Flashback #5: Zero Gravity

When David was good to us, giving us gems like this in “Fan Packs” (‘member those?):


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  1. What a fun song, it just makes me so happy. The song I go to when I’m feeling that he will come back even more conservative and won’t want to go outside his safe circle, it reminds me that David is not only the great singer we love, but that he also loves to entertain.
    Loving these posts Hg, thank you.

  2. In an interview before he left David said he thought his mission would make him more daring and decisive. We shall see if that happens. I have always loved Zero Gravity and wished it had made his first album and had been a single.

    Being a greedy fan, I sure wish David’s team would release a little “fan pack” for us.

    • Oh Grammyj, yes, would love a fan pack right now. I know it won’t help his career, but man, it sure would tie us over until he returns, lol

      • David has released so much more music for us in only less than 1.5 years, I don’t personally need more music from him until he comes back. It is always fun to get more music from him but I don’t see how we can constantly expect new and more, more, more from him when no other musicians even do that.

      • Don’t worry so much collegemom, were not saying that he should only that we would like it. Yes, I really think that more fans think like you. I think what the difference is that other artist aren’t completely away and can’t communicate (or of course, decide not to) with the fans, so to me having something new is in place of him being here, that’s all.

      • Yep, we really have lots of music from David. He did a great job releasing music for us. I was just being greedy asking for more. I don’t expect it. It was just a wish.

  3. AI is being sued by a group of contestants ‘American Idol’ Sued by 10 Black Contestants Alleging Racial Smear Campaign’ wonder if they have a case.

  4. I really believe that AI was an equal opportunity offender to most all contestants that were on the show. Only a very few had major success in the music industry. AI was all about making the show entertaining not making sure that the contestants had lasting careers in the music business. I think that their treatment of David was not the best but AI did give David his fan base and a record label and major exposure in the music industry. It was well worth it for David to go on AI to get that.

    • Marie you may be right about that ‘equal opportunity offenders’, lol. That whole group suing is just some contestants that think they can make money, not because they were damaged for life.

      You are so right about what AI did for David. Heck, right now, I wouldn’t even know who David was if it wasn’t for AI. I very grateful for it, but no longer have the interest to watch.

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