So You Think David Can Dance?

Just reposting a “vault” video from over the weekend!

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  1. Sure can, next stop DWTS, LOL.
    Would love for him to just let loose and not stop himself when fans start spazzing. That’s what seems to happen when he has shown moves before. Free that hot sexy dancer that I know is inside of you waiting to be unleashed David, lol.

  2. I love it when he just can’t help himself like in the “NoAir” duet with Jordin Sparks, which for some reason youtube is not letting me watch(?!)

  3. Collegemom- As much as I question amd analyze, at the core I just hope David pulls all those rabbits out of the hat and makes magic! lol. The No Air moves are what I initially clung to as a sure sign he had it in him to bust those moves . . . ahem just another form of expressing how the music flows through him. 🙂

  4. hell0g0rge0us

    Still waiting to see if any videos exist in the “vault” that shows David “mastering” the Harlem Shake, as his cousin Vanessa once described (and I mean the real Harlem Shake dance, not that nonsense that went viral on You Tube)! 😛

  5. Yep, he has rhythm and has some moves. With some lessons he could dance. The music does just flow right through him.

  6. HG- I have no doubt he can pull out the real Harlem Shake. I just doubt that we will ever see it. 😦

    BUT, if he ever did it you know David Land would never be the same. heh heh

    • Wouldn’t mind of David Land would get a little shake up from sexy man himself, lol. Hoping that he comes back to his music career ready to go full speed ahead and go for it all.

  7. DWTS 🙂
    that’s all

    • only DWTS if they let him sing too! I love that show and Derek Hough is a genius

      • I love that show too and yes Derek Hough is a genius, that free style dance with Kellie was magical. I’m so sad he will not be returning for the next season. With him gone and bad boy Maks gone, it’s not going to be the same. One thing that would make it all better…David, lol.

    • I would be all for DWTS for David but I don’t know if he would ever want to do it. I think that he would win it hands down. He can dance.

      • Maybe David will come back freer and able to be a risk taker and go for it. One thing it would do…give his career a real boost that’s for sure.

  8. cq – Derek may be returning if you go over to a DWTS blog called Pure Dancing with the Stars and scroll down there is an article that talks about things he has said about next season (I used to thing David and Julianne Hough would make a cute couple before she went out with Seacrest (how could she????-glad they split up)

    • Thanks collegemom, makes excited again for next season.
      Yes, Julianne would of been my pick to dance with David, talk about gorgeousness overload, lol.
      Yeah, Julianne and Ryan, really didn’t give that relationship much of a chance. I think Ryan is a workaholic and plus I think he is in love with himself, but a mom’s boy though, I think, real bad combo.

  9. I love the beginning of the video where David keeps patting the dancer on her back. He’s such a sweetie! I think he wanted to hug her at the end, but she didn’t seem the hugging type.

    Julianne Hough is probably way too wild for David, a recent gossip blurb had her knocking back vodka at the Cannes Film Festival, and she and Derek are helping to launch a new vodka brand.

    • Well, why would that matter about dancing together. I hope that David would work with anyone in a professional level and respect their private lives as he’d want them to respect his. Really if questionable morals is a deal breaker as to who he will work with, he better think about different profession and even then an other profession, that he has to work with a people, unless he interviews everyone, he might end up working with someone with questionable morals. In fact, I’m willing to bet that he as already done that.

      • No, I was referring to collegemom thinking they would have made cute couple, not dancing together.

      • Oh, sorry cchalo. Yes, they would make a cute couple look wise, but don’t see that ever happening, lol although I would be extremely surprised if that happen, I wouldn’t be unhappy, lol. ok, I’m already feeling the tomatoes, lol.

  10. yep, i think david can dance. bring on the harlem shake! 😀

    i don’t know who julianne and derek are but if david were to be on dwts, i would watch to find out.

    • Derek and Julianne Hough are a brother and sister who are ballroom dancers. They are from Utah and were sent when Julianne was 10 and Derek was 14 or so to England to study and live with a well-known dance instructor couple (their parents were in the process of getting a divorce and they were the youngest). They are both amazing dancers and were/are pro-dancers on Dancing with the Stars. Julianne stopped a couple years ago (she is also a country singer) and Derek is still on the show (it varies season to season) Julianne has won a couple times and Derek has won 4 times with his “star” partner, most recently, Kellie Pickler (American Idol fame). Derek is an outstanding choreographer and is nominated for 2 Emmys this year. Here is a sample of Derek and Kellie Pickler and Derek. Here is one of his sister Julianne and Apollo Ohno (olympic speed skater) Enjoy. (and now back to David!)

      • Thank you for the links, love dancing. Apollo Ohno’s entertainment career took off like wild fire after his gig on DWTS, I know he was already pretty famous because of his amazing Olympic performance, but DWTS, gave him the platform to show what a likable entertaining person he is….so that is why I think it would be good for David to go on DWTS, everyone would fall in love with him all over again and it would help his career immensely.

      • thanks collegemom. i look forward to going thru the links you provided.

      • You forgot…they are LDS as well, although not exactly practicing, but still Mormons. 🙂

  11. Remember McFly? Harry Judd won “Strictly Come Dancing” in the UK in 2011:

  12. Off topic, Lady GaGa is at it again, guess why, she has a new album coming out. I know she has been out of the limelight because of her hip surgery, but boy, when you have a major successful career, it’s so easy to get back into the major limelight. In spite of her kooky antics, she really has talent, so I do give her a pass, although imo she really doesn’t need that kookiness, her talent would give her a successful career, maybe?!?!
    Of course, I always think of David’s career in contrast. Even though I’m hoping that he can bounce back and have a successful career, his road back is so much more of a super uphill climb. My point is that I wish he had at least another big song hit (other than Crush) under his belt before he left. I know that hiatus is part of a lot of stars careers, but with David, imo, his career was just starting and I really think that a lot of the general public might be thinking that he has given it all up for his religion. Imo, he needs to have a big plan in place in order to revive his career.

  13. Please collaborate with David. Thank you.

  14. I think David could dance if he wanted to. Want? Who knows. Let’s just say his acting wound up being far better than I expected on Nandito Ako and if he put the same number of hours into dancing…is it getting warm in here?

    Dancing is a real advantage for a male singer. I was at the Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden where David performed with such notables as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, and Katy Perry. The two acts there that surprised me in a good way were Jesse McCartney and Ne-Yo both of whom can DANCE and sing at the same time. Great entertainment. Least impressive act? Leona Lewis whose stiffness and lack of stage presence was way distracting from her lovely voice.

    Way back in the time of the Jingle Balls, the person David appeared to be using for a “dance” mentor was Katy Perry. Philosophy: just bounce around and look cute. I hope she’s gotten better.

    • Bounce around and looking cute has worked for David in the past, but he really needs to up his game in order to survive when he return to his career.

  15. David can dance, but I just don’t believe we will see him singing and dancing a la Justin Timberlake. David is a different kind of performer. He uses his voice and natural body movements to project the music and emotion to his audience. IMO

    • When I say I would like a collaboration with JT, I don’t mean he should be like him. David is unique and should have his own unique style. Collaboration would help his career and maybe help him loosen up a bit also.

  16. JT is what is hip and happening..
    not sure if David could be anything like JT or would he want to?
    have you seen JT’s Tunnelvision MV?

    Kari might be able to help David find a fab team though when he comes back.. saw the pic of her taking a private plane to wherever. nice.. very nice indeed!

    • Once again I really don’t think anyone that thinks a collaboration with JT means that he should be like JT and who knows what David wants, he is a unique talent and should not copy anyone. Just because he is doing something very personal and religious right now doesn’t mean that he will not be willing to step out of that conservative box and spread his wings. Of course only wishing that would happen.

  17. One of my favorite music artists is Bruno Mars. I love the way he incorporates dance into his performances and concerts. He uses the whole band to dance with him. Also love Adele and Michael Buble who do not dance so much. What all three have in common is that they can really actually sing and are a commercial success. I just do not see anything wrong with David trying to figure out how to be a commercial success so that he can make some money and increase his fan base. That is on David and his team to figure out.

    • Yep, that is the BIG, difficult question. What can David do when he gets back to increase his fan base and make a living off his music career. There are no easy answers.

  18. My wish for David when he comes back: that he can continue to be himself and grow as his own artist. I don’t spend my time listening to David’s music and going to his shows because I love JT so much. Or admire Adele so much. Or enjoy Buble so much. (Just using examples from previous posts here.)

    The fact is that I do enjoy JT’s music. I do enjoy Adele. Uhhhh we won’t talk about Buble lol but I love me some Bruno Mars. What I love about all those artists though is that they’re themselves. And as amazing as all of them are, I don’t find myself obsessed with their music or careers or live performances like I am with David.

    I’m not saying that David shouldn’t learn from other performers — that’s a given. In anything I think we should look to people who are talented and take from them things what we can apply to ourselves. But I feel like if we spend too much time trying to be just like a successful person then we lose what makes us individual. And I’m not refuting any else’s post here by saying that btw…I’m just offering my perspective on the idea of learning from other artists.

    • Actually I agree with you Ali, David is unique and he should keep that uniqueness, but collaborating with other artists and pushing himself with his art, imo is not copying or trying to be someone else. Secure and confident with his own skin and willing to extend his boundaries is what will help David.

      • As I mentioned in the last sentence of my comment, I was not refuting anyone else’s thoughts posted here. I have absolutely no problems with collaborations or artistic growth. I was merely offering my opinion that David shouldn’t be striving to be like someone else. He should be striving to be the best David possible.

      • Sorry if I misunderstood you Ali.

  19. well any huge artist willing to support or guide David might be a good thing.. connections to say the least.
    maybe JT can hook David up with his choreographer. we know he can dance at least a tad now.

    would love for David to step out of the box he has set for himself to explore the world untethered. he did say he would be different.. so who knows?
    confidence is pretty sexy.

  20. As ODD David fans I think most of us want David to be his unique self with THAT voice that moves us. The question is what can David and his team do to promote him? Beside the obvious answers of get new management, collaborate with a big star, and sign with a major label, what are some ideas of things he could do?

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