When David Returns

Poll Time!

I’ve been wondering – when we brought up the subject of David’s management earlier this week – what his team has in store. And I don’t mean what new (and old) items they’ll throw our way during David’s absence. I’m wondering what the ground plan is when David returns.

So, here’s a poll to see what most of you would hope. 🙂

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  1. A Lurker 2-The reasons you mentioned can definitely be applied to where I am with my fandom at the moment. When David left, I decided to step back(but not be invisible) and reacess what time I have left on this planet. I didnt want my paper legacy to say “She spent the last five years of her life blogging on a David Archuelta Fansite” which by the way I loved doing. So with David away I reevaluated my priorites and took care of some much neglected business. I still come to the fansites daily, maybe not with the same intensity, I still buy Davids music, and plan to be at as many concerts as I can when he returns! David and I are still “soulmates” (only he doesnt know it) and we are still connected at the heart. And if life treats me well I will be in the Phillipines where he returns there next April!!

  2. candy~ maybe you could be an extra in NA2! 🙂

  3. Not only did some die-hard fans use this time to focus of other things, so did one of the very first fansites dedicated to David. They made the decision to “take a cue from David & focus on their lives & go fishing”. lol!
    Does that make the owner of AFS who is a friend of David’s family & the other admins any less dedicated to David than the owners/admins of the fansites still up & running? No it does not. I’m glad the sites still up are
    still up for the fans still needing a place to go to for their David fix. It’s difficult to come up with new articles
    when the subject is not here & nothing is going on so kudos to those admins. As for HG & this blog, she has the hardest job because she comes up with the most interesting, thought provoking articles some of which result in lively & somewhat controversal discussions and she has no help, no staff writers or admins. Just herself. Now THAT is dedication! The great thing about SD is the freedom HG allows us within a few parameters. Having the freedom to express ourselves & how we feel about David & his time away has been one one the best gifts HG has given to David & the fans who comment & lurk here because as much as we admire David, it’s not always rainbows & unicorns. lol!

    “Soulmates”? Yeah, I would say there are many fans who feel that way about David.

    • totally agree.
      I really can’t thank HG enough for this site.

      Off topic: been listening to Adele, she to me is the female David as far as voice goes. Absolutely love her voice. My dream duet Adele and David, sigh. A killer song that will leave me breathless…MAGIC!!!!

  4. HG is very dedicated and her blog is a credit to her commitment to David. HG is a very talented writer who is able to make some very thought provoking posts. The freedom to express your opinions is what I like about SD. I agree with you a lurker 2.

  5. Just finished re-watching the MOTAB Silent Night and looked at MOTAB’s top youtubes. I guess they just started putting them up a while back and I decided to click on the top-viewed (David’s Motab concert is the 2nd most viewed): Alfie Boe “Bring Him Home” (December 2012) from LesMiserables and whoa! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI4jb-Aca9M

  6. The latest tweet from Kari got me thinking about communication from David. It was really nice for him to wish his friend good wishes with her movie. So to me, it meant that he is in the know about what is happening here. My way of seeing it, even though it was a good wish for a friend, it was still entertainment related. Still don’t understand the lack of communication with his fans that really are his bread and butter, for lack of better words, when it comes to his music career. Really doesn’t matter if I understand it or not, it is what it is…sometimes I just say HUMMMM!!!!

    There is one thing about commenting that I feel might help David’s career. I’m sure that his team is viewing, so it might help knowing what fans are thinking/wanting etc. Anyway that’s the way I see it.

    • I once read an explanation for the limits on communication in a mission that makes sense to me, though anyone with more information please feel free to disagree.

      “The Mormon missionary program is the test of manhood in the Mormon culture. It is analogous to the old custom that a young man must kill a lion before he is eligible to marry. It is a coming-of-age test ritual, which if failed, will result in social death. This is why it is so important.”

      They go on to explain, that the elder males deprive the young ones of their normal social supports, entertainment, free time, relations with the opposite sex, etc. in order to develop deeper loyalty and commitment to the group, kind of like an initiation to a fraternity.

      I suppose some of this can apply to the women as well.

  7. cq. remember brook is mormon also he could know about her through the church

  8. Still ray, why is even the church discussing something that has nothing to do with religion other than the person happens to be Mormon.
    It really doesn’t matter, he is/and probably always will be such a good supportive friend and probably felt that it wasn’t about him, so it was alright to share, it’s all good.

  9. Happy for Brooke that her career is doing so well, liked her but of the girls in AI7, she wasn’t my favorite, but up there, liked Carly. One thing, I’m a little jealous of her fans because they have there star, just makes me miss David and his career that much more, lol.

  10. And can someone explain to me how after being away two years on a mission exclusively focussed on the job at hand saving souls and converting the agreeable to Mormonism he would have the time to play around with music, bounce lyrics and thoughts of melodies much less practice any other music (besides hymns for most part). How would he have been able to define much less refine HIS sound/style. Realisticly I think when he returns he should hang around with a bunch of musicians and get comfortable with these creative people and just bum around a bit. My two cents for this question of what he might do after his mission.

    Did I mention he should bum around to other countries and sample some experiences there. I may have already said that at one time or another. So sorry I forget sometimes and may repeat myself.

    At first I just wanted him to tour so I could hear him but I have changed my mind.

    Zara-You want David to come to the UK? I think there and a bunch of other places not just Philippines cuz he is already comfortable there. Needs to stretch some more jmo.

    • ITA with you Ram. He should take the time he needs to reconnect with music in general imo. I think that he can afford to take his time when he returns. I don’t think that making a good comeback in the music scene will depend that much on his existing fanbase but more on the music and the sound/image he’ll give. It’s the way to generate positive interest in his career, how long he was gone doesn’t matter that much if the music is good. Also, maybe unpopuar opinion but I don’t think that it’s that important regarding his future career if some fans are not willing to hang around until he releases new music. They’ll eventually come back if they like his new music, it’s not a big deal even more considering that he’ll have to restart his career and rebuild a fanbase, gain new fans (a lot of new fans lol) and remind his fomer ones why they liked him.

    • I forgot to answer you question lol
      yeah I’d love it if he spends some times in the UK to work on his music.
      You know, I think that authenticity is the key for David and his music. No matter what his sound will be, it’ll have to be authentic, to be him.
      There are so many new (and not so new) emerging artists from the UK who are able to create so much interest for their music and to connect with so many different persons outside of their country ( just to name a few : Adele, Ed Sheeran, Olly Murs, Passenger, Emeli Sande, Jake Bugg, Ben Howard, Labrinth, Cher LLoyd,Tom Odell, Alex Hepburn, etc). And the thing is that they seem to privilege the music over the image (without neglecting it but it’s not the selling factor). As examples, Adele doesn’t fit the standard when it comes to a young singer because she’s considered big in a society that prones size 0 as a factor of success, Ed Sheeran is loved by so many young girls and they still admit that he doesn’t fit the young and beautiful heartthrob image.
      I’d love it if David works with new producers and new songwriters who’ll take the time to understand him as an artist and who’ll know how to showcase his voice. Producers and songwriters who’ll privilege his musicallity, his sensibilities, his experiences instead of going with what’s working for the moment because they only want to create a sure hit. I remember someone here asked what do we call current or relevant music (i think it was Ray) but it’s difficult to answer because those terms are not exclusive to one sound or one genre. But I think that they apply more to how a song is produced and how a song match the image of the artist. I can’t really explain myself well (I should consider taking English lessons lol) but what I’m trying to say is that the artists who have more of a lasting power and who make a deeper impact in the music scene are those who have a unique sound or seem to be authentic and sharing something special in terms of music with their listeners, those who have a particular universe and make it interesting to follow them as real artists without trying to replicate the pop/danse hits that the radios love to play. And they are still considered current and relevant.

      And I wanted to share a song from Tom Odell called Another Love here ( I think it’s ok if I promise that I’m still a David fan lol)

  11. You got a point Ram, but if does what you want him to do, which to me is like him stepping back from an active music career, I doubt if he will have the remaining few fans hanging around for another several years until he gets his act together. Not only that, would anyone in the business be interested, I don’t know…To me it seems like he needs to build his career a bit before he has the luxury of disappearing again.

  12. Yes you are right but to my question about his sound/style when? when? and how did he have the time to develop it and have a chance at an original composition that would catch on.

    • Billion dollar question…It seems to me that a fan had mention a while back, that his friend and singer also, I think his name is John Paul, wrote a song while he was on his mission (not religious I believe) and released when he came home. So maybe David might have “some” time to work on his music/sound/etc?!?!

  13. when he returns i think he should get a band together and then collaborate with them on the songwriting. it’s very difficult to write songs on your own. or if major label signs him then they will find the songs for him and he won’t have to spend time writing anything. that would save alot of time!

  14. He still has to define his sound. When would he have done that?

  15. would love for him to go the michael buble route but apparently that doesn’t appeal to him so i would like to ask david~ who exactly are you and what do you want?

  16. ram~ we posted at same time! as for defining his sound, yeah good question! he can’t continue with his previous sound cuz it didn’t sell well but i guess he could do that if he wants but he probably won’t be able to make a living 😦 what a sad situation

  17. maybe he could focus more on acting cuz then he could be a working actor and do TV /movies/ commercials/endorsements, etc!

  18. So it didn’t sell well because of lack of promo or because his sound is of yet undefined?

  19. David being able to sing different types of music is both a blessing and a curse.
    Blessing because not that many singer have that ability.
    Curse because his sound is not defined.

  20. hopefully NA2 is being planned now and he can do that right away when he gets back!

  21. ram~ probably a combination of both. i love all his songs but none of my friends or family likes his songs so i’m like~what the heck? i don’t understand it.

  22. another weird thing to think about~ do i love david’s songs because i love david or because they are good songs? if i didn’t like his looks/personality so much would i still listen to his CDs? honestly i don’t know.

  23. I like the songs because of his voice. It is beautiful and his ability to phrase the words just right is like art to me but to sell his work I keep coming back to his sound so after all that I will stop here for now.

    • I like the songs because of his voice too and because it’s him. I hope that when he’ll release new music I will totally like it and not only because he’s singing them.

  24. i love his voice too and so he could sing anything. hate how the music business makes them pick one genre.

  25. maybe he will have to have a regular career like music teacher or vocal coach or something and then still record the songs he wants to whether they sell or not.

    • Humm, yes, he could also be anything else and still record songs, heck I guess I could record songs and I can’t sing at all, lol.
      As far as David being able to make a living, no brainer, yes, he would be able to make a living…thing is from what I have read, heard from him, his passion is music and he wants to make a living out of singing, so anything that doesn’t fill that wish to me might fall short for him, jmo.

    • David live is the way to go.. how about his own restaurant with him as the live music.

      • good idea kimak 🙂 i’d go there!

      • lol, good one, but the restaurant business might been even harder to have success than the music business, lol.

      • I hope he can think bigger than that. But I agree, there is no comparison to hearing him live.

        Like cotton candy, I also sometimes wonder if I would like his songs as much if I didn’t also like his personality/looks. The other day I was listening to a playlist with some gritty, deep-voiced male singers, and then David’s “Somewhere Only We Know” came on, and it sounded so thin and immature by comparison. So I get how some people may not like his music.

        However, many of his recorded songs give you the shivers, just not all.

  26. i just hate how it’s all about the money. that ruins everything 😦

  27. Could not stay away. David needs a wealthy benefactor. : )

  28. I like JT, Adele or Buble. Am a fan of all 3 them. But since Kari is already connected with JT, he might make some sense a mentor for David. JT sure has the money.

  29. i think adam levine has his own record label. i’d rather see him help david than JT.

  30. i bet if he did a duet with demi lovato it could be a huge radio hit 🙂

  31. I just want to say how much I’m enjoying everyone’s comments regarding David’s career. It truly makes the wait better for me anyway, when I can talk regarding all things David, lol.

  32. cq~ same here 🙂 if we didn’t have each other to talk to during this time without david i think then it truly would be over.

  33. I want David to come back and smash everyone’s preconceived ideas about him. He’s not all one thing.
    Broadway, and not boring Broadway. If he starred in the Book of Mormon before launching a tour, he’d build on his fanbase in a huge way. I’m being serious here. His voice and humor would have millions falling in love with him. How could they help it?

    • Humm, I would love for him to do the Book of Mormon, but do you really think he would it? that would be awesome, sure could draw from experience to enhance his performance!

  34. would be great if David did Broadway and movies one day.. love all he does!

  35. hell0g0rge0us

    David should definitely do Book of Mormon! He needs to be the first to be able to poke fun at himself – both for fans and non- fans who take his LDS faith oh so seriously.

  36. Doing the Book of Mormon is exactly the type of career move that David should do. Plus it is a great Broadway musical and I would love to see David do Broadway. Now that would be a good plan that could be put into place right now by his team.

  37. Good poll question – would David do the Book of mormon on Broadway? I know how I would vote.

  38. There is a cast member of the Book of Mormon who was an actual missionary. He has very fond memories of his mission–it still brings him to tears. He did leave the church though, due to being gay.


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