Somewhere Only We Know


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  1. The BEGIN album is the one that I’m currently listen to in the car, love all the songs. David did say (I think) that the album would give us fans an idea why he made the ‘M’ discussion. Of course being a odd fan, I over analysis every song, lol. What I get from it is that he needed to go away not only because he needed to get away from his music career, but to get away for personal reasons. I know that of course, the main reason is to serve his church, but because I had that thought about what he said in head, that is the reason I see so much more that went into his discussion, omo though. Thank you Hg for posting Somewhere Only We Know.

  2. Without taking the lyrics literally, this song makes feel that, in general, people go thru life taking things for granted. Then at some point, most people wonder what their real purpose is in life. The song mentions a river and a tree — they may represent that there’s something bigger than all of us that we need to connect with.

    “Somewhere only we know” may be a state of mind. Once you discover your purpose in life, it becomes something personal between you and the higher being that you believe in, hence, something only the two of you know.

  3. Kind of quite around Archuletaland, but totally understandable.
    desertrat, great interpretation.
    Hoping that we will get some sort thing from the team/Kari before he returns to get us fans riveted up again. I know that we will be excited no matter what, but still would like something, lol. Everyone knows me by now, I always want more, more, lol.

  4. yeah, it’s very quiet. so quiet, i’ve resorted to watching brady bunch dance videos. 🙂

  5. The Brady Bunch, my kids watched them, what good, clean fun!

  6. Wonder if a good clean show like the Brady Bunch would survive with today’s viewing public. I really like a lot of the new comedy shows, but non of them are by any stretch, clean compared to Brady Bunch.

    • I would love to see better comedy shows on T.V. The comedy shows for children are now on the Disney channel.

      • Yes, thank goodness for the Disney channel for today’s kids.
        I do like some of today comedy, my favorite is The Big Bang Theory, it just cracks me up.

  7. Speaking about good clean stuff, Miley Cyrus has really stepped out of her clean cut image and now her career is hotter than ever. Everywhere I read, it seems like the public just loves her new image and her career is smoking.
    Which brings a though about David’s career, yes, I’m sure David will never wonder too far from the image he has, but would love for him to stretch himself a bit and get out of that clean cut image, not to far though, not really asking for much, hahahaha!!!

  8. I guess the entertainment business is based on grabbing you crotch, tattoos , dirty mouth, sex and running around half naked, I am from the older generation and I love everything David stands for and I pray he never takes it too far,

    • I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that David will ever take it too far, if he did, that would be the shocker of the century, lol.

  9. The entertainment industry sells what the public buys, demand and supply. There are certainly a number of musicians/movies/tv shows that I’m not interested in but there’s good stuff out there too. I’m actually quite a bit happier with the music scene as a whole now than I was a few years ago. I feel like finally we’re finally moving away from electronica dance music required on every single track. We’ve seen some acts breakthrough on Top 40 with actual vocals. But everything moves in cycles so who knows what the next 5 years will bring.

    • Ali pretty happy with it myself for the most part. if I had my guess would think he might go something along the route similar to Imagine Dragons.. but a bit more pop & soul?

  10. “Imagine Dragons” By kimak…The only David talk that has made me smile since I don’t know when.

    What is that I hear? Dang, the echoes of empty places!


    • I thought it would come sooner but there is now a David drought. When David announced his mission I thought he would soon be gone, and we would have to move on until he returned. Instead he didn’t leave for several months and worked his tail off so instead we had Nandito Ako along with many appearances in the Philappines and three albums. But David couldn’t leave enough for a two year absense so now it will probably be mainly quiet.

      • If there will not be anything else coming from his camp, then I think that they did a poor job of timing. Should of saved something for now.
        As I said before, this time until he gets home is the most important time to remind casual fans that he is still alive and will be coming back to music. We diehards will be here no matter what we get or lack of what we get.

  11. We just don’t have any idea of what the future as a fan will be once he returns. I am a believer but still realistic that until we hear about his plans, we know nothing. A lot can change in two years for anyone.


    • But … Listening to ‘Angel’ one is always reminded how beautiful his voice really is. That is why we are here even though he is there. A beautiful, fascinating voice covering 360 degrees of all the gorgeous sounds that a voice can make.

      You see how we have been swinging. We have doubts and then you listen to him and all the doubts are washed away.

  12. I believe Kari and team still have something more for us , maybe a little farther spaced this year. Why would they tease us with everything the 1st year and then drop us like a hot potato? Nine months is still a long time without anything. I am hoping they have left the best until last.

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