O.D.D. Series #6: My First Fan Video

You know you’ve got O.D.D. bad when 1)you actually decide to create a You Tube account and 2)you spend time obsessively creating your first digital video! I’m still fond of the first one I created b/c it captured what for me was “Soul David” and what The Voice did to me.

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  1. I never realized how perfectly “Killing Me Softly” fits most of our stories, as David fans. Thanks for sharing your video, HG!

  2. Love the song Killing Me Softly and as KH says a great fit.

    • I enjoyed it too. The posts there are mainly funny or lighthearted. I actually thought of you CQ when I read it because you have been wanting fun things about David.

  3. SnowAngelz new post: David Archie’s new announcement (not really), cracked me up.

  4. HG, I so remember this video! Didn’t you post it on David Chronicles? I certainly remember you from those days. Anyway, loved it then and love it now. Killing Me Softly fits David’s effect on me and probably many others. Thanks for this post.

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