David Dream Sequence #36

Picture 1It’s been almost a whole year since David has entered my subconscious. So what is he doing there now?

The other night I dreamed that I was traveling and was wandering through a hotel lobby (resembling the casino at Verona where I saw his My Kind of Christmas tour).  I was looking for the restroom, and after pushing myself through a throng of people, finally found a ladies room.

While inside, I picked a stall and as luck would have it, the door would not lock. So I went about my business, hoping I’d be done before someone came in. But, before I could tidy up myself, someone swings the stall door wide open – much to my horror. Equally horrifying was the person who opened the door on me was none other than…DAVID ARCHULETA!

I screamed out with embarrassment, and he reacted in shock at seeing me in the middle of – well, you get the picture. He apologizes profusely after closing the door back. I’m mortified!

But after the shock wears off, and I’m done in the restroom, I go outside, wondering: WHERE IS HE?

Of course, I’m now out in the hotel lobby again, looking around desperately for David and even chuckling to myself that David caught me in such a private moment. Anyway, as I’m walking around the lobby, I come across a group of young teenaged thugs, who start heckling me and pulling at my clothes. I’m shocked and slap one of the kids, telling him to back off. This kind of escalates, as more and more of these young thugs start grabbing at me. I start screaming for help.

And then I wake up.


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  1. Sounds like a “fear of your privacy being invaded” dream to me. Or fear of lost dignity. I’ve never remembered having a David dream, so I’m jealous, in a way, of even this one. LOL.

    More Lulz: The recent discussion of lost ODD and of other reality show performers sent me searching the web for David news last night.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      David never entered your subconscious? And I’m already up to #36? Interesting how the mind works for ODD… 🙂

  2. That dream was sure a doozy, HG! I shouldn’t have been drinking coffee when I read it. I’m sure that David would have rescued you at the end if you hadn’t woken up!

  3. Good one Hg, like Spirit said David would of rescued you at the end if you didn’t woken up!

  4. OMG HG I dont know whether that was a dream or nightmare. Either way you had me smiling while reading! That dreams was the best and worst of both worlds! (open to interpretation)

  5. hell0g0rge0us

    Would David have rescued me if I didn’t awake? Funny that he showed up at the most inappropriate time but wasn’t there when it would have been called for… What is my dream trying to say?

    • i think that’s it exactly! david shows up when he wants to, not when we need him.

    • The dream might be about David’s character, or empathy vs exploitation. David could have taken advantage of you at a time when you were vulnerable. But, you scream and he apologies, despite the fact that he did nothing wrong. His apology was empathetic because he felt his actions had upset you. In the dream you know this as evidenced by your chuckle.

      The thugs act just the opposite. Right out in public they assault you, and violate your boundaries by pulling on your cloths. When you scream and fight back, but they multiply. Sounds like the situation was so intense you couldn’t even catch sight of the good guy. No wonder you called for help.

      Getting out in left field here, my initial gut response was to equate your dream to the music industry – talent vs assault on your senses.

  6. cotton candy-boy, aint that the truth, shows up when and where he wants to…and leaves pretty much the same.

  7. cotton candy

    candy ~ true! 😦
    cq~ thanks 🙂

    • hell0g0rge0us


      • Wow is right. Good news. I might be biased because I am a big Kelly fan but the only idol alum that makes sense to me to be a judge on AI next season is Kelly Clarkson. I like Adam but I just do not think he is a big enough star to be a judge. Kelly has the success and the personality to do it if she even wants to.

      • I think they should have a former contestant as a guest judge, only, but to have all former AI contestant as judges, I just don’t see it. Your right Marie Kelly Clarkson’s career is big and really I bet that some of her fans don’t even know she was on AI. I did read somewhere that she had declined and imo, a good move.

    • I guess Ryan is safe, for now.
      No matter what they do, those glory days might be behind AI.

  8. Looks like they are doing a clean sweep! I wonder if they’ll really be able to salvage the show and how all this will affect the auditions this summer.

  9. woah, the good news keeps on coming. Im sure the ratings, or lack of and the tour cancellations have been a huge wakeup call. Bout time!

  10. Maybe the restroom part of your dream shows you’re vulnerability. The teen thugs could have been your empathy for him or maybe that you feel torn this way and that running a blog for him.

  11. Maybe the restroom incident represents how ODD never really goes away and it can sneak up on us at any time. Looking for David could mean that you’re looking for his voice in the music world. The young thugs could represent the current young music scene (eg, Biebs, 1Direction, etc.) who want to be taken seriously as artists.

    Re. Lythgoe and Warwick, I can’t think of two people more deserving. For what they did to Jeff’s reputation during Idol, I hope he’s getting a good laugh.

  12. Anyone who has 36 David dreams has ODD!

    • hell0g0rge0us

      36 David Dreams over the course of 5 years. Still, I guess that’s extreme, isn’t it? 🙂

      • So glad you feel so strong about David’s talent and potential for greatness. If you didn’t have O.D.D. maybe we wouldn’t be blessed with this wonderful site to come and comment freely/

  13. Speaking of ODD, I came across this today:

    “Oh a final thing that was pretty neat. We had a big activity with a lot of missionaries today [Monday] in my old church building. But anyway, one of my best friends on the mission is now companions with Elder A. So today I met Elder A. He is a really nice guy. He is actually really humble and pretty timid. Oh and pretty short. It was nice to be able to talk to him for a while. It is neat because he is just a normal elder, really nice, but normal. It’s actually probably a bit harder for him than the average missionary because you probably get a lot of people who just act weird around him, not knowing if they should introduce themselves or not. It’s neat that he’s here just to try to be a normal missionary. So I guess now I have now met a famous person, and even hugged one (because that’s just how Chileans greet people). Not really all that amazing but it was cool anyway.”

    Lol, they all say the same 5 things: short, humble, shy, nice, and wants to be like a normal missionary. I don’t think I’ve seen any other description of him, except that he was reluctant to be photographed after a 16 hour flight or in the MTC with several thousand missionaries.

    • From one of the group mish picture I’ve seen, he really didn’t seem to be that short compare to other. The one thing I did notice, the girls were very tall though.

      Yeah, from the very small amount of info we get from different missionary blogs, it does seem like he still is in that guarded place. Nice guy, we know; humble, we know. Timid…wish he was a little freer, but than again as long as he isn’t timid performing/on stage, that is all that matters. Short, whatever, to girls and guys if you are under 6ft tall (for a man) you are labeled as short. I’ll take that short piece of hunkaroma any day over any dude 6ft tall, lol.

      • hell0g0rge0us

        I wonder how David will readjust to performing on stage after two years… remember how long it took for him to “loose himself” even on stage!

      • Yeah, Hg, I hope he doesn’t go backwards. Going away to experience the world is really totally different than what he is doing. He is still in that secure bubble. One thing this being sharpened is his sales skills and that will surely help his music career. Oh well maybe we will be very pleasantly surprised as to how freer he will be. All I want is for him to want a music career with all his heart…if that happens, I feel everything else will fall into place.

    • Ha ha, didn’t notice that was one year ago. Still applies.

  14. I think that as soon as he feels the wave of love from the audience, he will get right back in the zone! I bet he felt musically refreshed at the Christmas event where he sang in Chile this year. I saw that gleam in his eye and that slight smile during his singing when someone or something in the audience caught his eye.

  15. He did one concert in Chile with some pop songs, and from Gladys’ report it didn’t sound like he was uptight or had lost his stage presence. I think it will be like riding a bike – he’s not going to forget. They love to dance in Chile so his mission just might make him more likely to move around and dance when he performs post-mission.

  16. Dang, how I miss someone so much that have never met?!?!?!

  17. It’s all over twitter that Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, attempted suicide and is in the hospital. 😦

  18. So sad about Paris. She does need to get the right treatment to help her cope with her too public life.

  19. 1) Can’t provide my analysis of your dream until I know if it was number 1 or number 2.

    2) NMHF was an Airheads’ blue raspberry color. Now the font on the OS is purple.


    3) Kari tweeted that we might hear Spanish “Crush” next year. The fans keep feeding her ingenious ways to kill David’s career, and dagnabbit she picks up on every one. “Crush” came out in 2008. What a fine idea to release the Spanish version in 2014. It gives new layers of meaning to the term one-hit wonder.

  20. I must have a warped sense of humor…why else would I find Anon[s comments funny! They literally made me laugh out loud!

  21. news news news

    Mr. Italo Coello returned to Rancagua as official pianist for events, and next devotional.
    (maybe there will be a pop concert?)

  22. Hola Gladys! Muchas gracias!

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