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David Seems So Lovable … So Why the Hate?


One of the things that’s so hard to understand, as a die-hard super duper true uber David Fan, is why anyone could possibly “hate” on him. I mean, he’s so lovable, isn’t he? 😛

And yet, as the recent conversation in the previous thread reminds us, lots of folks really seem to take issue with David. Whether we’re talking about blogger/critics or your regular non-fan.

And the “hate” seemed to spread pretty quickly. As much as David was oh-so-popular at the start of his season on American Idol, there were also persistent rumors of folks “hating” on him. There were backstage rumors of other contestants being jealous of him, and need I bring up the “stage-dad” rumors that got out of hand? Or how about the way those associated with the show – like Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest  – went on other shows to “diss” David (trust me: as someone who had been watching Idol since Season 1, it was the first time those associated with the show actually went out of their way to belittle a contestant while he was still in competition).

There was something rather mean-spirited about the whole thing, that you just couldn’t help but wonder: Why the Hate?

And, of course, it didn’t end there.  How many radio DJs and gossip mongers reveled in his dad’s massage parlor scandal when it happened (preferring to talk about that rather than play his songs)?

Moreover, do I need to mention the way David “parted ways” with Jive but instead everyone talked about how his label “dropped” him?  And, then there’s that whole shady business with the one-time WEG manager, who really got pretty nasty when David changed management and she took to Twitter for some David-bashing.

So, again, why the hate? I never understood that.  Why the need to smear him publicly? And I ask because, usually when folks backbite and bad-talk celebrities, it’s usually because said celebrity is being mean or arrogant or a spoiled brat, and the folks talking bad about them are eager to let the public in on the “real person” behind the public facade.

However, with David, I’ve always heard the nicest things said about him from those who’ve actually interacted with him, but when it comes to critics, managers, show producers, etc., they pour on the hate.

What is that about? Thoughts?

My own hypothesis: David is “uncorruptible.” Seriously, these high-powered folks love their innocent youth, but only insofar as they can “corrupt” them. David strikes me as someone who doesn’t make it easy for them, even though his super-nice, easygoing persona gives the impression that he is easy (but he’s not). JMHO!