Happy July 4th!

Classic David performance at the Capital Fourth (‘member this?)

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  1. Oh, new thread…

    Song of the day:

    • Peter, thanks for this song of the day. I really like it and had to look up Avicci since I had never heard of him. He’s a DJ from Sweden only a year older than David. He’s been all over the world and recently toured in Chile, thus the David connection. I hope that David will be able to tour all over the world too, and I know he would love this song.

  2. David did wonderful. His complexion was much paler than what we’re seeing now in the mission photos. I believe twangy Scottie is performing at the Capital 4th today.

    Peter, thx for the video. When I clicked it on, I was expecting a new version of Wham’s “Wake Me Up (before you go go), lol.

    Wishing everyone a great 4th!

    • Thanks for the video, Peter. Really enjoyed it. Oh no twangy Scotty is performing. lol Why couldn’t it be Hunter Hayes who I really enjoy listening to. Hunter is more country/ pop. It should be Candice and Kree on the show. I remember David’s performance on the 4th. He was great. Happy 4th Everyone!!

      • You are in luck as Candice is performing at the Capital 4th too. Hunter Hayes is performing at the huge 4th of July festival in Philly which is actually a bigger event.

  3. Wishing you Hg and every American that comment and lurks a HAPPY 4TH OF JULY. God bless American!!!

  4. Team David just posted a picture of David with a Happy 4th of July greeting on twitter and Facebook. I love his hair in the picture and hope he grows it out to that length when he returns. The post on Facebook already has over 6500 likes and it has only been up 45 minutes. He still has fans. He will just need to get out there and do music when he gets back.

    Yes, Scotty and Candice will be singing this year at the Capital Fourth. I loved when David performed at it. Hopefully he will perform somewhere in the U.S. on the 4th next year.

  5. How ’bout a more appropriate song for TODAY?


    • Lots of talented kids on that video. I saw Carly who was second on the X-factor in the video.

      I’ve been a true ODD David fan this morning revisiting some of his performances of patriotic songs. He is terrific singing them. I think my favorite performance is the one at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. No helmit hair that day.

  6. Going back to “the hair”, not even David’s mom seemed to a fan of his shorter hair. She is the one who suggested to David that he grow his hair longer according to David himself. He said his mom wanted him to grow his hair longer and being the obedient son that he is, he did. Mama knew what he chould do to make himself look just a tad more like a “rock star”! lol!

    IMO, as he ages, a neat 5 o’clock shadow would be pretty awesome. So sue me! lol!

  7. Lol you guys crack me up ” not too helmety”, “Five o’clock shadow” and longgggg and lush hair!! Count me in on all three!

  8. Whew! Is it getting a little hot in here or what!?

    Seriously, I just want David to come back as a mature man ready to take on the world of music. It’s going to be very interesting to see if he keeps the same squeaky-clean look he has now or if he re-invents himself again.

    For anyone who thinks I want to “change” everything about him, it’s only his “outside” right now that I would like to change. His “inside” is just fine with me…for the most part. 🙂

    • I just want him to grow his hair after his mission, but I will even take the short hair if he would just get back to his singing career!

    • I’m with you a lurker 2, all that talk about looks is just fun superficial stuff that makes it fun for us diehards. After all he is a star and we are his fans and being that he’s not here to wow us into spazzvile regarding anything,,, song, career, acting, modeling, personal appearance, tv appearance, walking the red carpet on award shows, and on and on, hahaha and so many things are off the table to talk about, so I like light and fluffy. Actually, I could say a few things regarding his looks that would get me in a lot of hot water with some fans, so I’ll just smile and keep it to myself, lol.

  9. Remember this awesome site? (Language alert)

  10. Lol, I somehow got onto the old thread. Ha ha didn’t mean to post on it.

  11. Watching twangy Scotty; he has a little swag going on, lol. Poor Candice is stuck singing that coronation song.

  12. Ahhh, good memories of David’s SBM at A Capitol Fourth. And since we’re talking about clothes, I liked that color blue on him too 😉

    One of my fav July 4th performances from David is the patriotic medley he did at Stadium of Fire. His voice just soared through that stadium.

    That high, sweet tone at 2:47ish? Awesome. Strong and piercing. The whole thing was A+.
    Hope everyone has had an excellent July 4th!

  13. Been thinking, which always gets me in trouble, lol. David didn’t leave a Father’s Day greeting like he did for Mother’s Day and come to think of it, nothing was mentioned by Kari or his team. Am I wrong?
    It seems to me that we have gotten some sort of message for all special dates, but just don’t remember Father’s Day.

  14. Hi guys. I haven’t had the internet for awhile, & still don’t. lol. But I wanted to add re: the previous thread (sorry, backtracking..) to me, a “true fan” is someone who’s willing to make the effort to support their artist, so they’ll continue to have a career. Obviously, “support” means different things to different people, and we all have different ways of showing it. But whoever has his back, that is what I think of when I hear the words “true fan”.

    • That’s a good article! Thanks for posting.

    • That article was mentioned here a while back. The author sounds very much more mature than the young missionaries in David’s area, most of whom are so sad, sad, sad that those of us who fail to convert are living in such darkness and lack of the fullness of the truth. Perhaps they’ll have a better perspective once they come home.

    • Interesting article, yes. However not all the comments were positive.This from Beauford T, a former missionary who posted the following reply to the article which I found even more interesting & unfortuanately, probably more honest since it relates to the Here & Now, not the 1980’s.

      I too served a mission in Brazil. I loved my mission and had a great time. As I look back on the countless meals I was served in the very humble homes of my converts, I wretch with disgust of my work there.
      The average yearly household income in Brazil was less than $250 per month. Inflation at that time topped 1000% per year. These economic hardships never stopped me from telling my converts that they needed to give 10% of their income to a church before paying any other bill.
      I learned a lot of things on my mission in Brazil but, unfortunately, I didn’t learn that the LDS church was a scam until I returned. I wish I could give back every penny and opportunity that I stole as a missionary.
      The next time Betsy has the opportunity to walk through City Creek mall, I would encourage her to think of all the times she had to help pick dirt out of the beans that were prepared for her missionary lunches by her humble converts. What would they think if they only knew?
      What would they think if they knew what the LDS church chose to spend billions on a high class mall while bestowing the virtues of tithing to their humblest and poorest members.
      I can remember eating locally caught fish that tasted like mud because the family was too poor to afford any other kind of protein. They heeded the warning that paying tithing would ensure that they wouldn’t “burn” in the last days. I wonder how they would be very happy to see that the church provided a wonderful home for Porsche Design.
      I loved the people of Brazil and learned a number of valuable lessons there, but it pains me to think o
      f every convert that I hoodwinked into joining a cult founded by a con man. It brings me nothing but shame.

  15. Since we have somewhat been on the topic of image in this thread, I thought I’d put my 2 cents in. I think my favorite look for him was at the big radio show in Wichita. Not only his outfit but also the confidence he had on stage that night was very attractive, which is important for an artist.

  16. Ali- I agree 10000000000000000% that video should be listed under the definition of a “Rock Star.” He had it all, the throng of adoring fans, the swag, the on stage confidence, the voice, the jeans and the HAIR!!! Oh please let this be the man he brings back!!!

  17. Love the walk across the stage…that ‘ OH YEAH”, Ive got them eatting out on the palm of my hand! And he did!

  18. Funny about that Wichita performance. He was sick that night. (I was there.) He had to change his order of appearance and saw only a few people at the VIP. Also watched Natasha Bedingfield’s performance from under a blanket, offstage. But I do agree that his performances were amazing that night, too.

  19. Off topic … I had the chance to see singer/songwriter Janis Ian earlier this week. She spoke of the pressure of being labeled a child prodigy as a teen, the guilt she felt initially wanting fame over a career in music, the ups and downs of the music industry, and how appreciative she was to have one song that is known by people all over the world. Off course, I thought of David. 🙂 Singing one of my fav songs of all time, Janis Ian “At Seventeen”.

  20. hmm maybe the secret to a fabulous performance is cold meds?
    maybe a little less inhibition?

  21. There is a very funny article posted on Snowangelz. There is a rumor going around that David got secretly married. Her article is just hilarious about that and other rumors. Also there is a magazine article posted there from Singapore that was written at the beginning of David’s music career that is just hysterical. That was back when David was really honest and didn’t have any filter. I’m still laughing.

  22. Yeah, I wondered if the cold meds had him a little loopy.

    SnowAngelz is just great. (As is SoulDavid. Love the character of the different sites, and I think if I ever meet the site owners I should buy them dinner. Such commitment!)

  23. cotton candy

    i think it’s quite obvious that david prefers asian girls. probably cuz they are so cute, short, and giggly for the most part but he would say no to jennifer aniston?? ok then! guess there is no hope for the rest of us, lol! bye david

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