Flashback #4: Waiting for Yesterday

Still a favorite of mine from the debut deluxe edition! 😛


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  1. Why, why this song didn’t make the cut is a puzzle to me, but glad it made it the deluxe edition.
    I’m sounding like a broken record, but I also want him to sing this one with a more mature attitude, lol.

  2. The first time I heard David sing WFY live, I was blown away by the texture in his voice and the ease with which he sang the song. Can’t wait to hear him live again.

  3. I believe that David wrote this with Joy Williams. She is currently promoting her upcoming album of The Civil Wars which is her duo with John Paul White. In an interview with NPR she said that they are having a bit of a Civil War themselves. John Paul and Joy aren’t speaking to each other. The album was recorded before they split and called off their tour. The reason I’m bringing this up is that Joy will probably have the time to write with David again when he returns. Also, her husband, Nate, would make a good manager for David since he won’t be busy managing The Civil Wars. David really seemed to like them a lot.

  4. I agree that Nate would make a good manager for David. I wonder what happened between Joy and John Paul. I just was not a big fan of their music but many others were.

  5. i always assumed that the conflict with the civil wars had to do with artistic differences resulting in nate siding with joy. maybe a new/neutral manager could bring them back together again.

    • That’s a good theory. Musicians can be temperamental and bands break up all the time so it’s not surprising. My theory was there might have been disagreement on the money side of things. It could have been a bunch of things. Of course online fans on their you tube videos speculate that John Paul and Joy fell in love and had to break it up because of their spouses. I doubt that since Nate toured with them as their manager and Joy was pregnant.

      • So David isn’t the only one with fans who believe they know more than him and his inside team, lol. I’ve always thought there was a disconnect between Joy and JPW — he seems to be singing to himself and she seems to be moving (dancing?) to a rhythm only she can hear. An example of what I mean is this live version of Billie Jean. You can tell they weren’t getting along to well; JPW barely looks at Joy.

      • heard that David and his band sang Billie Jean at a sound check before a show on MKOP tour.. would love to see the video.

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