Happy Father’s Day!

To all the dads and father figures out day, hope you all have a great day! 🙂


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  1. Perfect song for today Hg. Luther Vandross, oh my gosh, talk about mega voice.
    Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and father figures.

  2. That video is very touching and perfect for today. Happy Father’s Day!

    Seeing Bey with her dad (at 1:00) is a reminder that while their business relationship was troubled, Bey still has appreciation for how hard her dad worked on her behalf over the years.

  3. Love this song and the video.

  4. HG, thanks for the video, I remembered my dad, he died in the year I was known to David. I’m like my dad, but I guess he was better than me.
    God put David in my way when I lost my dad. That meant something??
    I hope to be a good person as was my father.

  5. this was posted on archuleta ave malaysia a couple of weeks ago. a little father’s day humor! each time i watch it i wonder if the kids were really in that box when he tossed it around. enjoy. 🙂

  6. Re. the discussion of D’s farewell video (ie, respect and privacy) on the previous thread, perhaps for some fans that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Hence, maybe the fan relationships had already falling apart and the video interpretation disagreements were the last straw.

  7. Gisselle has told me that the devotional farewell was emotional, she also told me that David was not present.
    Perhaps the non-confirmation of my tickets was a sign, who knows.

    • Humm, to bad David did attend, was happy that he was going to have a chance to perform, even if we were not going to hear him sing. Not it’s any of my business, but I wonder what happen.

  8. This just in: Harrison Craig is the winner of The Voice AU!

  9. And this is his first single:

    • I’m glad that Harrison won. That is a sweet song, but certainly not a platinum single like “Crush”. David will at least always have that and the gold album. Peter, you will be able to buy Harrison’s album when it comes out from WOW HD which is an Australian company and you won’t have to pay the high shipping rates of an import.

  10. Hg, I’m enjoying reading your thought provoking book.

  11. Collegmom.

    Thank very much, you alwasy think of me.

  12. Perhaps David was not in attendance at the farewell devotional because he was not feeling well OR he didn’t want the devotional to be in any way about him & his performance. It seems the devotionals he does perform in have become albeit not intentional by David but by many who attend. Perhaps the devotionals have become a sort of mini-concert & attracts the non-LDS much to the chagrin of the other missionaries. Not that I blame those who attend just to see David. I probably would do the same thing. If David ever were to perform at a devotional in my city, I would surely attend for no other reason but to see David.

    Just an observation. (Let’s just hope David is not ill though).

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