Flashback #6: The Other Side of Down

Another little dance track on a “sophomore” effort:

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  1. The album has a great beat and I listen to it all the time while going jogging!

  2. That’s great freofan!
    I remember thinking while he was working on his sophomore album that this album needed to have the WOW factor and blow the first one out of the water, well, we all know what happen. I know that fans are split on this album. This song is my favorite for some reason. The beat, the positive message isn’t, omo, in your face over the top sweet. But then again, I’m sure others feel totally different and hear it differently than I do.

  3. I love this song and TOSOD is still my favorite album as a whole from David. There are individual songs that I truly love from the other albums but I don’t generally find myself listening to the entire thing like I do with TOSOD. From the others I have a playlist of my favorite songs that get lots of repeats.

    This is one of my favorite live performances of TOSOD (the song, not the album lol):

    He was having so much fun with the crowd there and I have a special love for acoustic versions of songs since it puts the voice front and center.

    • Man, thank you for this video, he was so happy.
      I’m so glad that there is a lot of fans that love the album and I not saying I don’t like it, but I had such high expectation with this album, that it just didn’t meet (not realistic) my expectations.

      • Honest question: if it had sold a million+ copies and launched David into a much bigger career, would you feel differently about the album?

      • Oh my gosh that is such a great question….yes, I’ll be honest, I probably would feel differently. I’m all about him having a successful music career. Like I said, I do like the album and would be so over the top happy that millions liked it too. Would I still like other songs better, yes, I would, but surely would be over the moon happy for TOSOD. I’m not an expert about music by no means, I just love David’s voice and so I’m just expressing my personal feelings…so not important at all.

      • Personal feelings are always important…that’s what makes the world go ’round! Thanks for the answer! This comes as no surprise but I share your love for David’s voice 😉

      • Yes, his voice holy cow!!!
        I’m curious, do you think I’m a bit my wacky by the way I feel? Not that I have a problem with that, but just curious.

      • By the way you feel about what? About wanting David to be successful? Or about liking other songs better? The answer is no to both lol. We all want him to be successful for sure although there are probably differing opinions on the type/level of success we’d like to see. And as far as favorite songs and albums goes, there’s always gonna be differences there. I don’t have any problem with fans who like songs that I don’t or albums that I’m not as into — how boring would the fanbase be if we all had the same favorite song or album?? Yikes. I like the diversity.

      • Me too Ali, boring indeed if we all liked the same thing.
        Sorry about not being clear, as you know by my comments, I’m a bit of a scatter brain when it comes to commenting. Sometimes when I go back and read what I have written, I go what the heck, that doesn’t make sense, hahahaha!!!
        I do appreciate all you wonderful fans for your tolerance.

    • whoa … i’ve never seen this before. he was definitely having fun.

  4. The Other Side of Down is also my favorite of his albums. The song itself is not my favorite on the album through. (I like it fine, however. Just love Who I Am and Good Place and Look Around more.)

  5. So, this song is just about my favorite on this album, and this is my favorite album of his so far. I love the melody and the message. IMO David made this album more to define himself to his fans than to make new fans. I feel the song that could have been huge was Something Bout Love, but the label dropped the ball and wouldn’t promote it. If it had gotten some airplay, I think it would have been a big hit and his album would have sold more. What do you think ?

  6. potluck8google

    Oliveoil, I do think if the album had been promoted better it would have sold much more than it did and Something Bout Love was a catchy little song that should have been a big hit in my opinion. I noticed that when JB came along everything slowed down for David. JB had the big names and promoters backing him, he was also willing to do what he was told. I would much rather have David on a mission than have him turn out like the Beav. I can’t wait for David to return to music though.

  7. I agree totally with you, Potluck. I remember David saying he wants to make music that affects ALL kinds of people, not just teens and tweens. I think the label lost interest when they realized David was not going to allow himself to be made into a teen idol like JB.

  8. Oliveoil, hmm maybe with more promotion and radio play it might of been more successful, therefore would bring TOSOD more success.
    Potluck, you are right about everything slowing down for David when JB came into the seen. I too am glad that David didn’t totally go JB route. David is unique and that’s what is so special about him.
    As far as Something Bout Love goes if it was presented as a love song, it might of had a better life with the younger fans that are the ones that are into pop, jmo. The video was sweet, but if it was about romantic love it might of had more mass appeal. There’s where a compromise that David could of made without compromising his values, again, jmo.

    • Something Bout Love was general in nature.. my guess my David’s design?
      do I think it would of been more successful if it was more specific with a love interest sure but I kind of think David is not interested in the success of the song per se just the message he wants to put forward.

      • You know something that is all well and good, he just needs to put message that the masses want to listen in order to have any sort of music career or if he just wants to do it for his own pleasure, then that’s different. I really think that a lot of the public just don’t want to be hit over and over the head with message songs that are all sunshine and roses. Actually he could do children music that are simple and carry a clean and cheery message, but to me, he is so much more then that…we’ll just see..it is fun speculating.

      • I just don’t believe that meme that David hasn’t become a superstar because he refuses to take off his shirt or sing about hooking up. There are plenty of artists out there who DO that and have zero success. If we’re looking within the ranks of AI, Stefano Langone from just a few seasons ago is a prime example. That boy will pull his shirt off and show off his 6-pack if you just glance at him crossways. His videos have all the necessities of 2013 with hot chicks, cool cars and dudes singing about how smooth they are with both. And it’s gotten him…pretty much nowhere. There are lots of other stories like that about both males and females trying to break into the industry. Adding adult themes and sexiness to music doesn’t guarantee success. Or, in David’s case, adding a female romantic interest to the video. There was one in the ALTNOY video. Didn’t seem to help him much in the success of the song as a single.

        If the world at large finds SBL (which really is a pretty classic pop song) to be too preachy, then I’m am sincerely worried for our world. And anyone who thinks that TOSOD is all gooey happiness needs look no further than Falling Stars or Who I Am — both of which are pretty serious-minded in topic but deal with it from different perspectives.

        Would I like to see David continue to grow as an artist? Yes. But I also want him to remain true to that part that makes him uniquely David. That uniqueness is what has kept me here when other artists who put out catchy songs have fallen by the wayside. Cute boys in this industry are a dime a dozen. Substance and quality are much harder to come by.

      • I agree with you Ali that substance and quality are harder to come by in the music industry. Bieber and Rhianna are just 2 examples of many that do not have that. The problem is certain music artists seem to get all the money and then just are allowed to do what they want with no consequences. Some of the hip hop songs and artists are just awful too.

  9. Cq , I agree with you that the video would have been more popular if it had a love interest. But I’m pretty sure it was David who wanted the message to be more universal.

    • Yes, I do believe that it was David’s choice. I’m actually thinking that he was already preparing himself for the mission and having that kind of theme would be ok’d by whoever would decided if he would be worthy of going on a mission, just a thought. I still don’t think having a romantic theme ever needs to be dirty, so it still could be within the guidelines of his religion. Well, it’s water under the bridge and besides my theory might be completely wrong.

    • wonder if when he returns he’ll want to write deeper more direct and personal message songs.

  10. I highly doubt that any video with a love interest (crush?) would have to be ok’d by anyone – I think it was just probably a concept that came up that he liked better than other concepts. I also think that David has his own moral compass that has already incorporated his beliefs (religious, philosphical, ethical, family-oriented, up beat, etc.) and that he goes by his own instincts about what is best for him at any given moment.

  11. I agree with Ali. I’ve learned from following David and reading about other AI former contestants at MJs that it is really, really hard to get a song played on the radio. Without radio play it is hard for a new artist to sell their album. David is actually very fortunate to have been able to record six of them. He has been successful, just not a superstar. Time will tell if he can make a career out of his music.

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  13. Collegemom- I think you are right about David’s moral compass. It is firmly in place. I have no problem with that. The thing I wonder about is whether it is the moral compass over the Art that is the driver in which case all future work will be framed.

    • My point exactly, thank you ram for state it so well.

    • Interesting question. I would hope that all of our own moral compasses or personal beliefs would always be the underlying guide to everything that we do. There is no reason that David, like many other great musicians and artists, etc. can not be successful and still not sink to the lowest common denominator just to make more money. David is very smart and I am sure he will figure out how to make things work (with those magic words: good management, industry recognition (which lucky for David, everyone agrees about his amazing voice and he is well-known in the industry), etc. David may be unique in many ways and a charismatic performer with a voice that just really speaks to many of us, but his personal “goodness” or “niceness” or whatever we want to call it is not unique. There are many successful artists like David even though we do not have any idea about their personal activities, etc. I just want his music and to let David be David, whatever that means and try not to be constantly analyzing what is behind his every word and note which can be stifling and hamper creativity.. I am sure that David’s music will reflect where he is at any given moment in his life and it will develop and change over time as he does – just like all of us.

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