On Being a “True Fan”

This phrase has come up before and I’ve often wondered what is possibly meant by it.  Is that someone who buys David’s music and tour tickets? Is that a die-hard ODD fan who follows David everywhere – on and offline? Is that someone who loves him unconditionally and never criticizes him?

What say you, Soul Davidians? What constitutes a “True Fan”?


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  1. I agree with you about Falling. David wrote an amazing song at age 15. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-4YlDTrVQc I just never was a fan of some of the songs that Mike K helped write such as elevator. Eman really understood David’s talent.

    • Thank you for the link to Falling, Marie. That depth at such a young age.
      I think a lot of things contributed to David not putting out killer songs, certainly, influences around him had a lot to do with it. But I got the idea that he felt compelled to write, sing that were only clean, happy, encouraging songs…like it was his mission. Holding back always, anyway that’s how I saw it.
      If I had not heard Falling or heard his earlier videos from Star Search, I would think that has always been the David only capable of is sugary sweet songs that lack depth. Good songs, but not great that match his voice. BTW, unlike Peter, I do like some of David’s songs.
      Maybe now that he is in a real mission, he will be able to let loose because he has filled his obligation and is ready to really put into his music what most of us, including me, think he is capable of doing.

    • Didn’t Mike K help write Zero Gravity? That was pretty popular. It’s funny how some of the more popular songs were originally turned down by the label, and David had to fight for them.

      I also really like Falling, but the lyrics show his immaturity. His talent seems to lie in the music mostly. Perhaps if he had a regular lyricist to work with like with Broken, which I love, even though I have strong reservations about the Invisible Children organization.

  2. by the way a lurker i AGREE with you,

    • LOL, wouldn’t think you would feel any other way.

    • A Lurker – I also agree with you. Lurking is better but the best is staying away because this subject will always come up no matter what the original topic is. Some just love to “discuss” it and vent their “opinions”. They even try to take the discussion to other fansites. By the way, I am not LDS.

      “Soul David is a fan blog that celebrates the soul music dimensions and other aspects of David Archuleta’s artistry. ” “The subject of this blog is David Archuleta. No topic is off limits, but always be respectful of both David and each other. “

      • Exactly. The comment thread has once again dissolved into anti-Mormon rhetoric. Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but prudent folks know when to keep it to themselves. What some think is silly, others regard as sacred. And then to insinuate that A Lurker should “expect” to be mocked and ridiculed?

        Offensive? You bet. Tolerant? Not even close.

      • You know something I was just making a perspective of sacrifice and MY childhood.
        Please skip my comments if they offend you so. I do respect everyone’s view point including your however. As far as me stopping stating my view, I respectfully decide until the I’m told by the bloggers in charge to stop or not comment at all.
        And, I comment about a lot of things regarding David’s career and if you have read any of them, other they the ones that you feel I always go to, then you would know how special I think David is and how much I love his voice. Me going to some sensitive topics does not change that.
        I know by a lot of people that respond to some of my comments, that I’m not liked at all…but I have never disrespected anyone person.

      • I do not dislike you, cq. It is obvious how you feel about David, and I always enjoy the comments you make specific to his talent, music and career.

        I just think that religious and political opinions do not lend themselves to useful or rational discussion on a fan blog, as they are too often filled with rumor, misinformation, and, yes, bias. Some people thrive on contention; those who don’t are left at their mercy. It sucks the fun right out of the fandom.

      • It does say on the top right of this blog that no topics are off limits. If you think that different political and religious ideas are not fun for you to hear and shouldn’t be discussed, that would be a different blog.

      • The house rules also state to “always be respectful of both David and each other.” That doesn’t happen here either. If someone feels disrespected and says they feel disrespected, then they ARE disrespected. We can’t tell someone they are wrong in how they feel. We can only choose to act on it with some civility. Or not.

      • Not my intention to suck the fun out of the fandom. I will put this to rest, but I do want to clarify a few things, first in regards to what I said regarding my Catholic childhood experience, I know it was/is a fact and also regarding nun/priest, also know that as a fact. Now about the marriage ceremony in the Temple in regards to the Mormon religion, I will admit that I have only read that in the description of what is Mormonism, didn’t experience it first hand, So if I’m not correct, I wish that someone would give me the right information. I am sorry if I’m wrong, it will be great to know that I’m completely wrong and that all human being can go to the highest heaven no matter what they do here on earth.
        If you say I was disrespectful (your opinion) to Mormon Church, I think you can see that I was equally disrespectful to the Catholic church. But in all the criticism I received only the Mormon Church was being disrespected. As far as using the “R” word, I stand by it. I’m sure the Mormon Church (along with a whole bunch of other Churches) don’t respect same sex love and have put million to try to stop that kind of behavior. Are they being respectful of those people. Just saying.

      • cq, I hope you aren’t trying to justify equal disrespect. I am not foolish enough to try to dissuade you from your strong opinions, only sharing mine, equally strong. Also, I am not qualified to answer your Mormon questions, but if you really want official answers, click on over to lds.org or mormon.org where you are still free to agree or disagree. Peace.

      • Ok, ok I give I’m horrible!!!

      • There should be a “Hide” button here like there is on Facebook. A couple of times I’ve defriended someone when I got tired of their religious/political posts and I didn’t know them that well anyway. But for most of my friends or relatives, I think it’s best to ignore or hide political/religious posts that I disagree with or consider rude, unless I can correct a specific misconception or if I see a point to it.

        But I never, ever complain about what I perceive as them bashing my beliefs, or call them names like disrespectful. My son gets into huge Facebook battles, but it only ends up losing him friends.

      • What if you want the “unofficial answers” ?

      • If you want “unofficial answers”? That already seems to be part of the problem here, but if you need more I guess you are left to rumors, speculation, anti-Mormon websites and previous threads on Soul David.

  3. Thought I would share this here — Janel posted it at FOD.

    David attended a July 4th celebration at the U.S. Embassy in Santiago yesterday and sang the (U.S.) national anthem. The embassy posted pics on their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152994837300022.1073741856.92125180021&type=1

    Kinda cool that he still got to sing the SSB for the 4th even while out of the country lol.

    • So happy he got to sing the SSB.

    • I’m really happy that David got to sing the NA at the U.S. Embassy in Santiago, and we even got to see the pictures. Sure would be nice if someone would post a video.

    • Do any of you true fans know how to say in Spanish: “Please post the live recording of David on your Facebook page”. 😉

    • I guess this really confuses me. He is in Chile on a mission for what we have been told is a religious and private journey. But he is at the US Embassy singing. What is this about?

      • I would guess someone with the embassy probably asked if he would be willing to sing at the celebration. I’m sure they’ve known he was there since he arrived in 2012 — a rather high profile US citizen who would be living in Chile for two years. I don’t see anything wrong with it personally.

      • I would say nothing wrong with it at all. I just feel like mixed messages. He can do anything he wants.

      • Sorry if I was a little short in my reply. Some days I just feel like nothing can ever please this fanbase. We get upset if we hear nothing from/about David but then we get upset when we do. I guess I was just looking at how cool it was that he got to sing for the U.S. Embassy. I like that he’s having many different kinds of experiences on his mission.

        Always questioning what is right / not right/ allowed / not allowed / private / not private. It just. It will drive a person crazy around here. So I’ve made a conscious decision not to be crazy. Or at least, not crazy in that particular way lol. Some things in life can just be simple pleasures. There’s David. He was singing. It made me smile and now on to burgers, hot dogs and fireworks! 😉

      • It’s all good Ali. : ). But you can see that it might be confusing to some. Obviously any opportunity that we see David singing sets our hearts atwitter! Please excuse my lapse in full out ODD mode.

        Yes, you have a point it can drive you crazy.

        There is already a post to the facebook asking if there is video.

    • Seeing his face smiling like that is like taking a breath of fresh air! I need help.

  4. this site is alive and well with bothdisrespect for david and commenters alike

  5. My guess would be that David sets the terms for what he does and doesnt do. Communiating directly with fans isnt on that list but I am glad that singing ocassionally is!

    • lol! this made me laugh.

      I really don’t think David sets the terms for waht he does and doesn’t do though.

  6. My eyes must have missed the disrespect for commenters and David.

  7. ha ha ha candy take off the dark glasses,you have missed a lot, darn it david don,t you know you have to ask your fans before you do something,,not related to your mission

  8. bet anything if there is a video it will pop up one day!!

  9. And will I close my eyes and not watch? lol I am such a bad fan. ;o

    • I don’t really care if I am a bad fan.. I am just me. I will listen and watch any video concerning David.

      • Me too.

        Oh man, kimak, you got me hooked on “Paper Doll”–not just the song–I keep watching the video over and over, lol.

      • Me too and I read missionary blogs. I look at all pictures that are posted of David on his mission. Do I ever feel like I’m a bad fan – absolutely NOT. Everything I look at is on the Internet on blogs that are public. If they don’t want us to read them then they should be private.

  10. lol yeah.. Prancersize to John Mayer how much better can it get!

    this song is so mellow and his guitar.. is outrageous!

  11. Like this song. John Mayer is a great guitar player. I remember when he played Human Nature at MJ’s memorial service. Don’t know if they will ever last but I think John and Katy Perry make an adorable couple. I know John has a reputation and has said some stupid things in the past but they are cute together.

    • Agree with you John and Katy make an adorable couple. I love all of John’s songs and this video is total crack up. Also agree about his mad skills on the guitar.

  12. What Ali said 110%.

    Elder Archuleta singing the NA at the American embassy for a special 4th of July celebration – not confusing. I’ll bet it had something to do with the new mission president arriving in Chile this week. “Fans” being put out and annoyed because Elder Archuleta doesn’t want to communicate with them on his personal mission time – confusing.

    Expressing your opinion about David’s career or whether you do or don’t like a song – not confusing. Expressing an “opinion” over and over and over again that would be personally hurtful to David if he heard it, as if he were not a real person with normal feelings and things he holds dear, whether it be about his religion, his hair or all the things he better do and not do and change about himself when he returns, all the while maintaining you are “fan” – confusing.

    As Ali said – whatever he does, someone is going to hate it. Sometimes picturing him willingly coming back to that reality is the most confusing thing of all.

    • I agree that it is somewhat confusing that he doesn’t want to communicate with fans on his mission time, because he said beforehand that he would try to do that. So we can’t help but wonder what happened. This whole mission thing is very confusing. So many rules we can’t understand about what he can and can’t do especially as far as music and performing and being recorded.

      I’m with Ali and most everyone else, whatever we get, I’ll take.

      You find discussions about his hair out of bounds? Alrighty then.

      • I actually have considered all along that all the music David prepared before his trip to release for his fans was the way he was communicating with the fans. David is music and music is usually what a musician gives to his fans. I have been amazed (and I doubt that it has gone unnoticed in the Industry) that it seems that David has put out more music in the last few years than anyone and even though some may not think that is such a good thing, it does give his fans new ways to appreciate the nuances of his voice. Some songs that I don’t even particularly care for as songs, still give me beautiful parts to listen to – how he powers up his songs, how he sings them with great care. Anyway, I, personally, don’t need David to actually blog or tweet while he is gone even though I enjoy all the little treats we get of him singing while in Chile. It makes me really happy that people who might never have had the opportunity to hear that voice “live” are getting that chance in Chile especially because I have had the chance to see him a few times just within Northern California.

      • Now no discussion about his hair because it would be hurtful if he read about it, hummm.

      • I think we had a misunderstanding in what he meant by communicating – perhaps he thought his music and the little statements Kari shares and the pictures were what he exactly had in mind. Just a difference in what he meant by communicating and what fans had in mind – endless tweets or vlogs as before. As for the hair – it’s the tone of what is being said. My feeling is that if I would not tell him to his face – “I hate your short missionary haircut and can’t wait until you grow it out to the way I like it” – then it isn’t something I would want to say on a fan forum either. I don’t see the point of bringing it up, just like all the other stuff. It is what it is. But that’s just me. I never claimed anything was out of bounds, you are reading into my statement. I’m just stating what I find confusing about fans. Sometimes it seems that people want to change everything about him.

      • As fans, I’m sure most of us are very appreciative of what he prepared ahead of time and certainly will take whatever we can get. On Rickey.org a few weeks ago, though, he (Rickey) was really upset to find out that David’s “Broken” vlog was over a year old, after having posted it.

        LDS, you can’t have followed David very long if you think the discussion now is problematic. On the old American Idol forums, they had special names for all of David’s body parts, including his private parts. Discussion about his church was pretty frank. On other sites nowadays, there is a ton of talk about tight pants and girls. We’re actually relatively tame.

    • LDS, I get your point. Probably he would be better off just having a career that was exclusively in Utah and with only LDS fans, because they are the only ones that will protect him and would never say anything that would in anyway be hurtful to him. Maybe that will happen.

      • I know that you’re being a little sarcastic, but there was also plenty of hurtful talk by Mormons, including calling him a “freak” for not dressing correctly when meeting with his church leader.

        I don’t think anyone with a public career is immune. He knows not to take it to heart nor to pay attention to fan sites.

      • yes, I was being slightly snarky, but I feel that would be almost the only way he could be protected. But now that you mention, a lot of criticism came from Mormons also. Maybe he just needs to be in a protective bubble, lol. I think like you, he knows not to take to heart nor to pay attention to that sort of stuff on fan sites.

  13. I don’t know seems to me that is exactly what a lot of folks all over are doing.. not liking what you are up to and wanting to change you for ‘the good’.

  14. hmm his hair.. well he could lose it all together then we can all chip in and get him a white suit and shades like Pitbull. sexy and latino.. not too shabby!

    Mark Anthony he isn’t that bad either!
    gosh I sure hope David records a Spanish CD!!

  15. “Vocals upfront.” That’s what I would like to hear from David on record:

    • think with the right label and production that could be achieved. David has all the stuff needed just needs folks as talented as he is at what they do. hope for that too and that he deserves it.

  16. Ugh, All this arguing is so discouraging and then seeing his smiling face is so refreshing. I miss him so much. Way more tham I should.

    This movie came to mind. I remember sitting in the theater with my brohter watching this movie, each with our own stuffed Snoopy. We both were crying so hard because Snoopy had left. Do any of you remember it?

    I just have one more thing to say before I take a break and seek counseling:

    • I agree, David come home, but that won’t happen for many months. I also agree that if David is in the public eye there will be criticism. Actually the more popular you are the more criticism you get. David seems to be able to handle it. I really don’t think he looks at his fansites much and right now he doesn’t read anything on the Internet.

  17. Song of the day:

  18. right from day one folks have been going on about all things David. if it stops big trouble because it means folks don’t care enough to squabble or squee.
    can’t see that happening where David is concerned though.. he just has ‘it’.

  19. David is the Mitt Romney of the music industry. Think about it. Happy 4th!

  20. I would be VERY surprised if David was NOT reading these fan sites. I believe he has internet access and keeps up on all this. JMO here.

    • It’s possible. Wouldn’t surprize me.

    • Wait, I thought they couldn’t do that, only things pertaining to their mission. Now I’m really confused?!? I’m actually thrilled if he is that mean that he will be better prepared as to how he will handle his big time comeback!

    • No way. The missionaries barely have time to communicate with their families the short time that they’re on line. David didn’t read these sites even when he was home and had all the time in the world.

  21. cotton candy

    i voted for mitt too! think our country is now going in the wrong direction 😦

    • Four years ago the stock market was under 7,000 points–in the last couple of months it reached a record high of over 15,000 points. Objectively, that’s very much the right direction.

      • cotton candy

        cc halo~ possibly the right direction financially (but probably not) but certainly not morally, and personally i don’t trust the numbers coming out of wallstreet. it fluctuates wildly. i don’t think Jesus is impressed by stock market numbers.

      • cotton candy, I respect your opinion, like I said everyone has to live the way they see fit, but that hell and damnation is just not my bag, if that’s what you mean that Jesus is coming to save the ones that believe in him and destroy the world and the non believers. I rather see things in a brighter light.

  22. Yes, I’m sure the whole Mormon community voted for Mitt. Actually cotton candy, no matter who is in the White House, even if Mitt had won (of course I don’t have to say who I voted for, lol) I will always be optimistic about our great country!

  23. cotton candy

    cq~ that’s a very nice idea but not gonna change the fact that things will continue to get worse until Jesus returns. hopefully david returns before that happens cuz i haven’t met him yet! lol

  24. cotton candy

    sad for me? sad for the whole world don’t u mean? i’m happy knowing Jesus will return soon. but if u wanna know specifically what i’m talking about just read revelations(in the Bible) altho it is very difficult to understand.

  25. I am a huge fan of David because of his sweet, sincere , charming personality , his positive attitude, his way of communicating through music , and his amazing voice. ( Also his gorgeous smile and eyes !!) I’d love to see him have a really successful career,

  26. Interesting turn the comments have taken tonight. I’m no religious scholar so I’ll not embroil myself in the intricacies of what the Bible does and doesn’t say. I do find it important to learn more about the back story on all things though, including one particular section of the most-read book in the world:

    • Ali, interesting article. You got my brains cells working again, haha! I don’t want to go through the whole article and do an exhaustive counter explanation on every point. Some things I would also have to do more research on of course. Here’s the thing. This is an aritcle written by a writer who seems to want to prove that Revelaion is not valid, or a myth. He quotes only one so called “biblical scholar” , although she doesn’t have a theology degree to add to her name, nor a Biblical studies degree. She has a degree in religion. She studied ancient Egyption texts. I say all this because when you post something like this as if it is a reliable, objective source, you really should research to make sure that it is indeed reliable.

      For instance, and I’ll just make this one last point without going further into what was said in the article. The first thing that I found suspect about it was when the writer claims that no other book in the NT reads like Revelation. This person must not know about passages fouund in Matthew 24 and 25, or 1st and 2nd Thessalonians. Right there, he proves himself to be unreliable. Not sure he’s ever read the New Testament.

      I think the reason people write articles like this and try to prove Biblical texts to be myths is because they don’t want them to be true. The question is, why not? If it makes people feel better to think that the Bible isn’t true, than that’s fine. They can believe what they want. It doesn’t change the fact that prophecies written all throughout the Bible are coming true in this day and time, right before our very eyes.

      My hope is that if someone is really interested in finding out about the validity of the Bible and/or the book of Revelation, that they would study mutiple reliable sources from mutiple reliable scholars. Of course, it would also be very important to read the Bible and Revelation for yourself. I think finding out the truth about the Bible is actually the best and most important thing a person can do in life, because if it’s true…………….think about it.

      Now, time for that break.

      • As someone who does research for a living, I am indeed aware of the need to find multiple sources for any information. I did not say that this article was the end all, be all of explanation. I was merely offering another perspective to what was already being expressed in this thread. Question all things would be my life motto.

        People have thought for hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of years that the current time was the end times referred to in Revelations. And they all had quite good explanations that fit the scenarios offered. I guess you could call me a skeptic but if something has never happened ever, then I’m a bit disinclined to believe that it will happen tomorrow. If it does, well then I guess I’ll be proven wrong. But I won’t be cancelling my hair appointment for next week in anticipation of it lol.

        However, if groups of people are inclined to believe it is so (and make an entire cottage industry from books about it and movies about it) then that is entirely their prerogative. The only time I would sincerely worry is if they all decided to drink the kool-aid.

      • Exactly my feelings Ali, but you, of course, said it, so much better than I could ever do.

      • Ali, cool that you do research for a living. I also love to research. I’m a research geek. I’m not going to be canceling my hair appointment either, lol. I’m still going to try to save money for my kids’ future. Listen, there have been many books, movies etc. I’m not trying to defend them and never would! Many of them get it wrong. There were some things the blogger said that I agree with. However, he was using our end time culture as a stepping stone to try to refute the Bible. I will try my best to defend the Bible, which I’m continually doing extensive research on.

        It’s good to get another side of the story. My concern is for people who will stop their research with that the blog you posted. I’m encouragning them to consider the source, make sure it’s reliable, look at many reliable sources. This is why I felt I had to comment on it.

        There’s a difference in our culture between those who say the world is coming to an end and those who say that Jesus is going to return, which He will. He said He would. I know that for hundreds of years we’ve been hearing all kinds of end times predictions, and possibilities.

        To be short, I’ll give you just a couple of prophecies that have happened within the last 60-70 years: Israel became a nation again in 1948, Jersuselem is back under Israel’s control, 1967. Jeruselem will be a source of worldwide disagreement and dishevel, happening now. Certain countries in the world that were predicted in the BIble to come against Israel and Jersuselem are aligning with each other right now. This has never happened in the history of the world. These countries were not allies before, so it’s very unusual that they are joining together right now in recent years. 50 years ago people would have laughed at the thought of these alliances, not today. Those are just a few.

        Anyone can believe what they want. I’m sharing what I know to be true. I’m not against you or anyone else, yet I feel that I’ve offended you. I’m sorry if I have.

  27. Obviously no minds will be changed here, but just putting in my two cents worth.

    Confirmation bias tends to make us remember the few predictions or prophesies that come true, and yet we forget the many many that don’t come to pass. Things tend to happen as you would expect them to happen without any supernatural intervention, and yet we look for and find patterns and outcomes that we expect to find, based on our own bias.

    One demonstration that I thought was interesting is when a speaker showed how a person in an audience was “psychic”. He divided the audience into half, asked half to choose heads and half tails and tossed a coin. The ones with the incorrect choice sat down, and then he proceeded to divide the audience with each coin toss, until he finally ended up with a single young man who had correctly predicted around a dozen tosses in a row. It would seem pretty remarkable if you didn’t take into account the “law of large numbers” in probability theory.

    Having been religious, I know what it is to try to see supernatural intervention where it doesn’t really exist. Our adoption of kids with special needs can be seen as an inspirational story, and so I was once asked to speak about it on Mother’s Day in church. Following the pattern of church speakers, I put a spiritual, miraculous spin on the story, but I later realized that it was just me trying to follow the pattern that had been instilled in me through years of religious indoctrination.

    I was raised in a church that didn’t believe in doctors (not the church in the previous story, btw). We had testimony meetings every week filled with miraculous healings that people had experienced. Yet born-again Christians thought we were a cult–so how would they explain the healings? Probably the same way I would explain prophesy seeming to come true.

  28. cchalo, Thank you for your views. I also thank Ali,cq and cotton candy for theirs. I know you’ve decided to give up religion and church. May I ask if you still believe the Bible?

    I want to take that break, but as long as we’re talking on this subject, it’s really hard for me to.

    • When I saw the title of Julia Sweeney’s very funny monologue–Letting Go of God–I was terrified to listen. (I also didn’t listen when my brilliant teenage son said, “You KNOW it (God) can’t be true.”) But when I finally did listen, years later, it profoundly affected me. I was never Catholic like she was, but her story still related to mine–even the part where the LDS missionaries help start her journey. In her story, she takes Bible classes, which she finds very disturbing. When she sees people walking to church with their Bibles, she says she wanted to shout, “Have you even read that thing?” I guess that’s my question also.

      I wonder how can people even justify the really disturbing and absurd things about both the Old and the New Testament. How can people base their lives on the writings of slave-owning Bronze-age/Iron-age Taliban-like people, who didn’t even know that the earth rotates around the sun, or the germ theory of disease?

      We totally ignore huge parts of the Bible. (Neither of my churches were Bible literalist, but that’s a whole other conversation). Should we stone David to death because he works on Sunday? Should we not eat shellfish or wear mixed fabrics? Should we be rude to our mother like Jesus was to Mary? Should we prohibit women from speaking in church? I think we’ve come so far in society, in terms of tolerance and individual rights, no thanks to those ancient Biblical views.

      • I’ve read the Bible over and over again. I don’t know how many times, all throughout my life. I take it in context. I love studying the historical and cultural context of it. I don’t ignore any part of it. I know some of it can be hard to take. Still, I come away from it with a completely different view of God than you. The God I find in the Bible is loving and holy.

        I understand that some things in it are perplexing and hard to swallow. Even as a Bible believer, sometimes I have questions and confusion, but when taken in context, especially when I ask God to give me understanding, as well as, read what Biblical scholars say who have done word studies, cultural studies, etc. it makes much more sense.

      • I appreciate your thoughtful responses. I guess we each decide what’s important to emphasize for ourselves. Both of my children’s birth-mothers have become born again Christians, and I know for one of them, that it virtually saved her life, because of her alcoholism.

        For me, though, I wonder why we give God a pass. If we had an earthly father who gave us life and a beautiful home, and yet who blinded our sister or starved our brother to death in order to teach lessons, test us, reward us later–or any reason–we’d still realize that he was a monster and throw him in jail. If I believed, I’d be very angry.

      • I thought we needed an even number of comments on this awesome post. Haha! Anyway, cc, thank you for sharing about your childrens’ birth moms. It is awesome what God can do in a person’s life when they come to know Him. IT’s so great that you’ve adopted children with special needs! What an act of compassion.

        I also have children with special needs. My oldest daughter was born with a life threatening malformation. I wont go into details about what we went through w/her, but I can tell you that during my hardest times, Jesus was so real to me. I never felt closer to Him than at those times. He was my only source of peace. She still has the malformation. It makes her look noticeably different and still has the potential to be life threatening, but God has kept her safe for many years.

        What I want to say is that I’m sorry you feel that way about God. He is real. He is your creator. He loves you very much, enough to give His life for you. He wants you to know how much He loves you. When you experience that, it’s overwhelming. I really do hope you’ll give the Bible another try. Ask God to reveal Himself to you through it. I recommend starting in the New Testament because it is the fulfillment of the Old Testament (covenant), which is the law, and the beginning of the new covenant of grace.

        I have a song to share. It’s old so, may sound a little dated at first, but keep listening, it’s beautiful.

      • I think that you are just as incorrect as you think I am. Believe me, being raised in a church where belief in God was our only healer (no doctors), I’ve been there. I’ve had dramatic healings, which I now know work just the same without the belief. I don’t like it when people say that they used to be atheist, now they know better, so I’ll shut up now and try not to be the same way.

      • Ok, one more thing…hating not letting it go…but…

        Do you think that if our daughters were born 200 years ago without modern medical care, and through prayer alone, that they would still be alive?

      • I think there’s some confusion. I guess by not telling you the details of my daughter, I didn’t make myself clear. I wanted to mention her because you talked of a “monster” god causing blind people to be blind and so forth. I love God and know He loves me even though my daughter was born this way.

        My mind is tired too,so I may be misunderstanding you as well. I’ll tell you a little more about her just so we understand each other better. Her first year of life she went through experimental treatments, medical treatment, not yet ok’d in the U.S. Actually , they’re still not. These treatments helped to shrink the cysts surrounding her throat and tongue area. Because I’m a believer, I credit God with the healing effect that took place. There were some strange circumstances that happened as well that I know were a result of specific prayers. I know you would not see it the way I do.

        The answer to your question is- there’s a chance that without modern technology and medical treatment, she could have died. She was given a trach at a few days old and had it until she was 3years old. I believe God gave us brains for a reason and modern medicine is a result of that. Some people today though, still have to suffer through the death of a child, even with prayer.

        Just to clarify, too, she is not healed of the malformation, only the threatening effects of it thus far. My larger point was the healing that took place in my mind and heart as I went through difficult circumstances.
        Is your daughter ok? Don’t answer if you feel uncomfortable.

      • My daughter is doing really well. She’s in college now, having played softball, and been a cheerleader and homecoming princess in high school. She has an adorable boyfriend and has been traveling around the country on her own for various events this summer. She always used to get “Most Inspirational” awards in school and sports, because she’s so happy and outgoing despite (or maybe because of?) her differences. (My son’s differences are emotional/mental and he struggles so, despite being perfect physically and very handsome). Thanks for asking.

      • Great to hear about your daughter!! Wish you the best in continuing to raise both of them. I really admire you for what you’ve done.

  29. Wow, cc halo, I get your point now. I’d like to think about all you’ve said. Maybe reply back later. THanks for being open.

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