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What I’ve been revisiting:

Did we ever do a poll on David’s different renditions of “Apologize”?



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  1. I loved when David sang Apologize. That first time on AI it showed the public that David could do current pop music. Of course now we fans know that David can sing about any genre and sound great.

    From the last thread, I do think we will get more from Team Archuleta but just not as much as last year. It made sense to do the bigger music releases last year while more fans were still engaged. Unfortunately the old saying out ot sight out of mind come into play.

  2. The Hartford Apologize – Classy David never saying a word about his personal issues, but I could hear his heart breaking @ 2:31. This version never fails to stun me with it’s rawness. Flawless.

    • Ahh, we commented at the same time! You have found the word I was grasping for (because it’s not often used in conjunction with David’s voice) — it’s the rawness in the Hartford performance that blows me away. He really sang that one with everything in him. He saaaang it.

  3. For me, it’s Hartford all the way. The duet with One Republic is great and I have rewatched it many times but I don’t FEEL it the way I do the Hartford performance. That one is just…wow. Watched it again this morning for the purposes of taking this poll and was just as blown away by it 4 years later.

  4. Yes, Hartford! I always thought that David really let his feelings rip during that amazing, intense performance and I was happy to see him let it out.

  5. Had to listen to both before voting, but honestly, I had a real hard time choosing one over the other. I love them both for different reasons. The AI Apologize showed that David could sing a current song and also be as good and an established artist. What a perfect duet. Now the Hartford Apologize, as Ali stated, you could hear his heart breaking, so I do get so chocked up every time I hear that one. So, because of the raw emotion alone, I voted for Hartford.

  6. i’m torn between the two. hartford has the best vocal but the idol performance has the mesmerizing walk.

  7. ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Final Disrupted As Woman Interrupts Act To Throw Eggs At Simon Cowell

  8. It is funny. lol. I agree that it is hard to tell what is planned and what just happens anymore on these shows.

  9. acnewjersey2

    Not only could you hear his heartbreaking in the Hartford video, you could see it in his eyes…and with good reason!

  10. HAHA, I Would have liked to have thrown rotten eggs at Simon from time to time too. Why was David upset in Hartford, was that during his parents divorce?

  11. The day before, we heard the news about Jeff’s arrest, and the next night or so, heard David sing Apologize at Del Mar. It was particularly heartbreaking then, but I can’t find any videos of it, including my own. He had to cut the show short in order to fly out to Hartford that night.

    • Almost all of David’s family, and lots of friends were there at Del Mar to support him. People in the audience said they could see their heads bouncing behind the scenes when he sang Zero Gravity.

      • Looking back at the first three years after AI, I’m amazed at the number of David’s concerts I attended! The reality is that I feel a bit embarrassed to admit the actual number of times I have seen David perform not to mention the amount of money (well) spent! I can’t quite believe that person was really me because I was way out of my comfort zone. So with that confession, I have to admit I was there in Del Mar as well. David was his happy self & showed no signs of being distracted about anything at all. He had a large “entourage” of family & friends backstage & he was great! My friend & I were in the third row center with a great view of David. He did not cut the show short though & I wondered how in the world he could possibly fly cross-country to get to Hartford to kick off the summer tour with Demi Lavato? But he did!

        BTW, Rascal was sitting in the first row center almost directly in front of us. He is very tall & VERY good-looking! You could hear some whispers saying “There’s Rascal from Noting David!” I regretted I couldn’t get the courage to walk up to him to tell him how much I enjoyed his writings about David.

        David owned Apologize just as he “owns” most of the covers he sings.

      • I remember it being said that he only sang a shorter version of Imagine, or something like that, because he had to leave to get to Hartford.

  12. I remember how weird that whole spa drama was. I have always felt that there is so much more to the whole Archuleta family that no one knows, I just have a feeling that it not as wholesome as the image they portray, omo. That angst in David’s voice might be for life experience after all, again, imo.

  13. I don’t post here much *maybe never* but just noticed a comment about the “spa drama” which somehow carried over to the entire family and “not as wholesome” reference. Really? Just wondering how one could come to that conclusion based on any information that has been shared? I just don’t see it…but just my opinion.

    • I said it, and yes mcgirl, maybe that was the wrong word, What I meant was every family has some sort of drama, mind included, but David has always portray his family as no drama ever happening, so that’s what I meant. I do respect your opinion and I’m sure more fans would agree with you than me.

  14. Once again, I have to respectfully disagree that David “has always portrayed his family as no drama ever happening” but perhaps you & I are seeing different interviews or our interpretation is just not the same. What I do know is he is on a Mission in Chile and deserves factual information being shared among his fans. You don’t have to respond because I do have a feeling we just see things differently and guess that’s what makes the world go around.

  15. As far as I can tell, David’s family is pretty normal, with a number of dramas (I won’t share some of the older gossip) and divorces in more than one generation. David struggled to answer Ryan Seacrest’s questions about where he lived, without having to refer to the divorce, so I think there is an element of him trying to portray his family as more ideal than it is.

    • cc halo, you said way better than I did.
      Why him being on a mission make my comment wrong? I don’t get, but as you said, ncgirl, I do see things differently.
      David’s fans have always had wide varied opinions about his career and yes, his personal life, that’s what happens with fans, as a diehard fan, I’m just happy there are still fans hanging around.

  16. I mostly think he feels that he should not comment about his family personal business meaning that if they want to talk about their own lives, they can but he pretty much sticks to info about himself and resonds minimally to questions about his family members, just as we all would.

  17. cotton candy

    i’d like to know why jeff and lupe got divorced if mormons allegedly believe families are “sealed together forever”. what could have been so bad? they both seem like nice people and good parents.

    • Because they’re normal people. It’s just like Catholics who don’t officially believe in divorce or artificial birth control, yet live their lives according to their own needs and conscience.

  18. “No one really knows what goes on behind closed doors”…or something like that.

    One thing I do recall is a comment made either by David or one of his siblings, that he was always telling his brother & older sis to “repent!” lol! His sibs, including the younger ones, always seemed so far removed from the way David is, it’s surprising to me they were all raised under the same roof by the same parents! Not that his sibs are “bad”, just that they come across as so different from David. I would not be surprised if there was some fierce sibling rivalry going on. My point is that just like in any other family where one child is the “good one” & also is more talented & more beautiful, there probably has been problems. David obviously loves his siblings & his dad and he absolutely adores his mom but loving our family members does not mean there will never be problems privately behind closed doors no matter what perception we try to maintain publicly.

    David & his family, with the exception of a few confrontations between Claudia & his fans, have done a pretty good job of leading a private life. But then who really cares what his family members do or say or where they go or who they date? I’m not particularly impressed with videos of his mom singing or dancing or of other family members showing their own musical talents just because they are related to David. Unless one of his sibs shows a really special talent comparable to David’s, I’m not interested. I did ask if anyone knew what ever happened to “Aunt Laurie” because I happened to see a video of David in her kitchen & I realized she had disappeared. I guess that is about as far as my curiosity about David’s family goes.

    Everyone seems to point to David’s performance of Apologize in Hartford as a subliminal message to his father for his indiscretion which I never did. The “deed” happened months before that show. David supposedly was not aware of the whole thing until then which I find very hard to believe. Just because it was leaked to the press at that time months later, does not mean David did not already know about it himself. Besides if you notice after his performance, he smiles knowing he killed it which he always does after a particularly satisfying performance which that certainly was. However, I do not think it was aimed at his dad because I think David’s demeanor would have been more serious instead of a big smile after his performance. David more likely knew the “scandal” would come out eventually & may have been relieved it came out before & not during what turned out to be a very successful tour for him.

    Anyway, that “scandal” is so old news! What would have been a shocker and would surely have skyrocketed David to superstardom is if David was seen doing something “sinful” like kissing a girl or drinking a coke or cursing at the paparazzi or something equally terrible like that! LOL!

    • I agree about the smile after “Apologize” in Hartford. Same the night before in Del Mar, it seemed pretty genuine. I think it was probably just us fans reading real-life heartbreak into the song, but who knows, except David.

      I think David keeps negative things about his family to himself a little more than most people do. In the interview I mentioned, he could have just said in a matter of fact way, that he stayed with his mom or dad, instead of hemming and hawing like he did with Ryan. Another example is when I read his book, I was surprised at how vague he was about his mom’s family coming to America. I was like: “What happened to your grandfather? Didn’t he come to American too? Didn’t he also listen to the missionaries?”

      Just my own crazy opinion, but I sometimes wonder if one of the reasons for the mission, is David wanting to redeem his family’s image in the religious world he inhabits, because they have had their struggles. Trying to be super-righteous is a pretty common concern in his community, according to my (limited) knowledge, and serving an honorable mission is the ultimate vision of success in the Mormon world.

      • cotton candy

        cc halo~ i was gonna post the same thing about david going on mission to save his family and/or their image in the community since he seems to be the most religious one.

    • HAHAHAHA! Yes that last paragraph says it all!!! Just like when hair is combed just perfectly, you want to mess it up a bit to make it more real.

    • lurker 2 lol drinking a coke!

      • Or coffee could have been added as it is considered a sin too. I could never be Mormon as I just couldn’t give up my sinful coffee habit lol.

  19. cotton candy

    cq~ haha yeah definitely! that is one of my dreams/goals in life! to mess up david archuleta’s hair LOL 🙂

  20. Thinking back, I also recall some fans being so disgusted with David’s father & so worried David’s career would be “destroyed” because of what his dad did as. Which IMO was so ludicrous I had to laugh! Those fans probably are the super-duper religious fans who put David on a pedestal so high you’d have thought he could reach up & touch the hand of God. Putting the “sins of his father” on David as if David had any control over what his family does was pretty sad. David’s dad was always complemented and asked how he & Lupe raised such a good son with such a pristine & pure moral character. He never took credit for the way David is & always said David just “came that way”.

    The evolution of David in the next 5-10 years will be very interesting. I just hope there is an evolution and not a regression. I hope two years away will be worth the risk he took especially if he took that risk because as cc halo said above “Trying to be super-righteous is a pretty common concern in his community and serving an honorable mission is the ultimate vision of success in the Mormon world”.

    Ironic that the current head of the LDS church, Monson, never served on a mission, not to mention many Mormon celebrities who never served either. Maybe serving a mission now in this day & age is important because so many members are actually LEAVING the church or are no longer active members.

    • Yes a lurker 2, the evolution of David will be very interesting and yes hope for an evolution and not a regression. I want David the sing star back!!!
      From what I’ve been told by numerous LDS fans, a mission is not required as part of what a Mormon needs to do to go to the highest heaven, I know they have a list of requirements, but I don’t think that ‘s one. I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong.
      You may be right as to it being the ultimate vision of success in the Mormon world to go in an honorable mission,. One thing that I have been told and I also read, is that it’s like a dishonorable discharge to come home before your scheduled ending date.

      • No correction from me cq. I just want to tell you what I know based on what their own prophets have said. They believe their prophets “recieve inspiration (from God) to guide the church as a whole” (from mormon newsroom) They are taught to “follow the Prophet”. I believe that is even a song they sing in primary school. I will quote one of their prophets now:

        “Every young man should serve a mission” Spencer W. Kimball 1974

        The crazy thing is, their rules are always changing. I think it would be interesting to see a list of requirements in order to achieve the highest degree of the highest heaven. I doubt there is such a list. I do know there are some requirements that are certain, other than that, they are to follow and obey the rules of the church and prophets.

        The reasons David is serving are probably many. I agree it could be family, as others mentioned. I also agree with what I posted before, that he is eternity driven. I also think there are reasons we can never know. They are his own personal convictions and I respect that. I just know that no matter what the reasons are, I’m his fan and I care about him.

      • I’ve heard that figuring out the Mormon doctrines is like trying to nail Jello to a wall. Anything we outsiders say is always a little bit wrong or outdated.

      • That’s funny cchalo, I’m sure that a lot of religions are like that, but I guess because the Lds doctrine changes so much, it might apply to it more.

    • They did recently lower the age for young men to 18 and young women to 19 to become Mormon missionaries so there has been a big influx of new missionaries especially among young women.

      • Yes, I read about them lowering the age requirement for missionaries which gives credence to the fact that they need more missionaries to serve in countries where “new” members are no longer active or in many cases, leaving the church. Chile is one of those countries. I also read that once you are baptized as a member, you will always be “counted” as a member which is why the actual number is skewed. And also why the returning missionaries are encouraged to get married & start a family i order to add to the membership records. Currently though, many young members are waiting longer after a mission to get married. If you leave the church, you have to request in writing to the bishop of your wish to have your name removed from their records as a member. I read that in some cases it takes more than one letter. But in counties like Chile, the “new” members who leave probably don’t bother to write to have their names removed. The problem arises when tithes which are a strict requirement do not add up with the number of members in their records. Thus the need for more proselytizing missionaries. I have to add that church membership is decreasing in all denominations, not only in the LDS church. The Internet allows us to research the histories of any given religion or church and their leaders. Some histories are less than “holy” which has made so many people question their religion & it’s founders. Sad but true.

      • Yes a lurker 2, numbers are decreasing not only in the Lds church, but other churches too. Because of my feelings, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. knowledge is golden.

  21. There are ten zillion possible reasons why David went on a mission. Hey, maybe the guy just really wanted to serve a mission! It happens.

    Or maybe he’s had a lifelong dream to spend two years wearing a suit. That’s as good a reason as any pondered today 😉

  22. I think that David always wanted and assumed that he would go on a mission if he could as part of the religion in which he was brought up and just like many of the other guys in that age range. Just like my kids – First communion when they were young and then they went to classes to make their Confirmation while in high school as part of being in the Catholic religion even though none of us follow or agree with many teachings of the church. Also, (and not knowing anything about the Mormon religion), I thought that lowering the age to go on a mission makes it less disruptive to getting a college education – you can do it like a some kids take a break year or two after highschool and then go to college rather than starting and stoping and then starting again. The one thing about David is that he was way more prepared for his mission in terms of having already travelled extensively and met and interacted many types of people in all walks of life from very successful to very, very poor and ill and of many religious backgrounds (or none at all).

    • I agree with you, Collegemom. I believe the age was lowered especially for the young women so that they could go before marriage or career interfered.

      Yes, as a devout Mormon I’m sure David always intended on going on a mission. Once he left Jive and his contract with 19R was over he was free to go. There was a good interview posted on FOD yesterday that David did where he told why he was going on a mission (part 4 of the Razor interview).

    • I’m sure David always thought a mission was in his future. I may be incorrect but I think I read that some of David’s winnings from Star Search, after tithing to his church, was put aside for the mission he probably always assumed he would serve. However, I will always believe that David would NOT have chosen to serve if his career had not stalled with the unrealized high expectation of his TOSOD album. He had high hopes for the album saying it was “about him”. He was deliriously happy, almost giddy with anticipation that his “baby” would be huge which was undeniably apparent in the vlog he posted just before the release of TOSOD. I had never seen him quite that way with so much confidence as he sang along with Jill Scott. He was so excited about the album and as good as the songs were, and all the radio promos he did around the country, it didn’t do as well as he hoped it would. I think then is when David may have started thinking seriously about changing directions. If, on the other hand, TOSOD been a huge multi-million seller with national radio play, I doubt he would have chosen to serve a mission because as he had said more than once, he felt he was already on a mission through music. Here’s his vlog….

      • Somewhere he said that he’d decided on the mission two years before his announcement. I suppose he might have wavered depending on a lot of things in his life.

  23. cotton candy

    david loves music so much and obviously it’s always been a huge part of his life so i just wonder, how is he doing in chile not being able to listen to the music that he likes? wonder what he listens to instead? 😦

    • Hymns and whatever he hears in the background in the homes he visits and on the streets. He also has a lot of music in his head. Maybe this will get him to make up his own songs – could actually turn into a good thing.

  24. I remember that excitement about TOSOD. Yes, the songs are good, but, omo, they are a bit “kinda like a pep talk” about seeing life through rosy colored glasses. He said it was him in that album, but I really didn’t get David on that album. Again, I do like all the songs, but I was expecting a lot more.
    I just hope that with maturity, everything will fall in place.

    • I love TOSOD and I do hear David in the lyrics of the songs. It got better reviews than his first album. It has a hopefulness to the songs but that is what I like about it. Music is subjective so whatever David sings some will like it and others won’t. The problem IMHO was the lack of promotion and radio play. Yes, if David had been more successful with TOSOD he would not have gone on the mission, but that didn’t happen so here we are…….

      • I’m going to revisit the TOSOD album, haven’t played for a long time. Maybe I feel stronger about it. After I made that comment about TOSOD, I kind felt like a bad fan, but I guess I just see so much more potential to David, so I was expecting amazingness, got a good album, but, again, imo, it fell short. Don’t get me wrong I really, really like the album and my favorites are TOSOD, FS and LA.

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