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Is it just me, or is David’s Twitter rather sporadic this year? I figured it would be difficult to keep that going for a two-year absence, but what creative ways and what plans do you think should have been in place? How would you try to manage David’s Twitter? Or would you focus on something else?

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  1. I don’t know maybe his sisters re-hack his twitter account again? they were fun.
    unless David hires a professional team for all that I don’t expect very much.
    David is the reason his account was so successful.

  2. I agree with Kim about David being the reason his account was so successful. He was random/funny/endearing in a way that made many want to follow him. I’m not sure what more could be posted during this hiatus time. Last year there was still quite a bit happening but it seems like this year is more of a hibernation til 2014 mode? Honestly I would rather the more sporadic tweets than to have tons of “vote for David on this pointless poll!” tweets.

    Maybe as we get closer to the end of this year and in the beginning of 2014, there will be more to engage the fans with?

    Interesting to note that David has way more “followers” (or page likes, to be specific) on Facebook than Twitter. Almost 3 times as many, 3.47mil on FB vs. 1.34 on twitter. Not that it matters much because pretty much the same thing is posted on FB as twitter but I thought that was an interesting stat. I’m sure there’s a ton of overlap between the two but the extra 2mil+ following him on FB are important to keep in mind.

  3. Hg, very sporadic. I know that a lot of fans really didn’t want any albums/music songs released while he is gone, but I thought it was a good idea even if it did nothing to boast his career, but was little puzzled why they were released so close together. So got me thinking that the team might have some stuff to release now to get fans geared up for his return. Now I’m really not sure that is the case. As I said before, imo, the rest of this year would be great to have some stuff (song etc) to get his fading fan base geared up. Still hoping for some sort of plan that will create some much needed interest.

  4. So its ok for David to tweet that “its Blueberry ICE not eyes” with a HaHa but he cant say hello to fans…I will never ever get that!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 2m
    David just confirmed the lyric is blueberry ICE not eyes in NEBTD. This was his reply when I asked “Haha, it is blueberry ice.” (KS)

  5. Ray-I didnt miss that, its just that if he can say tell the fans…then why cant he personally do that? Especially with the new LDS missionary policy in place saying he can use the internet (Yes I know for mission activities) and can friend fellow mish on facebook. We all know he wont ever do that…Heaven forbid we might see something he wrote.

  6. and yes, Im about done with this whole communication blackout thing! David is lucky to have established a strong bond with the diehard fans…or he would be coming home to empty venues!

    • Uhhh not to be the bearer of bad news but he’s likely gonna already be coming home to empty venues (other than Utah, natch lol). Not sure the occasional hello on twitter will make much of a dent in that. It will be a rebuilding process for sure.

  7. Very true Ali, very true! I couldnt fool myself anymore about his blooming and budding career…I had to take a break from riding on the Good Ship Lollipop as I do have concerns, sure I hope they are all unfounded but for me personally, its more about being realistic. At this point in my life, I dont have the luxury of waiting years for that to happen. My life clock is ticking!

    • My grandma always says it’s good to take a big piece of realism pie along with a fluffy dollop of hope topping! lol no joke

      I don’t know the future, that’s for sure, but I bet you’ll make it to see him again Candy. If nothing else, we’ll send some of those Jersey boys down to Chile to deliver him to your doorstep. 😉

  8. I’m also done with the whole blackout communication thing, was ridiculous then and even more ridiculous now that we see that isn’t a problem at all.

  9. AND, I agree with Candy and Ali, his career is in very shaky ground right now. Hoping that I’m wrong, but yes sometimes I too get fed up with the whole thing.
    His career is nothing without fans, that simple.

  10. I shared my thoughts about the whole “blackout” thing on another site the other day but I’ll try to sum it up in a nutshell. First, I think he has every right to chose whether or not he should keep the fans updated while he’s on the mission. He did say in that last video, see ya in 2 years. And I’m willing to give him that.

    To me, where things get hairy is that he had also said that he would try to keep in touch and then did send a few thoughts and updates through Kari at the beginning. I think that created expectations among the fans that he would continue that. When it stopped without explanation, it caught the fans off guard and many have felt upset by it. It all could have been avoided with better communication from David. Just a short statement from him saying hey he wasn’t sure what to expect initially, things changed and that he really feels a need to focus fully on the mission, that he’ll see us in 2014, take care, love ya. That’s it. I mean, he’s already gone for 2 years. It’s not like little vague twitter messages would make a giant difference. It’s that expectations are not being met. Of course, this is just my take on it. I’ve always felt like David and his team could use more concise, clear communication though.

  11. isn’t it his issue if his career suffers because of his absence?

    • Absolutely his issue, but as a fan why wouldn’t I want his career not to tank? Whatever is said really doesn’t matter yes, but a fan can still voice their opinion.

      • cq I have no issue with anybody voicing their opinion.. just saying it was his choice to go on this mission sure he knew all this would happen.

  12. way I see it.. if David wants his career back he might actually have to go on TV, do interviews and yes maybe even an occasional awards show to get his name out there again. do I have a problem with that? heck no!

  13. Yes, as an ODD fan I had thought David would communicate with us more on his mission, at least through Kari. Unfortunately that is not the case so we just have to resign ourselves to that, but we certainly can complain about it! I’m also a realist and know that David will have a lot of rebuilding to do when he gets back. As I’ve posted before I think he should tour small clubs all over the U.S. His U. S. fans would be able to go and it would be like going to a V.I.P. We would be up close and personal.

  14. I myself on a few occasions have said when faced with a disappointment with a particular David decision that “I just want him to be happy.”. Well , what I probably meant was that he be happy as long as he was available to me to hear from him or have the opportunity to go see him in a not too distant place without too much of an outlay of cash. Now as ugly asvthatbsounds I guess I actually bellieved he would make singing to us as his mission.

    The current state of my fandom is shaky BUT I believe I will not be disappointed in the long run. I admit it has been rough. my feelings of disallusionment are my own with a dash of reality thrust upon me now that I admit that I would want this for my own son or daughter however painful. I want my young adult children to live their own lives, THEIR mistakes and THEIR successes.

    Where I am disheartened is with the lack of acknowledgement by some who feel that Candy and others are not entitled to their feelings. The Good Ship Lollipop is not the only legimate reaction to everything this fandom has been through.

  15. To answer HG’s question, David’s Twitter IS more sporadic this year, but I am not surprised. I do enjoy seeing anything that pops up on my phone from David’s account; however, if it really isn’t David himself tweeting at double-thumb speed, it doesn’t matter that much to me. To quote David from his last vlog: “We’ve done our best to make it all it can be. See you in two years.”

    Soul David averages more angst per comment than any other blog I read, but I agree that people have the right to worry or to complain, or just be sad. I decided months ago that I had to check my expectations at the door and hope for the best. It is what it is. If David’s attempts to resume his music career falter and die, David will be forced to do something else to make a living, and he will be fine. In all honesty, he will be in much better shape than I will be.

  16. I agree…what Davids absence has done for me is to allow me to revlauate my own involvement and what I want it to be. When he was here it was harder for me to do that…I was so caught up in the “pleasures of the moment.” So I took this time to catch up with my own life. I dont have a problem with others doing what works best for them. Do I still wish and want David to have a career and an opportunity to make music…you bet!! It just may be a little harder for him this go round.

  17. Just curious Whatever. As to David making a living doing something else besides singing, does that bother you at all? And as to him being in much better shape than yourself. I wonder about that? Especially considering he has said how much he loves singing and he even feels more comfortable doing that than speaking.

    It sounds as though you have removed yourself form getting disappointed. Sorry if I have misread your statements but I have come to realize I must take a healthier attitude about my own fanaticism. Again don’t mean to put words in your mouth. But I guess I don’t have a clear understanding why you would say that. If you choose to not respond, I respect that as that might not be what you choose to do.

    • Since so far Whatever hasn’t responded to you I will take a shot at what I think she/he might have meant. Of course we want David to make a living as a solo artist, but if he can’t he can certainly find another occupation. He is young and can be gainfully employed doing something else. He has already made some money so he could financially be better off than “Wharever”.

      I will add that even if David has to be a solo artist while working another job, I believe he will always sing. He could even still record and do shows while having another job. It is getting harder to make a go of it in the music industry.

      • I never considered David having another job in addition to singing. I just assumed if he wanted a family and wanted to spend time with them and not just here and there that he would’nt have the time for another job.

        As to his finances, I don’t know about any of that.

    • I did not mean to sound cavalier about the possibility of David doing anything but music, but perhaps you are right about me trying to protect myself from disappointment. In reality, even in my very rare moments of David career negativity, I cannot conceive of him not doing music. The entire world would have to be deaf.

      Like other fans, I have invested an inordinate amount of time and energy and emotion (and money) to follow him—willingly, I might add. While I have acquired a more practical perspective since his leaving, I would nevertheless be beyond disappointed to not see and hear him in concert again. Even while I wait, I am more about unconditional support than about playing the coulda, shoulda, woulda game with what he (or his team) does; but I do not want to categorically dismiss others who have that need.

      • Thank you for your response. I agree it would be devestating to think of David not doing music.

  18. should change the name of this site

  19. I for one am extremely happy with this site. I like going to all of David’s sites to see what’s up, but have found a home here. In other sites it’s more about the fans that’s post lives than about David’s career, with a few exceptions, so there is something for every fan.
    I’m a diehard fan, but doesn’t mean that I don’t like some of the things that are happening.
    Where some say this site make more comments with angst than any other site, I say this site is more honest than any other site.
    Other sites are doing what they feel is best for themselves as this site is also doing.

    • When I said that “Soul David averages more angst per comment than any other blog,” it was not an attack, or even criticism, but a fact. Just being “more honest.”

      There is also great writing from HG and plenty of strong opinions; but you can’t deny that we get bogged down in hand-wringing negativity at times.

  20. This site is very honest. That is what I like about it. Sometimes the truth can hurt a bit. To be honest I don’t even bother to go to other David sites any longer. Just no interest. David should be communicating more with his fans via Twitter ect. but it is all on David and his team if he wants a music career. It does not bother me at all as I figure it is his music career not mine. He is kind of starting from scratch when he returns except he does have some very supportive fans. I agree that It is what it is.

  21. OK OK I have just read every comment while listening to David singing You Can, Deperate and all of that great album. The real David album, including songs that he himself wrote. The deluxe version, remember?? Your ear buds await you. …

    Never doubt David the singer, writer, performer…

    He has more vocal abilities than two or three artists out there now, put together.

    A man so steeped in singing, writing and performing abilities will never have to think about anything else for a career…He will never be that “Desperate”!

    There were some parts of his life he wanted to
    adventure into and learn about. He has had some place he needed to be. Being so young and on his ‘restless’ road, he needed to go. So many young singers burn themselves out not having enough soul developed to carry them on.

    This is ‘Soul David’ we are talking about which takes a lot of time to develop,

    You remember the things that haven’t happened, things that he didn’t do but do what he is doing and “Don’t Let Go” See all of the amazing songs he has! Just the lyrics that he sings make more sense than most songs out there.

    When he returns and you see who he has become then you will see what it has been all about. You can have faith in him or no faith. Going without believing in him is rather useless. You have been waiting for yesterday. I couldn’t help mentioning the different songs as I was writing. They really are exceptional.

    We have absolutely no idea what he has been faced with while away. We hear bits and pieces. I believe that starting with the MTC he has had his own personal things to deal with chasing after him until he is in the back country. He has had his own paparazzi of different sorts.

    We have life to deal with and what a ride it has been since he has been away. So much has been going on in people’s personal lives, it is almost like he knew what was coming.

    Anyway, April is not that far away.


  22. If David wanted to, in his weekly emails home he could easily add a message to be included on Twitter. I don’t get why he hasn’t done this.

    Maybe he was so burned out/disenchanted with his career that he wanted an all-encompassing break from everything? Maybe he’s worried that tweeting while on a mission might cause some controversy–perhaps further alienating those who aren’t happy with this whole mission thing in the first place or offending those holier-than-thou types who have a very narrow interpretation of mission rules? Or maybe his family is just way too disorganized to get a message to Kari? Maybe he never writes. Maybe he spends most of his p-days writing music for an album that will be released the week after he gets home and will be so epic, Adele will throw herself at his feet, sobbing that she’s not worthy to be in his presence and could she just please, please sing back up for him on his worldwide tour… Just a few thoughts…

  23. Maybe he’s more like the typical 22-year-old kids I know so well, who live in the moment, and less like the perfect, thoughtful angel we think he is. As nice a guy as he is, maybe he just doesn’t want to deal with his career and fans right now, because he’s a normal kid whose brain won’t even be fully developed for three more years, lol.

    • If he was burned out with just the small about of success, don’t know if he could take major success, lol.
      To me it just might be a combination of reasons and really nothing to do with want we think.
      When he returns maybe he will explain but I have a feeling he won’t and that’s ok.

      All I really am interested is that he gets back to his music career asap.

  24. cc halo: lol. Also at least he is not Bieber. JB has major issues and needs to get out of the spot light for at least 2 years. I do believe that it is David’s choice not to communicate more and maybe he was burned out. Who knows.

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