O.D.D. Series #7: Rekindling O.D.D. Poll

I could go on and on down this memory-lane trip, but really, the idea is about what O.D.D. meant in the past and to consider what it could mean for us now and for the future. So I thought to end this series with a poll! 🙂

What say you, Soul Davidians, when it comes to rekindling O.D.D.?

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    • Peter-If David doesnt get his gorgeous, talented, amazing self back here soon, my ODD may very well become OHD!! 😉

      • Harrison has amazing Star Power, while his vocal quality doesnt compare to Davids, its the pazzaz with which he delivers, he knows who he is as an artist and that plays well to his strengths. Plus, he isnt afraid to use those strengths to his advantage.

      • Yes, he does not seem to be suffering from any kind of inner conflict and wants to be a singer. For these reasons, the energy of the song is flowing freely, IMO. David’s most recent recordings sound “muffled” in some way, IMO.

  1. I voted for “tour” on the poll. I don’t think I need for him to have success in the world’s eyes, although I wouldn’t be mad at him if he found that — I just need to hear him perform again. Heck, for me, it might not take much more than a blog from him. 🙂

  2. Actually I still have O.D.D, so it really doesn’t have to be rekindled, but just refreshed, lol.

  3. Thanks Peter. Hadn’t seen this. I enjoyed it for the sheer entertainment value and I thought he did a great job with this. I did not stop breathing like I do with David but it felt more like “what a cutie and love that band”. I could hear the Ricky Ricardo references if David werevto do something like this.

    I am still a fan of David’s and his voice but my ODD has taken a beating.

    I have my thoughts on what I would like to see when David gets back and have expressed those a few times already so I am trying to be patient and enjoy what we have now. I have no other choice, speaking for myself here.

  4. LOL I’m with cq, there’s no option in the poll for saying I never got over my ODD so…

    Yeah, it’s changed. That’s life, things grow and change and take different shape but I think the fact that I drop by here pretty much every day (and usually multiple times a day lol) as well as other sites and twitter and tumblr — I think that makes me pretty much still ODD.

    For me, David doesn’t have to appear on tons of tv shows or have #1 hits or flashy things going on. For his CAREER, yes that’s optimal and obviously he’ll need to have a career to be able to continue making music. But the things that made me ODD were never those things. They were/are: his voice, his heart, his randomness, his attractiveness (yup, I said it), his actions, his live performances. And all of that is still there, albeit currently on hiatus.

    • D’oh, left off one of the most important things in my list of ODD causes: HIS SOUL.
      That’s a funny one to forget when posting at SD 😉

  5. Even though I still have O.D.D. I still voted. I voted for all the above. I want it all to happen to David’s career. Although, I think that if he has a chart topping single and/or album everything else will fall in place. I do have high expectations, but am realistic, will be happy with a solid music career. There is only one direction that David will go that will cure my O.D.D. and that would be such a shame.

  6. Right now a tour and “all of the above” are tied. Most of us here are still ODD fans of David or we wouldn’t be reading a David fan-site after he has been gone over a year. We want to hear him sing live again or we have high hopes and want everything for him.

  7. Still under the spell of ODD but I do have to admit…there have been times when it has waxed and waned. While I still enjoy visiting and commenting, it isnt with the same degree of enthusiasm I had when David was here…will that change when he returns…hopefully! 🙂
    I picked “All of the above”with hopes that at least one of them will happen!

  8. Shanny in Australia

    I agree with Grammyj – I wouldn’t even be checking in here if my ODD needed rekindling. So I couldn’t vote on the poll – not even the ‘all of the above’ option suits me – cos as i’ve said many times, I’m just happy to go along for the ride, wherever that goes. To hear him sing occasionally in any capacity, to see that smile, to feel his heart through all that he does, that’s what keeps my ODD alive. Just David being David. Ok, now I’m getting sentimental…. lol

  9. I just hope that David can reach people who were fans and make new fans when he returns so they will buy his music and come to his shows. I am going under the belief that he will be touring and recording new music when he returns.

  10. Yes Grammyj, he is going to need a lot more fans than us diehards to be able to have any sort of music career. For some reason I still have faith that he has a plan in place to get his career up and running again, blind faith or wishful thinking I guess.

  11. I voted” all the above”. That was an easy poll for me as David does need “all the above” for his music career.

  12. Peter Interesting observation about David sounding “muffled” on his recent recordings. Not sure which ones you are talking about but felt Begin was a bit that way.. except for Broken that is. Maybe it was to keep things in keeping with Kurt Bestor’s “easy listening” arrangements as David put it?
    Hope he goes all out upon his return.

  13. oh and I voted for All of the Above.. throw in the kitchen sink too cause he is going to need it
    his last posted video doesn’t even have 9000 views yet and it is pretty good.

  14. I can’t say I still “suffer” from ODD as fiercely as I did before his “announcement”, Truth be told, David broke my heart when he announced he was leaving for two years. I was in the audience that night surrounded by shouts of joy & at the same time, the gnashing of teeth. I was surrounded by many people crying tears of happiness & many others crying tears of despair. It was quite a night and one of the biggest shocks of my life. I don’t mind admitting now in hindsight how foolish I felt for feeling as I did. I was, am, after all just a fan. But I was hurt beyond words because after attending several MKOC concerts from the east to west & saw a new David on stage, never did I imagine he would drop a bomb & destroy the hopes & dreams of so many fans suffering terribly from ODD. How could he? Why would he? It took a long time before I would even visit the sites. I have tried to understand and even be happy that the reality is that David was living a dream as a pop star and is now living another dream, that of a missionary for his religious beliefs. I will never believe as he does but I will always be a fan. I may never have the same strong ODD feelings as I used too but I think it may depend on what David does & if his first appearances are right here in his own country. I imagine David will get his cues from his audiences at his first concerts. I hope to be there & I hope it will be as if he had never left at all.

    • a lurker 2 I can understand totally how you feel. it took me quite a while to get over it all. glad I was not there that night and do hope you can get back most of what you felt for him.

    • I’m glad, too, that I wasn’t there. I was listening to the livestream, and as soon as he said, “I have an announcement….” I was all “no no no no no no no no no no no no no no noooooo…” (Lol, I felt like slapping all those cheering people).

      Even though I still have ODD, and I don’t really need a “chart-topping single”, I voted for that, because to me, having a song, even just one song, that people other than die-hards listen to, is the thing that seems the most like success. I remember how excited David was to hear himself on the radio for the first time. Of course, I’d settle for him touring and just being able to make a living with music, if that would make him happy. The other options don’t really seem like my business.

      I kind of wish that I didn’t still have ODD, and that I’d stepped away like tibitibi and so many others. The consolation I had anticipated for him going away, was that I would get all kinds of things done every day instead going on line so often. But I’m still here.

      • P.S. I meant that the behind-the-scenes, business options don’t seem like something I should be concerned with.

        I actually think that if he tours in my area when he returns, I may very well not go. Not out of resentment or anything, but just that I’ve been to quite a few of his shows, and though I may not be balanced online, I’m trying to be more balanced in real life, and have a more well-rounded concert agenda.

    • That was a painful night 😦 I was one crying tears of despair, in my home after listening to it. Haven’t listened to it since. It still upsets me to think about it. Lurker2 it must have been surreal experiencing the juxtaposition between tears of joy and tears of desppair.
      I don’t want to rekindle the ODD! I’m still trying to get over it.

  15. I continue to be amazed that I’m such a huge fan of David especially how strongly I feel regarding the author of the BOM. I just try to keep those two separate and will hope that I get David the singer in 2014.

  16. a lurker 2-you can add mind reader to your list of fan talents. It was if you had read all of my private thoughts, captured exactly what I am feeling and put them down on paper.

  17. I have often wondered if David realizes how deeply some of , not all, but many ODD fans were sent down an abyss as if we had lost a close loved one. Not just for two years but possibly forever? I kept thinking Why David? Why did you make us fall in love with your fantastic voice, your beautiful soul, your quirky way of speaking which could in the turn of a dime become so deeply eloquent? Why would put all your hard work at risk? I tried & still try to understand. But alas, how can I when David is one in a million? How many in his shoes would have done what he did? It is truly mind boggling to have that kind of loyalty & devotion to one’s beliefs. To not only talk the talk but be courageous enough to walk the walk. One in a million he certainly is.

    Just to have David come back stronger than ever will erase all the sadness I feel when I listen to him now thinking of all that could have been & could still be. It’s totally up to him. I know many fans are waiting in the wings ready to support David again. They like me anxiously wait to see what direction
    his heart leads him. Who really knows what he will do or what he will want to do when he returns?

    He is an enigma and unpredictable as we all know.

    • I’m so with you on all of your points, except one. I think many people–that is young men–in his (LDS) shoes would have done what he did. We’re hearing about some sports stars who have given up potential big careers to go on missions. I know there are guys like Jimmer who chose not to, but I understand that going on a mission had been changed to a “commandment” since the time of Donny Osmond.

      • I think you may be right cc Halo, David’s need to walk that straight and narrow path and doing exactly what is expect by his faith was probably a big motivator.

      • You may be correct however I can count on one hand the number of semi-famous young LDS men who turned their back on a promising career in show business to serve as an LDS missionary. And how ironic that the currrent head of the LDS church, President Monson himself did not serve a mission for whatever reason. Seems to me being a missionary is not a prerequisite to going up the ladder in the LDS church.

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