Daily Archives: May 31, 2013

Back from Blogcation!

And I’m just catching up on what’s up in the Archuworld, including checking out the latest video posted on David’s Twitter:

I was always intrigued about the backstory behind “Broken,” but would have appreciated the release closer to when BEGIN. was released. Still, I realize they have to throw us a bone during this two-year absence. And, honestly, since they had a year to work on this video, I think his “team” could have embellished the video with more info. on what Invisible Children is all about (there are controversies surrounding this organization and the LDS church’s involvement with it).

Speaking of absence, I left a series for you to ponder the fanbase’s (or at least my) O.D.D., and according to the last poll and comments, it seems that, besides the “All of the Above” choice, most want to go on a David tour. So, what does that say?

Well, I think it goes to show that most of us are devoted to the Voice, and as long as David himself is available for us, everything else associated with “success” in the music industry doesn’t really matter, does it?

Also, I realize my last poll about O.D.D. assumed that it needed to be rekindled across the board, while some commenters admitted that their O.D.D. never left! (Yes, that should have been a choice offered).

So, I’m offering a new poll, asking a different question about O.D.D.