David Does Karaoke

Almost forgot to highlight this little bone that was thrown our way on David’s Twitter:



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  1. Loved that little bone thrown our way. So refreshing to see David outside that serious missionary mode.
    Really can’t wait to get back the David that I love so much…the phenomenal singing artist with a fun/funny dry sense of humor.

  2. BREAKING NEWS !!! mormonChurch-owened utha nbc affilate to air SNL

    • The disturbing thing is that the church owns so many businesses that have nothing to do with religion, it’s like a monopoly. Of course even the church, it really comes down to money.

  3. I never did quite get the LDS Church opening a bazallion dollar Mega Mall with exclusive upscale stores. I guess like any organization…its a business.

    • thanks candy, i was not aware of that either. so their morals/beliefs don’t come into play when there is money to be made?! i find this shocking, if it’s true.

  4. wow, isn’t that like the very definition of hypocrisy? how can this be true?!

  5. Wow, perhaps this is a record. It took only two comments from a totally unrelated post to turn the conversation back to bashing the LDS church. Getting a bit old for me.

    • I was just laughing at the same thing—a one-comment leap from David’s karaoke picture to speculation on LDS Church finances.

      Many churches have for-profit businesses which operate separate from their religious organization, and they pay taxes on profits earned. The LDS Church runs similarly, and they seem to be very good at it. One difference is that LDS leaders are not paid salaries.

      Easy research shows that the worth of the LDS Church is a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the vast financial empire of the Catholic Church, which has many billions in art and real estate holdings alone.

      • You are so right there, yes, the Catholic Church is also big time guilty, it really is such a shame, but being that LDS Church is a tiny drop in the bucket doesn’t make less wrong. So no one in the LDS Church gets paid in any sort of way? That’s great, but it still doesn’t make the vast holdings right.
        I totally agree with you, it’s all organized Churches that have this kind of problem, using the members money for these kind of capitalism.

      • I disagree with the comment that it is great that people in the LDS church don’t get paid. My view is people that work for a church have the right to make a living too. I guess I see it that way because my dad was a Protestant minister and my husband currently works for a church. If David was a member of a Protestant church he could earn a living as a Music Minister. We have one at my church.

      • Sorry Grammyj, you are right, really nothing wrong with being paid to do a job. And, that comment was a bit of a snarky one, I believe there might be some sort of reward.

      • I have to disagree about “One difference is that LDS leaders are not paid salaries”. The full time leaders may not call it a “salary” but they do receive a stipend or living expenses.

        Both the Mormon & Catholic church are also similar in that they are huge empires whose financial holdings are worth billions.

        Another similarity is their strange & weird “rituals” they practice in the name of Jesus Christ. Strange because if one is to believe the Bible account of Jesus life, no where did HE practice any kind of ritualistic characterizations in huge, opulent, extravagant buildings during his sermons.
        Neither church is anything “like Jesus”. Not the Jesus I read about.

      • Right on A Lurker 2 and I was raised Catholic and am not unhappy with my upbringing, but then again, it was my mom/dad family that made it such a happy upbringing, not the Church. So many of the practice I totally disagree with. So happy were I am now with my beliefs.

      • LDS leaders are reimbursed for living expenses while on assignment; however, there is a difference between that and a salary.

        Not familiar with rituals of either church, but isn’t that part of their worship? Strange to call it strange, as there are many different customs and rituals in most religions and cultures. I bet everyone of them is strange to someone. There were also temples in Jesus’ time, and temple rituals are described in the Bible. Jesus taught in the temple and participated in the Passover rituals, which makes me think there may have been others.

        As far as “opulent buildings” go, I doubt that most LDS temples or Catholic cathedrals cost more to build than the giant sports arenas that seat thousands and host their own bizarre rituals. It just depends on what you’re worshipping.

        HG, I think it’s time for another moratorium on religion. Some of the best discussions occurred during the last one.

      • There were not temple(s), only one temple. It was destroyed in A.D. 70 and hasn’t been rebuilt since.

      • That would be the Jewish temple of the Bible, only one.

    • A lurker, the first comment was about the post.
      And, I know that Ray posted that comment because he thought it was real good news for the Mormon church I’m thinking.

    • That’s an interesting article. I had heard about the announcement earlier this week but didn’t know the full scope of things. It makes sense and honestly I think the church is a bit behind the curve on this. I can see the need for door-to-door in rural, impoverished areas with little internet access but otherwise? Not so much.

      It was startling to see the number of missionaries they expect to have in the field by the end of this year due to the reduction in starting age. 85K! When the previous high was just over 60K. You know what would help level that out? Shortening the length of current missions. Just sayyyyyyin 😉

      • LOL, shortening the length of a “special superstar”

      • We can hope that happens.

      • Well yeah David would be included (he obviously would have the most impact on me lol) but really for all the guys. I was just thinking how 2 years is a long time to go without seeing your loved ones or being able to have a real continuous connection. What if they dropped the mission length to 18 months for everyone? Clearly the church feels that 18 months is enough to have a real impact since that’s the amount of time females serve. So why not do that for the guys too? I mean, if you have so many missionaries available why do the guys need to be gone 2 full years? Just thinking out loud here.

      • does that mean David could be home for Christmas?

      • LOL kim — probably only in our dreams

      • Hah, that would be awesome to have him home early without shame. FWIW, I was told on a thread here over a year ago, that two years was the right amount of time because they do their best work in the last 6 months. I asked the obvious question of doesn’t that mean that the women miss out then? Didn’t get a satisfactory answer, only that being older, they settle in faster or something. Not sure how that rationale stands up now that the females are younger.

    • Yes, I think great news, always had a problem with door to door.

  6. I’m going to comment on the topic of the post – the David karaoke picture. I checked on Facebook and it has over 7,200 likes. I’m glad that David still has his social media. Hopefully he can use it as a start to get back in the music biz once he is home again. I wish we had a you tube video of David singing during the karaoke session!

  7. someone on twitter just implied that david is an advocate of same sex marriage. i seriously doubt it.

  8. theres a pattern here

  9. Awww Ray, life is basically a series of patterns, some are clear and easily understood, others are like muddy water, they all repeat on a regular basis.

    The Catholic Church is one of the wealthest organizations on the planet…only difference financially, instead of building a mall they built Vatian City!

  10. Hello Gorgeous

    I’d rather we get back to the topic at hand (David does karoake!) and leave the LDS church out of it. Besides, isn’t it more fun to guess what song David was singing karoake to? 😉

    Or maybe that’s just me. To be honest, I just don’t care about the LDS church and their goings on. Most of us wouldn’t either, if we weren’t fans of a certain member.

    So, let’s keep the focus on that one LDS member, okay?

  11. No fair Kimak @9:26 just make me him that much more, lol.
    Can’t wait for him to be on TV again!

  12. David looks Filipino in that picture. Don’t know what he’s singing but the facial expression makes me think it’s a ballad.

    • Yes, David can look Filipino. I think he has been mistaken as being Filipino especially when he did the mini-series. Yes, looks like it was a ballad. I wonder if they were singing American songs or OPM music. Maybe both.

    • I agree that it does seem to be a ballad, but he looks like David, not different, imo.

  13. A little off-topic, but remember how David liked the Delta red-headed safety video lady? She’s in this one too, except it’s pretty funny:

  14. If you ever need to renew your subscription go to “Ave Maria” with ear buds. I do that every once in awhile. Thank you to the Latin language and to the Catholics who have dwelled upon the much loved Ave Maria in so many ways, although it is sung by many religions. What I enjoy the most about David is contained in his recording of that song.


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