I Can Pick Out Those Hands Anywhere!

Even more so than the face (and his “Farmer’s Tan”):


In other news, since David left us such a gem like BEGIN., are we supposed to interpret this

and this

as indicative of the “pain” his fans have caused him? Really?!?

Overall, it seems that, of those who participated in the latest poll, nearly half of you believe David’s Mission will have a mostly positive effect on his music when he returns. So, whatever angst we may feel about his faith, certainly it hasn’t changed our overall positive reflections on the guy. Yay! 🙂


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  1. Sorry, but I found it rather surreal to say that fans have inflicted pain to the point of him writing a whole album about it. I guess its hard for me to swallow the concept of David being hurt by fans comments. If he is that sensitive he best stay in Chile…the world can be a beautiful place but it also can be cruel and ugly. And the music business is one of the worst out there, its an eat em up, spit em out culture all its own. *Thick skin needed*
    HQ-always appreciate your wilingness to “go there”

  2. When I read the “farmer’s tan, it cracked me up. When I first saw that picture, it brought to mind when David said (something like) I’m showing my farmer’s tan. Boy, now he really has a huge farmer’s tan, hahaha.

    I also was taken back that it was said that fans words were that pain that he was singing about in the BEGIN album. My take was that the industry was the cause and that he needed to grow, mature and yes toughen up so that he could better handle the industry that he had decided to be a part of. Of course before I get scolded, I better say that it was for his religion first and foremost.

  3. for me I feel Begin was about David’s selfworth or lack of it at times and also the state the world is in at large. almost
    right from day one you could tell he felt insecure at times.. case in point the way he would talk about his looks or voice.

  4. kimk-thats something I really hope he leaves behind…putting down his looks, calling himself a dork, saying his face belonged in the dirt. Such a handsome guy, such a beautiful spirit, yet he constantly belittles himself in public which is the very opposite of the message he tries to relay to others.

    • Candy you are so right on. there is absolutely no good reason why he should feel that way.. as a matter of fact just the opposite.
      hope so too.

  5. he said his face belongs in the dirt?! what the heck?? what does he see when he looks in the mirror?

  6. I think David talking like that about his looks, etc. is so typical of teens (and remember, he had just passed the dreaded middle school ages (13, 14, etc.). And remember he was short, and had spent so much time with adults and home schooling so I am sure felt out of place at times because lets face it, David, having already been a “star” on Star Search” and a recognized Voice already (singing at political, social events) already had a reputation that preceded him and set him apart. That is the problem when you are a “prodigy” and David is/was certainly that. Also, David as one of an outspoken family of 4 kids, knows the ups and downs of family love, put-downs and bantering of siblings, and how to hold his own. He held his own with all those varied personalities on Idol, on his tour with McFly and on and on. I can’t imagine him ever being over-the-top upset with fan comments but I can see him feeling bad sometimes that he can not be all things to all people at all times. David may be a pleaser but he marches to his own drum, I guess because it “works for him”.

    • I agree with collegemom’s idea on this. I don’t take his self-effacing comments too seriously, and think it’s just a sign of youth and insecurity that he will outgrow.

  7. hell0g0rge0us

    When did David say his face belonged in the dirt? Don’t remember that!

    • as I recall a poster of his face fell on the ground from a stand at an appearance and that was his remark?

  8. so, i just read an article posted online that the Idol execs actually really wanted David to be a new judge of American Idol. that’s interesting.

    • That was an article from the National Enquirer that also had other Idols named and several incorrect facts (even saying David was from season 11). I would take it with a really BIG grain of salt lol.

  9. I find it interesting that this comment was made yesterday:
    “And I’ve heard that Jeff told someone once that yes, David definitely takes the criticisms to heart. I guess that’s why he wanted to go ‘Somewhere only (he) knows’. His pain is clear to hear all through the first half of the songs on Begin.” From that comment the person had the opinion that maybe David went on a mission because he felt hurt by fans’ comments.

    First of all, do we even know that Jeff said that? Is there video evidence? Not to my knowledge – it is just hearsay. Also, it’s a big leap from that to thinking that David went on the Mission to get away from fans. I disagree with that. David has only said good things about his fans and how much he appreciates us. If he truly wanted to get away because of fans he would not have recorded so much music and left Kari in charge of his social media. He would have just gotten out of the music business.

    I believe that David was telling us through his song selection in “BEGIN” that there are a lot of hurting people out there, but don’t give up as there is hope. He finds his hope in his faith and that is why he is serving a Mission.

    • Maybe people are projecting their own hurt onto David.

    • I maybe wrong, but sometimes I getting the feeling that fans that share David’s religion think they know him better than any other fan. The way they feel is exactly the way he feels.

      • I don’t believe that is true…and find it stereotyping a large diverse group. I am LDS and I don’t claim to “know him better than any other fan”. There are fans with musical knowledge that understand that aspect of David better. There are fans who are performers who share that common experience with him. There are fans that have a Latin background and can relate to his culture and heritage. There are fans who are very active in humanitarian pursuits who understand that part of who David is. I happen to be LDS and share that common experience with him, and as a result may have some insight into that aspect of David. But that doesn’t mean I claim to know his feelings.

      • Your right Just Lurking, just a sense that I got from yesterday’s thread, but I’m glad you set me straight.

    • “I believe that David was telling us through his song selection in “BEGIN” that there are a lot of hurting people out there, but don’t give up as there is hope. He finds his hope in his faith and that is why he is serving a Mission.”

      I agree with this GrammyJ.

  10. i can’t imagine jeff telling a fan that. and what criticism? no one on idol was criticizing him.

  11. kim-thats where that comment came from, the poster blew off the stand and fell on the ground face down and that was his comment about “his face being in the dirt where it belonged.” Its on video somewhere.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      See, CONTEXT MATTERS. I would totally take David’s comment about his poster on the ground as a tongue-in-cheek joke. Whew! I thought he was commenting on his looks in general (and if THAT had been the case, I would recommend therapy!).

    • New Albany, Ohio. September 2010.
      I was there and he said it jokingly. Even though I hated that he said it at all. I just realized though – I never really heard him down on himself after that. He grew up.
      Grammyj, I think your comment was right on as to David’s song selections for BEGIN.
      I also think he can relate to the songs – just like everyone can.
      Ughh, I’ve deleted so much, I hope this makes sense.

  12. that’s so sad 😦

  13. i take david self-effacing comments as a defence against criticism,doesn,t leave critics with any tjing to say

    • That’s probably true, ray. However, his comments usually refer to his looks or his awkwardness, and most every fan I know loves those things about him. I think he’s just so humble, that he’s uncomfortable with the all the praise and fuss people make, so he says overly modest things about himself.

  14. ray- I can see that. But it kinda flys in the face of trying to build up those of his fans who deal with esteem issues. Ah, but David is still a young man learning to make his own way in this world that we live in andvthat has been pointed out that is not always fair or nice.

  15. Hg- ” I Can Pick Out Those Hands Anywhere!”

    Others have commented on his hands on other sites.  I say  the hands are swoon worthy in and of themselves.  Strength, grace, expressive  ummm not sexy at all.  I saw them in the pic up above and had to comment. 🙂

  16. I do think that some of that self-effacing is because he was young and didn’t want to come across as conceited and some because of his insecurities. I do however, really hope the insecurities will be gone when he return.

  17. Shanny in Australia

    Well I guess I could be taking the song selections and reading into them pain that isn’t there. I guess that would be just the same as how many here have taken one opinion of mine and extrapolated from it, things I didn’t say.

    As I said on the previous thread….I have my opinion and I’m sticking to it. And btw, I didn’t come to my opinion on a whim either but I said all I needed to say on the previous thread anyway so that’s where i’ll leave it.

    • Of course you have the right to your opinion. I was just pointing out that my opinion on his song selection for BEGIN and reasons for going on his mission differed from yours. Only David knows for sure. He did give several interviews where he stated why he chose to go. In those interviews he said he was coming back to music and would be recording music to be released while he was gone for his fans. I still don’t think he would have bothered to do that if he was going on a mission to get away from us. Why would he care if he had fans when he came back if he left to get away from us?

      Taylor Swift has stated in interviews that she does not read what is said about her online. I think David has a similar policy. For sure he is not reading fan comments while he is on his mission so he doesn’t know what we are saying. I think as ODD fans we read way too much into David’s actions that probably aren’t there.

      • I’m with you right there, Grammyj.
        First I really don’t think that any conversation by fans are disrespectful to David the man. Every single one that comments are big fans!
        Second, any conversation going on while he is away is not read by David, at least that’s my understanding.
        Third, David needs a lot of fans in order to have even a small music career, so that will include non lds that might not be aboard with his religion. David is no dummy,
        Only David knows what he wants, all of the rest of us can only speculate.

      • Excellent points, Grammyj and cq.

    • Shanny, I have been feeling really bad for you. This post struck me as a disparaging challenge of your opinion from the previous thread. There were undoubtedly better ways to start a discussion of the many ways BEGIN speaks to everyone.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Thank you LDS, I truly appreciate your comment. 🙂

        And I agree.

      • LDS, I had the same feeling. Shanny, I always look forward to your comments. Like so many other LDS fans, I rarely post a comment, because it usually goes south from there, but I really admire your ability to share your thoughts and beliefs in a respectful manner.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Just Lurking, LDS …((hugs)) for both of you. It means a lot.

  18. Harrison Craig sings “Unchained Melody”. He’s good. He’d really good.

    The “hungered… HUNGERED” part is David-like.

  19. I see David’s BEGIN. album in a whole different way. I see him saying, “I need to go for my own growth and for myself, but while I’m gone I hope these words of encouragement will help you thru the tough times.” I see D encouraging us thru BEGIN. because he isn’t here to do so personally.

    • What a great way to interpret the album, Munk_Ma, LOVE IT!!!

    • I agree. That’s like him.

    • munk-ma i agree,see it the same way

    • Maybe that’s true. I don’t doubt that he intended words of comfort to the fans he left behind.

      But, to me, it’s more an explanation of his purpose in going on the mission. “Pride” for example, is about people sacrificing “in the name of love.” Martin Luther King and Jesus are referenced, and I’m sure it applies to all the missionaries out there. David sang “Praise to the Man” with tears in his eyes–about Joseph Smith–when in the missionary choir, so I bet he would include him in the song, as Mormons believe he was a martyr when he was killed by vigilantes.

      “Bridge Over Troubled Water” includes the line “I will lay me down (over troubled water)”. Most other songs refer to building up hurting, troubled people.

      • CQ, as you stated in the last thread…”You know I totally respect your point of view, but please have respect for other’s perspectives. (in reference to the “cringe” remark). I thought cchalo’s comment was quite insightful and thought-provoking, and she didn’t need to disparage the Mormon beliefs even though I know she does not agree with it. She respectfully qualified her remark with “as Mormons believe”. I appreciated that.

      • I think his reasons could be both.

      • Just Lurking, yes that was WRONG of me to state, I totally apologize, I do need to ring in my emotions about one thing. That comment was not regarding cchalo perspective, of course, like anyone else, she in title to her interpretation. It was a reflex action and I should of held back.
        I especially need to apologize to cc halo and to all the LDS fans that are lurking. I do need to keep my very strong emotions in check.

      • In fact I feel so bad that I wouldn’t blame Hg from blocking me from commenting altogether.
        Again it wasn’t meant for cc halo perspective, actually I think her perspective is a real good one. I won’t go into details, but just apologize once again.

      • cq, not so sure that much apologizing is necessary. You clarified that you were not personally attacking cchalo, only cringing at a certain statement. I appreciate this site because we are able to share our emotions about certain subjects without being censored. I believe the rules are no personal attacks on David or other commentators. I’m not the moderator however. But, you know, follow your heart.

        I also think it’s perfectly fine for Just Lurking to confront you in a respectful manor as she/he did.

      • I admit that I did lol, cq, because I also didn’t like the realization I had about “Pride”. But I probably wouldn’t have seen the humor if I thought you were referring to Martin Luther KIng, even though I’ve heard some terrible things about him. I’ve read enough about Mother Teresa to think that she may have done some very bad things (allowing the patients in her hospitals to suffer and die in squalor while collecting millions to build convents is one of many accusations). I read a long piece recently, describing what a wretched, horrible person Abraham Lincoln supposedly was. I like Bill Clinton, but have a very uncomfortable feeling when I realize that he possibly did sexually harass Paula Jones, never mind the scandal when in office.

        We may know our heroes are imperfect, even terrible people, or we may deny it. Child-brides might be a deal-breaker for many of us, but the Bible prophets, Mohammed, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young are nevertheless revered by millions or billions of people. It’s one of those things I ponder.

      • I personally cringe at the mention of the song “Pride” I don’t like the song for personal reasons and never have, although U2 is one of my all time favorite bands. I personally thought that David added that song in there because he, himself was making a sacrifice “in the name of love”. It couldn’t be any more clear why he felt he needed to do his mission.

        Interesting points cchalo, and putting Jesus in a group like that is exactly what bothers me about the song. The question about who would be included in this group is also less about morality for me than who is actually a martyr based on historical fact. I won’t say anything more about that.

      • What a great point you make cchalo. You put things in perspective.

      • CQ, thanks.

    • Munk, I like your interpretation. That is pretty similar to what I had assumed.

  20. hell0g0rge0us

    Why would I “block” you, CQ? You’re far from the only person posting here (myself included) to say things that occasionally hurt folks’ feelings. It’s the nature of the beast (at least the nature of how we do things here at Soul David). You post stuff, you do so at your own risk (and the risk of others).

    No deleted posts here (until you REALLY start going in just for the sake of personal insults).

    If somebody’s upset, and you didn’t mean to cause upset, simply apologize (which is what you did) and keep it moving.

    If you’re NOT sorry, don’t apologize… and Keep It Moving!

  21. Hmmm, I just listen to the songs on BEGIN and think …wow great voice. Dont get into the analyzing or the reason for his choosing these particular songs. For me enjoyment is the # 1 factor why I am a fan and why I listen to his music. His religion isnt even a nano thought.

  22. I have to agree with Munk. The mission is between him and God. Begin is a message of encouragement to his fans and anyone else who wants to listen.

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