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Interestingly, according to the last poll, most of you think David’s last two pop albums – his self-titled debut and The Other Side of Down – have aged well, so obviously David has got it in him to make good quality music.

What’s also interesting, to me, is how recent conversations have been bringing up Justin Timberlake as some kind of “model” for how David should be imaged and marketed. I’m kind of “eh” on that whole thing, although I will agree I like the “sound” of JT’s new music. I just think he’s the biggest faker there is (white boy doing R&B), while I think David has it in him to be far more hazel-eyed soul than so many of these posers, but not sure he believes that about himself.

Remember a post I did way back on how David can get his “soul” back? 😛

Anywayz, I have a new poll for you guys, in terms of career trajectory.

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  1. I chose Bruno Mars. Loved your previous article Come Back, Comeback Soul.

  2. Interesting question!

    I do like JT but I don’t know that his career is right for David. He’s much more of an entertainer and showman than a singer. That’s great — not knocking it at all but it’s very different. JT is about cool and an image that makes up for (self described) weaker vocals. And the choreography is fun but show me one good singer who can sing well while dancing. Artists who dance intensively while performing live do it for a good reason…to provide the full show that their vocals can’t. I’ve been to see JT live and its tons of fun. The live vocals are not why you’re there though.

    Robin Thicke and JB are kinda non-starters for me. Big flashy careers, congrats to them.

    Bruno Mars is an intriguing career trajectory possibility. He can sing live and he has a cool, funky vibe that I really dig. Seems to have good, effective promo and marketing. I also think he makes interesting musical choices. Of those listed here, I think BM is the closest comparison that I can think of for where I would like David’s career to go. Ultimately though, like I said in the previous thread, I want David to map out his own David-specific path. He’s pretty unique in the industry and I honestly think that’s part of the reason why he hasn’t found the best path yet. There are many options for him and I think he and his “team” and record label(s) aren’t sure which of those paths are best. Hopefully it all comes together when he gets back to it.

  3. I would really like to see David go much more towards the soulful side of music. He blew me away with Ribbon in the Sky at Duffy’s restaurant !!! Also, more Latino music. His voice sounds soooo good when he sings Spanish songs. He could definitely be an international star IMO.

  4. david should just be david,if it an,t broke don,t fix it

  5. You know Ray if I didn’t sense that David is holding back in his expression of the music that is in him and flows through him I would agree with you but what I see is an individual with the ability and vision to produce music we have not even heard before. He cannot stay where he is. Growth and evolution is a natural part of life.

  6. going to agree with ram.. kind of think David is holding back some for whatever reason.
    funny like for instance when he sang a bit of Maybe I’m Amazed.. was blown away. it is in there and hey maybe when he gets back he’ll unleash the beast inside.

    • Sigh. I love that so much. I wish we could magically delete the loud girls from the track just once though lol.

  7. A blend of all of the above, with the exception of JB.

    I think he will have a semi-religious music career in Utah. I hope he will do soulful pop.

  8. Yes, Peter. Soulful pop !!!

  9. I so agree with the soulful pop route but Peter may be right. He just might have a semi-religious career in Utah. Time will tell.

    • semi-religious career in Utah!?

    • The thing about David is that I remember him talking about how much he loves all types of music and although I am sure he will always sing not just religious or semi-religious songs but also patriotic songs and well, all songs that have meaning and feeling so I am going for the soulful pop along with all the little side roads that he takes.

  10. Well since we’re making career guesses, I’m gonna say he releases a surprise hit in India and becomes the next king of Bollywood music and movies. Because why not ;p

  11. Great poll hg, thank you. Hmm, although I would like a collaboration with a popular artist and one that may have an edge, I still think David is unique and need to keep that uniqueness. I think that David is holding back and that he has so much more to show us. Yes, pulling from other artist would be ok, but in order for him to be successful he needs to bring his own sound, style etc to the table.

  12. As far as a religious career in Utah goes, that’s a no brainer, but I sure hope not, he’s just to talented to be limited, jmo.

  13. Shanny in Australia

    Well i’m a motown girl from back in the day, so anything with a soulful mowtown-esk type RnB gets me down deep in my soul lol. Bruno Mars rings a few of those bells for me but I am prejudiced against him for releasing his album the same day as TOSOD. lol
    I also think David naturally tends towards that soulful RnB thing when left to improvise, so I think it’s deep in his soul…..BUT….i tend to think he wants to stay more mainstream pop for whatever reason.
    Despite any musical leanings I have…as has been stated by others…I too, just want David to do it HIS way, whatever that is, so I will vote None Of The Above.

  14. I voted for all the above with the exception of JB. Can’t stand him. Love Bruno Mars!!! I did not like it at first but that Robin Thicke song “Blurred Lines” is a very catchy tune.

  15. The music produced out of Utah is his best. David doesn’t need a “model.” He needs to get rid of the ‘NSUCK managers and to shake himself free from the 2008 expectations of idol fans.

    • Replying to myself. Ha ha. Did I say idol fans? I meant fans of any singing reality show taped anywhere on the planet.

    • Hmm so that mean I have to go, dang was hoping I could still be his fan, lol.

    • Poor David. If only he had no fans.

    • hmm how about something like Imagine Dragons perhaps?
      indie rock sure would be different and cool and not to mention David and Dan the lead singer are friends.

      • I love Imagine Dragons new album. I’d be good if he went that direction. I also recently got Sara Bareille’s new album. I love her singer songwriter pop vibe which would be another good direction for David. I guess I really like a fusion of genres. Whatever David wants to do, I’m good with it, as long as he sings. I’d even like the Christian music route but I truly doubt he will do that. Christian music is all different genres too.

  16. O.T. -Since we found out about David’s mission location, we’ve been hearing about the huge problem of stray dogs in Chile–which is especially annoying for the missionaries who are frequently chased or bitten, and who sometimes write about violent tactics in response. This is a very cute video by Chilean young people raising awareness in a positive way:

    • Thanks for posting the cute video. The brown dog looks like my dog except my dog has a curly tail.

  17. Would love David to go a soulful direction too. Been listening to some of his performance when is was younger (before AI) and it seemed like he had that more soulful sound. To get that back now that he is mature and really has more experience would be awesome!

    • soulful is great.. as for pop would think the way it is now and if David still feels the need to be ultra conservative he might want to go a different route then that?
      Spanish, soulful, indie, alternative.. even with a rock or jazz vibe.
      all about the music.

      I love it when he goes soulful.

  18. Hmm, ultra conservative route…soulful and ultra conservative to me just don’t seem to mix, jmo though.
    Ultra conservative artists (mind you omo) are boring, other than the passion that is in hymns of course, than your talking about have a religious career.

    • cq maybe he’ll come back and surprise us all.. hey he did perform Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean during a soundcheck on his MKOC tour. not for the fans (a fan heard it thru a closed door) but who knows maybe he will step out and share all that he is with us too one day.

      • That’s my hope kimak.
        OT: read this on facebook and it really says it all for me:
        Religion is belief in someone else’s experience, spirituality is having your own experience.
        I’m hoping David is having a lot of spirituality experiences.

  19. I’ve never seen David as an ultra conservative performer but maybe that’s a difference in the way I perceive the meaning of ultra conservative. Is that because he doesn’t sing about sex or get undressed? If so, then I agree with that definition. To me though David is a very passionate performer. Where he can often come across as reserved and shy in regular interactions, he seems so uninhibited when performing. And, yes, sexy when he really gets into a song. He is a sensual performer, whether he realizes it or not. Or maybe an intimate performer is a better description.

    • I agree that I have never thought of his performances as ultra conservative or conservative or any description of that type. In fact all singers are different on stage – and actually, having been to many, many concerts from the oldies (Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, James Taylor, etc.) and all types of musical styles, I always found David’s concerts (I have been to 6) to be very entertaining (not even counting the voice and “conservative” never passed anyone’s mind at those concerts). And the thing about David is that he has 100% control of the crowd whether 100 people or thousands from the moment he steps on stage and starts singing and talking. Also, when the crowd is really crazy, David is empowered and we have all seen him really go with the music when he wants to – really feels the music and it flows through it. For example, even in his first solo tour he totally knew how to work the song and the stage – David needs no real help in the area of getting the point across to the crowd and he’s only gotten better (Works for Me Reno with its amazing beginning)

      • David can be sexy and on fire at times.. think more in the past though if I think about it.

        Works For Me Reno was the bomb as well as this SBL from Wichita

        more recent

        This Christmas Santa Rosa


        hope to see more of it come 2014.. when the latino side of him is released!

      • Totally agree he has had some real moments and I’ll so ready for him to get back on stage again.

    • I agree completely. He has always transformed on stage sometimes almost like he is in a trance. He embodies the song. It’s so fascinating to me how he goes from a normal, shy guy to this dynamic, charismatic singer when he is on stage. I don’t think this will change as a result of him belong on a mission although he may be a more confident person off stage. He has always been confidant on stage.

  20. Me too, Kimak – I think a few concerts in Chile and South America after his Mission ends to get him back in the grove and a swing by the Philippines, etc. on his way home (not actually “on his way”) will get him back in the well-loved, empowered David and jump-start things! I wonder if Kari will feel like a trip to South America and to the Philippines to visit all her friends from NA there?

    • if he records some Spanish music would make sense to go and promote it there.
      if so I hope they like to take videos for us who can’t be there.

      we all know David is uber talented.. we just disagree or see things differently on the small things.
      dying for that first vlog and I sure hope some of it is in Spanish.

      • This waiting to see what will happen with his career is so frustrating right now, but also so exciting at the possibility of where is will go.

        I’m starting a huge project and I’m so happy to have this site as well as others to come to and have some fun and get away from the pressures of the project.

        Hoping that something from David’s camp comes our way, so that it will be even better to get distracted, lol.

      • I agree it’s a long wait, but it will be interesting and hopefully, exciting to see what happens when he returns. I too use my David fandom as a diversion from my work. I’m not counting on too much more from David’s team. It was a nice surprise to finally get the Dougie vid last week-end. It’s nice to get missionary pictures leaking out too.

  21. Gossip: Lupe is engaged, people are congratulating them on Facebook. It’s the fellow in the yellow tie from the banquet photo last year.

    • Not surprised, wonder if she will marry before David returns. Looks like David will have another daddy. One thing that I have a hard time understanding when it comes to the whole Mormon marriage thing is your sealed for eternity how can that be broken, but it’s good that divorce is ok.

  22. I was thinking it might not be good to post the link here. HG can delete it if she wants. I was just following public links and Lupe’s info is private except for a few photos. Here’s a more public link to a photo of the happy couple at a banquet in July of lasr year.

  23. I can’t see the pics in either link. Good for Lupe for moving on. Hope that she is happy in this relationship. I am sure that the guy is LDS? So what has #mic been up to for the past 2 years. Just wondering. Hope he is gainfully employed as music managment ( with no connections in the music industry) does not seem to be his thing.

    • marie, ( with no connections in the music bussnes) how do you know this????

    • Maybe you have to be on Facebook to see the Facebook pages. Sorry I’m too technologically lame to make it a better link.

    • I’m curious also about Jeff. I know that most fans are in Lupe’s camp, I do respect her and think she is just beautiful, therefore, the statement about not being surprised she is engaged because I’m sure she had a whole bunch of men just thrilled when her divorce was finalized. Jeff might be a bit less conservative (just guessing), therefore, I would like that less conservative influence around David too (mind you not a manager, just a supportive dad).
      Wonder if the new man has children? hmm, that would mean more siblings for David. Odd kicking in, hahahaha!!!!

      • Yes, there is at least one son in his 20’s, don’t ask me how I know, lol. ((Stalker))

      • cq~ wonder if lupe’s fiance has a 20 something or teen daughter who just happens to be a david fan! can you imagine how she would be freaking out right about now?!!haha!

      • cotton candy, hahahahaha!!! yeah totally would be something!!!

  24. Yes, I’m happy for Lupe too. Now David won’t have to worry about supporting her.

  25. I like Lupe a lot.. I am so happy for her!!

  26. Btw, I’m very happy for Lupe too. Yes, glad she moved on.

  27. i’m very happy for lupe too! wonder what david’s reaction was when he heard?

  28. wouldn’t it be crazy if next jeff gets engaged to some major celebrity and it’s on all the entertainment magazine covers??! lol
    is paula single???

  29. yeah LOL! jeff sure seems to be keeping a very low profile lately. sounds like no one has any idea what he’s doing.

  30. yeah maybe! 🙂 lol

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