We’re Already Converts: To The Church of David!

Oy veh!

I should not have included among the choices in yesterday’s poll the option – “Won’t make a difference: love David but would never consider the LDS faith” (nearly 70% of you chose this).  Then you would have been forced (forced, I tell ya!) to consider the extremes you would go just for the chance to have David serenade you personally (even if on a religious mission)!

Could we not even, just for fun, in jest, for the humor of it all, imagine the “religious conversion” experience? Do we not realize we’ve been worshipping at the “Church of David” for quite some time now?

And, if you really are averse to his particular choice of faith, think you could hold out if he came to your door and sang this?!


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  1. Ha, SO NOT FAIR HG! One of my Favorite David songs…that apperance at the Almas was one of the first times I looked at him and thought wow, he really does have it all…including the mastery of classy swagger. The voice has always been there! Still not sure about the converting thing. *wink*

  2. The Church of David is disintegrating!!!!!!

  3. Yeah Hg not fair, lol. That Alma awards performance was magnificent and I too felt that he has it all.

  4. Uh if he came to my door and sang that I wouldn’t even need to convert. Been a card carrying member of the Church of David for years. I’m pretty happy with my choice.

  5. Shanny in Australia

    Lol…HG…I think the topic of religion has been so serious for so long, it’s hard for peeps to approach it with a heavy dose of humour….but here let me play along for a minute…..in an alternative universe, what would it take for david to sing to convert me? …….Lol….you know what….forget anything religious, let him stand at my door and sing something completely romantic and I’ll swoon and faint into his arms and he can dunk me in the water while I’m out cold. lol

  6. Contigo??!! lol where do I sign up?

    no brainer for me I fully admit to being a member of the Church of David.

  7. I think I just converted to Hispanic. Viva Contigo!

  8. Contigo? Trump card!

  9. Thanks for lightening it up, HG. I’m with Shanny – if he came to my door and sang something romantic I would be a goner. I do love Contigo too. For awhile I had his performance on my DVR and I would play it just before I went to bed. It was so soothing. My husband deleted it so now I can just see it on you tube.

  10. It’s still the Church of David for me, too. I enjoyed listening to the Australian Voice champion the first time that I heard him sing. By the second listen, the appeal began to wear off. He has a beautiful voice, but for me, no one delivers a song with the emotional depth of David. I’ve been listening to his music for 5 years now and I have NEVER tired of his voice. I do listen to other artists from time to time, but usually for only a short while. Then I’m compelled to have a marathon David session. Each time I return to his singing, I’m struck anew with the power (both strong and subtle) and beauty of his voice.

  11. “Church of David”? hmmmm…

    I do recall when I first fell under David’s spell he was a young 17 year old and I was almost 15 years older!! I was embarrassed to say the least, how this “kid” had my whole heart & soul. His religion didn’t make one bit a difference one way or another to me. I was completely smitten with his voice, his quirky personality, his honesty, his humility, his sweetness and lastly his good looks. He was a young Latino boy & I imagined how handsome he would become as a Latino man! Like so many others, I had no explanation for the hold he had on me. I went so far out of my comfort zone where David was concerned and I had no explanation! But one thing did cross my mind many times throughout the first few years after AI when I was so engrossed in anything & everything “David”, so much so that I thought David could start his own “religion” because he already had a very loyal “cult following”. There have been many artists who have had serious “cult followings”, The Beatles, Elvis, & Sinatra to name a few. David did too & it was growing & would have kept on growing had he not changed directions. However, he still has a smaller “cult following” of super-diehard fans. Yes, you could call it “The Church of David” or “The House of David”.

    I find it amazing how David, even after risking his career to serve as an LDS missionary, still has fans who will never share his beliefs & even some who are not believers in organized religion at all, but who still “believe” in David. He still has that inexplicable hold on us and just as David’s religion is important to him & his life, so is he to those who are still here, LDS & non-LDS alike. The difference between his non-LDS & his LDS fans is that most if not all non-LDS fans have been here from the start & a great many LDS fans were not really fans until AFTER he announced he would serve as an LDS missionary. I don’t mean that as a disrespectful statement towards David’s LDS fans. I meant it only as a statement of fact.

    • Hmmm I don’t know that I agree with you about a great many LDS fans not really being fans until after he made the mission announcement. I knew quite a few before. And there were some that I didn’t even know were LDS until after the announcement because religion wasn’t THAT much of a topic until then.

      Tbh I haven’t seen him gaining a great many of any kind of fan since the announcement lol. Hoping that changes after he returns.

    • Interesting about post-announcement LDS fans. I have seen no indication of that. Do you have a source for what you say is a fact?

      • My “source” actually were some LDS I know right here in my own city as well as feedback from the locals in SLC while I was there for business AND three David concerts. Not all LDS I have met these last five years found David to be as impressive as we would have thought. In fact, in a SLC restaurant, a waiter said he was everyone he knew was “sick of hearing about David” after his concerts when the restaurant would be filled with his fans. I was quite surprised & told him so & he said “Why? Just because he’s LDS, you assumed most LDS in Utah would like him?” I told him I guess I did. He said “well you are wrong”. I have never forgotten that conversation. I don’t think I’m the only non-LDS fan who has had the same type of experiences.

        Not that I would expect all LDS to love David or be his fan simply because he is LDS, and I don’t really know if that waiter or the people mentioned actually changed their minds about David but I do know that some of the LDS I know here in my city who were not fans of David the singer, DID become fans of David the Missionary.

        I still think David’s LDS fanbase grew AFTER his announcement. By the same token, David lost fans after his announcement. Sad, but true. 😦

      • between 2009-10, for work i traveled to provo and salt lake city several times. i had a couple of experiences similar to alurker2 where locals didn’t quite share in my enthusiasm for david, lol. at the time it bothered me but later i shrugged it off as haters gonna hate. i guess he just not everyone’s cup of tea.

      • Thanks for your response. Very interesting. I wonder if that was typical in Utah. LDS people I know here were somewhat surprised (but pleased) that David chose to leave for a mission, but I saw no changes in how they felt about his music. If they were fans before, their admiration for him increased, that’s for sure. However, if they hadn’t been fans of his music, they weren’t fans after the announcement either, although they gave him credit for making a “tough decision.” To be honest, I was aware of more non-LDS fans who baled on him immediately after he said he was going on a Mormon mission. Obviously there are different strains of ODD. 🙂

      • There are several million people that are Mormon so of course they are not all going to like David or his music. I’m sure many don’t even know who he is. You certainly can’t lump a whole big group of people together and think they will all think and act the same. It ain’t going to happen.

      • for clarification, i have no idea if the people i interacted with were lds, baptist, etc. i only know they were utahans. maybe i scared them by being an outsider who knew so much about murray, the gateway mall, etc. 😉

  12. Just popping in again, in the middle of vacation.

    VIP is the perfect “Church of David”. You gladly make the donation of a significant amount of your income. As you enter, you notice a table full of offerings to the holy one. You wait in line to genuflect before him and bask briefly in his glory. As you listen to his trandescent voice, tears of joy lift your soul to heights of inspiration. Ha ha, that’s all I’ve got.

  13. CC- Your VIP description is PRICELESS!! And Oh so true!!! If I was eating popcorn I too would have choked on it!

    • Thanks! It really is a church, to be checking in on a Sunday while traveling on vacation.

  14. no existe un momento del dia
    en que pueda apartarme de ti
    el mundo parece distinto
    cuando no estas junto a mi

    no hay bella melodia
    en que no surjas tu
    ni yo quiero escucharla sino la escuchas tu
    es que te has convertido en parte de mi alma

    ya nada me consuela, sino estas tu tambien
    mas alla de tu labios, del sol y las estrellas
    contigo en la distancia, amada mia estoy

    es que te has convertido en parte de mi alma
    ya nada me consuela, sino estas tu tambien
    mas alla de tus labios, del sol y las estrellas
    contigo en la distancia, amada mia, estoy

    contigo en la distancia, amada mia , estoy
    contigo , estoy, mmmmmmmmm.

    • thanks for posting the lyrics gladys! that last “contigo , estoy, mmmmmmmmm” from 3:19-3:32 — money note!!!!!

  15. hell0g0rge0us

    CC halo, great description of VIP as a Church of David. Don’t forget the favored “pews” VIP members get to sit in and rope off from the regular worshippers! 😛

    • Lol, I like it!

      I also liked Gladys’ blog! I didn’t read comments. It was interesting a few threads back when it was pointed out that David asked for respect on his mission, and yet it got interpreted as asking for “privacy” to the point that fans were complaining to the missionary training center whenever a missionary would mention his name in a blog posted by their families. The difference never occurred to me at the time. I guess “fan” truly is short for “fanatic”.

  16. I’m hoping for David to get a band together and do a club tour all over the U.S. when he returns for his “Begin Again” tour. All current Church of David members could attend that way and we could recruit new “investigators”.

  17. I’ve written a new article, I hope you enjoy. Gracias.

  18. Thanks Gladys, I for one am grateful for any information you send our way. I really appreciate and enjoy your blog and devotional reports. If it wasnt for you and your willingness to share with fans, we wouldnt know anything about what he has been doing. Try not to take the comments to heart, Im sure they are from the same people who have chastised fans for not respecting Davids privacy. If we gave him anymore privacy and respect, his career would remain invisible forever!

    • Amen to that, Candy! I’ve enjoyed your reports too, Gladys. I hope there will be more Devotionals for you to attend, Gladys. I have always thought the privacy thing was way overblown, and I truly felt bad for you when you were criticized, Gladys, as you were there following the rules.

    • Gladys, I look forward to reading. I also appreciate the updates you’ve given.

      Candy, I also agree with you and am with you on that. A few threads back, I did mention that “private” was implied in David’s vlog when he used the word personal. In case I was misunderstood, I wanted to clarify that I felt he was talking about HIS behavior NOT ours. He simply was explaining to us that he was leaving public life to do something personal or private. I don’t think he was asking the fans to respect his privacy as if we would ever not. He simply asked us to respect (be understanding) of his decision to do this, as another commentor on that thread had mentioned. Don’t mean to bring up a discussion again. Since you all mentioned it, I just thought I’d clarify.

  19. Feel-good music for Sunday:

    Gary Barlow performs a Take That song with comedian James Corden (who can actually sing… and dance.)

  20. Peter:):):)

    I don’t really comment anymore…..but just had to say
    that I ADORE your taste in music!!! Thanks for the smile:):)

  21. Thanks for your reports gladys. Such a supportive fan to David. Peter- I agree with Marly7. Love the videos that you post.

  22. Not that we will ever hear a peek from David but today the LDS church relaxed the “no internet” rule for missionarys and have now said they can use the internet for Mission activities, and they are encouraged to friend other missionaries on facebook! Prrivacy you have been warned!! LOL

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