Daily Archives: July 31, 2013

Career Trajectories

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Interestingly, according to the last poll, most of you think David’s last two pop albums – his self-titled debut and The Other Side of Down – have aged well, so obviously David has got it in him to make good quality music.

What’s also interesting, to me, is how recent conversations have been bringing up Justin Timberlake as some kind of “model” for how David should be imaged and marketed. I’m kind of “eh” on that whole thing, although I will agree I like the “sound” of JT’s new music. I just think he’s the biggest faker there is (white boy doing R&B), while I think David has it in him to be far more hazel-eyed soul than so many of these posers, but not sure he believes that about himself.

Remember a post I did way back on how David can get his “soul” back? 😛

Anywayz, I have a new poll for you guys, in terms of career trajectory.