Imagine This! Fun Poll

A story shared earlier this week about David reportedly bursting into song when going on his door-to-door mission in Chile inspired this latest poll (just for fun). 🙂

What say you, Soul Davidians?


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  1. Lol Hg good one. I think anyone that has read my posts know what my vote is, but I might wait to tell him I wasn’t interested until after he sang ANYTHING, lol. sigh, sometimes I’m very confident that I will hear him sing life someday, other days, not so much. I guess that’s why I’m so wanting him to have a very successful music career, then for sure, I know that I would have the opportunity to see him life because he would have a concert somewhere close to me, all the big ones do. Today I’m optimist that will happen, lol.

  2. While I would highly HIGHLY enjoy him singing at my door, it would not sway me into converting. I wouldn’t mind hearing his perspective on things though. (If he wanted to talk after singing, that is. lol) I think I mentioned here before that I once had a pair of LDS missionaries visit me and then ask to come back a few times. I found it really interesting to hear more about their religion but decided it’s not for me. I always welcome hearing personal perspectives on it though. You never know until you know, ya know? 😉

    I will say that if there were a song that had a shot at convincing me, it would be Amazing Grace. It’s my favorite hymn and holds such power for me. I keep hoping that one day I’ll hear David sing the whole thing and not just that little accompaniment he did with the Osmonds.

  3. would I love to have him knock at my door and/or sing for me! wouldn’t convert but would love to talk to him.. have had elders in the past knock on my door. they all look like David and were very pleasant.

  4. The funny thing about being a big fan of David is that when I from time to time see missionaries of any faith walking around my block (about 1x/year here in Northern California) I now try to figure out if they are LDS. So far no luck. I have no doubt that I would go and talk to them just so that I could tell them how much I love his voice!

  5. I’d like for D to knock on my door and sing “Begin” but I doubt he could convert me. Last year while at a stop light, a missionary from South America bumped into the back of my car damaging my tire cover. He offered to pay for it but of course I declined. David made me do that. 🙂

    • Oops … I mean’t to say “and sing “Broken”. For some reason I always call that song “Begin”.

  6. An important choice left off that poll. Where’s “I’m already LDS”?

    • Maybe that might be for another poll, LDS, non LDS, not religious etc.
      This poll is about being converted. I think everyone knows that there are a lot of passionate LDS fans and of course, you wouldn’t need to be converted.

  7. Easy answer. No Way, Jose! Never would I ever consider converting. Not even after I pick myself off the floor!

  8. I am always interested and entertained with HG’s polls, but I didn’t even have to look to know the majority response among regular commenters on this particular blog. Kind of like asking, “Is the Pope Catholic?”

    • Just so you know if he was representing any other religion door to door I would also respond the same way.

    • People on other fansites would convert in a heartbeat?

      • Maybe not, but I do think that other fansites have a lot more Mormon fans posting, nothing wrong with that, of course. David is going to need all of his fans.
        Actually all the fansites are great in there very individual way.

      • No, that’s not what I was implying. Every David fan site seems to have its own personality. SD is interesting, and why I come here; but this is not a warm and fuzzy place when it comes to David’s religion. Other sites acknowledge David’s faith, but I don’t see the disrespect for David’s personal beliefs elsewhere that I often see here. I would prefer that religion (and politics) not be discussed at all, but then it’s not my blog.

      • Whatever, what you think as being disrespectful other might think it’s just an honest discussion.
        I just don’t get why does anyone need to respect any bodies beliefs, the only thing that needs to be done is to respect every human being and respect their RIGHT to belief anyway they want.

      • In response to cq: You are right. We may differ in how we perceive being disrespectful; and I suspect we would also disagree about what constitutes “an honest discussion.” But when you state that you don’t understand why anyone needs to respect others’ beliefs, you have me there. I can only tell you why I need to respect others’ beliefs: because they’re human; because they have feelings; because it is the civil thing to do; because it is a matter of basic kindness for me. It does not mean that I agree with everything others believe, far from it. It simply means I give them the right and the respect to believe it.

      • Cq is right–we respect rights, but not the beliefs. Why would we respect beliefs that are ridiculous? Do you respect Satanism or the FLDS veneration of Warren Jeffs? I don’t respect the Scientologist’s belief in aliens dropped into volcanoes by the ruler Xenu, or the Heaven’s Gate belief that we need to commit suicide in order to catch a ride on the spaceship following the Hale Bopp comet.

      • No, I don’t agree with the belief systems you labeled as ridiculous, but what is really ridiculous on a fan blog is the incessant biased bashing and bickering over religion, primarily David’s religion. No one is forcing you to believe anything you don’t want to believe. It’s true. You are free to choose or not choose. David has never discussed Mormon dogma, so I often wonder exactly what your agenda may be. Are you out to convert the world to non-belief? Do you realize that would be proselytizing? Besides, do you know how many people think it is non-belief that is ridiculous? Seriously, I cannot begin to understand your obsession and how it all fits in with “loving David,” but to each his own, and that includes me

      • Shanny in Australia

        Religion aside. Disrespect is shown by constantly speaking negatively about something in the presence of others who have a different opinion on that topic. Disrespect is shown through sarcasm, by using loaded and emotive words. By not considering another’s feelings before we speak. Disrespect comes in many forms.

        Many have praised David for being classy because he returned respect for disrespect. Disrespect is cheap and easy. When we are disrespectful it doesn’t say good things about us. Disrespect also just stops people from listening, so it’s kind of a waste of time if we’re trying to make a point.

        Yes, freedom of speech is good and important and essential to democracy and healthy societies but if it’s not coupled with restraint, consideration for consequences and emotional maturity, it devolves into incivility and contention and is completely unproductive.

      • Couldn’t sleep, so of course checked the fan sites for anything new.
        Came across a comment regarding us fans disrespectfulness.
        So I guess that a lot of us David fans are disrespectful and are given reason why we are horrible fans/people.

        So I guess if we stop doing this we will become worthy and good fans and decent people.

        No sarcasm
        No loaded words
        Think before you write because your comment will hurt someone else’s feelings.
        Stop commenting stuff that is cheap and easy.
        We’re all bad people and in order to become good people we need to stop all the above.

        Oops that came across as a little sarcastic.
        Failed already.

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect everyone’s but if you are going to scold you are going to get a rebuttal.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Cq, yes I think the issue of respect/disrespect IS an issue.
        Since there appeared to be some confusion what constituted disrespect I gave a few examples and explained why I think it is better to do with out it. This fandom has taught me many things about myself and about people in general. There are lessons for us all to learn.

      • Shanney, I’m glad that you found out a lot about yourself from the fandom that’s great. Being an active commenter has also helped me in a lot of ways and I so enjoy reading about other peoples point of view, but one thing I wouldn’t ever do is scold others for what they feel or comment because I don’t feel the same way and I might think it’s disrespectful and try to correct how they comment and feel. I know from your point of view, you are doing a good thing, but not the way I see it.

      • It’s funny how people think they’re being “constantly” attacked when the point being made was only in response to a specific comment that they made. Are we not allowed to make points in rebuttal to ones being made? Btw, I’m fully aware that the vast majority of Americans disagree with non-belief, but only when you don’t believe in their god. Few people would mind that I’m not a believer in Thor or Zeus or Allah.

      • Shanny in Australia

        I was just jumping on here again Cq, to tell you that this conversation has since got me thinking more consciously about all the different things i’ve learnt about myself and about people in general…and gosh there are heaps! One of the things you personally have taught me recently is that sometimes my comments can come across as condescending or something like it….and I have kind of been reflecting on that since you brpught it to my attention….because of course that is not my intention and not something I want…but the causes and motives are hard to identify within myself and no doubt will take time to change. Tonight i’m thinking that I probably speak more formally when I’m discussing something serious, so maybe I should try to keep a bit of slang or something more casual in there…? Either way, i’m considering what you had to say to me about it a while back now.

        And now specifically what you just said to me about scolding……can you see the irony in our whole conversation here…? Maybe we’re both scolding each other on some level? lol

        I have seen you try to make changes in the way you comment Cq. I always admire anyone who is willing to step back and be introspective and honest with themselves.

        Cc halo, I guess i’ll just use this opportunity to also say that I’ve seen how you’ve made efforts in that regard too…and I’m grateful for it and admire it.

        At the end of the day….my whole point recently has been to ask people to not forget that freedom of speech comes with responsibility and consequences. And the whole respect/disrespect conversation is a part of that.

        And there I go being all formal again… lol….shakes head. Give me time, i’m working on it…. lol

      • Shanney, lol great point.

  9. I’d ask him to sing “Imagine,” including the first verse, lol.

    • Don’t think it would be allowed, remember he is a very obedient missionary, so maybe not being that it was a song written by an atheist.

      • cq – we all know that he has sung every verse since he was young. Also, I think that David judges each song by the song itself and I can not imagine him not singing a song that he loves as we have seen him do that and had him tell us how much he loves random songs by random people.

      • collegemom, yes of course I know he has sang all the verses many times, what was saying and I could be wrong was while he is on his mission. I know that once he gets back to his music career he will be free to sing whatever his little desires, just don’t know if some songs are not allowed for missionaries.

    • I don’t think he would be allowed to sing any secular song while proselytizing. But he did sing some when performing for the youth program, so I’m not sure exactly what the rules are.

  10. Do any of you know of any converts in the fanbase? I know 3 but none would say is because of David, just that he drew them to look deeper into the faith. It wasn’t like a sudden experience.

  11. crabpot-I can name two…and they basically shut out 99% of previous fans friends after they converted! Sad if you ask me.

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