Flashback Series #1

While we contemplate (and anticipate) how much David has grown, I thought I would feature a series based on the music he’s made.  He’s had, what, 5 albums? Not bad for someone who’s not yet 24!

So, I’ve been looking back at his debut album and thought to dig up this under-rated song:

Interesting that he never performed this on any of his tours.


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  1. YESSS !!!! This is actually the song I liked best on his first album. Something about the way it showcased his vocals. Also loved To Be With You.

  2. Running really wasn’t one of my favorites at first from the album, but quickly became a go to song for me too. Like oliveoil said it showcases his voice. Would love to hear David sing Running now with a more mature voice.

  3. Running never really held my attention BUT as we know let David get up on that stage and sing it live. . . Wow, that is a different thing entirely. Would love to see what he could do with it now.

  4. I believe David sang it once on his first solo tour. “Running” was actually my favorite song off his first album. I just love it. Wish he would have sung it more. Not sure why he didn’t. Obviously it wasn’t a song he liked as much as the others that he did perform. Music is so subjective that’s why I guess David might as well sing what he loves. Whatever he does, some will like it and others won’t.

    • David sang Running at his first show (Virginia Beach) during the first solo tour. He sang almost every song on the album that night and did a stellar job with all. I really like Running and always thought he should have promoted it more.

      I once heard an interview where he described difficultly recording the song. During another interview he was asked if there was a song on his album that he might have left off, and he reluctantly said Running.

  5. Saw this tweet from Kari:@kariontour
    Lets do this! Legends of the Summer Tour!! Show #2!!! Yankee Stadium!! Kari is working with JT at the Jay Z and JT concert tour. I read there were over 60,000 fans at their concert in NYC. JT received rave reviews from what I read. I think JT would be a good mentor for David and I am glad that Kari has an obviously strong connection to JT. Not so sure that it would ever happen but here is hoping it could. Kari seems to me to be the only member of David’s team that has some connections to the music industry. So glad that David has Kari. Here is a review: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1710937/justin-timberlake-jay-z-legends-of-summer-new-york.jhtml

    • I’m with you Marie, would love for JT to mentor David. Kari connection might make that happen, you never know, time will tell. there is where that compromise would come into play with David and his music career. Put his personal belief to his private life and know that to move forward with his music career, that he has to think outside the box, and I’m not saying he needs to compromise his integrity in any way.
      Would also love a duet with Adele, sigh, now that would be awesome.

    • I believe Kari is the only member of David’s team right now, period. It will be very interesting and highly speculative for fans 🙂 when David returns and starts putting a team together. I often wonder how quickly it will take place. Many things were planned before he left. Did that include discussions about a team? Hurry up, 2014.

  6. I agree with you cq about the need for David to compromise and to keep his personal beliefs in his private life. Well stated.

    • Aside from a very public mission announcement, David has always kept his personal beliefs rather private. In fact, he’s much better at it than we are. I don’t see him compromising his standards for the sake of being more popular, one of the things I really admire about him. I do see him being more aggressive with his career when his mission is finished however.

      • If David goes down the Christian music route, I totally understand him bringing his beliefs to his music. That might be what will happen because that is his comfort zone.
        Of course, I would like him to go another direction, but going this direction he will please all his religious fans.

  7. can’t imagine that david would want to live in JT’s world

    • Why would he have to live in JT’s world, he needs to live in his own world, it’s his career we are talking about. Professional world, private world should and for most artist are separate and it should be now different for David.

  8. i don’t think david could separate it like that

    • Hmm, we’ll see, either way exciting stuff coming.
      Some fans will be happy and some will be unhappy. Hoping I’m in the happy side, lol.
      Hoping that David finds that spot that will make his current fan base (I’m thinking mostly diehards) happy and have music that will reel in multi million more fans. Now that would be awesome.

  9. I have to admit that I am a bit jealous of Kari’s job. lol. How cool would that be to work with both JT and David. She sure must be good at her job to work with 2 such talented music artists.

  10. I believe the one and only time he sang this song live! I remember GG spazzing!! 🙂

    • got to see David perform Running in Virginia Beach.. also first time he performed Zero Gravity live. it was a great concert and was also sold out.
      as I recall heard he felt it was too high for him to sing but sure would love to see him do it again as a mature artist.

    • Love this video of David singing “Running”.” Running” was one of my favorite songs.

  11. I’m relating to the dilemma of how much to compromise your standards on a personal level right now. My daughter had plans to go to Selena Gomez’ 21st birthday party tonight, arranged by friends, but the venue is way inappropriate and exploitative. Ugg, I felt mean and it’s soo tempting, but once she saw the situation, my daughter agreed, and seems to have no regrets.

    I would quibble about how private David keeps his beliefs. Don’t jump on me, because I think he’s very appropriate about it, but he does sing church hymns in concert and VIPs, talks about it in liner notes, and responds to questions about it by church-related media. I just don’t think it’s entirely true that he always keeps his beliefs private. Not that there’s anything wrong in how he handles it, he’s very tasteful about it IMO. Personally, it’s not my thing, but it’s not a deal-breaker–for me anyway.

    • P..S. An example of keeping your beliefs private would be Jeanette McCurdy who is rumored to be LDS, but only says “I believe” when asked about her religion.

      • Would love for David to do the same.
        Aren’t VIP’s about what these fans want to hear? I’m thinking that these past concerts, VIP were fans that wanted to listen to religious songs, LDS, other fans with strong religious beliefs and felt that they paid extra why not get what they want, just a thought.
        When he sang religious songs, it was at a concert that he knew that most fans wanted to hear them.

        I’m stilling hoping that he can separate the two and always be aware of his audience. And that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t ever sings any religious songs. There are plenty of singers that sing religious songs that have some questionable private lives, so that doesn’t matter to me. I just wouldn’t want him to be put in that box, JMO, because I think that would be very limiting to his career.

        Cchalo, now is your daughter 21yrs old herself or is she underage? That to me would be the difference and, again, jmo, really isn’t the same as David keeping his personal life private and separating it from his music career, that to me, is a parental judgment.

      • Cq, my daughter is 19, but asked for my input. It’s a little like David going to the strip club to see Charice. It’s at an over age 21 Hollywood club, but it’s where Demi Lovato had her 19th birthday party and JB and Miley hang out, so I can’t figure out the age thing, but the issue has to do with the entertainment and whether my daughter would be exploited. (They want her to work there). I was just relating my dilemma today to the question of David working with JT, or other artists with different standards. Not really all that related to the topic…

      • Thank you cchalo for your answer, sounds like you are a great mother for your 19yr old to want your input.

    • P.P.S. I forgot about Chords of Strength, which mentions his religion also.

      I love “Running”, one of my favorites from the first album. Thanks for posting the one live performance!

  12. i think being LDS is central to who david is as a person and don’t think he could simply put that in a box on a shelf from time to time just to appear “privately religious” (whatever that even means) in order to appease a segment of his fanbase. he apparently doesn’t care about that or he would not have gone on a mission and risk his career in the first place.

    • Yes, I agree. He is who he is and that’s fine. I was just pointing out that his beliefs are not all that private.

      • yeah true. i wish he wasn’t LDS.

      • I understand what you’re saying, cc. I don’t want to get in trouble with HG here, but I was referring to David speaking about doctrines specific to his faith. Hymns like “Be Still My Soul” and “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus” are certainly religious, but the messages they contain are not exclusive to David’s beliefs, nor is his desire to thank God in his liner notes and his book. I don’t know if we can count answering questions from church-related media as being outside of his private life. I definitely agree with you that David is always appropriate, gracious and tactful.

      • I agree about him keeping it generic. It was a sensitive subject for Romney during the election, David will probably keep it to himself when he returns.

    • I never said that he should put it in a box in a shelf. And you might be right, he can’t separate so I’m thinking he might need to just have a simple religious music career. I’m a diehard fan, but if he does go that route, which by the way, he would do an fabulous job, I would probably step back a bit. I know that he would be alright though because he does have a lot of fans that think just like him.

  13. whatever~ u are correct on that. i’m Lutheran and we sing Be Still My Soul often and every time we do i think of david 🙂

  14. oh and we also did sing I’m Trying to Be like Jesus just a few weeks ago and the whole time i thought of david which is bad i guess cuz i should have been thinking about Jesus! lol

  15. Soooo…. Running was definitely one of my favorites from the first album, but everyone seemed to love Barriers, which I don’t get at all. It didn’t seem at all related to David, and I didn’t get the hand gestures. I’m glad his stage movements have improved so much since then.

  16. Are you of the understanding that David’s letters are opened and read to check their content before mailing them out and that pictures may not be allowed? I can understand the reasoning but I never knew that.

    I missed the instructions on that one.


    • I’m thinking if censorship was the case, I would think that only post cards could be sent and I’m thinking that Kari would also say that the material would be censored and may not be appropriate to send to David, but then again, maybe that might be a bit hard for some fans to handle. Oh, it’s almost over, THANK GOD.

  17. That is interesting and surprising.

  18. SB is there a source on that information?

    I would not believe that is the case because frankly I cannot imagine David being ok with that.

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