Back from Blogcation!

And I’m just catching up on what’s up in the Archuworld, including checking out the latest video posted on David’s Twitter:

I was always intrigued about the backstory behind “Broken,” but would have appreciated the release closer to when BEGIN. was released. Still, I realize they have to throw us a bone during this two-year absence. And, honestly, since they had a year to work on this video, I think his “team” could have embellished the video with more info. on what Invisible Children is all about (there are controversies surrounding this organization and the LDS church’s involvement with it).

Speaking of absence, I left a series for you to ponder the fanbase’s (or at least my) O.D.D., and according to the last poll and comments, it seems that, besides the “All of the Above” choice, most want to go on a David tour. So, what does that say?

Well, I think it goes to show that most of us are devoted to the Voice, and as long as David himself is available for us, everything else associated with “success” in the music industry doesn’t really matter, does it?

Also, I realize my last poll about O.D.D. assumed that it needed to be rekindled across the board, while some commenters admitted that their O.D.D. never left! (Yes, that should have been a choice offered).

So, I’m offering a new poll, asking a different question about O.D.D.

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  1. So happy to have you back from Blogcation and thank you so much for the series, loved everyone.
    I think that you are right about the Broken backstory, but I still love it. That dorky laugh at the beginning is so much fun to watch. As with everything he left us, all were done hurriedly I’m sure, so yes, could it be better, of course, but like I said before, just happy to have any bones thrown our way during his hiatus.

    One thing that I keep thinking is what he said at the beginning that he wanted to do some original music that had is own voice, his own sound, could we have another original song coming our way? I remember there was talk that the album BEGIN would have two original songs. Just maybe they decided to wait to release the other sometime this year?!? then again it just my odd kicking in over analyzing everything he says as some sort of clues, lol.

    • I had the very same thoughts, cq. David did say songs (plural) in the video, and I too heard about the two original songs that were recorded for BEGIN. My guess is that Team Archie will release another single or even an EP before David is back. I just don’t think we will have nine months without something more. They really seemed to have planned out the two year hiatus. Kudos for that. Again that is why I truly think David will come back and will try to jump-start his music career immediately. Why else would he have bothered to have his two year break filled with music releases and other stuff for his fans?

  2. Welcome back!

    I’ve posted several times about my doubts about the Invisible Children organization and their mission, but I have never heard of an LDS link. I Googled a bit, but only found LDS writers, including on Deseret News, who share my same questions, though I’ll admit I didn’t look too hard. So I’m curious what that link may be? In any case if it comes down to supporting a cause, I believe there are much better ones than IC, which only spends 31% of donations on actual aid to people.

  3. For those who still follow American Idol, some interesting news today:

    ‘American Idol’ Summer Tour Cancels a Quarter of Scheduled Dates

    • interesting indeed.. American Idol needs a full makeover not just new judges.

    • Sad. I don’t blame the contestants so much it’s just that this is a different day and age. Unfortunately, Idol is scheduling and planning these tours just like they have in the past. They should have known to book smaller venues as opposed to venues that seat 8-10K. Also, the tour shows need to be retooled. American Idol could use a visionary the equivalent of a Scooter Braun on its leadership team.

    • Maybe now that they finally have a female winner after five years, next year they’ll maneuver a top ten with plenty of handsome guys that are more likely to draw the (female) crowds and viewers.

  4. I read that about the AI tour canceling many of their tour dates, Ali. Not a good sign for AI. David was sure the star attraction during the S7 AI tour. He never did get the credit he should have for that.

  5. sad to see 20 % lost their ODD on the poll.. but I guess it can’t be helped considering all.
    I sure hope it isn’t a permanent thing.

    • Actually it’s surprising that David still has 80% responding to the poll indicating that they still have ODD since he’s been gone over a year. It’s a credit to all the music, pictures and videos his team has sent out since he left. Another big plus for him is the great David fan sites that are still posting. When David returns he needs fans that go to his shows and buy his music,but they don’t have to be ODD fans.

      • he needed that before he left.

      • Sure he could have used more sales before he left. My point was he doesn’t have to have ODD fans he just needs people to buy what he is selling. Of course that is easier said than done.

  6. HG, welcome back from blogcation. I marked “no” because my ODD has waned substantially in areas related to aspects of his personal life. For example, I’m not obsessed with following the tweets of Richard, Sunny, Kari, Jon Hunt, his siblings, etc., to see if they tweet something David-related. But on the other hand, I’m still committed to buying his music, going to his concerts, and browsing blogs and twitter to keep up with what’s going on in the fanbase.

    Random …last night I was watching the movie “The Five Heartbeats”. The lead singer of the group mentioned that a critic told him he was really good but he would be great songwriter once he experienced things in life that would bring him down and hurt him at his core. That experience came when he learned his brother was having an affair with his fiancee. It reminded me of the comment Rascal made several years ago re. D falling before he would rise again.

    • To be honest I marked “no” too. For the exact same reasons that desertrat stated and some others. I do remain committed to his career as a music artist when he returns “if” he makes the right choices. I do really like Kari Sellards being on David’s team as she has connections in the music industry. There is just so much she can do while he is away. Not so sure about Gina’s involvement with David at this point but I like her.

  7. I forgot to add this in my previous post, someone in the fanbase added ODD to the urban dictionary, lol.

    • desertrat, lol. thanks for the link.
      I’m obsessive about David making a big splash in the music industry, there is where my O.D.D. shines, hahahaha.

  8. I do believe that a person doesn’t have to have O.D.D. to be a fan. I’m a fan of a lot of artists, but don’t obsess about their careers, grated all the other artists that I like, already have big careers. A person doesn’t have to be obsessive, but still buy their music and support projects. I just hope that hope that David finds his groove and reel in all the fans that still believe in him, but just have lost interest.

    • So true.
      I’ve bought a lot of music and been to A LOT of concerts in my life. I’ve never labeled myself “obsessive” about any artist before, ever. There are some that I like quite a bit but I have never visited a single fansite, never spent time worrying about their career, never had deep (and sometimes not so deep) discussions about them with fellow fans. It hasn’t stopped me from enjoying their music. And with quite a bit less stress than being an ODD fan has sometimes brought me lol. I wouldn’t change it though.

  9. I just skimmed comments in previous threads. If folks are wondering why the dougie video hasn’t been released and coming up with a bunch of crazy theories — I was skimming super fast — it’s because it was leaked long, long ago. It’s the same 7 second video or somesuch that I guess most fans thought was only a teaser. Kari tweeted someone about this months ago.

    Or it could be because the DEVIL is in the DOUGIE. LOL.

    • Actually that short video was taken by a fan who was sitting in the seats, not by Kari. Kari posted a screen cap from her video once and it was a different angle and closer to the stage. I think the reason people were excited for Kari’s vid is that it supposedly had the whole dance and not just the furtive few seconds that the fan caught before hiding their camera again.

      But it’s totally possible it could be because of that second reason. Muahahahahaha.

      • I might have misunderstood her tweet then and it wouldn’t be the first time. She seemed disappointed that it had leaked and she said something like you’ve seen it already.

      • Yeah, seems like Kari was a little ticked that a fan had recorded it since no one was supposed to have any cameras or even cell phones in the theater. They were shooting a scene for the show and everyone was supposed to leave their phones/cameras as a part of the agreement to be in the scene. So when that clip surfaced, she was essentially saying why should I post my video when someone else already broke the rules and then posted theirs. Of course then lots of fans got upset at that person who had posted it. Lol. I think it would have been better if Kari had just ignored that it was posted at all. I kind of felt bad for the fan because, let’s be honest, if fans didn’t record when they weren’t “supposed” to we would have very very few concert videos over the years. And I’m kind of attached to those.

    • Oh thanks, I missed that one, I guess am not that good of a odd fan after all to have missed that, hahahaha. Really not that obsessive about that video, but it was something to keep the conversation going…I know that it wasn’t going to be any big thing, we saw him dance that fun dance already, but still…would of been nice to see a longer video of him dancing, that’s all.

  10. I guess it depends on your definition of an ODD fan but I consider everyone still coming to David’s fansites every week while he is gone an ODD fan so that would include desertrat and Marie who answered no to the ODD question. But it really doesn’t matter. What will really matter is if David has enough people that will pay to go to his shows and buy his stuff so he can earn a living through his music career when he returns. If he doesn’t then he will have to figure out another way to earn a living and do music on the side. I believe he will always sing as David has the music in him.

    • cotton candy

      and that is the ultimate question! – when david returns will he be able to make enough money as a singer/performer so it can be his career again?? because if he can’t, God help us all! what will we do with our ODD then? 😦 sorry to be a downer but right now the future of the music biz seems bleak/scary

      • As I said in my last post he will always be able to do music. Through the magic of the Internet he will still be able to tweet, do vlogs, you tube videos, and even record music without a major label or even doing music full time. I mean even now there is David stuff released and he is not even here. Unless he decides to turn his social media off, we will still have David “stuff” into the future. I guess I’m just trying to say “don’t worry” David will be back. We don’t know if he will ever be a big star, but I believe he will be back doing music in 2014 and beyond.

      • yes, grmmyj, he could have that kind of music career (probably will need another job too, may not make enough) like thousands of other singers have, but he is so much better than that, he belongs having a big successful music career.
        As a fan, I feel he needed time to mature and really be ready to except what he was distant to be. With all my heart I believe that he will reach that superstardom status, jmo.

    • I’m ok with still being an ODD fan. 🙂 I said “no” because I’m nowhere near as ODD as I was in 2008-9. I used to stalk everyone on twitter from Nashville to LA that claimed to be working with D in some capacity. Once I even called Arch Consulting to see if mic still worked there; that was totally none of my business. I would never do these those things now. Shall I go on? 😉

      • cotton candy

        yes, please! 🙂 lol

      • lol, i’d get up before dawn on saturday’s spending hours voting for the “Crush” video on mtv’s website. one of his siblings once posted their home address; i looked it up on google earth so i could see the neighborhood, his driveway, the front door, etc. i’d call my local radio stations scolding them for not play altnoy. i used to post on mjsblog under another name just to go after posters who said mean things about D. trust me, there’s still more, lol.

  11. cotton candy

    ah yes, the magic of the internet! for those of us lucky enough to afford computer/internet david will always “exist”.

  12. I do want David to be successful in his music career and am really pulling for him to do well so that “Talent Wins.” I think even casual fans of David from his AI days would love to see him do well in the music/entertainment industry. But I think it is up to David and his team to have the drive and ambition to have that happen when he returns if he even wants it. It is on David not the fans except the fans need to buy the music and go to the concerts. You are right Grammyj that David will be back to music in 2014 but hard to say if he will ever be a big star. And that is OK with me.

  13. I just finished reading an old sales thread at an idol blog. A few idol fans had compiled twitter followers, facebook likes, official youtube channel views, and active twitter followers vs. fake/inactive twitter followers, etc.


    David was in the top 6 of all idols on all lists if I remember correctly and even higher on some lists. (I tend to skim to get the big pic.) He had 79% active twitter followers. All of the other idols around David on that list have gotten a lot more radio spins, video play, press, TV performances, etc. It really is quite remarkable.

    What this shows me is that he is very popular. He could be making someone a lot more $. I still go back to the comment he made at a VIP when he said a lot of people were trying to stop the MKOC tour. I think about how GCT was shown 2x at 10:00 pm and in the middle of the night in my area while the previous year and the next year MoTab Christmas specials were played 6-7 times, including in prime time.

    I think there are folks who are trying to stifle his career in the U.S and, obviously, there’s a lot that has gone on BTS that we don’t know about.

    • cotton candy

      i hope someday we find out who these people are and why they wanted to make things difficult for david! how strange and sad! 😦

    • That’s some very interesting info. I’ve noticed myself how many “likes” he has on FB (well over 3mil and climbing steadily even after leaving) and I still see quite a few mentions of him from nonfans on twitter — even if it’s just to say, what ever happened to? That’s definitely important in him coming back to a career in the industry. Name recognition is huge.

      It continues to be surprising to me though to see his huge lack of radio play in the US. I still here Adam Lambert, David Cook, Kris Allen occasionally on the radio. None of those guys sold much more than David did in the US (and in some cases, sold less). Like you, I really do wonder what actually happened behind the scenes after Crush hit big…then nothing.
      Another interesting thing is that people tend to hear his music more in stores/restaurants than on the radio. I think even in the airport. I’ve seen multiple mentions of hearing him from people who are out and about. But never on regular radio. Why?

  14. ODD or not.. this is what we all are missing.
    David is all his dorkiness.. and an amazing performance.

    TR Pennington ‏@PenningtonTR 1h
    Anyone else miss this? Total awkwardness followed by a great @DavidArchie performance. Lol. 🙂

  15. cotton candy

    desertrat~ omg, think u might be my long lost twin!LOL! glad i wasn’t the only one doing that stuff! 🙂

  16. cotton candy

    when did everyone decide to call jeff- MIC? just curious cuz i never heard him called that anywhere else.

    • The mic (man in cap) started here by Peter, I think, just as a funny way to refer to Jeff, and it stuck for those of us that post here. I mean it was rare to see Jeff without a cap on.

      • The humor on Soul David is one of the things that drew me to this site. That and it’s honesty and directness by it’s posters. It sure was very rare to see mic without a cap. lol.

  17. Its hard to have ODD when your man is 8,000 miles away and we get videos that are over a year old, or more, and tweets from his team. I give credit to all of the blog and websites for throwing kindling on the dwindling homefires…without them we would be dwelling in a black abyss!! We were left with a total communication blackout by no choice of our own. Props to the fans that have stood by his side, especially through some pretty ugly “disagreements” and I dont neessairly mean here.

  18. Can’t believe that video of David in all his dorkiness AND glory has less than 4000 views!? Sad!

    As far as someone trying to sabotage his MKOC Tour, I’m not sure if it was actually “someone” trying to stop the tour. I think it was about where he was able to book venues. We have to remember he didn’t have a label or a big time sponsor backing the tour. Most venues, except for the BIG NAME concerts who sell out within hours, require a guarantee payment up front which may have been the reason he had no concerts booked in the middle & southern states. So many fans who live in those areas & were not able to attend any of his MKOC concerts were so disappointed but financially speaking, it was probably a business decision. My point is that perhaps it was not “people” trying to stop the tour but circumstances beyond his control like not being able to book more venues due to financial reasons. I think the tour was successful for David personally & emotionally only, but not financially. The tour was a gift to his fans & a prelude to his big announcement.

    As fans of David, we may as well get used to never hearing David on the radio. At least in the US. It’s just never going to happen here unless David goes out of his comfort zone & writes & records songs which would be totally unexpected by most people. Not talking about “explicit lyrics” but something edgy & catchy & not at all like what we have come to expect from him. THAT would surely blow eveyone away but will never happen.

  19. Per Anon’s comment above, I thought I would post the social media stats mentioned from that Idol blog because I find it very interesting to see where David ranks among some of the most commercially successful acts from Idol:

    Twitter followers –

    1- Kelly Clarkson (S1 #1) – 5,344,277
    2- Jordin Sparks (S6 #1) – 3,635,522
    3- Jennifer Hudson (S3 #7) – 2,231,741
    4- Adam Lambert (S8 #2) – 2,015,384
    5- Carrie Underwood (S4 #1) – 1,743,386
    6- David Archuleta (S7 #2) – 1,332,048
    7- Jessica Sanchez (S11 #2) – 1,198,710
    8- Kellie Pickler (S5 #6) – 839,233
    9- Scotty McCreery (S10 #1) – 720,371
    10- Phillip Phillips (S11 #1) – 631,924

    FB page likes –

    1- Carrie Underwood – 8,727,916
    2- Kelly Clarkson – 8,633,567
    3- Jennifer Hudson – 5,315,567
    4- Adam Lambert – 4,151,477
    5- David Archuleta – 3,447,356
    6- Fantasia – 3,309,097
    7- Daughtry – 3,165,264
    8- Jordin Sparks – 2,074,232
    9- Scotty McCreery- 1,362,168
    10- David Cook – 776,496

    YT views –

    1- Kelly Clarkson – 385,592,506
    2- Carrie Underwood – 217,860,694
    3- Jordin Sparks – 172,923,362
    4- Adam Lambert – 137,751,809
    5- Chris Daughtry – 124,300,532
    6- David Archuleta – 73,464,500
    7- Jennifer Hudson – 56,845,078
    8- Kellie Pickler – 37,041,257
    9- Fantasia – 31,998,285
    10- Phillip Phillips – 24,991,652

    A sampling of percentage of active/”real” followers for AI twitter accounts:
    Phillip = 83% real followers
    Kris = 81% real followers
    David A = 79% real follwers
    Adam = 76% real followers
    David C = 74% real followers
    Scotty McCreery = 73% real followers
    Kelly Clarkson – 70% real followers
    Jordin – 68% real followers
    Carrie Underwood = 64% real followers
    Jessica Sanchez = 58% real followers
    Jennifer Hudson = 42% real followers
    Kellie Pickler = 38% real followers

    • Holy cow and he’s not even here working on his career.

    • P.S. I just posted the top 10 for each category, for the sake of brevity here. They actually had stats for the top 20 in the original posts.

    • My question is if David has 79% or a little over 1 million REAL twitter followers, why oh why don’t his music sales reflect that? Is is that most of David’s fans like David but don’t buy his music? I have always said that even of only half of his twiiter or FB followers actually buy his music, he would be so much more financially successful.

      There is something wrong with this picture. 😦

      • Twitter is an enigma when it comes to any sort of sales connection. As has been mentioned at that particular AI blog repeatedly, there is NO correlation between twitter followers and sales. People with 10mil followers have sold 10,000 their opening week and people with no twitter have opened at #1. Twitter seems to be much more of an indication of who is known in popular culture than as a venue to generate sales. The “real” followers just indicates accounts that actively use twitter and are also not known spam bots. People may follow for many different reasons — maybe they find David funny or cute or just because he’s from AI or because he toured with Demi, etc, etc. While it doesn’t do much for sales, I do think it’s an important way to indicate name recognition which may be key in future label negotiations.

    • Really interesting stats Ali.

  20. This is completely off topic but does anybody know whatever happened to David’s Aunt Laurie? She was with him at his AI auditions & he always stayed with her when he was in CA the first couple of years after AI. She even accompanied him for several appearances like she was part of his team. Then suddenly she was out of sight & out of the picture never to be seen or heard of again. At least, by me. I don’t do the twitter or facebook thing so maybe that’s where she is? Anybody know?

    • I’ve always wondered what happened to Aunt Lauri too. I believe she was his personal assistant while he was recording TOSOD and she got thanked on that album liner. Aunt Lauri did seem to disappear from his team and then Sunny seemed to be his personal assistant. I did hear that Aunt Lauri was at one of his concerts for the MKOC tour.

      • I really am curious to know who is involved in the Archuleta Team. I’m thinking must be family.
        David’s finances might be limited right now to employ professionals. Money is one reason I’m thinking he has something in place. I just would hate to see him struggling, but again, a lot of artists struggle before becoming successful.

  21. I think that David has a plan when he gets back. Remember what Kerri said . he is going to be bigger and better, or something to that effect.

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