that kind of career? Do the Osmonds have that kind of career? hmm?!? Btw, I would feel so sad if that happen, but as everyone says and I agree, it really is up to David to do what is right for him. Just on ODD fan that wants his phenomenal talent to be heard by the whole world.

      • And by the Osmonds, I mean the second generation.

      • It appears to me that the Mormon religion is mainly unpaid volunteers. They do not have paid clergy. I don’t know if there would be enough paying jobs within the Mormon religion for David to be only a Mormon religious singer and make that his career. I could be completely wrong about this and a Mormon can correct me if I am wrong. That’s why I don’t believe David will ever just sing religious songs only. He has only recorded one religious song, “Be Still My Soul” so that shows me that he is still aiming for a secular career. Of course he could decide to pursue another career and just sing for his church as an unpaid volunteer like he is doing now.

      • I’m correcting myself in that David did record additional religious songs for his Christmas album but I wasn’t counting those.

      • You’re so right Grammyj, probably wouldn’t make enough money to make it a career, would need another source of income. If he wanted to go that route, he probably would need to go the Christian music route that would appeal to a large group, which I think there are stars in that genre that make a living. It’s all about numbers, let’s face it, he would need every single Mormon to be into him and buy his product (music, concerts, etc) to make a decent living and I really don’t think that’s the case.

      • Yes, David could make a living if he was able to get popular in the contemporary Christian genre. There are artists such as Chris Tomlinson, Third Day, Casting Crowns that can fill arenas when they tour. Casting Crowns is one of the headliners at our (Iowa) State Fair. David’s Idol buddy, Jason Castro is going the Christian genre route. Unfortunately David being Mormon would probably not be accepted in this genre as starting out a lot of the touring is in churches. These artists believe the Bible, but they don’t believe the Book of Mormon.

      • Didn’t someone say that the Christian music genre is limited to people in the Christian camp and that a Mormon wouldn’t be accepted?

      • Oops, posted the same time as Grammyj.

      • That was my understanding too cc halo and grammyj regarding the Christian music route for David. Maybe someone else knows that for sure?

      • Oh, how could they not except him, not that I would actually want him to go this route. Actually don’t see him going the religious route, but then again, who knows…all I know is that in 2014 we’ll find out.

      • The theology is very different between Mormons and standard Christians. I’m pretty sure that that’s a big deal to both sides–not that it would be anything personal. I’m with cq, I’m hoping he’ll come home from his religious high, and want to speak to the rest of us through secular music.

      • Wonderfully said cchalo.

      • I can’t imagine David ever wanting to limit himself and he has never even hinted at going that direction – he is too into all types of music – new, old, soul, rock, indie, holiday, everything.

      • I’m quite sure that David will continue doing secular music, but all the genres listed soul, rock, indie, etc. can also be part of Christian music. Christian music is definitely not just traditional hymns. Pretty much every genre is part of christian music. My church has a rock band on Sunday mornings and we even have a rapper on occasion. Christian music does NOT have to be dull as some people that post here seem to think. Some of the most soulfull music has come from Christian music.

      • One thing about a religious music career for David, if that were even a possibility, is that the largest numbers of his fanatical fans are in Asia, and few of them are Christian or Mormon.

      • Actually, scratch that, many fans from the Philippines are Catholic, but I’m still not sure it’s a good fit for him.

    • Did mommy not love you enough or something? Bird of paradise fly up your nose? Someone pee in your cheerios? Just a regular ball of sunshine you are – har har 🙂

  3. My husband read an article about that song and looked up the video and whoa, I’m not gonna link to it here. There is a clothed version however. Apparently it’s all the rage to have music videos with topless/naked women and clothed male singers (JT, Robin Thicke). It makes me glad to be a David fan.

    • Ugh, why they feel they need that. Love this video, love watching a bunch of guys having fun with a real fun song, but wouldn’t watch if it was a bunch of naked women. Not that I’m prude by any means actually, lol, I’m not a typical David fan, lol. actually like things that are not always G-rated, and some really outside of what I’m sure every other fan would even think wasn’t ok, lol. So with that being said, I just don’t see the point about those videos at all.
      Btw, sometimes I really question my ODD because he is someone that I would never think I would be such a big fan, but it’s that VOICE, THAT GOLDEN VOICE, that keeps that ODD going, lol.

      • kind of think it is just the cool music or vibe.. forget the lyrics that sell some songs.
        David can do that if he wishes whatever the lyrics he wishes to put to music.

      • Yeah, the official music video is gratuitous with the nudity (fully clothed men with naked women is just ridiculously unimaginative in its sexism). That’s not being prudish to say so. And no, I’m not into G-rated stuff either. I like my edges when they really are “edgy.” 😉

  4. Saw this video today. Love it. Jimmy Fallon and the Roots are great. I’m sure it has gone viral. Interesting that Jimmy Kimmel did a funny video on this song with Robin too. I like Robin Thicke. I heard him interviewed on Howard Stern this week and he is very honest and funny.

  5. The interview with Robin Thicke gives me some hope for David. Robin is 36 yrs. old and it took him 20 years to get his first big pop hit single and have some good success. Although I believe he has been popular on the R&B charts for awhile and was writing for other music artists. The guy also has many connections in the music industry. His wife Paula is beautiful too.

  6. Noticed some questions about whether LDS artists could make a living. There are a lot of LDS artists putting out religious music and quite a few make good money. There are a lot of opportunities for live concerts, conferences, community events and private performances, as well as selling music. I’m quite certain David could have a very successful LDS oriented career, but I doubt that’s what he wants.

    One of my favorite LDS artists is Jon Schmidt. He also does a lot of secular songs like this mash up of Love Story and Viva la Vida (love, love, love it!).

    Also this super fun take on What Makes You Beautiful done with The Piano Guys. Would love to see David be a guest vocalist with them.

    • Okay, the links disappeared. Trying again:

      • Nice video. Those piano guys are really talented. I don’t think any of us really know what David is going to do at this point. It will be interesting. My expectations for David’s soulful pop music career ( which is the route as a fan I would like him go in)are rather low at this point. Maybe it will change but it is best to be realistic I think. David does like all genres of music and I would think he would have a secular music career if he wants it. I wonder if he and his team have a plan in place at this point as they should if he wants a music career. Doesn’t he return in about 6 months? David needs a Plan.

      • that love story meets viva la vida is awesome. maybe jon schmidt could give D some tips piano playing tips. 😉

        off topic, i’m just returning from a trip to utah. i’m proud of myself for not once pestering the locals about the wonderfulness of david. 😉

      • I love Steven Sharp Nelson. Also similar is Lindsay Stirling, BYU grad.

      • Lol, desertrat.

    • Good to know and if he does go that route, I’ll wish him well and be a very disappointed (ex) fan.

      • Very disappointed in your own expectations? Or in David?

        I don’t understand the angst that surrounds the idea of David moving to solely singing religious music. He has never once indicated through words or actions that he plans to do that. In fact, his actions have indicated the exact opposite. His sheer determination to separate his mission from his career should be proof enough of that.

      • Again I agree with Ali. IMHO if David was going for a completely religious Mormon career I believe he would have a public missionary blog. He also would have put more religious songs on his BEGIN album. From all indications he will try to continue on his musical career like what he was doing before he left.

        Thanks Utahmom for answering my question about if it was possible to even have a LDS music career.

      • Of course in my own expectations as a fan. Like I said glad that he could make a living with that kind of musical career and am glad that a lot of fans will continue that journey with him, but not me, that’s all.

  7. I agree that David has indicated that he wants a secular career. I kind of see where the fear comes from (that he’d switch to a religious music career) because the mission announcement came as a surprise to many. You had to hear rumors and buy into them to get any forewarning. That’s one thing I guess I still don’t get: the necessity for that secret.

    I do feel confident that he’ll return to a career that is more widely accessible. Looking forward to it.

  8. Regarding the angst about the religious music career, I really don’t think the conversation was all about angst, just the possibility is there where he has given us no indication. I still remember the one question that was asked of him if he was going on a mission and his answer was, something to the fact that he felt he was already on a mission with his music. So what I’m trying to say is that it’s not angst, just being realistic. Just when you think he is going one direction, he come up with a big surprise.

    If I really believed that religious music was the direction David was going, I would of been gone.
    No tomatoes please, I’m only speaking for myself. I love David’s voice and am having/had a fabulous time following his career and have gotten to communicate with so many cool David fans. I won’t lie, I would hate for this fun (hobby) to go away, but that would be the deal breaker.

    • I’m not a big fan of religious music either. I have a tape of all the music from our church that I loved so much, but that was a long time, and a different life ago. I get bothered when people, such as AI alum Colton Dixon, talk about how God is blessing their career. I have all the usual objections to the notion of a God who does that and yet lets 20,000 plus children suffer horribly and starve to death every day.

      When we’re on a road trip and surfing radio stations, we’ll be rocking out to a song, and then when they sing “Jesus” or something, we’ll go oops, wrong station. And that was even when we were religious.

    • It also bothers me that, with all the suffering in the world, people actually think that God manages music careers and Jesus decides who gets a music award.

      • The topper for me was when Scotty McCreery read a Bible passage during his homecoming visit, suggesting that God had stopped the rain for him, while Haley Reinhart’s homecoming was drenched and Lauren Alaina’s hometown had just been destroyed by a tornado.

      • Have to agree about the music awards. I am not fan of religious music. Or twangy Scotty for that matter. lol.

  9. That kind of thinking annoys me too. People who didn’t get on the plane that crashed are thankful that God saved them specifically and forget that a bunch of people did get on the plane that crashed. Or people who think that God has time to bless their team with a win.

  10. I have decided not to comment on religion or politics here any more after having people get hurt by what I said or have misunderstood me.

    David has such a diverse fanbase that whatever direction he decides to take his music career probably some fans will be disappointed. It certainly won’t be easy to find the path to choose to make a living from a career in music. I am excited though to see what he does. The end of his mission can’t come soon enough…..

  11. This evening I saw the movie HG mentioned a while back “20 Feet From Stardom”. It was so good that I didn’t want it to end. Everything mentioned in the movie reminded me of discussions we’ve had on this blog. In particular, there’s a lot of discussion of artists like Led Zeppelin, Sting, Neil Diamond, Rolling Stones, etc., hiring black female singers w/gospel roots because they wanted a soulful fusion of religion/spirituality in their sound. Sting also says that it’s impossible to predict who will become a super-star because that level of success is a combination of talent, luck, circumstances, right producer, right song, etc. He says that those who are in the profession more for the glory than the music will struggle mentally.

    Speaking of rock & gospel, I love this clip someone posted here months ago of the Led Zeppelin tribute. The guy rocking out to “Stairway to Heaven” followed by the gospel choir is brilliant! (4:00-5:00).

    • So David is already ahead of the game because he has spiritually flowing through his bones, it will only enhance his music.

    • that video is so outrageously good!!

    • I remember when that song was accused by some evangelists, of being an ode to Satanism, lol.

      • an ode to satanism? that’s my first time hearing that one. i’ve never tried to really understand the song lyrics word for word; i focus more on how it makes me feel. my feeling (re. the song’s message) is that we struggle in living our lives on earth while in pursuit of the ultimate reward — heaven.

      • I had to look it up to remember exactly, but the Christian Trinity Network said that played backwards the lyrics say, “Here’s to my sweet Satan”, etc. The writers said they were saddened by that accusation and that they were touched by people’s individual interpretations. “Heaven” could be taken literally, but often people see it as a protest against materialism, and a search for enlightenment.

  12. I watched that when the show was televised. It was a great performance. Thanks for posting the vid.

  13. Katy Perry started out as a gospel singer under the name Katy Hudson. She had a strict upbringing where secular music was not allowed. Look at Katy and her pop music career now.

    • i just watched some of her old video clips back when she was khudson. it’s like looking at a totally different woman.

    • There’s hope for David, not that I want him to go crazy though, just hope that he will be a big star.

      • What I mean is that he was brought up in a strict religious household, not that his was a Gospel singer, lol Really like Katy. Her breakout song, I kissed a girl, was way out of her comfort zone and I read that she was afraid at first that her family would be upset, but from what I understand they are a close family and everything is ok. A good example of what I say about David stepping out of his comfort zone, omo. I know this is not a fan of David popular thinking.

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