Flashback Series #2: Barriers

‘Member this performance?


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  1. goodkarmaseeker

    Yup! Oh my gosh, my face is cracking from the huge smile. That face, that attitude, that joy, those moves, that VOICE, just what I needed to start the day.

  2. This video. Thanks HG. This video captures it all.

    What was that? The Voice as Goodkarma said, those moves, that face, that shirt or could be ” he has a spell on me ” ( musical notes here and sorry I can’t sing.)

    David has IT and he needs to bring it back pronto. lol

  3. I love Barriers. It’s a sorta sexy song, if you ask me. That and Your Eyes Don’t Lie are favorites from the debut album. I’m not a song hater, however, and I like Running too. 🙂

    • I can’t think of any David songs that I hate–I wouldn’t want to be stomping any of his roses, ha ha. Just putting some, like Elevator and Barriers, at the back of the bouquet.

      • I understand, CC. Feel the same way with a different set of favorites and less favorites. (I’m one of the oddballs who liked Elevator — esp. the live Z100 version.)

  4. Love, love Barriers and was so happy that he included it on tour. The first time he did the hand driving car thing was cute, but was over it after a while, but glad that a lot of fans liked it.

    That’s what I like about David’s fans, all like different songs more than others, like David for different reasons, but all are in agreement that he is a phenomenal singer.

    Sigh, after the conversation from last thread, I’m not as optimist that I’ll ever get to hear him life.
    I’m thinking that maybe he will have a totally different career than what I think he should have. Not a strong optimist day, but still have hope.

    • I’m having a sad day too, CQ. (Unrelated to David.) Hugs to you.

      • Hugs to you too, although my sadness is really silly fandom talk. Real life is totally different. Hope all goes well with you.

      • Thanks you, CQ. Just life changes here. I’ll get through them. (Brings a David cover to mind. Now I need to pull that one out and give it listen. “Gonna get through this. Gonna get through this.”

  5. Wow, notice on Facebook of AFS…Or DavidArchuletaFanScene…closing its doors forever. Go to their site and have a read! It truly is expensive and time consuming with no plans for the future that we no to give anyone the initiative to get by all of that. A lovely fan site that makes the place a little mire empty now even if they were already ‘gone fishing’…


    • Yeah, read about that site a while back, it really was bound to happen. When I first read why she/he ‘gone fishing”, I really didn’t think that the site would be back.
      Love all of David’s fan sites and I really hope that no other site bites the dust.

  6. I’ll add to your wish list and say that I hope the remaining sites thrive and that new ones pop up here in about a year. FanScene will be missed. All bloggers and blog helpers are to be commended for sharing their time and talents.

  7. SIGH, Hg, one of my favorite videos of him performing Barriers, sooooooooooooooo sexy!!!! Ok he just oozes sexiness without trying, which by the way, makes it even more sexy, lol. Sorry David you just have to stop fighting what comes naturally to you, lol.

  8. Just went over to DA FanScene to read they are closing for good. http://archuletafanscene.com/. I did not know as I never go to any other David sites anymore including his OS. I do go to mjs but that is it. Kind of sad. I just hope that David and his team have some kind of plan in place for when he returns to his music career as it is not too soon to have one.

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