My O.D.D. Almost Made Me Go to an Idol Tour!


I’m absolutely not surprised to hear the latest news that American Idol is canceling a number of tour dates and only hope that for the contestants’ sakes, they can keep some tour dates so they can get a decent pay check and a chance to perform for a big venue crowd (I do feel bad for the contestants more than anyone else for they signed those brutal contracts with the show for a chance to shine).

As for TPTB, all I can say is “Muahahahaha!!”

candice_glover_album_cover_pSeriously, as someone who follows a number of different black women-themed and urban-themed blogs, when only like 1 or 2 of them even took the time to acknowledge and congratulate Candice Glover on her American Idol win (after five long seasons of a WGWG winner), I knew the franchise was in trouble! And even on those blogs mentioning her win, most of them were like “Meh – haven’t watched Idol since Season 3” or whatever season they checked out of. So, if the winner (who is worthy, mind you) wasn’t able to bring in this particular coveted audience, was she going to bring them to a tour?

Granted, Candice was crowned the same night most of Black America was tuning in to the season finale of Scandal, so there’s that! 

Moreover, black artists have never been able to appeal to a mass audience without major crossover marketing makeover (think what Berry Gordy had to do with his Motown artists or what Clive Davis had to do to transform Whitney Houston), and without a British-accented Simon Cowell (and the genuine talent scout that was Paula Abdul) promoting favorites, how early in the seasons would the racial diversity of Idol winners have been? And although Fantasia’s music (more so than Jennifer Hudson, who makes headlines more for her live performances and weight loss) is more appealing to the die-hard R&B audience than a pop one, I just don’t trust that Jimmy Iovine and Co. will be investing in the Candice-as-Black-Adele makeover that she’ll need to succeed. I hope Candice can smartly take advantage of the very short platform Idol is giving her because her low-selling sales on iTunes (with that godawful “I Am Beautiful”) will only be self-fulfilling prophecy to TPTB who tried oh-so-hard for a girl winner and finally got one who may not have been their first choice (Angie Miller anyone?).

idol_minajThen there’s that whole craziness with stuffing the judges’ panel with Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.  These divas’ “urban” audiences all thought the Idol gig was beneath them, and the show’s attempts at turning them into yet another stereotypical representation of neck-twisting, eye-rolling, hair-pulling angry black banshees (if only in theory if not in actual practice) was a major turnoff from this particular group, as well as from the traditional viewers and voters who only like their “divas” presented in a safe way.  Foolishly, TPTB thought these judges could bring in a core demographic, and it backfired on them big time! Now that both are leaving (because, as is typical in TV biz, when ratings suffer, you appeal to the “urban” crowd, and when that doesn’t work, you let go of your “racial diversity” unceremoniously) and now that the WGWG curse has been broken, I expect Idol will go back to country or wonderbread brand nothing-specialness.

And all this foolishness…why?

*Cue my David-centric perspective of how the world works*:

They (whoever they might be) undermined David Archuleta’s inevitable win for a wonderbread nothing-special Idol winner, who launched the franchise of WGWG.  A franchise they tried oh-so-hard to get away from this year — all for naught!

So, Tour Blues? I expect more cancellations.

Then again, why, after 12 seasons, would a show even have an Idol Tour to pimp? Once the ratings started dropping (since Season 9, I believe), they should have been scaling back instead of having to go through the embarrassment of canceling tour dates due to poor sales.

A number of things:

1. There is still an economic recession (no matter what Wall Street tells us): folks just don’t have the kind of extra $$ to spend on amateurs, especially those without much personality and unproven talent in the concert gig department.

2. Idol is 12 years old – the same age Sex and the City was when they decided it was time to end things – why not pull the plug on a show before it really hits an all-time low (well, I imagine if things keep going on the decline, and it’s no longer the leading show on Fox, they will).

3. Where is the David Archuleta breakout star this year? Great singers, yes. Potential stars? No! At least, not without a makeover.

Which brings me, finally, to the title of this post. As much as I have tuned into this show since its first season and only developed an obsession for ONE of its finalists, I never took the show seriously enough to show up at an Idol tour. NEVER!

apologizeAnd it was only when my O.D.D. took me to the fan blogosphere and the fan videos and hearing all the testimony about how amazing David is LIVE, I almost, almost bought a ticket since the show was coming to my town. *blushes*

Fortunately (or unfortunately?), I already had vacation plans that date, in which I wasn’t going to be in town, but think how bad your O.D.D. has to be when you were ready to bale on your prepaid vacation plans just for the chance to hear David sing live. And not just to hear David sing live. But to WAIT for 8 contestants to do their performances before you even get to your main course!

That’s when I knew I had O.D.D. bad (and as someone mentioned in the previous thread) perhaps still do since I’m still here blogging five years later (and why 80% of you still say you’ve got it bad).

Twelve seasons, and only one Idol had that something-specialness for me.  So, I find those statistics that Anon referenced and Ali shared very interesting. In spite of his two-year absence, David still has that power to make a connection. Being in the Top 6 of anything is nothing to sneeze at.

And I will never, never, ever understand what crazy behind-the-scenes foolishness occurred that would make TPTB back a nothing-special over the something-special. That horse-picking moment had repercussions for the show – as we are currently witnessing.

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  1. “I will never, never, ever understand what crazy behind-the-scenes foolishness occurred that would make TPTB back a nothing-special over the something-special.”—I will never understand that either hg. AI blew it big time not backing David over Cook. I think people are only spending money to go to concerts of the very established popular music artists which makes it very difficult for the lesser known artists. It is interesting that country music star Kenny Chesney has sold more concert tickets than any other artist this decade. No wonder all these reality talent shows are going country.

  2. fabulous post.. still to this day I can’t figure it out why all that was done.

  3. HG-Another great, insighful post, thought provoking post!

    I knew when Simon appeared on talk shows saying Cook deserved to win over David because he was a bartender…Davids win was in trouble. But like you HG, in a sad, get what they deserve sort of way, I am enjoying them getting their comeuppence! I have watched and enjoyed (for the most part) all seasons until this one…I was totally turned off not by the contestants but by the judges. So unless they find another Davidlke contestant, or transport Harrison to the US, they will continue on the donwslide until they are finally flushed!

  4. Hg, another winner, thank you.

    I remember being so happy that there were videos from the AI tour of David. Loved every single one. I
    still have not experience the awesomeness of David singing live, hoping that it will happen someday. I guess that is why I feel the need for him to have a major music career, that way, he will be touring everywhere, so I’m sure he would come to my neck of the woods, sigh.

    • i hope you get to see david in concert one day. youtube and his recorded songs don’t come close to capturing his vocal nuances. as a matter of fact, hearing a local deejay (who attended the ai7 finale) discuss the quality and tone of david’s voice at the finale reinforced that i just had to hear him live.

  5. Love this post, HG. The glory days of AI are clearly over, and it is hard to sell tickets to the AI tour due to declining ratings and contestants with no buzz. The AI7 tour was one of the most lucrative of the tours grossing over $29 million with I believe David making $250k plus a % of his sold merchandise. The amount that the contestants make on the tour is greatly reduced from that since season 9 tour did so poorly, but it still is a big perk for these singers to be able to tour in large venues. I will feel bad for them if more cancellations happen, and I think there will be more. I’m glad David’s tour did so well and he had that opportunity.

  6. Hg – thanks for another great post!

    I was disgusted with AIs treatment of David . . . you could see & feel it progressing thru the season. It really opened my eyes to the show & I haven’t watched it since.

    However, I really enjoyed the group on Season 7 & did go to the AI show. In fact, I bought our tickets, stressing about getting the absolute best ones I could find. As it got closer to show time, new & better seats became available. I did what any respectable ODD fan would. . . I bought a second set of tickets, all to be as CLOSE to David as I could. . . lol. I didn’t even try to resell the first set of tickets, which is so out of character for me as I am pretty thrifty. I thoroughly enjoyed the show because that group had such comaraderie. Of course, David was the highlight & there wasn’t enough of him!

  7. hg, i agree w/everything you say in this post. i think today people have shorter attention spans. there are many people who just can’t sit thru hearing 4-5 singers that don’t interest them while they wait for their idol. as we mentioned on this site before, amer. idol spends their money on producers, judges and tptb. i seriously doubt that the show cancellations is hurting ryan seacrest, jimmy iovine or nigel lythgoe. unfortunately, it mostly hits the pockets of the idols, backup singers, local stage hands and teens who were counting on summer work in concessions at those venues.

  8. Another interesting point is that The Voice and X Factor never scheduled concert tours for the contestants to my knowledge. I would be very surprised if AI did a tour next year at all and if they do it will be very limited. It is all about the TV show and not the contestants on these reality talent shows. But I still watch them. lol. I hope that Michelle wins The Voice this year. I remember going to the concert for AI S7 5 years ago and arriving early to get autographs from the Idols. Well specifically just to see David. lol. Of course David had the biggest crowd of fans waiting to see him and I never was able to get that close to him as I had to leave. David was always the one with the “star ” quality.

  9. Wow. Good luck Charice. I wish her the best as she needs to be who she is. Such pressure on these kids that were young stars. Yes, Peter. Where is Idolfan? I think she may have had it all wrong.

  10. I’m not going to disagree with the conventional wisdom that AI tries to skew the results via song selection, ordering the performances etc., but I doubt Simon going on talk shows had much of an impact on the David vs. David outcome. I never saw him on talk shows, while AI was the most watched show on TV. More likely, he could see which way the wind was blowing and didn’t want to be seen as wrong, so he talked Cook up, especially when he “apologized” to him before the final results.

    If TPTB have so much sway, how does one explain Taylor Hicks or Lee Dewyze? I’d bet it’s more like “the beer test” (who would you rather have a beer with?). I’d just blame the American public for going with people most in their comfort zone. Also I remember that Cook was seen as more “authentic” and creative with his arrangements than David. I wouldn’t blame the show for David’s loss–the votes weren’t even very close. (Plus what does it really matter who’s first, second, or even lower? I’ve often preferred the second place or lower artist–Crystal Bowersox, Adam Lambert, Melinda Doolittle).

    • first I saw of trouble were the ‘no water’ and added lyrics incidents.. then those interviews of the judges.

  11. Even more interesting than the cancellation of 10 shows is the departure of Mike Darnell from FOX. Did you know that, in addition to idol, he is responsible for Joe Millionaire, The Simple Life and The Swan? Here’s an interview with him that’s pretty interesting, especially when he talks about what frustrated him about his job.

    I’ve never attended an idol tour either (funny that youtube prompted you to almost buy tix and made me feel as if I were getting to see David anyway). I would never give idol $1.00 of my $.

    You are right that the “hair pulling” between Mariah and Minaj was absolutely scripted. Nick Cannon’s interview about that was a rare moment of truth telling.

  12. Hmm… so Charice is gay. Kinda makes me view the whole gay bar/club incident a few years in a different light… That’s another discussion – one which I’m sure will be spirited and lively.

    Anyhoo… those who missed seeing David in ’08 on the Idol tour IMO missed a very special treat. I enjoyed all the folks singing before him on that tour, S7 IMO had an outstanding Top 10. I stood out in the blazing Carolina sun for HOURS waiting for that Idol tour bus to come into view at the arena, then stood in the hot sun another few hours on line w/thousands of fans waiting to get a glimpse of this little David Archuleta guy – the one that had us voting like crazy and going crazy with anger after we felt he had gotten robbed of the Idol title. I had ODD real bad then… I had up to that point always been a mega Idol fan, watched every season, voted like mad for my faves, but NEVER had the urge to go out of my way to see them on the tour. Until this little Archuleta guy, lol. Seeing him for the 1st time in person was a revelation – he was slimmer, shorter than I thought… TV did no justice to his sparkling eyes, that dark hair and olive skin set off by that brilliant smile – none of that compared to hearing him sing LIVE later that evening… I still can’t describe the richness, tone, clarity, power, soul and awesomeness of his live singing voice. I’d watched every concert video of him up to the Charlotte show, knew how things were going to go – and he still gave me goosies and had me screaming my head off during his intro… good times, good times. 🙂

    Nothing I’ve heard him sing recorded on a CD comes close to his ‘live’ singing voice. In spite of everything that has transpired since that day in August 2008, in spite my ODD being no where near those off the chart levels those first heady years, the memory of the 1st time hearing David Archuleta’s live voice remains, and I remain… hopeful that the promise, the potential that hooked me all those years ago will be realized… so I wait, and keep living life in the meantime. Feel bad that Idol fans going forward may not experience the thrill and excitement of seeing their faves on tour… the ’08 tour will always be special to me… still have my ticket stub and souvenir program, lol *shhh*

    • GG hi! I agree Charlotte was the bomb.. before, during and after the show. lol
      what a firestorm it was when David went to see Charice at that club. I hope all goes well for her and she can get back to singing. she has such an amazing voice and like David it should be heard.

  13. cotton candy

    i think the problem with these singing reality shows is that people get caught up in the competition, pick a favorite, vote like a maniac, and it becomes like a sport. once the winner is announced the “game” is over. very few people still care just a few weeks later. during this season’s idol i thought for sure i would go to the idol tour just to see lazaro but now i could care less. david is the only person on idol to ever hold my interest beyond the show! he is a once in a lifetime obsession! 🙂

  14. Charice gay? Am I shocked? Well, no not really. I do wish her the best. I’m sure it was very difficult for her to come out but kudos to her for just living her truth & not living a lie to appease those who will not accept her for who she is. In hindsight, it’s clear now that despite her apology to David & saying she was not aware it was a gay bar tells me she may have stretched the truth somewhat. It’s not as if she just recently became aware of her orientation. However, that being said, she may have thought David was just as aware that the venue was a gay bar not realizing how naive David really was back then.

    Charise will be OK. I’m more worried about David & his future! lol!

    I saw the AI7 Tour a couple of times. David was the Star of the show, no doubt. He was the reason the barricades were 5 deep with fans waiting to see him, get his autograph, have a pic taken with him, say a few words to him, touch him, tape his every move! Fans arriving hours before the buses rolled in, waiting on line, bringing coolers & lawn chairs, & his music blaring from boom boxes. He was definitely the Star of the show. He was everything I imagined he would be. Yes, he was short & slim yet taller & bigger than me so I never thought much about his size. lol! Besides, by the way he transformed on stage before our eyes into this larger than life awesome, beautiful, magnificent performer whose voice filled the arena like a kind of magic I had never heard before, nobody in the audience thought about his size at that point either! His set was obviously designed to showcase David in a special way from the way he arose in a sea of smoky mist sitting at a baby grand piano to the sparkly suit & red tennis shoes! So many fans grumbled about the “ridiculous” suit, but I thought it was brilliant because who remembers what the others were wearing? Yet who can forget the sparkly suit which ONLY David could pull off! He could have requested a change of outfits but he didn’t. He was no fool even then. I read a post by a fan on one of the sites that she was sure
    “Someday that suit would be behind glass as the first outfit he wore in his first tour appearance when David is inducted in the R&R Hall of Fame like Elvis & many others”. Such were dreams his fans had that David was destined to become a huge superstar! I wonder what ever became of that suit? The first two years after AI were some of the best times I have ever had thanks to my ODD for David. The planning, traveling, meeting other ODD fans at all the venues was a wondrous time never to come again I’m afraid. At least not in the same way. In any case, I will never regret going out of MY comfort zone to attend the two concerts which were closest to my area.

    • I felt the same way about seeing David in Glendale, AZ, the first date of the Idol Tour. I too left my comfort zone (my daughter had to talk me into it) and jumped in the car with her for a wonderful road trip. The rest is history. David was DEFINITELY star and main attraction of that show; the level of deafening applause and ovations were received by no one else. When he came up playing Angels in that cloud of smoke it was almost surreal. Nothing beats his voice in person; it was above and beyond what you heard on TV. Didn’t really notice the suit then; but it’s true, it’s still a topic of discussion lol.

      I don’t really care to watch Idol since then; never have voted (two of us with four phones) for anyone on any singing show. I felt TPTB did what they could through publicity to get the winner they wanted. I couldn’t believe what was happening the days before the finale. I’ll go farther to say that the things Simon told Cook was meant to stir up votes for him. Of course, he apologizes the next night. What he said about David’s performances were true; there was nothing else to say. David gave everything that night.

      I know what I would like to see for David’s career, but that is not really important. Maybe I’m being too personal but my concern is that he be happy in what he is doing, making the kind of music he prefers to make. Hopefully, it will be readily available to us. If he wants a superstar career, then I hope he goes for it. I pray that the right people are in or come into his life to achieve his career goals.

      All this is my personal thoughts.

      • Cook won by millions of votes. I just can’t see people being led like sheep by a few comments of Simon’s. The teenyboppers just didn’t have enough votes to overpower middle America. Phillip Phillips vs. Jessica Sanchez was a similar dynamic, I thought. AI viewers at home in front of their TV just like the folksy, guitar-playing types better than the diva types. I think it’s a different population than those who go to the tour concerts.

      • hell0g0rge0us

        Riiight, because when David was frontrunner his season, it was so clear that ONLY teenyboppers were voting for him (and why all us “teenyboppers” are still around here today). 😉

      • cc – I agree that Cook would have won S7 no matter what. He had the right trajectory. He had the right edit. He had the right demographic. What I do believe (and this is not from heat of the moment because I didn’t even watch S7 when it was happening but much later, after I had discovered David’s music post-show) is that Simon’s comments on finale night were a factor in the amount of votes that Cook won by. Simon lit a fire under Cook fans, diehard and casual, with his harsh comments on what should have been essentially a victory lap for both guys. At the same time, I think his words to our David may have made his fans a bit complacent with the comments about having won the night. Reading message boards later and seeing how upset Cook fans were and how hard they voted because they felt wronged….yes, I think that is what caused the huge difference in the final tally. Simon’s been around the block, I don’t believe for a second that he didn’t know what direction his comments would send fans in. I do think that Cook would have won regardless though.

        America loves an underdog. David was a front runner before the show even aired. Cook had the redemption arc. That’s being simplistic about the overall season, of course, but it pretty much sums it up for me.

  15. interesting…….

    Warner Music Group on Sunday became the first major record company to sign both a publishing and a recorded music licensing deal with Apple Inc. for the upcoming Internet radio service that many have dubbed “iRadio,” sources say.

    • very interesting. looks like apple is shifting to the streaming business to compete w/pandora and spotify. local radio stations will increasingly loose their relevance.

  16. Reading all your great comments makes longing to see David live even more, sigh.

  17. cq-I was just thinking the same thing…those were the days…the anticipation, excitement, and pure joy of hearing David live, meeting others who had the same ODD affliction that I seemed to be experiencing. Watching endless videos…maybe part of what I feel from time to time is the loss of all of that…even if it is temporary. Or so Im hoping.

    • Candy without a doubt I would love meeting you as well as others fans in the future at David’s concert, that would be awesome. Somehow you guys have become part of my circle of friends, my David cyberspace fan buddies,lol.

  18. CQ – meeting fans from all across the US definitely fed into the ODD frenzy. As to Anon’s statement about not wanting to give IDOL money, that was the least of my concerns. Going to the IDOL tour then for me was a chance to see , hear and meet for the first time this singer in the flesh regardless. I have never regretted that decision.

    I remember watching David sing live then as soon as Cook started, I watched one song then left to go to the back of the arena to get a good spot for the signings. I remember reading all the fan accounts with the best tips to do so. My tour was closer to the end of the schedule so I was armed with the best insider info ever! I remember other curious people waiting for a chance to meet David but left after waiting a bit. I knew from the FanBlast at the time that David ALWAYS came out and never disappointed. You just had to wait and I did even though work was 4 hrs away. Meeting David Archuleta in the flesh simply blew me away. The combination of his physical features plus charisma, aura, whatever you want to call it just hits you all at once for a loop. I will never forget that first encounter, ever.

    I think my ODD is now at a slow sizzle until his return. Even then I am not expecting anything in the range of his first couple years after IDOL. So many factors from the industry itself , his current team and David himself ( who will probably still be uber conservative for a while upon his return) will have to be reevaluated. The steps taken to resuscitate his career will play a major role. I hope they study the tactics of other artists who are successful despite lack of excessive or next to none radio play. I am a member of the Josh Groban Fan Club and they utilize many outlets to sell his music and tours. Groban has never won a Grammy and his current CD does not get much radio play but his marketing moves keeps him in the game.

  19. re. charice, i’m happy for her. in recent photos, to me she looked somewhat ill. perhaps she just had a lot on her mind. in time i hope she can work out the differences with her mother but for now, i think the distance between them will be good for charice.

  20. Harrison Craig sang “If” in the third live final of The Voice Australia:

    • Earlier I said that Harrisons voice quality didnt match Davids…consider that statement retracted! That was stunning! I have no plans to start visiting Harrison blogs or voting (if I could) but David has some serious competition. First I have felt that wow factor since I first heard David sing. I understand now what it means to truly know who you are as an artist! Harrison will be a SuperStar!

    • This sounds quite old-fashioned. Can’t fault his voice but I don’t know what he would be singing in the music scene today. I guess maybe the Groban route? He’s successful at what he does but just doesn’t click with me. Found it a bit boring; lovely voice though. Of course that’s just imho and is there anything more subjective than music?? lol

    • yeah great singer. David better get his butt back here real soon before Harrison snatches all the archies away, lol. Not that you can only love one artist of course, but it does seem David has serious competition, not from me however. But I do agree that Harrison is phenomenal like David.
      Like Ali, he did seem a bit boring and I just don’t get the same feeling hearing him like I do hearing David.

    • Thank you for posting Peter. THis is the first time I’ve been impressed with Harrison. He sounds sublime singing this song! Just beautiful!

      After hearing him sing it, I would say that he has a beauty in tone comparable to David’s. He doesn’t, however, have the ability to masterfully add runs, growls, dynamics. His musicality is not comparable to David’s, in my opinion, not to mention his performance level. However, awkward David may be at times, he has a charismatic, emotional performance level that is hard to match by the average artist. I’m also not sure he has the range and power of David. Another thing that has always impressed me about David’s voice is how professional his phrasing is and the artful way he ends each phrase.

      but…… I did enjoy this song!!

    • Beautiful version of If by Harrison. I think I read his coach is Seal on that show. Wish we got that show here.

  21. wow harrison is amazing! thanks for sharing that peter! 🙂

  22. Ali-I think for me…its Harrisons ability to finish a song and look the judges square in the eye as confidently as he did, he knew he delivered. Rather then looking like he was about to die. Of course that is what makes David so endearing is that very quality. The fact I am even liking another new singer even a tiny bit is nothing sort of amazing (for me) considering, like many here, Ive sent the past five years fawning (in a good way) over David. Still plan to continue!

    • I guess I missed that part. In the video Peter posted above, I just saw a still picture with audio of him singing? I’d have to see him in action to have an opinion on the delivery. Maybe I’ll check another vid out when I get home from work. He’s really not quite my style of music but I can see why others are enjoying him.

      I definitely think there is musical life before, during and after David! I go to quite a few concerts and listen to many other artists. I personally don’t find a thing wrong with people liking other artists just as well as or (gasp!) even more than David 😉
      I like pizza AND hamburgers. I also like shrimp AND steak. ha!!

      • cotton candy

        i would love to see david do a song like this!!! harrison has that sexy buble swag thing goin on and i think david could pull it off too!

      • cotton candy

        i wanna hear david sing- if you’re ever gonna kiss me it better be tonite!!! lol!

      • Thanks Peter!

      • Not my thing at all. Do they all dress like lounge singers on the Australian show, or is it just him?

      • Well, I guess he has the growls, haha. But, he lost the beautiful tone for me there . Very caberet. He sounded great on the ending note though.

        Would also love to hear David sing this song. I think we would get a little dancing out of him on this one.

      • Hey Peter, Excuse me. I can be overly analytical sometimes. Harrison has a great voice. I hope he does well in music.

  23. Love this one sentence from GGDoorsfan: hopeful that the promise, the potential that hooked me all those years ago will be realized…

  24. cotton candy

    ali~ i would rather eat a mcdonald’s dollar menu cheeseburger than shrimp and/or steak! does that make me a freak? lol! would u be so kind as to refresh my memory as to why people were saying u are gonna marry david? i know u replied to that question before but can’t remember what u said. sorry!

    • McDonald’s makes a pretty good cheeseburger. For me, it just depends on the mood I’m in lol.

      As for why I’m gonna marry David…well because I said so, of course 😉

  25. He must be good. I work at a library, and today while shelving books I overhead two young guys talking about that performance of “if.”

  26. I’m curious, now that we have 6 albums from our man, I wonder which album fans listen tothe most. I do most of my album listening while I’m in the car, right now I’m kind of obsessed with BEGIN. I do listen to other artists and listen to radio, but mostly David to be honest. I think there might of been a poll about this posted by HG, but it’s been a while and I just wondering if fans are still listening.
    The one that I don’t go to much is TOSOD, although I love the song TOSOD, lol.

  27. i saw this on “the voice” and thought it was so cute. some guy impersonating david. he has mastered the archustomp. 😉

  28. uh…I wonder how long it took Harrison Craig to get the hair & the eyebrows almost, not quite, but almost like David’s? Same with Lazaro & even Bieber. It seems like there’s a campaign to try to get as close as possible to David’s naturally great looks. The thing is that David’s eyebrows are real & natural, not penciled in. His hair is natural & beautiful especially when it was long & slightly “messy”. Are these other guys trying too hard to emulate David’s look or is it just my imagination? lol!

    Of course they would have to get several special contacts to emulate all of David’s hazel eye colors!!


  29. harrison craig is a really good singer but if we have to compare him to david, david wins on artistry and soul. it took me a while to find this but thanks to jackryan, i did. david singing gotta get thru this in hong kong while channeling tracy chapman. from 2:00 and beyond– oh my!!

    to quote someone at the show: “… never heard of this bloke until today. Ridiculously talented. What a voice. … If my voice dies I want it to come back as david archuleta. Just want to flick his ears the young pup.”

    • Oh my is right Desertrat, ridiculously talented is right!

    • Oh man, I don’t think I’ve seen this! Or if I have, I had some sort of tragic memory lapse. Man do I ever miss his live performances. The way he closed out GGTT throughout the Asian tour was a huge favorite of mine. Now I can add this performance to the list. Wow.

    • What a terrific video! I now seldom watch old vids of David as it’s a bit heartbreaking to watch, but this one is worth it.

      • I loved this, and I guess I’m the opposite of you. I enjoy revisiting David’s performances. It’s like he is still here through the magic of you tube.

      • It’s just my way of dealing with the separation. To each his/her own and all that. For me too much looking back reopens old expectations and angst. I am in a watch and wait mode which is working better for me presently.

    • dang that was good and
      thank you for posting that!

    • OH WOW!! I’m sending out an SOS!!! A message in a bottle!! Please come back!

  30. Michelle Chamuel on The Voice just sang “Somewhere Only We Know” so, of course, I thought about David. I’m not going to compare her version to David’s as fans usually do but I really hope that David does a tour and sings this song. I really love the song.

    As far as what album of David’s do I listen to the most is that I usually listen to the most recent one which right now is NMHF. My favorite album is TOSOD Asian Edition because it has the extra songs or otherwise I would have picked TOSOD. But I like all his albums and listen to them all, but I listen to lots of other artists too. I LOVE music.

  31. ‘American Idol’ Summer Tour: Ticket Sales Down 347 Percent from 2012

    • Lol I’m no statistical genius but how do you decrease by more than 100%? Wouldn’t that be 0? I’m actually curious.

      • haha, good question. I actually wondered that myself. the article really does not explain the 347%.
        maybe someone else can figure that out?

    • O cheez whiz I thought that article was By Shirley Halperin over at the Hollywood Reporter. That would have explained the comment about ticket sales down 347 percent as imo she operates in another dimension. It’s someone else I see by the name of Michelle.

      I never understood how she, Ms Halperin in all her journalistic capacity, was so obviously unfair to David and preferential to Cook. Don’t see her bragging so much now like she did before about Cookie.

  32. This is Star Power! Just listen to the screams & cheers! He was fantastic! He had the world in the palm of his hand but did he have other plans even way back then?

  33. And this! He owned it & his vocals were perfect & so emotional!

  34. And of course there’s this one…magnificent! His vocals so pure & chill-inducing. People were either screaming or staring at him in a daze completely hypnotized & mesmerized!

  35. And here we are trying to “compare” others to David??? There is no comparison IMO.

    All that is needed now is for David to come back & start over with the same intensity he showed at the AI7 Tour!

  36. If David wants (which is the key word) that StarPower he will basically have to go back to the drawing board. He wont have AI to give him the boast. Is it doable…I think it is but it wont be an easy road back. Had he contiuned on that road back then…it would be very different now. Not saying he should have, but he was a mega star then. And I too am wondering, thinking when did he make that absolute decision to go on a mission…or was it made for him the day he was born!

  37. Interesting question Candy. I do believe his talent is extraordinary and undeniable. He has a divine gift really. He’s the MIchealangalo, Van Gogh, Michael Jordan, Mozart of musical talent I believe. Ha, some may think I’m overstating that, but that’s how I see it.
    I have hope that there are people in the music industry with a great amount of pull that will jump on the chance to work with him. I think whatever offers he had before will still be there when he gets back.

    As for the mission question, under the name ALC, I had decided not to discuss his religion so much. But, from what I’ve studied and of course the lds fans would know better, serving a mission while not demanded is expected and required IF you want to earn the highest degree of the celestial heaven. I really believe that David is looking forward to eternity. He’s eternity driven. He thinks about an eternal wife and family. This is why the girls of his faith were so thrilled, or at least that’s what other fans noticed, when he made his anouncement. He would not be able to become a god and live on his own planet with a goddess wife without going through all the expectations, requirements of his church.

    I probably shouldn’t have added that last line…….. now, I’m gonna duck.

  38. “He would not be able to become a god and live on his own planet with a goddess wife without going through all the expectations, requirements of his church.”

    This is really nauseating…..

    • yeah, kind wacky, but a lot of religions have wacky beliefs because like lds they are man made doctrine and handled down by man through generations. As I said before all religions have good point and bad points following anyone to the letter, imo, is just wrong. God gave us the freedom to choose. I just hope he someday takes the good and disregard the bad. I did and I’m so happy and closer to God than when I was a member of a church.

    • lurker, Yes, it’s the reason I cried tears of despair after the anouncement, not because I couldn’t do without him for 2 years.

      Cq, I’ve read some things you’ve said about your relationship with God and how much more important it is than a religion. I appreciate you sharing so openly. It’s encouraging.

      I question the wisdom in sharing the above info. I’m afraid sharing it may not be what’s good for David. I do care about him. So, I’m going to try to shut up. However, I do feel remiss for not sharing at least one of the many sources from which I get my information:

      Go to Topical Index Eternal Progression

  39. I read your link and want to refer you to their own sacred scripture The Doctrine of Covenants 132:19-22 which states NOT that they will become “like” God as the Mormon site professes, but that they will “become gods.”

    Also, here’s a link sharing quotes from some of their other works, written and spoken by their own prophets and apostles, that restate this “doctrine” and also mention “they will multiply and replenish the world to which they are going”.and “on an earth like this one”.

    Maybe the “young ones” don’t know this stuff, but it is their doctrine.

    One thing they all know about is the Doctrine of Eternal Progression. They must abide by certain laws of the church in order to gain the highest degree of heaven.

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