Flashback #7: Good Place

Another song that never got its moment to shine:

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  1. potluck8google

    Is David too moral for the music industry today? I bet If JB had put out any of these songs they would have sold millions, so the question is why and what do people want? David has it all, looks voice and personality, far above and beyond Justin, but no matter how bad he seems to be it is overlooked.

  2. I think JB sells mainly to obsessed young girls. His team have been good about building that hysteria. JB makes them believe he might love them if he only knew them. LOL. But that kind of obsession tends to be shorter-term. The fans grow up and develop real-world love interests (or otherwise move on) and the younger girls have a new guy/band to obsess over and the struggles begin. JB is already experiencing this to a degree. I think David has always had his mind on a slower, more reality-based build. I admire him for that and hope to heck he’s right and it works. Want to be going to a DA concert when I’m several decades older and grayer.

  3. Good Place is a good song. Yes, if it was a JB song it would of been a hit, but lets face it…would be changed using a lot of auto tune and of course a swagger spin, which would ruin the song, lol. imo, David can sing circles around JB.
    You can throw tomatoes if you wish, but imo, he still could of been that teen idol and grown and matured into his music. There is teen idol that are huge and can’t hold a career because they can’t mature past that point in their lives, but there are others that evolve and have lasting big career as adult singers. Imo, his talent would of carried him over to the adult music market without any problem and the bonus would be that he would have the pick of the best to work with.

    • How could he have been the teen idol that you are imagining though? I’m just trying to figure out what moves he could have made that weren’t done. He appeared on Hannah Montana and iCarly. He even SANG with HM. He was on all the kiddie award shows. He was in the magazines. He toured with Demi Lovato. The only thing that is coming into my mind that he didn’t do was have a fake romance with another young starlet or use autotune to sing about having swag with his shawty. And he didn’t have 4 other guys to hang all over and cuddle to make the young girls squeal like the boybands do. I honestly don’t know (other than the things I listed) what more could have been done to position him to teens. Jive certainly tried their hardest at that, I will give them that.

      • Yay, you’re right, he did get it the old college try, but didn’t happen, but what I was saying was if it did take and he became a big teen idol, he could of still moved on into a huge adult music career.

      • Again I agree 100% with Ali. I think that in the music biz a lot has to do with timing and luck which Justin Bieber had. David still was successful with his big hit Crush and his gold album. He just couldn’t get the next hit for whatever reason. Who knows why. ALNOY had a love interest in the MV and was IMHO a good song but just didn’t get the airplay for whatever reason.

        Ram in the last thread said “The thing I wonder about is whether it is the moral compass over the Art that is the driver in which case all future work will be framed.” This was an interesting statement to me in that this has always been the case with jDavid, and I would assume it probably always will be. That is who David is and is what makes him unique. And who says that you can’t make good Art with a moral compass? I really don’t like some Art that is made without one. I don’t care for “crude” art. Give me David over the latest Miley Cyress video any day.

      • Yes, your right Grammyj, there are a lot of artist with high moral compass and it doesn’t interfere with there art. One thing to think about is ones moral compass might not be the same and another ones. Who’s to say who’s right or wrong. I know right now, anyway, most of the fans (maybe me excluded) are very conservative and only like stuff that could be presented to general conservative public, mind you, nothing wrong with that, just hard to build a well round singing career, jmo.

      • JB’s music, style has an edgy, cool vibe.. so does Miley, 1D, Austin Mahone. what the kids want.

      • Which is why I’m pretty happy David didn’t go that way. It’s so fake. Bieber and Miley and 1D and Selena Gomez are all so fake “cool”. If I ever have to see Miley twerk again or JB’s pants about to fall off his skinny butt again it will be way too soon. I’m trying not to be an old woman before my time here lol but I don’t have much patience for the degree of fake that some of these popular “teen acts” are putting out there now.

        Ed Sheeran to me is a good example of someone who can appeal to young people but isn’t fake. If David were to go in a direction other than his own, that would be a good one to me personally.

      • true lol about all of that but that is what the kids like.
        lol I remember my grandma freaking out when Elvis was performing on Ed Sullivan Jailhouse Rock.. thought she was going to have a heart attack.
        young ones always do things the older set see as really out there.

      • Well fake or not, it’s entertaining and is what the masses want.
        Yes, I too am not a fan of Miley or JB, but you got to give some credit for mass appeal.
        David would never go that route completely, but a little compromise from him would be good for his career, of course, omo.

      • Such a good point Kimak.

      • I understand what you’re saying cq but no I do not give any credit to JB or Miley. I give credit to highly paid managers/execs who have turned them into products. Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s good or that I respect it. Neither of them are artists in my mind. If that makes me small minded, then I’ll cop to that.

      • Amen Ali! As an artist you need to be true to yourself. David indicated in interviews that he wanted to be true to himself and not be fake and cool. I admire him for that. Actually it is many times the unque artist that gains attention and fans. Lets see what direction David goes when he returns. I really don’t want him to be like every other artist.

      • Ali, yes you are right it is their management /exec that should get the credit. As I said I don’t really follow them at all or even know any of their songs, but you got to give them at least the charisma factor, if that wasn’t there, imo, no amount of pushing would make them as popular as they are. I’m with you, they are not artists, entertainers would be more what they are, and are not in the same league as David, but that is not an important factor to a whole lot of people.

  4. This is awesome news!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 28m
    ‘American Idol’ on the Charts: For David Archuleta, It’s Christmas in July’ http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/idol-worship/american-idol-charts-david-archuleta-593451 Thank you Archies! (TeamArchie)

    “‘GLAD’ ALL OVER: Holiday albums usually don’t go to No. 1 in July. So season seven runner-up David Archuleta may have made chart history this week, as Glad Christmas Tidings, a Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra release that features the vocals of the American Idol alum, re-enters the Classical Catalog Albums chart in the top spot. …”

    Lots of good numbers info in that article and a nice feature for David. And, hey, they used a picture newer than 2008! Fred Bronson gets a gold star from me 😀

    • Woo hoo! Ms. Halperin is fuming.

      • Nah. I’m sure that because of her considerable “journalistic” skills and ethics, she will be totally objective and neutral about any comments that portray David in a positive light. Wonder how many blogs she’ll post about Adam Lambert so as to bury this one…

      • LOL. The same thought crossed my mind. She will spin it like never before.

      • I doubt she pays much attention, or cares.

      • Well, she cared enough to find MelindaWEG’s tweet about Jive “dropping” David. I think she even beat David’s fans to it.

      • I think that she cared when it was a newsworthy “scoop,” I just doubt that she has any special interest in him above any other musicians she writes about.

      • Also, Cook amicably “parted ways” with his label, and Lambert triumphantly “walked away” from his label, but David was “dropped.” And when David explained that he was not dropped, she thought he was lying. Oh, well. Spin it away, Shirley!

      • I’m not saying she liked him, unlike Cook or Lambert, just that I don’t think she pays any special attention to him, or cares anymore.

      • Um, that article was by Fred Bronson, not Ms. Halpern. Explain her connection to it to me?

      • Just a joke, much like Ms. Halperin’s skills in “good, old-fashioned journalism,” as she put it. You either get it or you don’t.

      • I think my glasses were dirty yesterday. I read your original as “Woo hoo! Ms. Halperin is TURNING.” Not FUMING. The words look quite a bit alike in the lowercase font and size on my computer. Well, if you read this you’ll know why I didn’t get the joke.

      • LOL. No wonder you didn’t get it.

    • Thanks Ali! That’s a nice article. David is still charting and has been every year for five years now. Despite being gone, his career is not dead. Makes me hopeful that with the right management and label, he could really build a decent career once he focuses on it.

  5. Good news. Thanks for posting that Ali.

  6. Got so distracted by the awesome news about GCT that I almost forgot to post my favorite live version of Good Place! (the horror! lol)

    The performances he did of this song for the MKOC VIPs were just awesome. I think it really showcases the power and texture of his voice. And when he breaks into Let It Be…chills, baby. His voice is a force of nature.

  7. tammy petersen

    cq~ i agree. david is a serious singer in the same league as josh groban and michael buble. miley and justin are entertainers putting on a good show if that’s what u like. i do not understand what the pants half off thing is all about! what on earth?!

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