Summer Jams: “Fling” vs. “Crush”

Yikes! Okay, there’s currently a raging debate happening right now ever since 12-year old Willow Smith, aka “Melodic Chaotic,” released this video, “Summer Fling.”

Folks are up in arms because this young precocious girl is singing about a “fling”! Not a “crush” or “puppy love.”  Of course the debate concerns whether or not you think we, adults, are projecting our own sexualized thoughts on an innocent girl, or if the video is, indeed, sexualizing the girl for public consumption.

My problems with the video is the way the camera is filming her scantily clad body. Yes, she’s having some innocent pool fun in the summer time.  But what does that look like when the video plays against a track that contains the words “summer fling,” as opposed to “summer crush”?

And just for contrast, see David’s own “Crush”:

Granted, David does come across as far more “innocent” than 12-year-old Willow does (but I think that’s because girls mature faster than boys anyway). But, is Willow’s song and video able to maintain the same type of innocent fun?

I dunno. I mean, I really like the song (“Summer Fling”), but it bothers me, especially when David’s “Crush” gives us a prime example of how one can market a pop star minor and make it “cool” while still keeping it “clean.”

Or, is my grown-up self projecting too much here? Which I want to be careful about doing, especially since young black girls are often subjected to the same hypersexualized gaze we older black women often receive (but then again, it’s precisely because of the hypersexualized gaze on black women and girls’ bodies that makes me feel very uneasy about “Summer Fling”!)

What say you, Soul Davidians?


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  1. Another awesome post Hg, thank you.
    Summer Fling, fun song. I just think that she/her team is giving the public what they want. Going the route of Lady GaGa.

    Crush was made so long ago in music video time. Still love that video, it was the perfect one for David at the time.
    Hoping that when he gets back and his career gets back to full swing, that when he makes videos that they will have a more mature and deeper content, after all, he will be an adult.

    • cq with that.

      example of music videos that got me going lately are
      Miley’s We Can’t Stop and Justin Timberlake’s Tunnelvision. in Miley’s case think it is a bad example for her young fanbase and JT’s I feel it is sexist. guess he is trying to give a new Brat Pack image?
      just felt the total nudity was uncalled for.

      • I guess if they have ratings like movies have, it’s up to the parents to decide what their children see. On tv there is parental blocks available. I know that it’s not that simple, but, imo, it does come down to the parents.

      • remember when someone here said JT would be a good mentor for david and i said no? well that is why! he is way too sophisticated/wordly to be advising david of anything!

      • Agree with you on JT’s video.

        Cannot stand Miley Cyrus and will not watch her video.

      • Miley Cyrus’s video is embarrassing – she’s trying way too hard to be “urban” (which somehow is supposed to be synonymous with, um, “booty-shaking” even if you have no booty to shake). It’s just downright silly.

        Surely there are more impressive ways to prove to the world that you’re no longer “Disney”!

      • Yikes cotton candy, it was me maybe, I know I would like him to mentor David, but then again, I really like JT and feel David is strong enough to filter what he would feel is not right for him, omo though.

  2. i’m really surprised! i was totally expecting to hate it but i really like the song and her voice. looked pretty innocent to me. and way nicer than miley’s crazy new video that’s for sure!

    • Yes, pretty tame compared to Miley’s, but I think it’s what the song says, summer fling as it maybe seen as sexual, not so innocent. If she was older, I think it would be more appropriate, maybe?!?!

  3. worldly

  4. potluck8google

    In my opinion I think the music industry is going way too far. Sex sells and they don’t care who they harm or offend as long as they are making the big money. Good thing we have an on and off button, and mine is usually OFF!

  5. Off topic: have to post this comment from David that he said in an interview because it says so much about what he felt he will gain from his hiatus: Got it from FOD.
    “I think it will affect it (career) in a good way because I’ll be able to grow in my own way while I’m gone. I’ll gain new experiences; it’ll inspire me emotionally and music is an art- it’s a very emotional thing. So what you take in emotionally affects what you do as a performer. So being able to take in these new experiences, meeting these new people and having a new understanding of life will affect what my music will be like when I get back.”

    This quote, to me, leaves no doubt that he was also thinking that the experience he is getting for the two years was part of why he needed to do to move on with his music career.

  6. CQ, thanks for bringing that quote over. It does remind that, even though David decided to take a break from music (and his audience,) he had music (and his audience) on his mind even in making this choice.

    About Willow’s video. Maybe because I was curious enough to view Miley’s controversial (and tasteless, if you ask me) video recently, Willow’s does come off as innocent maybe except for the wording. I did have to go back and check her age, though, because she is trying to (and succeeding IMO) come across as older than a little girl. Also, I wonder if the kids think of flings as different than what we older generations might think. I know that the terms I used for dating are just not used anymore, and my kids will correct me when I use a word for dating that they use for some other relationshipy thing. Kind of sad that David’s video does seem refreshingly innocent and we all feel that “times have changed” since then since it really hasn’t been that long. How fast does culture need to change before we all decide collectively that too far, too fast is TOO far, TOO fast?

  7. watching willow’s video at work with the sound off, it seemed like there were lots of shots of leggy girls and bare chested boys, lol. the kids in the video, incl. willow, all look older than 11-12 yrs. i’m not too surprised by it because for the past 2-3 yrs, it was common to see pics of willow walking around los angeles with a cup of coffee in her hand.

  8. Well Summer Fling is creating a lot of buzz. Some parents are ok with it others are outraged. The more buzz, the more people want to view it. That really seems to be the way to do videos now. Do something to get world wide recognition. Another video that’s getting lots of buzz is a country video that is about gay relationship, which I think is a good one though, but not everyone feels like I do.

  9. There is a lot of pretty modest swimwear in the Summer Fling video, at least by Southern California standards. Even David’s video had bare chests.

    • Yeah, really not at all offended by the bare chests and swimwear. Knowing the age of Willow and maybe a fling being thought of as sexual, that’s the only thing that off putting for me. If she was older, I see nothing wrong with the video and subject matter at all.

  10. Watching the civil wars right now on my local PBS station. I know I’m in the minority among Archies but I just don’t get them. 😐

    • I like a few of their songs but I can’t listen to an entire album at once. The songs sound too much alike to me but it might just be that I only like that type of music in small doses. Honestly I hate that the whole Americana/folk sound has been beaten to death over the past few years because it was so refreshing when it broke. Why does pop culture have to take a good thing and play it until you loathe it?? lol

  11. David Cook, Shirley Halperin and a positive spin:

    “Cook turned down the offer so he can continue to work on his own music, but is said to have been ‘very interested’ in filling in for singer Austin Winkler, who recently entered rehab for the second time.”

    “As for Cook, THR hears he has another offer on the table: a recording contract from Verve, which is owned by Universal Music Group and run by veteran producer David Foster, who also happens to be husband to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Yolanda Foster. Cook is ‘considering’ the terms of the record deal, says a source.”

    Never heard of Hinder, but they must be the greatest thing since sliced bread because they are somehow related to Cook.

    And he is “considering” a record deal? Because he does not necessarily need one? Because he decided to part ways with his previous label to further his “evolution as an artist”?

    The husband of a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. Wow. Well, only the best will do for David Cook, the “fan favorite.” Only the best.

    • Lol, Shirley needs to quit already. Five years of her kissing up to Cook has gotten her no where with him.

      • Agree with you about Shirley desertrat. lol. What a spin on the label story for Cook. Cook has really been given so many chances but it really is not working out that well.

    • That Verve thing is very weird to me. David Foster usually champions much different kinds of singers and brings them on his little traveling show thing. More of a Groban / Broadway / Torch singer kinda vibe. I know Charice did several of his shows. I think Clay Aiken too. Verve is very jazz and adult contemporary leaning. If this story is true, I wonder how DC would fit in there.

      Only a totally unrelated note: Shirley. /rolls eyes/

  12. Really don’t have any interest in knowing what is going on with DC.

  13. Hay Peter could you have a positive spin for David too, lol.

  14. Peter-I don’t get you!! Leave david fans alone…some of us are here to stay!

  15. I have been here since the very beginning, and a very wide variety of topics has been discussed on this blog.

    If you feel emotionally threatened by any mention of another artist, perhaps you do not like David as much as you think you do.

    • Oh Peter come on, let’s just play nice. Absolutely you have every right to bring any artist you wish to share and I for one like a lot of them. But you got to admit DC does hit a chord with a lot of David fans. I think it was a bit harsh to say that we are emotionally threatened.

  16. I think a post about David Cook (who was on AI with David and yeah the same season and yeah the final two) and how he might be getting a record deal is relevant to us. I mean. Our David is in the same boat. He’ll be looking for a record deal when he comes back. I don’t see anything wrong with what Peter posted. I, personally, am always trying to stay up on what’s happening in the industry because it’s all relevant to what David’s career might be like when he gets back.

    Thanks for bringing it over, Peter.

    • Thank you.

      • I always like to know what Cook is up to and he could really make our David laugh and David really made Cook laugh! and so to replay two old favorites: #1 I call “catching the shaving cream” and #2 I call “handstands” and for no reason and not connected and just because he looks so young I call “The Look”

      • Thanks for the link Peter. Always enjoy your comments and vids you post. Of course we have to discuss other music artists on this blog. David is in the music/entertainment industry. Or at least he was and will need to be again if he wants a music career. It is all relevant. Those who complain about the focus being on religion then have to realize that the focus needs to be on the music and the music industry. That would include comments and video posts about the music industry , management, labels and yes other music artists. I agree that David’s focus on his return should be music and not his religion. I find the religion topic rather boring at times to be honest. It was David’s choice to go on a mission for 2 yrs so you have to discuss other artists. I always like to hear about what other idols and music artists are doing. It is interesting.

  17. Hahaha…you being funny! IIIIIIIIIIIIIII LooooooooooVe David!!!

  18. I dont have a problem with Peter bringing the article about DC here, it was informative and possibly gave a glimpse and insight into what David will have on his plate when he returns. David constantly mentioned new artists, told us to check out their music, support them…why is someone bringing a comment about another artist here any different? I discovered Eva Cassidy thanks to David and am a huge fan of her music. I have really enjoyd the videos Peter posted here about Harrison Craig. But by enjoying them it doesnt affect my loyalty to David, he will always have my undying support, and my heart!

    • I agree with you, but doesn’t mean that not having an interest in one artist, that mean I/or anyone else for that matter, reject all artist.
      Seems I really can’t voice my opinion anymore.
      I guess I have to thread very lightly with commenting about this one also.

    • I went over to MJ’s after reading THR article (tks Peter) and read the latest on DC there. The comments on that article were interesting to me as well. David was mentioned esp. his popularity in the Philipines.

  19. I’m sorry if offended you, I just don’t want david to loose anymore fans:( I’m here everyday to entertain myself while david is gone on a mission. I miss david so much. I like everyone here and fans of david. HelloGorgeous Thank you for the wonderful post.

  20. Legs and guy’s bare chests??? It’s summer!!! What are you going to see?? I don’t think people are happy unless they have something to worry about! Geez people relax! You are going to find very, very little David kind of innocence unless you look backwards several years.

    It is a mess out there in the music industry. Young singers have this world to face and they either cut their hair and dye it, or get enough pressure in their lives that nothing remains normal or innocent. They end up doing drugs, drinking too much, getting into trouble or simply leaving town and disappearing from our radar. Yes I know your choice, but really, shocking fans seems to be the norm now.


  21. See Peter, everyone loves you and what you bring over here. Believe or not, me too, lol.

  22. mj’s remarks about David Cook considering the label offer..

    ‘Cook is “considering” the terms of the deal, according to THR’s source. I hope he signs somewhere. It’s going to be tough getting his music out there without decent promotion.’

    sound familiar?
    hope David finds a label that fits him when he comes back.

  23. I’m gonna step briefly back in time to the last thread here. About meanness. Something on twitter last night bothered me and I just wanted to vent a little bit about it. I think I might be too sensitive about the subject so I thought I’d see how you guys felt.

    That latest mission pic of David (the one close up where he’s wearing the scarf) sparked an exchange of tweets among some fans. Tweets about how David is fat now and then going downhill from there with comments about how he shouldn’t even bother to come back if he’s fat and the plane may not be able to stay in the air with his fat ass in it and calling him “fatchuleta” etc etc and then all laughing at how witty they are. And then getting very defensive when a few people apparently tweeted that it wasn’t nice. They then said how glad they were to not be friends with the David fans who never thought he did anything wrong and couldn’t take a joke. It was then said multiple times that they were just joking and they loved him and people need to lighten up.

    Here is where I am struggling. I’m not a hugely uptight person. I like to joke and have a good time and good natured teasing is fine with me. I don’t feel what happened last night was cool though. I thought it was cruel. Yes, I know David’s not around to see it but that doesn’t mean anything. So it’s ok to talk bad about someone as long as they don’t know it? I don’t think so. And not even just for David. It bothered me personally. Weight is something I’ve struggled with in my life. I’ve been up, I’ve been down, it fluctuates. I was teased as a young person but I never let on that it bothered me. As an adult I’ve tried to take the high road. Seeing people who think it’s ok to characterize that fat people are unwanted though does hurt my feelings. “Don’t come back if you’re fat.” It bothers me to see that. Not for David’s sake but for what that implies about how they feel about anyone who is overweight.

    Of course the ironic thing here is that David isn’t even overweight. We’ve seen more pics of him in the past month than just about anytime since he’s been gone and he looks to be about the same weight he’s always been. It was an odd angle on that particular picture and that haircut doesn’t help but even with the angle he doesn’t look fat. I know what fat looks like ok.

    I guess it was the combination of seeing how mean and superficial people could be toward someone with such a beautiful heart like David (yes, I recognize that I’m overprotective) and then adding in how it effects me personally. It bothered me. It’s hard for me to say if I’m being too sensitive about it though. I guess that question ties into THIS thread then. Am I overanalyzing this? Being oversensitive? I know these kids like David. They’re still talking about him after he’s been gone this long. I am just disheartened to see how they think it’s ok to say such mean things and adding the “just kidding” qualifier, to me, does not make it better. It might even make it worse. This might be one of those things I’m too invested in to be unbiased about though.

    • I see your point Ali, but unfortunately, that comes with the famous territory. With US and I think maybe world wide obsession with weight, these stars are picked over with a fine tooth comb. A week doesn’t go by that a story about a star that has dropped weight and looks fabulous(were a size 8, but now are zero , to me to thin, for example) or that a star has gained weight looks so bad. That pedestal thing for stars in general is what causes this feeding frenzy when they are perceived as fallen off. That exchange yesterday on twitter was just silly, ha, no way, to me anyway, did he look the least bit fat. All I saw was that million dollar smile.

    • I think you can chalk it up to immaturity. Middle school bully attitudes–though it happens at all ages. I was puzzled that my handsome, physically perfect child was bullied, and my handicapped child was not–in the same school. I think kids get caught up in their own cleverness when the target seems “fair game,” but think twice for a more obviously vulnerable child. Or not.

      • I agree, cc, regardless of the age of the posters, it basically sounded like middle school banter. I remember how hard I had to work when my kids were in middle school and early high school to keep that mocking tone at bay. (How many times did I have to say “listen to your words…think about how the words come across,” and on and on and on until it sticks. I think that sometimes people are joking around and it just does not come across well on the internet. And fans really have to develop a thicker skin because like others have said, David is a public person and he has to develop a thick skin and I think he knows that and since he has 3 sisters, he has pretty much heard it all.

      • I see what you’re saying and I agree about needing thicker skin but I think it’s also a cop out.

        Why do we, as a society, give people a “pass” to make derogatory comments based on appearance but condemn those who make derogatory comments based on race or sexual orientation? And by pass I mean that most people will just say, oh that wasn’t very nice you shouldn’t say that but there are no real consequences to it. No one seems to really hold those people to the standard as those who make comments about race or orientation.

        Is it because our society is so obsessed with looks? So there’s that built-in reaction of “well she/he could change it if they don’t want to be made fun of” and people don’t feel bad because who cares if an ugly person is hurt? Personally I think that’s crap.

        What if we threw sexual orientation in the place of fat in those comments I shared? “Omg David’s gay now? He may as well not even come back from Chile” “I bet they don’t let fags on the plane”. Yeah. That’s how I feel about what was said. And I guess I’m still working on thickening up that skin lol. I need to let this go because I’ve had this mad feeling in the pit of my stomach ever since last night. That’s no way to start a weekend!

    • I was one of those folks who said it was wrong and it is.
      photoshopped pic is one thing but calling David fat and ugly cause his hair is too short is just plain wrong.
      fact is he is only allowed to have short hair.
      second he has a grueling schedule and there is no time for him to do P90X if it was the case he was gaining weight.
      kind of like kicking a puppy if you think about it.

      as for being sensitive.. what if it was them who were being picked on?
      bet they’d be singing a different tune.

  24. Whoa – I’m talking about light comments and you are talking serious ridicule which can occur anytime people are immature or have a narrow world view. My point is that we have to pick who to engage with. Some people whether on twitter or in blog comments are simply stirring the pot and trying to get a reaction (ie: trolls looking for trouble) and by saying that we/David need a thick skin, I am talking about random joking or random comments and things over which we have no control and sometimes people are simply mean-spirited and it is not possible to have a real dialog with those types of people.

    • See that’s what I’m talking about with people perceiving derogatory comments differently when they pertain to sexual orientation as opposed to appearance. No one called those comments I posted serious ridicule or evidence of a narrow world view before when they were “just” about being fat.

      I do very much agree that we need to make our own choices about who we engage with. Honestly I’ve kind of moved on from the specific incident last night. My point now is more about how I wish society would see that a derogatory comment is a derogatory comment and not qualify it. Of course that’s just me being Pollyanna again. 😉

  25. I too took the comments as Jr high banter, saying David is fat, while not nice is a lot less damaging then to say he is gay. I realize Ali you arent saying that but for me the two are apples and oranges and are being used to make a point.

    • I respect your opinion Candy. I guess you know that I don’t agree with it though. Why is it damaging to be called gay? Unless you’re using it as a slur….as you might use someone’s appearance as a slur. I understand that being gay and being fat are two very different things but when you are making derogatory comments they are being used for the same purpose. To deride someone. To make fun of someone in a mean way.

      Like I said earlier though, I’m probably way too emotionally invested in this ever see it in a different light. I understand that other people aren’t as emotionally invested in it and don’t see the huge hurt that comes from it. I do understand that. I hope that those people can also understand why it could be just as hurtful as any other derogatory comment though.

  26. Back when I was a truer fan, I could not understand why every single blog post (other than fansites) about him seemed to be somehow derisive. He was very popular, judging from record sales, but the blogosphere appeared to hate him. He is exceptionally talented, but that was just ignored. (Writers like Shirley Halperin still get to me.)

    • I feel ya, peter. Well back from your truer days anyway ;p

      I don’t know why David got so much hate from the bloggers. Those “professionals”. Was he not macho enough? Didn’t seem cool enough? Didn’t seem smooth enough? I don’t know why so many of them seemed to have contempt for him. Maybe it was age. There’s a big pay-your-dues culture there. Apparently he needs to work as a bartender first to get respect from the bloggers lol.

      • It was strange. And these “professionals” can be completely delusional about the careers of other artists, as Ms. Halperin so vividly has proven.

    • Maybe it just shows that “professionals” are people too. The comedian Kathy Griffin was brutal to David, but when she met him, she was totally won over. It’s like people who didn’t accept gay marriage until their child or friend came out as gay–familiarity breeds acceptance, not contempt.

  27. I think people use whatever they think they can get away with when they’re trying to be funny. Remember the guy from Seinfeld who played Kramer? During his stand-up routine he went on a racist rant in response to some hecklers. In comedy clubs things can get pretty raw, but he didn’t realize that white guys just can’t go there, and his career was hurt. He said that he was just trying to be outrageous, and isn’t a racist person. Maybe it’s a whole other debate whether the black guys are funny when they go there.

    We know a Little Person comedian who uses the “M word” (midget) in his act even though it would be hurtful to use in real life with his family or friends. We have a family member who used the word “flea” to denigrate a Little Person politician on Facebook, apparently completely forgetting that his young relative is a LP. I guess my point is that it’s tricky when you’re talking about humor. It would be nice if no one ever said anything to denigrate others, but you don’t want to have an entirely sanitized society either.

    • P.S. I could go on and on about the ridiculous things people do and say about people with dwarfism. Someone recently posted a photo of my daughter online, which was taken in a public place, and then made semi-rude comments about her. One of her friends happened to see it and told her. She has over 1200 friends on Facebook, and a bunch of them hunted him down and lambasted him until he took it down.

  28. When you are dealing with a bunch of prepubesent girls who find themselves funny…they give credence to the bullying epidemic that is running rampant in our country. What they find as funny…the person on the receiving end finds as hurtful.

  29. Bahhhhh lol you guys. I’m gonna stop talking about this now because clearly I’m way too defensive about it. I apologize. I asked for your opinions and then disagreed when you offered them honestly. I’m sorry. I see that now, reading back over the posts.

    Sorry again. I think I’m super emo today or something. And the topic I brought up doesn’t help; I get too upset about it. I think I need a mini-vacation…

    Hope you all have a great weekend! ❤

    • It does help to vent. Totally understand.

    • Wish I’d seen this discussion earlier, Ali, because I think that we need to take “even” the weight-type comments seriously. Both of my oldest daughter’s two best friends have dealt with serious eating disorders, and eating disorders are more prevalent than ever, and this type of mindset does not help. In fact, this type of mind set, and the corresponding comments, have been a big part of the problem. If I’d seen the discussion, I hope I’d have been one to say something.

  30. Ladies and Gentlemen, I can tell you with absolute certainty that David is not overweight. His body has grown, he has a little more height. Of course, he wears black suit for all devotional, but I notice that he is still very proportionate.
    The first time I greet, I had to bow my head to him (July 15, 2012).
    The last time I saw David (March 31, 2013), he stood next to me, he greeted me and I realized that he had grown. This time I had to lift my head to greet him.
    He has much wider shoulders and shakes you hand when greeting, that is n sign very Latin.

    (I’ll tell you a gossip, david made ​​a comment when he saw a girl eating chocolates. He told her: there is a sister who gives me chocolates, every time she sees me hhahahahhah.
    The girl said, I know, is gladys. He just smiled. She knows me by my blog.)

  31. HG,’m ungrateful, I apologize. The space you gives me on your blog is like therapy for me, Thank you.

  32. listening to michael buble’s new song on the radio and just wondering why david would not want to go in that direction? michael’s songs are upbeat, clean, happy just like most of david’s songs. wish i could ask david why and wish he would answer honestly.

  33. ( I correct my mistake in one of the previous sentences.)

    he has much wider shoulders and when he gives you his hand, shakes it, that’s a sign very Latin.

  34. I hope David has gained weight. I actually thought he was too thin. Ali I hear you. I have struggled with losing weight all my life and right now I am losing the battle.

  35. Ali, I agree with you. While it sounds like the tweets were made by immature kids, that still doesn’t make it okay. The schools where my kids used to attend had a no tolerance attitude about all bullying. The schools here tend to tell the bullied students to get a thicker skin. Way fewer discipline problems and a much kinder attitude among the students at the previous school. Yes, people can be too sensitive, and having a thicker skin sure helps in life, but when people don’t get called out for their bad behavior as well, it’s no wonder there’s so much meanness out there.

    • Isn’t the process of growing up a civilizing one? Teasing or bullying is cruel and immature kids need to be shown why. But we can’t expect it never to happen because, really, humans are born uncivilized. That’s why we need the thick skin–so we can take the high road and model the correct behavior.

      I wonder if, in that exchange, the fat comments felt hurtful but the real pain came from the idea that David might not come back (for whatever reason). That’s when I personally cringed. We know it’s not likely to happen, but I’m pretty sure we all have a little fear of it anyway.

      I’ve often preached against searching Twitter for references to @DavidArchie. Find the follower group you most enjoy and don’t worry too much about what else is out there. It almost never leads to a lighter spirit.

      • I didn’t say that I expect bullying should never happen. It does, but the schools that don’t tolerate bad behavior have better behaved students. I was just pointing out that when meanness is tolerated, it proliferates.

  36. Lawdy, it’s a big week for Shirley and her magnificent Idol spin machine:

    Adam Lambert Walks Away from RCA

    Lol, walks away. That’s even better spin than the parting ways line that Cook got! I think Adam has a better publicist. And Shirley is looking to court the larger Glambert fanbase more than the Cook fans.

    Generally I try not to be bitter about many things because it doesn’t get you anywhere but I will admit that I still feel bitterness about the way the story of David leaving Jive was thrown out there, with alot of help from a recently fired manager. Probably wasn’t the best move on David’s part to fire her before the news about the label got out but I guess it goes along with his straightforward nature. And sometimes to his detriment. He probably never thought Melinda would be so unprofessional about it.

    • Wow. Halperin is certainly OTT in her fawning over Adam Lambert. No matter how much she tries to promote him though, his career seems to be struggling just as much as the vast majority of Idol alums.

      • It is a masterstroke how Adam’s team has spun this news. They started with the very strange news about RCA wanting him to do an 80’s cover album, which (surprise) Shirley was the one who broke that story at the beginning of the week. The fans freaked out and said wth this is insane. Then a day or so later, the announcement about him joining Glee broke. That was sent out to all the major media outlets with very big fanfare by his team and they all picked it up. Not much mention was made of the fact that Glee has lost much of its mojo in recent years and doesn’t have nearly the ratings or influence it once did. While the news is riding high on the Glee announcement (i.e. distraction), they place this story with Shirley (again) and position it as Adam walking away from RCA. And they do it on a Friday. If you want to downplay bad news, end of the week is always when it’s released because by the time the big news outlets gear back up again on Monday there are usually bigger stories to report on.

        A virtual masterpiece of how to present a client in a certain light. I really honestly applaud Adam’s team in this and I’m not even being a bit snarky about it.

        To be honest, I do believe that Adam has another label in the wings. He will sign again quickly. While he doesn’t sell much here in the U.S., he does have a very viable international career. Certainly enough of one for a label to find attractive although I’m sure his deal won’t be as lucrative as the one he had with RCA. The thing with Idol people is that they are kind of at a disadvantage with their deal coming off the show. Well, it’s disadvantage and advantage. Because they’re coming off the show, they get huge deals in proportion to their newness as an artist. And they are guaranteed a much larger jump for subsequent albums. I see why RCA would want out of the contract. And the new label Adam signs with would negotiate a much more “normal” contract for the size of Adam’s current career. Honestly it will probably be the best for all.

        I hope this is the kind of truth that will help David when he gets back. A label exec can look at his ability to draw international fans and the possibilities for him in the Latin market and hopefully offer a deal based on that and not on some bloated AI stipulations. From that they can work on breaking him again in the U.S. market. *this is my perfect scenario plan lol*

      • i like how someone on twitter describes it: “transaction journalism at its silliest”. the tweeter goes on to say that it’s soooo obvious that this was obviously a face-saving setup for lambert via our pal shirley.

      • Yes, it’s hilarious that her OTT articles are not helpful in any way.

    • OMG. I think I’m going to puke.

  37. Ya think?

  38. ^ That was a reply to Desertrat…

  39. Ali, I hope you’re right about David’s international appeal being an advantage. Also, I think he has a better chance to shake off the Idol label easier than others because his youth is an advantage. It was detrimental for him during Idol in some respects, but because he did the show when he was just a kid and now he’s an adult, I would think that might make it easier to distance himself from it and reinvent himself.

    That is, if he has a decent management team.

  40. Reinvention is key for David.
    A lot of good talent has come out of AI, but only a few great talents.
    David is one of the great ones and imo, he needs to move past that AI bubble to flourish.
    I think it was good for his career to go on the show, but now he just needs to move forward.

  41. Adam got dropped or did he leave RCA?

    • Depends on how you like your wording. RCA has all the power in the relationship since Adam had not yet fulfilled the album option on his contract. They allowed Adam to leave. Or if you want to word it differently, they dropped him. Based on terms of the contract, they would have to provide a large advance to Adam to do the 3rd album with them and they clearly decided it was in their best financial interest not to do that album. So he’s now free to shop for a new label.

      The funniest thing is that now other artists and apparently some radio station people are tweeting about it and saying much respect to Adam for sticking to his creative integrity about the kind of music he was willing to put out. If you think this split had a single thing to ACTUALLY do with an 80s cover album, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you in Brooklyn 😉

      • Adam got dropped IMO. The Glee gig helps to make it seem better but Glee is not at popular as it once was and who knows how long his character will even be on the show. Adam also has many connections in the entertainment industry which will help him.

  42. personally I think it is Adam’s hutzpah that gets him as far as he has.. would love for David to come back with some of that.
    just a tad so as not to come off as cocky.
    confident and mature will do.

  43. Shirley’s message to MJ:

    There was no orchestration, MJ. I had the tip, asked Adam directly at the Live Proud event, he wouldn’t comment. Same with his rep and the label. Feeling confident in my sources, I printed the story, the reaction came flooding in and it precipitated a decision of whether to move forward with a third album, or not. Both sides would have to agree on a creative direction in order to move ahead with the recording contract. That’s the god’s honest truth. Just good, old-fashioned journalism.

  44. Peter: lol. So true.

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