A Michael Jackson Song David Introduced Me To

One of the social media things I miss from David has got to be his blogs. Granted, he didn’t do these as much once he switched to Twitter and his occasional vlogs.

Remember the blogs, when he would always give us a “Song for the Day”? I remember when he suggested Michael Jackson’s “Stranger in Moscow,” and I went, “What?! I don’t know that MJ song.”

One of those songs that came when his popularity started to wane. Anyway, both the song and video are really thoughtful and sophisticated.  David’s selection of it as a “song for the day” impressed upon me that the guy really knew his pop music.  So, on this fourth anniversary of MJ’s passing, I thought I would highlight the video here. 🙂

Hoping his kids are coping (poor Paris!).

On a side note, I remember Spike Lee had shared an anecdote, in which MJ called him wanting him to direct one of his music videos. And, in typical MJ style, he quietly asked Spike to look through the songs from his latest album and pick one that he’d like to direct the video for. Spike said he picked “Stranger in Moscow,” and MJ quietly told him, “What about ‘They Don’t Care About Us?'”

So much for choosing, right? 😉 Spike of course directed They Don’t Care About Us instead, and maybe folks would take this anecdote as proof that MJ was a controlling artist (but the great ones usually are – in fact, I could totally see David quietly getting his own way too while making it seem like he’s giving one of his collaborators “choice”).  MJ had a vision, and obviously the racially provocative Spike Lee was appropriate (in MJ’s mind) to tackle his racially provocative “They Don’t Care About Us.”

Still, when I see this video (which is superb, I think, in capturing his melancholia), I sometimes think: “Hmmmm, what would Spike Lee have done with this?”

Anyways, I also remember, with David’s “song choice” selection, how the Archies immediately went into angst mode: Was David alright? Is he really depressed? Why oh why would he suggest a song like this? (And some probably were bothered that David even admired the troubled pop star.)

My hope for David: to reach out to collaborators, despite his shyness, and have a vision for his songs (down to the music videos he wants for them).


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  1. I didn’t know this song either until David mentioned it. At the time, my guess was that he liked the song because it was authentic, ie, MJ was providing insight as to how he really felt about himself and his life at the point in time. At some point I hope hear David explain why likes it.

    After MJ’s death, I still recall David and Jordin Sparks’ friendly exchange of tweets re. the Bad video. David had never seen the extended version of it and Jordin was in disbelief.

  2. Hello Gorgeous

    I remember that! 😆 It was so cute. I was thinking, “Well, I was only a high school freshman when Bad premiered. I doubt David’s parents even hooked up by then!” 😛

  3. fabulous post.
    I as well hope David can get past his shyness to break out and be all that he can be.
    as for Stranger In Moscow always felt David like most of us has his own private demons that he deals with. wonder if this is so with most talented artists.

    Michael Jackson was so talented.

  4. I haven’t heard this song before but when I get a quiet moment later today, I’ll definitely check it out. And Archies can make most anything into a potential angst mode moment 😉 lol

    The MJ talk reminds me of when a fan asked him to sing Man in the Mirror at the Anaheim VIP. Even though he was caught off guard and couldn’t remember all the words, it’s still one of my favorite videos. Here’s to hoping he does the full song one day.

    • Shanny in Australia

      It’s late and hubby was asleep next to me when I decided to relive.this awesome vid you posted Ali. I heard hubby’s heavy breathing go quiet and I knew he was secretly listening to it too. Sure enough, only when david had finished singing, did hubby raise his head and ask me to turn it off now. I laughed and told him I knew he was listening and liked it. He didn’t respond. I know my husband, his non-response means I’m right. lol Between things like this vid, the Begin album and the MoTab DVD , hubby is becoming a (thinly veiled) closet Archie! Muahaha!

      (I’ve even caught him turning up the Begin CD, and drumming and singing away to it on several occasions. )

    • Ali loved that. think he killed a Happy Birthday that same VIP too?
      I really do hope we get that or any Michael Jackson cover one day. funny he starts off by saying he doesn’t remember how the song goes

      and then kills it. David is so naturally talented.

    • This is one of my favorite vids too, Ali.

  5. Loving this post Hg thank you.
    Love MJ and like billions I thing is was a musical/entertainer genius. So sad that this genius left this world with a tarnished reputation. Like Hg I hope his children are able to get the right kind of direction to be able to lead healthy lives, yeah poor Paris.
    Kimak, yes it does seem like most artists have private demons (mostly everyone I guess has them in some form or another). I too believe that David is no different, thing is that he doesn’t ever show that side in public. I believe that David has angst, depth and does have some sort of demon that he needs to deal with like most great artists. I do hope that we get that part of him through his writing. Imo maybe those deep, real songs will be the ones that will bring his career to new heights. I’m not saying that is the only songs he needs to do, heck would love a variety because I know he is so capable.

  6. flip flop,flip flop

  7. Just thought I’d post the link to the latest Missionary Blog with a couple group pictures of David. He sang “Happy Birthday” to the Hermana that wrote the blog in English and Spanish! Lucky girl.


  8. Hmm wonder if David would be a major headline WITHOUT it being a bad thing???? I just don’t think that he will get the fabulous great pr that he did when he made his announcement.
    Is the media going to be interested when he returns??? Hmm……now that would be so good for rebooting his career, sigh!!

  9. MJ was a genius on many levels. He used his creative genius to direct his videos, plan wardrobe, costumes, lighting, producing. His visions are what make him the King of pop, a mega super star!! And he had a darned good label that actually got him! Understood his creative genius and worked magic with it. Would love for something like that to happen to David. The right label get hold of him and really get who he is as an artist!!

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