No Justice for Trayvon Martin


Earlier, folks on social media called for a BLACKOUT in honor of Trayvon Martin, and in light of the splitting headache I received as soon as I learned of the “Not Guilty” verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, I think that’s a great idea.

So, I’m going to practice a full on Social Media BLACKOUT for the next few days to see if I can block out some of the cultural toxicity that now plagues this society of ours. I feel like our country is in a very dark place right now (and can’t wait for David to return and bring back some of his glorious light).

I’m deeply saddened at the moment.

My prayers and thoughts are with Trayvon Martin’s family.


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  1. i for one can not understand this verdict,watch the trial every day,mine bogling,prayers for the martins

    • Tonight all I can think about is that this didn’t have to happen. And I’m not even talking about the verdict or the justice system or any of the messed up bureaucracy and loopholes. I’m talking about a society where we shoot first and worry about consequences later. Where we are so legitimately scared of each other (and sometimes for cause) that we pass laws that make that sort of behavior legal.

      I think Prayer of the Children speaks what my heart is saying tonight.

  2. i,ll tell you why that verdict,my neibhor thinks that red light on the tv,is a camer ,and obama is watching them,and listening two ther phone calls ,

  3. RIP Corey Monteith. The Glee star who played “Finn” was young, talented, and had so much to live for. This is such sad news.

  4. What a horrible dark day in our justice system. My deep sympathy goes out to Trayvon Martin’s family.

  5. goodkarmaseeker

    I feel so saddened and discouraged by this case and what it reflects about fairness and justice in our country. Even more so, it sheds light on racial bias that is still so strong today.
    I don’t know if this link will copy. If it doesn’t, it’s worth it to look up Michelle Alexander’s comments.

    There is also a petition that is being started to press civil rights charges against George Zimmerman.
    You could find that through or the NAACP.

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