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As some of you have already mentioned, by the time David returns, he will be a full-fledged grown man, even though most folks will still have in their mind that shy, awkward adorable kid with the voice of an angel on American Idol.

Well, we’ve seen other pop stars, who came into the public sphere as minors, mature and transition gracefully (some more so than others): from Janet Jackson, emerging with her Control album, to her older brother Michael Jackson, taking charge of his music career – moving away from Motown and his daddy to collaborate with jazz producer Quincy Jones on a pop funk R&B album, Off the Wall, his first solo album effort.  There are more recent examples, like Justin Timberlake transitioning from the boy band N’Sync.

So, the question is: how can David make that graceful transition when he returns to music? What should be the most pressing transformation he should be working on to signal to the general public that he’s now a “Grown Man” (you know, how Beyonce is singing about being a “Grown Woman”)?  Take my latest poll! 😛


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  1. LOVE this poll Hg. Re-inventing himself will be the key. I voted all the above. I just want him to hit the ground running and be ready to make full commitment to his music career. He has to believe in himself and want a successful music career. Also, I would like for some sort of plan in place to generate buzz/excitement for his return, that would start things going in the right direction.

  2. HOLYMOLY am I really expected to be able to speak, or think after seeing that picture??

  3. hell0g0rge0us

    Emmy nominations announced earlier. So glad to see Kerry Washington nominated for Scandal! Also, in reality competition, good to see So You Think You Can Dance and The Voice in the mix (but American Idol nowhere to be found – is this the first time?).

  4. Humm, kind of curious as to what the fans that voted for non of the above think in regards to David’s career.

  5. I vote for the picture up top to be the start of D’s new image. 😉

    Re. Idol, I think it has run its course as far as awards go. Seacrest was wise to diversify what he does (eg, Kardashian show, radio show, etc.) When Idol disappears from TV, he will probably still be raking in the money.

    Saw concert sales numbers on MJ’s . I don’t listen to rock but I was wondering if Daughtry’s popularity has waned to the point that he’s only filling venues at <50%.

    Daughtry, 3 Doors Down, Halestorm, Bad Seed Rising
    July 9, 2013: Gilford, N.H.; Meadowbrook; 2,718 of 6,219 (44%):$142,431

    • Yeah, love that picture too.

      I tend to agree with you about AI even though it is still a strong ratings for the Fox network, it have lost it’s sizzle. The Voice is the hot singing competition show right.

      To bad about Daughtry, really like him. Back when I watched AI, he was my favorite for his season.
      I have a feeling that only the biggies are doing well. That is one of the reasons I want David to be a mega star….can’t stand to see him struggling with his career.

  6. I love the Scandal show. It is a shame about Daughtry. I think AI show is near the end of the road. That Seacrest did make some smart financial moves although I could do without the popularity of the Kardashian’s. lol.

  7. It will be interesting to see what David does when he returns. Can’t wait for that, but still around eight months away.

    • Yeah very exciting to see what will happen, but you are right, 8 months without anything from David (Hi from Chile would do) or his team will make it extremely hard to keep up the enthusiasm, but dang, I’m going to give it all I got, lol.

  8. His twitter following keeps going up, so I still have so much hope that when he returns lots of fans will be active and supportive once again.

  9. David just needs to make the right choices (management, label, producer, ect.) when he returns “if” he wants a music career. The fans will follow if he does but will not if he does not. It is on David if you ask me.

    • You are so right, all the angst that is expressed by fans (especially me, lol) doesn’t mean a thing, it really is up to David. But, you know something, I’ll still keep speculating, can’t help myself, lol.

  10. that’s the funny, ironic, and interesting thing about david. he’s so ultra conservative yet he likes alot of freaky and crazy music! lol 🙂

  11. i really like sara’s video; had no idea she could dance.

    yesterday at 6:27 pm i heard “crush” on the radio! 😀 it made my evening.

  12. David is going to have a lot of new music to catch up on when he returns. I’m sure he will love this songs. The lyrics are great and the music video is quirky. I’d love for David to do something like this. He can do good music that is radio friendly without questionable lyrics. There are enough artists that go that route. There is a market for family friendly music IMHO.

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