David’s “Sound”: How Will It Age?

Interesting that, although most of you voted “All of the Above” for David to change his sound, image, etc. in the most recent poll, the second choice was mostly for David to focus on creating a “new sound” that would signal his musical direction.

After listening to his older music in the Flashback Series, I’m curious: has David created enough of a sound for his musical identity? In giving his earlier music another listen, do you find that his albums have aged well?  Or do they sound dated?  Please take my next poll!

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  1. I’m on ODD David fan so of course I’m going to vote that both have aged well. My question is what is a “current” sound? That is very subjective. Plus there are many genres of music. So I’m assuming we are wanting a current pop sound, which is constantly changing. The trouble is once an artist records an album of pop songs in the sound that is current it could have changed. Last year folk music like the album that Phillip Phillips put out was popular, but now it’s not as popular.

    I truly do not know what David should record to ensure his success. He has fans that want him to record different genres of music so whatever he does some will like it and others won’t. I’m an easy fan because I will probably love whatever he records. I just want to hear his magical voice.

  2. CFTH is the album that will for sure stand the test of time because it is full of traditional Christmas music with David’s stellar vocals. Pop music is constantly changing as I stated so it can be hard to record a pop album that stands the test of time. Christmas is big business so I feel that David could actually base a career on Christmas music and touring with that music.

  3. Great poll Hg, thank you.
    I’m with Grammyj, I too am a ODD fan so I also voted for aging well for both.
    I’m with you Grammyj all the way, haha, which at time is not the so.
    Being that Christmas music is constant and the traditional songs do stand the test of time, his Christmas album is timeless.
    The BIG question is what direction is David going to take his music? Two years for David to work on his sound and be comfortable with the direction it will go, would be fabulous, but that is not what he is doing and really who knows if he is even giving that part of his life any thought at all. I’m hoping that he is because, that uphill climb for any type of career (big or small) will be very hard and without any plan or thought, I just don’t know how his career will survive.

  4. My guess from his intervies before he left is that he will record Latin music next, but maybe he will do something else first. That to me is the fun of being a David fan in that we don’t know what he will do next. We can continuously speculate.

  5. Kari finally posted David doing the Dougie since it is National Dance Day, and he really can dance. It was so fun to see. Can’t wait for David to be back….

    • Thanks! Just had to watch that a time or seven.

    • Thanks! I hope David the Pop Star will make a comeback.

    • Perfect timing Kari…perfect pop star…phenomenal singer, with sexy moves…more mature David…come back and show us more sexy moves please with maybe some Latin flavor, lol.

    • Man, can’t stop watching…loving the outfit too. Brings back memories of NA.
      I can just imagine if he had the confidence with his dance moves like he has about singing, what a killer combo.

  6. potluck8google

    I too agree with Grammy, His Christmas music will stand the test of time and what ever music he puts out will be great in my book. His voice is beautiful and his music is something to be proud of, unless he puts out, omg what did I just hear him say I’ll no longer be a fan, however I am not too worried !

  7. I have a David Archuleta Pandora station on my Pandora radio app. Of course. lol. Interesting that I was just playing the DA station and one of the songs that was played after a David song was an Imagine Dragons song. It is very different music from David’s but nice to see an updated popular song included on the DA station.

  8. I always knew that David could really dance well and that video proves it.

  9. potluck8google

    Love David’s Dougie!

  10. I just love the talented ODD fans. Shortly after the David video of the Dougie came out we now have many screen caps of the vid, GIFs of it on Tmblr, merry-go-round vid with different music, etc. Friday night the fans again got a David phrase to trend in the US and worldwide. David still has fans and hopefully will get many more when he gets back to his music career.

    • Every time I get a bit pessimistic about the survival of David’s music career, some stuff happens (all of David’s fans are fantastic) and I’m right back to the optimistic train again, lol.
      Btw, loved the latest mish. picture of David, maturing very nicely!!!

  11. catching up … i love the dougie video! i hope the wobble is next. 😉

    i believe this is the link to the latest mish pic:

  12. I think David looks great in that pic.

    • I agree with you Marie, best Mish. photo so far…he just looks like our David. The jacket looks so good on him and his hair is a little longer and with a little bit of fluff, lol.

  13. Love, love, love the Dougie vid (he’s a natural at dancing … SO effortless) and the mission pic.

    I just returned from a road trip that required plenty of driving, alone, and on the way back I rediscovered Somebody Out There. Had to listen several times and THEN listen and sing along a few more times. I love that song. Yes, it has a message but it’s such a simple message of support.

    • Really like SOT, yes it is a message song, but it’s not in your face. Messages songs are good, but I just don’t want all his songs to be message, after message…I guess nothing wrong with that if he wants to be a singer for children or a Christian singer.

  14. Jahmene Douglas, a former X-factor contestant, has the #1 album in the UK with a cover album:

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