Flashback Series #3: Desperate

Too bad this wasn’t a single (even though I heard David – or was it #manincap? – didn’t really care for it):


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  1. I wasn’t a big fan of Desperate on the album but was blown away by his live performance of it in Rockford. Actually I always skipped it on the album before Rockford — that performance impressed me so much that I started listening to the album version again. The live one is still my favorite though (and this surprises NO ONE lol).

    Where is our live album?? *taps foot impatiently* 😉

    • hoping the ‘rocker Dave’ breaks out on stage one day.. I love Desperate.
      never know he will be older and hoping for music along the likes of Imagine Dragons.
      apparently Dave Reynolds the lead singer is a friend of his.

  2. Desperate is another one of the songs that I desperately want to hear David sing with a more mature voice and attitude.
    I’m with Ali love the video of him singing Desperate live.
    The question about his maturity is, will he be ready to take on his music career with a mature focus and realize that with everything comprise come into play or will be come back even more conservative and only want to sing safe songs?!?!

  3. Wow! Thanks Ali. I had not seen the video from Rockford. Hearing it live made all the difference.

  4. Desperate was my first favorite from the album. He out-Cooked Cookie with this one.

  5. i really enjoyed david’s versions of “everybody wants to rule the world” as well as “gotta get thru this”. i hope he does more songs of those genres. i prefer him singing message songs as opposed to love songs.

    re. imagine dragons, i’ll have to check them out … i’m not familiar with their music.

  6. I too like some message songs, but it really depends on the type, but I must admit, I do love his voice and what he can do with a love song.

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